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Bouquet of Asters (my charries)

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Dreshza Greenmoon



Full Name: Dreshza Greenmoon

Also Known As: Dresh

Race/Species: Human

Sex and Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: September 4th

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Skilled with long range and weapons with reach. Flexible and acrobatic. Has no powers, but a few enchanted weapons


Notable Strength(s): High stamina

Notable Weakness(es): Not very strong


Physical appearance: Grey hair and light blue eyes


Usual Attire: Corsets, flowey blouses, long skirts, tights, thigh high fighting boots


Inventory: Halberd, wrist cannons, sling (doubles as a whip), shield, armor - all items have special enchantments


Personality Details: Dresh is a dutiful person. She plays by the rules and is an over achiever. She speaks kindly to everyone and doesn’t often use foul language. It takes a lot to push her to her breaking point, but  if pushed their she can seem like a completely different person. She is very brave and strong willed. She believes in helping people before helping herself. She is confident in her abilities, but enjoys learning


Elspeth Lemahiue



Name: Elspeth “Els” Lemahiue

Date of Birth (& age): Oct. 10th, 1998 (19 yrs. old)

Place of Birth: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Gender: Female

Species/Racial Origin: African American/ Hawiian

Social Class/Community Status: Lower Class

Language: English


Darryl Lemahiue - Father

Iolana Lemahiue - Mother

Canna - Cat

Physical Description

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel (brown-green)

Typical Clothing/Equipment: White opal choker, joggers/ jeggings/ skinny jeans, blouse/ crop top, cardigans/ sweaters, running shoes/flats/boots


Personality/Attitude: Elspeth is a very calm and calculated person. She loves learning new things and therefore is fairly knowledgeable. She gets angry easily, but doesn’t like to lose her cool. So, she more often than not shrugs things off and let’s them fester inside. Though she has trouble hiding it in her expressions and her first language is sarcasm. She is very direct and honest to a fault. She isn’t the type to cry over the little things, likely something very triggering would have to happen to cause such an emotional reaction out of her, but it is not because she views crying as a weakness. Towards those she doesn’t know she can seem standoffish and shy even, but she just has a very quiet confidence. To those close to her she shows true empathy and compassion. She is very observant of her surroundings as well as others around her.

Goals/Ambitions: Despite what her parents want from her she has worked her ass off to get into art school and strives to become a fashion designer. She wants to travel the world, but knows that it is impossible due to the nature of the world she lives in. She secretly longs for love, but knows that people aren’t dependable.

Skills/Talents: Sewing, singing, machine maintenance

Favourites/Likes: Cats / animals, flowers, books, fashion

Most Hated/Dislikes: Cities, spicy food,  loud noises

Strengths: Observation, deductive reasoning, flexibility

Weaknesses: Conversation,  remedial math, physical strength

Fears: never living a life outside of the island city, drowning, never finding love

Hobbies/Interests: Pressed flowers / gardening, foreign cuisine / culture, cosplaying, shopping     

Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Education/Special Training: Art student, business

Occupation: Student, Family business



Imenand Oilell


Alias: Q (Queen)

Legal Name: Imenand Oilell

Morality: Chaotic good

Inspiration: At a young age Q was wanted as a murderer though his actions were made in self defense. He fled from authorities by concealing himself as a woman with his power. He then stumbled upon a shelter for abused women and sought refuge. Unbeknownst to him it doubled as a brothel of female assassins who secretly killed highroller men that had no respect for females; the scummiest of the scum bags. Eventually they discovered his secret, but kept him around knowing he was a genuine asset to their team and a valued member of their little family. The Villains organization wants him because he is recognized as one of the deadliest assassins in the world and his power has kept his true identity a secret.


Short Backstory: Q was born with his power, it was passed onto him from his mother. Unfortunately to pass on the power the previous recipients life force is sucked into the jewel to keep its power alive. Subsequently his father figure is also out of the picture. He kicked him out when he was only 9 because Q came out as gay.


