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Mount Ariadne

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The Witches' Mountain (Mount Ariadne)


Mount Ariadne is the eminence in which the Sisterhood of Witches reside in. It is located in the southernmost regions of No Man's Land, northerly ridging the passage to Palgard from the Great Pine Barrens. It is one of the surrounding mountain on the northern outskirts of the Black Ridge and arguably apart of it. While this mountain dulls in comparison to the nearby Mount Ormond's 31,000ft elevation (resting at 29,000ft), it still stands as an impressive mountain with views of the western Palgard and the entire northern landscape of No Man's Land from its crown. When viewed from the grounds of No Man's Land, it is the largest in its region and is mostly accessible from it.

The mountain contains a multitude of caverns and is forested by palisades of jutting rocks and cliff sides that obscure most of its openings. Before the witches, this mountain was ruled by vicious orcs that abused and toiled the land. It is volcanic in origin with a previously noxious atmosphere that resisted all forms of  growth. Now the mountain stands out as covered in a thin patches of greenery and an overall radiance of magic that is often mistaken as the after currents of the southern Black Ridge.

As time drifts by, the mountain continues to demonstrate a resilience against the starved landscape due to the slowly increasing saturation of magic embedded into its soul by the witches and magical entities that have begun to inhabit it. The geography is demonstrating more fauna and flora, though it has not begun to sprout trees. 

Inside the Mountain

Ariadne in some Greek legends symbolizes the "Mistress of Labyrinths" is fitting to the insides of the mountain.  When accessing the caverns, there is an open network of tunnel that leads into a maze of rocky aphotic corridors. Without guidance, one can wander miles in circles without light nor nourishment. An array of dangerous creatures live within this labyrinth and often prey on lost wandering intruders. Unless a witch of the coven has entered the threshold, the darkness will only thicken as one travels from the entrance light and eventually become pitch black. There are torches on the walls, but they are magically induced not to produce light to those not of the coven. When a coven member enters the threshold, the torches immediately light and the pathway to the location of her desire is revealed. If it is aligned with torches. Otherwise, the natural denizens of the mountain see with near perfection in the dark.

The labyrinth is sporadically adorned with hidden runic inscriptions at locations most of the witches are aware of. When the blood of a witch bonded to the Coven's Soul is provided, a gateway activates and can provide easy passageway through the tunnels. This two key requirement of witch blood and connection to the Coven's Soul prevents the blood of a dead coven witch (whose soul would have passed with her death) from activating the portals.


Orc Fortress
At the core, the mountain is revealed to be the vessel for an underground volcanic world. The temperatures raise significantly as one reaches the center, spiking to a blistering 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Under the influence of runic symbols scattered across the cavern, this temperature has been subdued to a fifth of that, but the effects are still fatal to those incapable of handling the heat. Rivulets of magma stream through the chest of the mountain and lead to the glorious stature of the Orc fortress.

The road to the fortress is about a mile long though pools and rivers of magma and is met with gates atop of stone stairs. The doors to the fortress are ingrained into a metallic forged wall and constructed of illustrious gems of diamond dust harvested from the mountain. The stairs ascend over a magma molt that crescents the front of the fortress. Great towers guard the surrounding sights of the door and many more can be seen peaking over the thick stone walls. The only light is provided by the magma itself. 


Witches' Tower and Orc Courtyard

The entire rear of the fortress is embedded into the interior side  of the open cavern, consisting of specific chambers tailored to both witches and orcs alike. Some of the networking travels deeper into the earth to places such as the dungeons and greater sanctions of magma pools. The majority of sleeping quarters for the orcs are hidden within the mountainside. Most of the open area within the fortress walls consists of several great towers and a vast courtyard. Most of the architecture within the courtyard is low and consists of laboring supplies, training camps, armories, barracks for active guards, and stables for the tamed beasts and steeds. The courtyard is often crowded with orcs and hounds laboring for Luna's constant desire of expansion. The extending towers are the most impressive features of the fortress, extending between 20-30 floors in height.


