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The Grey Feather Smugglers

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Come all ye wounded,

Ye hopeless,

Ye lost

To be a grey feather 

on the wing of an owl.

Leave your sorrows,

Your pain,

Your fear,

Think not of the life

That led you to here.


Fortune and riches,

Wealth untold,

Wait for you

In a smuggler’s hold.


We fall.


We fly

To victory and lucre

Beneath the night sky.



Name: The Grey Feather Merchants
Heraldry: A geometric owl with spread wings


Founder: Hamlin Tomoton
Current Leader(s): Hamlin and Quintia Tomton



  • Hamlin Tompton- Founder/leader
  • Quintia Tompton- Co-leader/security
  • Tana Wall- Security

      ___Current Members___



Location: Genesaris
— Allies: tba 
— Enemies: tba 
— Neutral Parties: tba 
Agenda: No job is too hard and no cargo is too contraband. This company profits off of an extensive smuggling ring. 



Hamlin Tomton take in those without a cause to take on theirs. Unwanted roamers, untrustworthy mercenaries, desperate thieves, all are fair game. The promise of shelter, good pay, and a use for their skills acts as a lure for these kinds of people. She has innate talent for picking out those who posses the necessary skills to join the Company and further refine their skills with training after employment to create loyal followers. Furthermore, any who wish to make a bit of coin are welcome to try their hand at joining. Hamlin has been known to hire mercenaries in the past. 

Future smugglers be warned: though the benefits you stand to reap by working for Hamlin are indeed high, it is much easier to join the Grey Feather than it is to leave.


Recent Events: 
Flyers have appeared across Genesaris in sleepy villages, busy towns, and bustling cities. They stick themselves to the "help wanted" boards in the slums, to the wall of an alley by a seedy bar, to a lamp post on the street that never lights quite right. They all say the same thing: "Now hiring."


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