Gender: Male (questioning)

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Occupation: Stripper / Escort / Assassin

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Red (when transformed it is white)

Eye Color: Green (when transformed they are red)

Skin Color: White, peachy (when transformed it is porcelain white)

Nationality: Irish (has a dialect or accent, what have you)

Distinguishing Features: lots of freckles and a white gem stone that seems to be embedded in the center of his forehead


Human Form - (minus cigarette holder)2lvbu3t.jpg


Transformation - (minus the skirt tied around her waist)1hayjd.jpg


Human Form - (green eyes, freckles and white gemstone embedded in forehead)


Transformation - (red eyes!)

Powers and Abilities

Power(s): Transformation / Super Strength / Invisibility

Power Limitations: Can not be strong and invisible at the same time, enhanced strength only works when in transformation mode, subsequently invisibility only works in human form, transformation can last 6 hours, but must recharge fully before being used again (is risky going in and out of transformation willy nilly), invisibility nullifies and goes away if he is dealt a damaging blow when incognito, becomes weak after coming out of transformation

Abilities: Can change genders (human form - boy and transformation form - girl), strong enough to smash a mountain if he wanted, can go invisible (his stealth also improves, meaning his steps become light as a feather)

Weapons: Double pistols at all times (concealed), if need be he's proficient in the use of snipers and assault rifles, always carries a hunting knife, also handy with a katana (Edo era fighting style) and his entire body is a weapon for he is well versed in many styles of hand to hand combat

Gadgets/Tech: N/A

Physical Weaknesses: Human form, he is vulnerable in his human form. Still readily and well trained, but merely...human.

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Hates being referred to as a man or boy (male pronouns) in his girl form. Generally just struggles with his gender identity. The people he cares for. Something being imperfect or sloppy. Emotional intimacy

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits (list 5):

  • Perfectionist

  • Elegant

  • Effeminate

  • Deceptive

  • Sadistic

Likes: The city, winter (just the snow really), board games, wine tastings, cats, feminine things

Dislikes: Nature, thunderstorms, the cold, fragile masculinity (men in general, though he is tolerant), being referred to as anything other than she in girl form

Habits/Quirks: always lost in thought, marijuana, obsessed with personal hygiene and looking perfect, ambidextrous, can't drive (walks or takes public transportation)

Fears: eating in front of people, men (to a certain degree), falling in love, death

Motivation: Q feels a strong motivation to protect his family at the brothel he joined years ago (really anyone he comes in contact who becomes a close friend he will protect), he also wants justice for those mistreated such as abused women and LGBTQIA folk who are murdered because being queer, trans or gender variant is seen as a crime punishable by death in this society

Family: mother (deceased)

Father (dead to him)



Corinna Carver


Alias: Mama Milo (formerly know as Darian)

Legal Name: Corinna Carver

Morality: Good

Inspiration: Mama used to be a part of the Hero organization until the day her beloved twin girls were taken from her. Their powers were seen as dastardly and a threat to the government and due to a series of accidents they were ripped from her supervision and locked away. Killing herself, Mama used her secret power to reincarnate herself into one of her daughter's bodies. They were kept in separate holding cells on different sides of the planet, but Mama was able to escape using half of the twins powers. She is now assembling a team of revolutionaries to overthrow the tyrannous hero group and governement.


Short Backstory: Mama was an experiment. She fell in love with her creator and their relationship was kept secret. They had two children, twins, and when old enough they acquired a power so great it frightened the government. After having her children taken from her after they caused a terrible accident she told her husband to run and look for one of their daughters while she resides within the other and assembles a task force to fight back.