The highest of the towers is the Witches' Tower, which plasters into the mountainside and extends halfway up the cavern wall. It is the jewel of the fortress and where the sister witches congregate. Within the tower, their magnificent collective magic flourishes and reveals itself. The scenery transforms into a lush emerald environment of plant life woven through stone and stairway. The witches' chambers exist on different levels of the tower, tailored to the signatures of their own magic. The concentration of the Coven's Soul exists within this tower, its magic breathing the life seen within and manifests as sunlight rushing through the interior.  The wealth of the tower is a direct representation of the strength of the coven, and will weaken and flourish based on their numbers. The heated environment dissipates into cool manageable temperatures and the air becomes clean and fresh within. The tower is a fragment of what Luna hopes to transpire as her sanctuary for witches. She strives to extend the magic of the tower's interior throughout No Man's Land itself. When in the fortress, the witches spend most of their time within these walls, not interacting with the brutal and unsightly orcs lingering on the blistering outsides. Only selected leaders of orc brigades and invited guests are allowed within the tower.

Denizens of the Mountain

Keeper of the Orcs, The Matriarch


Commander and Keeper Orc Army
Race: Seer/Witch Doctor


[1] Witch Doctor Magic
[2] Seer Magic—A rare ability that renders the Matriarch susceptible to premonitions when in contact with a possession of targeted person.
[3]Lightning Elementalist
[4] Skilled in swordsmanship combat
[5] Speaks Orc
[6] Substantial resistance to volcanic associated heat, radiation, and exhaust.
[7] Third Eye Vision
[8] Marble/Insulating Skin

[1] Lightening Blade
[2] Witch Doctor Staff
[3] Orc-Made Armor and Gauntlet

--Detached, Misty, Tyrannical

a9ce019397e7bec4cf02cd74c9074417-dbbk5w4.jpgThe Army, Tyrtrol Tribe

After dominating the fortress, Luna and her coven have taken control of its army.On average, the female orcs are about 6feet tall and the males 6'5feet. Although born with jade skin, most of the orcs' color range from an ashy gray to pure ebony depending on soot, magma, radiation, and ash exposure as they grow. Upon touch, their skin is rough and rigid like volcanic rock and has a fathomless thickness. Underneath the many layers of skin, there are bundles of fortified muscle to exemplify their enhanced strength and animosity. Due to the correlation with their harsh environment, one can estimate both the age and skin resilience/thickness of an orc based on the color. Jade being the most delicate and ebony being the most vigorous. This also hints at their specialty (for example, a scout that spends most of its time outside the volcano will have lighter more jade skin whereas the workers and warriors have typically darker skin tones).

These orcs are different from their cousins in a magnitude of ways. Having lived in the volcano for many generations, these orcs demonstrate adaptions that allowed their ancestral survival within the  heat, radiation, and toxins.

All the orcs demonstrate a strange phenomenon of possessing crimson eyes, something that also seems to darken with age and exposure to the volcano, and their retinal vessels are black. It is an assumed adaptation with the only obvious benefit being that they can see excessively well in the dark. The hounds they train also seem to have this crimson color, suggesting it is an adaption that some of the native creatures of the volcano share.

Their bodies are accustomed to brusque conditions and have a thickness stronger than commonplace metallic armor. Their skin is so tenacious that it can be compared to solid marble against blade. It is suggested that the orcs are unable to superficially feel fine textures or pain from years of their sensory receptors being burned away. They also do not seem to sweat due to their glands suffering the same fate, meaning they must have other ways to regulate their body temperature in the volcano. The thickness also acts as an insulator and heat deterrent, protecting them from extreme conditions of not only heated but cold environments.

Lastly, the orcs in the army are soulless. Every soul of the current and future generation of this army were/are transferred to and controlled by Luna, making them unconditionally obedient and devoted to her commands. Despite their untamed nature and wild behavior, they obey her and only her orders without question. The Orc Matriarch appears to be their leader, but the orcs follow her on Luna's command.

Types and Numbers

Total Number in Army[current]: 1740

Archers [450]: Specialize in acrobatic and rouge skills.
[1] Crossbows
[2] Flammable oils
[3] Short daggers

Warriors [875]: Specialize in melee and weapon wielding combat
[1] Combat Axes
[2] Clubs
[3] Swords
[4] Shields

Beast Tamers [75]: Specialize in training Orc Hounds, although a few have been known to train other creatures that lurk in the mountain.
[1] One tamer usually owns about 1-7 hounds
[2] Potions and Toxins containing both the counteractive and active substances of the hound's breath and salivate.

