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[TOG] Devouring Waves of the Third Floor [Local]

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A relatively petite girl with white-blonde hair and gold to white-gold irised eyes steps casually down a street on the third floor. She's been here for a few weeks, and things have been as crazy as ever for her. She shakes her head as she looks up some information on her lighthouse. Why can't my life be nice and quiet? A little bit of peace? Please? 

Another presence within her mind snorts. You know as well as I do that such peace is impossible to attain, especially for you. You get yourself into trouble much too often.

Hey! It's not like I try to get into trouble!

Still, the fact remains that troublesome people and events gravitate towards you like bees to honey.

The girl stops and sighs, her wavy waist length hair swirling about her body in the slight breeze created by her sudden halt. She takes a gavel out of her light house to absently bonk a guy leering at her on the head. So what am I supposed to do about it, Sonia?

Deal with it, was the other presence's flat answer.

Suddenly the girl hears a wail from behind her. "Anaaaaaaaaa! I need heeeeeelp!"

She grimaces upon recognizing the voice and turns around. "What is it, Hugh?" It doesn't take long for her to see what the problem is. She rolls her eyes at seeing the bloody gash in his stomach. She should be amazed at the fact that he's still alive, but she's seen too many wounds of this sort before on him, so she's not really shocked anymore. Did Lady stab him with her needle AGAIN? What the hell did he do this time? She sighs. I know you'll hate this, Sonia, but I'm going to heal him. She hears Sonia spluttering out a protest, but she ignores that and calls upon her power. Her eyes begin to glow with a fierce light, and her hair begins to shine faintly. The street is fairly quiet, so she doesn't mind how many people see her. This healing is fairly easy, since only one organ was pierced. She's only slightly out of breath by the end of the healing, but the wound is fully healed. She steps back, her hair and eyes now back to normal. "Phew. Seriously, Hugh, you should be careful. I swear, one of these days Lady is going to kill you."

He has enough of a conscience to look embarrassed, at least. He laughs nervously. "Sorry, I know how much using your healing power takes out of you. It won't happen again."

Ana snorts. "Whatever. Don't make promises you can't keep." He grimaces in response, then waves and leaves. She begins walking again. "Well, isn't this a great day," she mutters sarcastically. Sonia shrugs. Well, it's your choice to have such companions. If you don't like your current ones, find new ones.

That's not it!

Yeaaaaahhh, suuuuuure.

Ana once again goes on her way, arguing the whole way with Sonia in her mind.

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Hyorin’s clawed feet scraped against the roadway as she bounced along, her new friend and Boots in tow. If Arsene thought to escape the tiny tantrum thrower, he was mistaken. Since his assistance on the previous floor, Hyorin had seen fit to add him to their little family, even if his face still had yet to be revealed.

“Boots, boots! They have Ice cream!” She pointed with glee, her clawed hand waving demandingly towards the little stall in a clear indication of desire. “You too!” Her free arm hooked into Arsenes’ own, dragging him (willing or not) with her towards it. Once their prize had been acquired, she was delighted as she nommed the treat. “Yumyum~.” The horned girl singsonged as she pranced along.

They had passed the second floor with relative ease, blood had been spilled and they had moved on. Now, however, they were waiting to see what the third floor would hold for them. Lessons of some sort, it was assumed. For now, the girl was content to wander the streets with her vanilla flavored cone and her two favorite people so far. “Hey! Hood person! Lookie!” She had pointed out yet another stall of sorts – it seemed the girl was rather fond of food, though the type mattered little, as evidence of her literal devouring of the sniper on the second floor.

“Mmmmm, what are we supposed to be doing again?” Hyorin asked, her crystal colored gaze flickering between the hooded figure, and the behemoth at her side.


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This all seemed too easy; Headon spoke of the Tower as a living entity that beckons determined individuals higher and toward dangers, riches and an ending beyond one's imagination. There was an uncertainty in the back of his mind-- was there something at the top of this tower that was worth the sea of blood that would be left in their wake? Or instead, would the tower -- or its inhabitants-- devour them tooth, claw or nail before their final ascension to its crest.

Alas, they didn't possess their futures within their hands; they chased this distant future to the tippity-top, guns ablaze and a devil-may-care attitude to boot. The second floor massacre had come and gone; a sense of civility (whatever that meant) lay before them -- an urban floor of buildings and structures. Businesses? Food carts? A sense of commerce that enveloped the general populace, perhaps the final encampment of those who dared tread the tower's ascent and failed. It was hard to gather a read of these people; their ideals, their reason for remaining at peace upon a single floor. Perhaps it was another test -- perhaps not. The rules to this game were still quite unclear -- ascension to the top was amongst multiple paths. Which would be theirs? At least there was an objective to be sought upon this floor in the meanwhile -- they were to obtain the fabled and coveted battle positions and perhaps even some training to allow them to get acclimated; perhaps even a few of them already knew which position fit them the most. 