Gender: Female

Age: 32 (resides in her 12 year old daughters body)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Occupation: Head of the Villains revolutionary squad, must lay low so as to not draw attention to herself. She is the only wanted and know villain. Though it is not known that Mama is the one controlling the young girls body, not even by the villains.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 100lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark dark brown

Skin Color: Black

Nationality: African American / French

Distinguishing Features: Nothing to point out

Costume: 2ecgod2.jpg

Powers and Abilities

Power(s): Reincarnation / Force fields / Explosions (One twins power)

Power Limitations: Can only reincarnate once and will die when the hosts body is rendered useless, can only create force fields around one object or person at a time, explosion size is small and at best can only send someone flying backwards or stun someone (this power becomes catastrophic when combined with the other twins power)

Abilities: Can create force fields that surround objects or people for protection or attack, if she manages to trap an enemy she can create explosions within the field to immobilized them momentarily, can move objects that she encompasses her force fields around, when combined with the other twins power her explosions can become nuclear 

Weapons: N/A

Gadgets/Tech: N/A

Physical Weaknesses: Physically she's a child so she isn't strong, fast or tall. That's a huge disadvantage 

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: The ones close to her that she cares about, her past

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits (list 5):

• Decisive 

• Maternal

• Passionate

• Emotional

• Selfless

Likes: Nature, hiking, reading, painting, piano

Dislikes: False heroes, loud noises, chocolate

Habits/Quirks: Unhealthy obsession with potato chips, always carries notebook and is seen writing in it, nervous habit of playing with and pulling out hair

Fears: Heights, dying, losing her daughter's or husband 

Motivation: Mama is motivated by her hatred for the hero organization for splitting her family apart, she is also devoted to finding and rescuing her other daughter AND she has the greater good of humanity in mind always

Family: Twin sister / daughter (alive)

Husband / father (alive)





Alias: Shadow Hawk

Legal Name: Donovan Hertz (formerly know as)

Morality: Neutral Evil

Inspiration: Shadow had no choice in the matter. After becoming more animal than human he was captured and kept as a useful tool for the heroes to keep watch over the city, but also kept locked away and trained to fight.

Short Backstory: Shadow was a groundbreaking documentary filmmaker. On his biggest quest yet he was captured by village people of an unknown island nation. They experimented/ tortured him for, in their eyes, desecrating their sacred lands. In an attempt to sacrifice him to their islands demon things took a turn for the worst and the demon took a liking to the young man. Seeing him as vulnerable and easily influenced. He infused himself with Shadow and the boy's body took on a metamorphosis. He suddenly was some sort of hybrid of a hawk like bird and a human with a shadowy aura radiating from his feathers and body. His mind wasn’t completely taken over by the demon however. The villagers kept him at bay by taking the thing down with spears made of palladium, the demon's weakness. Not enough to kill it however. So, they kept him locked in a cage made of the silvery gold. This power surge that awoke was tracked down by the heroes and they stole the creature and began to tame it to bend to their whim.


Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: He works for the heroes as their pet of sorts

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 195lbs

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: black

Skin Color: black

Nationality: American

Distinguishing Features: His skin tone is black all over, his mouth and nose have formed into a protruding beak that is black as well, his hair is feathery, he has two massive wings that span 12 feet each coming out of his shoulder blades and there's a misty aura that seems to radiate from his wings and skin

Costume: No need for a costume, he is unrecognizable from his former self and he's only let out on missions and for patrols. Although he does wear armor when let out of his cage to do hero work

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Flight/ Shadow Manipulation


Flight is pretty self explanatory, he flies with his wings. Shadow Manipulation is a bit more tricky. The demon that resides within him is a bird demon that dwells within the shadow realm. It's true form is a massive black shadow like cloud that resides within Shadows body. Because it is so massive it oozes through his pores and seems to radiate from his body. He can manipulate it into shapes and forms at will and because of this he can use it as a weapon, shield or say an extra hand to grab things.

Power Limitations: His greatest weakness is palladium, the main way the heroes have been able to contain and train the bird demon. If his wings were ripped from him he would technically no longer be able to fly at free will. His shadow is weakened by the daylight so more often than not he is let out for night fights and patrols, kept locked away during the day time hours.