[3] Various styled whips and other weaponry coated in [2] toxins.

Workers and Scouts [340]: Works on the fortress, roams the land, and reports activity.
[1] These orcs are jacks of all trades and can potentially qualify as any type.

Established Orcs


The Bodyguard
Name: ???
Status: The Matriarch's Bodyguard

Description: He is the largest and physically the strongest orc of the entire army, standing at 8ft and weighing 560lbs of muscle. He is calm as far as the orcs go and generally very placid until provoked. He was the twin brother of the previous Orc King, who was beheaded when Luna and her witches took over. He says very little even to his follow orcs, often only speaking when addressed by The Matriarch. He always by The Matriarch's side. Acting as both her bodyguard and her vision. Because of his lack of words, no one seems to know his name.

Weaponary: Short Cleaver/Axe


The Prodigy

Name: Natasha
Status: A general in the orc army (Warrior Brigade)

Demo: 6'3ft 180lbs; Charcoal skin

Description: She is one the most skilled female orcs in the entire army. She specializes in scouting, hunting, and bladed combat with weapons of various kinds. She had a short temper and a domineering personality, known for stabbing her fellow orcs if they disobey or irritate her. She is also one of the most intelligent of the orcs, if not thee most intelligent, and is one of the few that speaks both common and orc language. Even though she is enslaved, her unnatural intellectual curiosity had made her the most curious of the witches' tendency to work and sacrifice for each other, concepts she had rejected since she was a child.

Weapon specialty: Bladed Gauntlets


The Aged Warrior

Name: Smung
Status: Warrior
Demo: 6'7ft | 440lbs; Ebony skin

Description: Smung is the oldest orc of the fighters. He holds a lot of history and his experience in battle is phenomenally demonstrated through combat. Despite his age, he is still incredibly strong, fast, and strategic.


The Brothers

Name (left to right): Bale, Grud, and Curt

Status: Warrior/Scout Brigade Leader/Warrior

Demo: Bale is 7ft (340lbs) charcoal-jade skin ; Grud is 5'5ft (450bs) dark-jade skin ; Curt is 6'2ft (350lbs) charcoal-jade skin

Description: Bale, Grud, and Curt are brothers. Bale is the youngest, Curt is the oldest, Grud is the middle. Bale is silent for an orc, sticking to his duties and not caring anything else. Grud is a young dumb hot-head that has a short-man complex. Curt isn't as much as a hot-head as he is wild. He is always looking for a fight or a woman.


The Prime Tamers 

Name: Marquise and Ferrah

Status: Beast Tamers, 2nd command under Nigel 

Demo: Marquise is 6'8ft pale jade skin 398lbs, Ferrah is 5'10ft, ash grey skin 150lbs 

Description: Marquise and Ferrah have recently come into the spotlight after their former leader of the Beast tamers, Nigel, disappointed Luna to the extent that he was sent away for dwarf experimentation and slavery. Marquise is a vain macho orc that believes strength and battle are soul purposes of living. He raises 7 orc hounds and demonstrates a wild barbaric nature with dim witted brawn and pride. His hounds are unique in the sense that they are immensely loyal and jubilant, don't suffer as much abuse as normal hounds do under orc care. Marquise show almost tenderness to his pack, despite his violence to his own kin. Marquise has a fixation on Natasha and is persistent in his attempt to convince her to be his mate. Ferrah is a teenage hot-headed but skilled beast tamer, known mostly for her victories in underground hound pit fights. She has been recently charged with care-taking of the dragons and is far from pleased with it. She has the short fuse of an wild beast, and has been known for lashing out as the nearest thing in sight for simply being annoyed.    