"This is why I hate brats..." The disembodied voice carried from within the satchel over Eobard's shoulder once again. It was difficult to determine what exactly was the reason, although it was likely to do with the increase in population and their voices that carried over and among one another into a chaos of uncontrolled volume that just wouldn't/couldn't remain quiet enough to allow sleep to resume. A short flashback of the images of floor two relayed on memory. Ends and means? There was a moment or two of perfect silence on that floor -- if he remembered correctly. Perhaps that was the answer here too. Yeah, that's right -- he'd kill for continued napping time. All in due time; shuffling and changing laying position within the sac -- maybe it was just a matter of muting the world around him.



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In the confines of this predators mind existed much chaos. It's spawned out of a place of ethics and morale that at some time prior to all this clashing and conflict didn't exist. He hadn't remembered a time when he had spilled so much blood. Hunting and Feeding himself and Hyorin, never required this much violence. Defending the two of them from would be hunters, enemies and villains, hardly required such ruthless regard. Training her to hunt, survive and kill when and where need be, didn't have the air of inhumanity to it. You'd think that when men decide to behave like beasts that killing and death becomes senseless, yet the moment two "Beasts" decided to have greater aspirations and CLIMB? Then and only then does it all seem to be purposeless. The violence and death seems more aimless and without rhyme or reason. Not that he minded that part to much..it was that lingering question.

What example was being set for Hyorin? What will she become? Will he lose the bouncing ball of primal but still innocent energy in exchange for an ambitious, murderous tool of zahard? The legacy of Zahard princesses isn't exactly colorful from what he's heard, and of the many things in the world he'd want to see Hyorin accomplish and become, an instrument of Zahard ranks very low on that list. His aspirations to aid his beloved child-companion are supported by the hopes that at least at her side, he can influence her in some way that doesn't involve her losing hers, totally. His own clawed feet was hell on these civilized streets. He weighed to much. Every one of his foot falls cracked the roadway beneath them, if there was anyone pressed to keep this place looking to par, this Hulking wraithwraiser was surely not going to contribute to the cause.

The entirety of his frame was obscured by an utterly massive cloak banded and strapped to his form around his shoulders, with it's use being specifically for keeping the baking sun from annoying the utter hell out of him, and to make targeting specific points on him harder---should they have another run in with snipers. When Hyorin questioned, he answered, "Im guessing it's on this floor that we're given purpose and roles.."

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S6.png?m=1501252398o much for getting away, Eobard (or Bard as he was calling himself these days) remarked to sourly to himself. Since the Floor of the Test, instead of breaking away and ditching the "Mad Bunch" as he had intended, time constraints and circumstance had dictated that he would actually have to team up with them. This arrangement had persisted even beyond the second floor, and if the burden of carrying his own gear—plus one, wasn't annoying enough...Both him and the creature he had lost to in the second floor test had been summoned to the Test Administrator's office. 

He was not thrilled about any of this. Passing the test had been fine, he just wanted to get the position test over with and scout some other teams who might be suitable. But no, monkey wrench after monkey wrench had befallen him and nothing was going Bard's way these days. 

"You hate brats...Well I hate cats, and psychotic females, and crocodiles, and hooded weirdos, and animals and people, and large crowds, and carrying shit that isn't mine, or playing taxi, or more to the point...being summoned into Administrator's offices for things I most assuredly have fuck-all to do with. So pipe down back there!"

He snarled, his mood growing darker by the minute as they threaded their way through the bustling streets. Despite the thickness of the crowd or his apparent disdain for it, Bard maneuvered himself through it as if the throng of bodies was never even there. He moved through the crowd like a fish in water, effortlessly swimming through the current of people and things as if he was born to do it. And it was because of that, they found themselves outside the tall office building in mere minutes.

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“Oh.” Hyorin sulks at the answering of her question, azure gaze flickering to a rock mid-street that she kicks with sufficient enough power to send it sailing through the air.

“I don’t wanna.” Hyorin states suddenly, sharp teeth digging into the freshly acquired ice cream cone as her displeasure is presented as she takes it out on the cold treat. Her clawed feet carried her and her ragtag team to the offices set up for them to present their training tests. She hummed a bit, and rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet. The boy in front of them had a knapsack, it kept moving. Just slightly, enough to catch a predators gaze. Curious and completely without manners, Hyorin pokes the bag in which the boy is carrying with a sharp claw.

“Hey, what’s in here?” She demands, grasping the bag with two hands now as she gives it a little shake, trying to determine what manner of thing could be inside. Maybe it was something tasty!

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