Abilities: (read powers)

Weapons: Talons on his feet and hands

Gadgets/Tech: N/A

Physical Weaknesses: Palladium, sunlight or bright light in general, large bodies of water

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: His human mind, like stated earlier, was not taken over completely by the demon. It still resides within him though it is ‘asleep’ in a sense, the part of him that made him human (his emotions) was kept alive. Though filled with darkness and fueled by animosity he can still be swayed by love and sadness. Certain things can trigger emotional pulses deep, deep within him that tug at his human self as well, reminding him of his past, but drive him mad because he can’t remember who that person was


Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits (list 5):

• Loyal 

• Simple

• Quiet

• Asocial

• Impulsive

Likes: Jack rabbits (favorite food), darkness, cool climates

Dislikes: large bodies of water, the light, those who oppose the heroes and the gorvernment

Habits/Quirks: tends to get distracted (infatuated) by the sight of blood or the sight of murder, sleeps a lot, stares a lot (it can get creepy)

Fears: disobeying orders, hurting those he fights alongside, drowning

Motivation: He has been molded as a perfect weapon (pet) for the heroes, he is motivated by the false hope given to him to protect and serve for the tyrannous government

Family: Unknown



Imogen O'Connor


Full Name: Imogen O’Connor


Codename: Glitch


Age: 21


Birth: January 1, 3040


Height: 5’5”


Weight: 120lbs


Hair: short black


Eyes: dark brown


Occupation: Bounty Hunter


Parents: Unknown


Siblings: Unknown


Nationality: Canadian/ French


Hobbies: Singing, aquariums, gambling, digital photography, film/ photo editing, exercise, blogging


Likes: exploring new places, eating foreign cuisine, being in the spotlight, spontaneity


Dislikes: being left out of things, people who take things too seriously, animals (that aren’t in an aquarium), mundane tasks, days in


Ability: Glitch - basically she is able to glitch her entire body or specific parts of it so that she can phase through things. She could also pull off feats such as stopping herself from splattering on the pavement when falling from a skyscraper by glitching her body to stop mid air just before she hits the bottom. She can glitch other people and objects, but only by touching them and maintaining that physical contact. This includes making electronic items malfunction and such. She can also glitch parts of her appearance by changing the color of her hair, eyes, skin tone, hair type (curly, straight, short, long) things of that nature.


Short Character Background: The last memories Imogen has is of her 16 year old orphaned self being handed over to scientists. She was told that after a few tests she would be granted enough money to support herself for a lifetime and so she agreed, being put under. At the age of 21 she finally woke up with no recollection of what took place over the past 5 years. By the looks of the laboratory it had been ransacked and most of the researchers were either dead or had fled the scene. A band of rebel pirates who had formed a unique squadron of bounty hunters had put an end to the scientists evil research and rescued Imogen, her being the lone survivor of the experiments. She now works with these band of pirates as an intergalactic bounty hunter aboard the NOVAA.


Wants: She wants to become a world renowned landscape photographer, she also wants to find the scientist who made her, she also wants to find out who and where her family is, to do this she needs to find the genie


Problems: she has glitches in her mind so she has a hard time with her long term and short term memory, she is a wanted bounty hunter because of the glitch technology installed in her


Voice Claim: Megan James (of Purity Ring)




Anwyn Olyver


Full Name: Anwyn Olyver

Also Known As: Wyn

Race/Species: Fae

Sex and Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: January 21st

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Can fly, but wings are only strong enough to carry himself. Fire elemental. Can conjure and control flames. Skilled archer.


Notable Strengths: Very stealth and light on his feet

Notable Weaknesses: Not a fast runner, also very dainty so not so strong


Physical appearance: White hair  and golden eyes


Usual Attire: He usually wears royal uniforms with golden emblems and buttons. His mother gave him a red cloak which he wears. It was knitted from the feathers of a phoenix, keeping the inside nice and toasty


Inventory: Bow, case of infinite arrows, sack of rubies made into dust for magical purposes


Vehicles(s): Horse - Paleo


Personality Details: Wyn is a very curious guy. He almost always has his nose where it shouldn’t belong. He isn’t very easy to upset, but he isn’t one to tolerate someone being mistreated. He will stick up for others, but not often himself. He brushy things off easily, but it isn’t had to push him to the point of crying. He has a thirst for adventure and traveling. He is usually seen with a smile on his face and is always the first one to strike up a conversation.


Likes: Reading, learning new things, eating exotic foods, animals and nature


Dislikes: Staying cooped up, quiet places, the cold weather

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