The Negotiator

Name: Welund

Status: Possible Scout

Demo: 5'8ft, 160lbs; Smokey skin

Demo: The first thing that is noticed about Welund is her difference in appearance to her fellow orcs.  Her features are considerably more gracile. She is neither as tall or bulky as her fellow orcs, even amongst the scouts. Her voice is deep but not husk and her skin is thick but consistently smooth. However, she commands a phenomenal amount of respect. It is assumed that Welund is a favorite of the witches and may even be learning from them, as it appears she is capable of using magic. Rumor says she is the result of a raping involving Matriarch by one of the orcs (while she was still enslaved) and was locked in the dungeons before the takeover. Because of her less intimidating appearance and proficient language skills, she is often used as an orc representative for Luna herself in negotiations.

Growth Rate: Initial army [850] : Total [1973]
As a representation of the passage of time: For every thread that actively involves a member of the orc army (Including the Matriarch), they grow 100 per 30 posts . Alliances with another Orc tribe (see accomplishments) has changed this to 200 per 30 posts for all threads proceeding it. Listed chronologically below.


Orc Hounds [506]

Hounds under the control of the orcs. There are many packs of them that lurk through the mountains tunnels and outskirts of the fortress. They are about the size of cougars with lupine agility. Their primary job is guarding the tunnels against intruders and 80% of the hounds live throughout them.

[1] The hounds have an very keen sense of smell that allows them to easily navigate and track intruders of the mountain from several miles away.
[2] The hounds have three heads, each capable of seeing clearly though the dark and armed with sharp tongues covered in corrosive flesh eating bacteria that can whip and extend over six feet.
[3] The breath and drool of the hounds is saturated with a potent toxin similiar to diethyl ether. A full breath of this in the face will cause a victim to lose consciousness and prolonged saturation can cause cardiac arrest. This toxin is also highly flammable and because of their heated environment, these hounds have been known to spontaneously breathe fire.

Initial [100] Orc Hounds 100+ per every 200+ orcs.

-Developing Gambit: +75

-Fooling With Witch's Brew: +160

-In the depths of the Mountain: +56

-Dragons Are Forever: + 115

Beasts of the Coven

Luna likes to collect dragons


Venomous 12-Head Hydra: Third descendant of the Legendary Hydra of Sable Knight.

There was a legend within Lake Poakapong of a Sable Knight that once fought a fierce beast and won using a sword blessed by Gaia. Midst pursuing the sword, the Sisters came across its third descendant. Though the sword was missing, the coven captured the hydra. Now the beast rest within the deep mountainous tunnels of the orc fortress, unnervingly capable of appearing from the darkness with any one of its twelve heads. Alternatively, it can rest within the sword of The Matriarch. 

The level in which the hydra lives is a mystery to all but the witches and certain orcs. Wandering throughout the endless tunnels of the mountains, one may eventually find the air suddenly harder to breathe. The cavern walls may seem to lighten in the distance, but the relief of the vision and countered by an equally irritating burn. Loose toxins from the hydra's breath make the atmosphere unpleasant, and through likely magical means, the temperature gradually drops down to a summer night's feel in the bayou. The cavern becomes moist, walls wet and dripping with water, and soon leads to a pool of dark water reaching unknown depth. The light that shines is another hidden entrance/exit to the mountain. It is hard to discover from the outside and monitored by orcs. Even moreso, it is guarded by the hydra who takes advantage of the darkness and yearns to strike all invaders.




In the forgotten times when dragons were plentiful in Valucre, Chrysanthe was a creature amongst legends and great magic. When world became warm and unsuitable, she was one of the many dragons who vanished. It is speculated that she hid within magic rich regions of Genesaris, feeding on the arcane storms that occur there and dwelling in the coldest regions. When the Cold Snap transpired in Terrenus, she migrated into the high mountains in hopes of finally birthing an egg she nestled in her womb for thousands of years. It was after giving birth to her next generation that the witches intercepted her. The battle was grueling and bloody, taking two witches and many orcs to subdue the beast while other orcs were killed. Chysanthe seemed capable of producing chilling temperatures of surreal levels, possessed great stamina, and performed advanced arcane skills. It was by fortune, skill, and manipulation that they managed to capture Chrysanthe alive, though on the brink of death. The dragon is currently deep within the mountain, where Luna works to discover the secrets of lost times by gaining the loyalty and friendship of this powerful ancient beast.



Dragon Stable 


(Art Credit  goes to this guy)

Thanks to Alexandria's heroic efforts, the witches now have a stable with Rider Dragons. The dragons nest and breed under the control of a new class of dragon riding orcs, whom branch off the beast tamer orcs. Marquise is the leader is the dragon tamer orcs. They reside in a sanctioned off part of the mountain that merges with a neighboring mountain of No Man's Land border. Underground tunnels have been dug by the hard working orcs to connect the two mountains and create a large scale nest and stables for the dragons and easy access between the mountains. Alexandria's dragon Syvos stands as the acting alpha of the clan, maintaining a certain level of control while the orcs familiarize the wild beasts and train them to be familiar and coexisting with the orcs and witches. Every witch if they so chose, may bond with a dragon. These dragons at the moment are used primarily for transportation, but are also capable of combat in times of need. 

Count: 30

Growth rate: (5 dragons per 15 posts in a thread involving a rider dragon or in Mount Ariadne).

Established Dragons:

Syvos: Alpha Dragon, Acid type (Owned by Alexandria)

Durzol, Fire Type (Owned by Natasha)



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Continued from.

“But I thought you made a wonderful ornament.” Alexandria chucked, but she acquiesced Morwenna’s request and put the witch down beside her. The tall elf likely towered, her height of 6’3” more akin to one of the many orcs that traversed the mountains.

Morwenna’s question brought the woman to pause, her golden gaze moving to peer at the smaller witch. A toothy grin splits her face, as she places a hand upon the woman’s shoulder.

“Do what? Search for food or interact with my fellow sisters?”

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"Probably both. I am new to this whole interaction with other witches. My clan never dealt with other people as we kept to ourselves. You're very outgoing. Almost wild."

Morwenna sighed as they walked through as she tried to think of stuff to talk about. She was trying to understand more about this coven. She was still skittish around people and so Morwenna tried to not be so much. Yet at the same time it was hard for her. 

"I don't think I'm fitting in very well..."

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Outside the depths of Mt Ariadne a great wind slapped the earth and forced the flora to bow. A great avian perched upon the side the mountainside.  Upon its back was Luna.

Some time had passed since her departure. She journeyed across the lands and cities in the east in search of a lost sword once embedded in the heart of a hydra. Through a matter of both luck and skill, she found its location and hurried back with haste.  Luna leaped off the bird, cloak flaring around her like wings before she landed with grace on the surface.

“Ah..” She sighed, reaching her gloved hands for her hood.  Much had happened in her absence, both great and  concerning. Nonetheless, a huge beaming smile shone upon her face when she removed her hood. She couldn’t have been more thrilled to be in a place she was learning to call home.

Behind her, the purple avian nudged her with its beak. Luna turned, bringing the bird's head into a well deserved embrace. “Thank you for everything, love. Rest well and Blessed Be.”

The bird chirped once, lifting its great wings. She squinted her eyes to the skies as the creature quickly vanished into the skies, grey clouds transpiring almost instantly around its body. In an instant, it was gone. Its final departing gift being Luna’s wind blown frazzled hair.

Not able to wait another moment, Luna quickly made her way to one of the many hidden entries of the mountain. She felt them, her sisters within the mountain. She had so much to tell them, to hear from them. Her first encounter was unfortunately orcs guarding an entrance. As the sight of her, they immediately bowed, but Luna ran passed them around a glance. Mauve eyes twinkling with excitement, she drew blood from her thumb, reached up and pressed on an indistinct spot on the archway of the cavern. The air rippled, danced, and then instantly consumed her.

 When Luna reappeared, she was within heart of the mountain,  flying towards the distant fortress upon her staff. Just as she knew they were there, they’d know instantly of her arrival.


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“Nonsense. You’ll fit in just fine.” Alexandria offers, a reassuring clap upon Morwenna’s shoulder being given to punctuate her words.

“Have more confidence, little Morwenna. You will be an amazing witch.” With that being said, Alexandria turns her attentions to rummaging through the food that is present. When she finally finds something acceptable, she cares not to use a plate, instead tearing into the chicken leg with a voracity often left for the orcs. Since the last mission into a mountain full of spiders, Alexandria has discovered an appetite like no other – likely the result of using so much magic. The lines that coursed through her still raw with the words of power that had forcibly ejected themselves.

The woman pauses, however, long ears twitching as she senses the presence of Luna. Excitement paints itself along her brow before she grasps Morwenna by the hand, and practically drags the poor witch through the winding caverns of the mountain to meet their fearless leader.

“LUNA!” Her voice is a booming explosion of force and delight, her arms spread wide to catch the flying witch – perhaps a tad too tightly.

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Before Morwenna could speak her arm was grasped and she once again was being dragged along. Alexandria was somewhat different than her and it amazed her. 

Down the hallway they walked as she remained silent before Alex cried out. It seems she was meeting the leader of the coven. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched the two.

Morwenna stood there silent as she looked down at her hands.

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There was no mistaking that fiery red hair and great booming voice, even among the clamoring orcs of the courtyard. Luna’s eyes brightened as her staff sailed across the wall, eyes zoning in on the running witch like an eagle before she leaped intrepidly off her staff. Her traveler’s cloak waved wildly around her for a few seconds before she fell into Alexandria’s arms. Her arms hugged her face close, cheeks bright pink with joy and lips ringing with laughter. She pulled back and planted those coral lips upon her forehead.

 “Blessed Be, Sister!” She said pulling away. “I've missed you, and have never been so proud.  I eh...mmm..” She winced, her breath escaping through the tightness of her hug.

 “Mmm! Ah...I can’t breathe, poppet.”

 When Alexandria released, Luna slid down to her feet. She caught her breath then a laugh before reaching up to place her hands on her cheeks. “ As strong and zealous as always...You must tell me everything, absolutely everything of your adventure!”

 Her eyes then shifted to Morwenna. Her excitement softened into a motherly grace before she left Alexandria to approach the quiet witch. Her gloved hands  dropped down to grasp Morwenna’s hands, bringing them up to her own chest and holding them against her heart.

“Morwenna...It is my honor to finally see you face to face.” She suddenly pulled Morwenna in, holding her close like a mother reunited with her lost child. Luna's hand ran up softly her sister's spine and to her scalp, grasping the chocolate strands gently.

“We have much to talk about, " she whispered warmly into her ear.  “Never have I met a witch so tenacious. Even when so scared. You’ve done so much for me and I never once was able to thank you.”

She pulled away, stroking one of Morwenna’s cheek with the back of her finger. “I promise to make up for it, my dear young sister.”

Her face brightened up  as she grasped both their hands firmly. “Come! Come, we must discuss everything with merry drinks!”

Though it seemed she abandoned it, the her staff shot off on its own towards the witch’s tower.  Luna rushed forward, ignoring the bowing orcs of the courtyard and pulling them each along.

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Morwenna's hands were grabbed by Luna's own. She was finally meeting the head witch. And boy was it awkward. 

Her cheek was then touched as well. 

"It's quiet alright. I was just trying to help. And I'm sure you don't need to do that. It's nice to meet you finally face to face."

Before she could say more, Morwenna was dragged along to acquire drinks. She was very nervous and bit down on her lip.

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“Luna!” Alexandria was loathe to relinquish her hold upon Luna, but at the protests for air she finally loosened the hug enough to allow Luna to draw breath. Giving birth to a new myriad of emotions, Alexandria beamed brightly at Luna.

“Yes! There are all the things to tell!” She parroted briefly, even as Kamal sulked around her neck, face burrowed into the fire like tresses that set a blazing crown ‘top her head. Following their leader as she headed towards drinks, food, and the like, Alexandria’s steps were eager.

“Have you seen the newest dragons, Luna?” The giant elf asks, foolish pride among her gaze.

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"I have not, my sister." Luna glanced back at Alexandria with a grin. "But I have heard their calls echo over the mountaintops. It is as beautiful as a pod of orcas."

Hands grasping theirs firmly, Luna pulled her sisters through the courtyard. There were many orcs working around them, laboring though the great heat and parting like waves to their approach. She didn't take them to the kitchens. No, she traveled to the far end of the courtyard, ascending up the staircases and pausing at the extravagant doors of the Witch's Tower. She stared at its stretch to the stalactites above and inhaled proudly. Before opening the doors, she dropped their hands and turned to face them with a brilliant and jubilant countenance.

"Adventurous tales and celebration calls for true extravagance, my sisters! Magic woven into our gaiety!" Her British accent was strong with her excitement like a great philosopher and storyteller. "On my travels back I made some arrangements, but we must manifest them into the tower." She turned back to the door and placed her palm on the surface. "Join me sisters, imagine a banquet of great food and drink. Music and celebration! See it in your mind's eyes and it blossom within the Coven's Soul."

With her glimmering coral lips plastered into a smile, she closed her eyes and did just that. Should they join her, they'd feel their thoughts manifest into magic, invisible arcane flows coming through the door and embracing their desires. It all birthed from the Coven's Soul within the tower. When Luna felt it was ready, she opened her bright eyes and pushed the doors open with a showy spread of her arms.

The once forestry interior of the tower transformed into a banquet. The bright soul high above rained down violet shades pregnant with floating lights that resembled whimsical fireflies simply too bright to make out.  It made the air look like dancing stars in the night. A great oak table extended before them, littered with chalices, plates, and great spread of food. The pond that once settled in the middle of the tower transformed into a great silver fountain of red wine.  The forest vines and stairways into their individual rooms still existed, hidden in the beauty. 

"This!" Luna boomed running into the display and spinning joyfully. "This is what our collective magic does! Two magical dragons within the mountain, a great pack of them just beside it. All our new sisters! Feel it and celebrate!"

Her grandiose voice seemed to echo through the stone walls and throughout the entire mountain.      

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Alexandria was eager for celebration. She pours her thoughts and will into it’s very being, splitting the red wine fountain into ale on one side, and many large roasted beasts for the rest. She gives a cheerful cry as it is presented to them, and easily both witches are scooped into her hold and ushered inside.

“We are wonderful, and powerful! Together we will rule these mountains.” Alexandra states, grasping a chalice as she dunks it into the ale fountain, downing the chalice in easily a single gulping swallow.

“Aaaaah! That’s good stuff!” The giant elf grins – lips spreading into a wide grin that shows rows of teeth. She pauses, momentarily, before chuckling as she grasps another chalice and fills it eagerly.

“I would not have been able to complete my mission without Natasha. She should be allowed to partake in this feast and celebration.” The redhead mentions to Luna.

“How have your own travels been? Fruitful, I imagine, for you to return so high spirited. Mm, to that end, I’m eager to make the next mission! Syvos and I are eager to bash some heads.”  

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Morwenna watched the two witches remaining in silence. It was odd to watch but she didn't stop them. Maybe it was supposed to happen. But the witch didn't know. 

As the witches walked towards the main hall as Morwenna still didn't speak as she watched. Sitting on the floor, the nature witch just listened. These things were so different to her. 

And it was interesting to watch.

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Jadis had been deep within her mind when she felt the surge and channelling of power from Luna within the mountain. It reached her as she walked through a sea of minds and waves of thoughts. Her body was sitting crossed and stone like in her room, the first sign of life was an increase in breathing, previously non-existent, to a flick of an ear as the sounds of rambunctious conversation whispered from below.


The pull of the others, the feeling of wishes to be among them was so unexpected that it draws Jadis back to her physical form with a start. Bloody pupils rolled back into place and the candles around her room lightened from their dim glow to a bright flick as she returned.


Picking herself up, stretching first as she limbs protested at the sudden movement from long hours of motionless dreaming, Jadis hesitantly opened her door and listened to the music floating up the stairs. Taking each step slowly but surely, she let herself be dragged by the pull and soon came to the entrance of the tower.


She let out a soft gasp, her eyebrows raising in surprise at the beauty of the inside combined with the surplus of scrumptious foods. Her nose twitched, inhaling a variety of delicious smells that made her mouth water. She wanted to sing, dance and talk to with and to all those gathered here. Stepping out into the fray, she started to weave her way towards those gathered around a loud and animated person.

She caught sight of Morwenna and smiled brightly as the moon, moving forward to introduce herself to the others. They looked lively and most amusing. “May the stars shine on our meeting, I am Jadis, new to the coven but eager to become one of you.” She bowed low and formally.

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Caught off guard from behind, Luna released a loud startled squeal as she was scooped under the impressive strength of the zealous Alexandria. A plethora of giggles followed, the ancient six century old witch converting into an excited toddler as she flailed her buckle shoes and waved her arms wildly until sat on the edge of the wine fountain. Exhaling away her laughter, she waves a finger to send a chalice into her gloved hand. Synchronously dipping her cup into the wine as Alexandria did the ale, she lifted her drink to kiss Alexandria's before downing it. Flush and heat flew upon her face, and she leaned back with sheer glee.

Her sister suddenly mentioned Natasha and Luna raised a curious brow with a pause before laughing again, waving her hand in the air at the thought.

“Oh sister,  surely you jest. These orcs have no finesse for such celebration. They sooner beat their chests and grunt than dance and be merry. We’d accomplish nothing but tainting the pleasant air with their horrid odor.” She paused to take another gulp and then placed her free leathered hand on Alexandria’s shoulder. “But I am proud her obligations have not tarnished. She’s been a bit worrisome, that one. A bit intelligent for a blimey orc."

 Suddenly the floating lights above them starting to ring with music; celtic melodies filling the air with wondrous sounds. Luna perked up with joy, grasping Alexandria’s hand.

 “Come poppit, let’s not think of orcs! Let us dance!”

 The witch stood, grabbing Alexandria hands and pulling her with such momentum that when she swung her body she took the witch in a whirl around her.

 “Oh my dear sister,” she sings as she whirls the redhead around the table. “My high spirits are in sync with my thrill for being home.” Magic levitating her body, she came off the ground, lifting Alexandria's hand around her tall head and spinning her around.  She watched her crimson hair  fly like a blossoming rose. “My travels took me far to the west, where I came across soldier and rider of dragons. An intriguing man of simple gesture. With a spot of pizzazz and  charm, I convinced him to trade for an amazing gift.”

 She descended close to her sister, interlocking their fingers. “One I shall now bestow onto you,” she whispered with velvety charm before pulling away, bridging them with one of their arms. Her other hand slyly removed the hat from her hand and when she pull them together again, she offered the inside of it to her.

 “Reach inside and retrieve it.”

 With their next pull away, Alexandria would have a beautiful sword with her grasps. Within its sheath was a matte obsidian blade with the finest sharp edge. To Alexandria, Luna gifted the legendary Sable Sword.

 Luna released her hand, standing back to watch Alexandria take in the blade. As she did so, another very welcome guest brushed her way into her periphery.

“May the stars shine on our meeting, I am Jadis, new to the coven but eager to become one of you.

“Jadis,” Luna breathed out warmly as she turned to her. Without another word, she glided into her space and swooped her up into her arms.

“Sister, you’re already one of us.” She pulled back, pressing her forehead onto hers, connecting their eyes and smiling wide before separating and addressing the others. “Sisters, this is Jadis. I found her during my search for the sword. She is the true treasure I bring back to our family.”  


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“I don’t jest.” Alexandria protests Luna’s claims, brow furrowing as the ale is brought to her lips and held there – waiting to protest further the remarks Luna makes. It deepens the lines of her face, and the giant elf considers whether or not she should relay her protests once more, but finds that thinking has eaten up the time available for such things as she is tugged to dance.

Forgetting her potential insolence, Alexandria’s face splits into a wide grin once more as Luna leads into a tuneless dance. Carefully and eagerly, she joins as she finds herself warm and pleasantly loose with movement as she twirled and danced. Luna’s instruction, however, gave her curiosity as her hand reached into the hat without hesitation.

She trusted Luna with every cell of her being, afterall. When she withdrew the sword, however, the giant elf made an exclamation of glee.

“It is beautiful!” In excitement, the ebony blade is thrust into the air directly above her head – her face one of rapture as she held the sword before she carefully brought it back down. Setting it lovingly at her side, Alexandria beamed as she clasped a hand (Gently, of course, she knew the other witches were more delicate than she) upon Jadis' shoulder.

“Welcome, sister! I look forward to adventuring with you! Come, fill your cup and your belly! And Luna, Thank you for such a remarkable gift. I shall cherish it." 

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