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The Order of Force Majeure

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"What must be done"

-Motto of the Order of Force Majeure

The witch-space in between the dimensions is referred to by many names; the Twisting Nether, the Immaterium, the Void. They are home to thirsting gods, hellish daemons, and eldritch phantoms. It is a hellspace where logic and reason fails, and to be a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure means to defend against that horror, and be the first, and last defense for all the mortal realms.

"You make your own truth, Jin. That is how you survive. Your truth may change, you, may change, but it cannot break. If your truth breaks, you are lost".

-Founder James Eredas, Master Knight

To be a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure means more then to be a skilled combatant. It means to be imperfect, flawed in so many ways, yet reconcile the flaws and make strengths of them. It means to doubt, yet have a resolve so iron-clad that it is law. It means to fear, yet stand so firm that they are as bastions of courage. Knights must have the curiousness to search out agents of the Void wherever they reside, the strength of will to resist temptations and false promises, and the persistence of character to only accept the best of resolutions, and pay the cost for the rest of their lives.

"Our duty is restrained only by the laws of nature and the rules of the universe."

-Founder Dithakar Yodsuwan, Master Knight

Knights wander the multiverse, often working alone to seek out and end all manner of threats, most notably those designs by beings commonly referred to as the Old Ones, the Chaos Gods, or the Prime Evils. However, they are not so white and black, they are grey, each member differing greatly in tactics, equipment, and methodology, but all bound by the same overarching goal. Knights therefore answer to no one but their peers, and the Council, a circle of highly regarded Knights and Master Knights who steer the direction of the Order and extend its influence.

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Hierarchy: Knights of the Order

Initiates: Nearly all of those wishing to join the Order, but particularly younger recruits start as initiates. Initiates usually vary from ages 16-25, and are trained and tested constantly in a variety of topics, from the expected topics of tactics and warfare, to mercantilism and diplomacy. A Knight must be skilled in many areas, and must be capable of representing the Order in faraway lands on his/her own. Initiates also undergo weapon training, and are encouraged to become proficient in many styles and forms of combat as well. Those possessing magic or other otherworldly abilities may also receive training from the appropriate mystics in their arts. Although many initiates quit due to the grueling learning, few are ever outright rejected or removed from the Order, a curious phenomenon. Persistence and the understanding of one's limits, and always striving to surpass it is something that was looked kindly upon. Nothing exemplified a Knight more then their own mortal limits.

Seconds: Once an Initiate is considered adequately trained and learned to head out into the field, they are often selected by, or attached to a Knight or Master Knight to act as their Second. Seconds gain valuable field experience and guidance under the wing of a veteran Knight, whom are often also responsible for administering the test to promote the Second to full Knighthood. This test varies often, some Knights reward their Seconds for an unbroken commitment of excellent service, others send them on an important quest. There are times where the Second survives their Instructor in the course of duty, and the Order usually automatically promotes them to Knighthood. At any rate, an Initiate is expected to dramatically expand their skills and capabilities while seconded to a Knight.

Knights: Full-fledged Knights are well-regarded beings, confident and capable. They gain full access to the library and armory of the Order, as well as other facilities, and are given nearly free rein in carrying out their duties. Knights are also encouraged to establish their own connections out in the world, gather their own resources in order to better fund the organization and expand and customize their arsenal to meet the needs of the variety of situations that they would find themselves in. Knights are fully empowered as representatives of the Order, capable of making deals on the organization's behalf. Many Knights also often take auxiliary roles within the Order, for example, Knight Tenris Stromborne pulls duty as the Forgemaster, former Knight Raven Kanzaki had acted as the Head of the Custodes, and Knight Sheryl Wainwright is the Chief Librarian of the Great Libraries.

Master Knights: If a single Knight is capable of turning and winning a battle, a Master Knight is capable of turning and winning a war. Only the most experienced and powerful Knights ever receive the recommendation to be a Master, and in doing so, secure a spot in the halls of legends. The two most notable Master Knights so far in existence, Dithakar Yodsuwan, and James Eredas are also the Founders, and they exemplify everything about the best Order of Force Majeure, at once monstrous yet human, cold and pragmatic, yet with the greatest compassion for their fellow mortal, unrivaled in battle be it on the field or in the mind. Master Knights answer to no one but themselves and each other, even Gods do well to regard them with wariness and respect. They are the potential of mortals made manifest.

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Hierarchy: Other

The Custodes: The myriad of support staff, guards, cooks, clerks, janitors, custodians, and other people carrying out mundane, but important tasks to the Order are known as Custodes. They make up the great majority of most Order personnel at all of the sites they have a presence in. The more militant Custodes are referred to by the title of their position. All Custodes are usually universally overseen by a Captain of the Custodes, or by a Knight with the title Head of the Custodes. Most recently, Custodes have expanded to include the various vehicle operators, engineers, and crewmen and women, captains and navigators of the Force Majeure’s burgeoning aerial warship force. The Custodes are divided into the Militant, the fighting branch, and the Auxiliary, the supporting branch.

Guardians: Guardians are the front line, and the face of the Custodes. They are well-trained and drilled soldiers, proud and resilient, armed with versatile poleaxes and powerful shotguns for defense of Order facilities. Clad in head to toe in plate armor, Guardians often work in teams of four to promote cooperation. Often a test for Seconds and Initiates is to defeat a team of Guardians, but more often then not, the Guardians win thanks to their superior teamwork and capable weaponry. Teams of Guardians may be requested by Knights, often as escort work when visiting foreign governments as dignitaries.

Guardian Poleaxe: Nearly every Guardian Custode inducted into the Order possesses a poleaxe, specially forged and cast. One of the most versatile melee weapons ever created, the poleaxe provides a striking balance of range, power and the ability to deal with nearly any threat in close combat. Guardians train rigorously in their use, both on their own, and in groups to promote cooperation and team tactics, and it is little wonder that Guardians who are granted the right of the Greatsword opt for a poleaxe-like vibroblade to continue their mastery of the weapon. Guardian veterans, and even Seekers and Greatswords who continue their poleaxe training are counted as amongst the most elite fighters of the Order, barring the Knights themselves. Many are also skilled in various other melee weapons.

Lucius-class Mark IV Shotgun: In the centuries since its conception, the basic design of the shotgun has not changed very much. Alongside their signature poleaxe, Guardians bear 12 gauge shotguns, unrivaled in their short-medium range stopping power and versatility, and are capable of toggling between semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire. With the capability to equip various magazine sizes, and a large variety of ammunition to choose from, (traditional buckshot shells, dense and medium-ranged slugs, armor-piercing fletchette shells, devastating fragmentation shells, immolating inferno shells), a Guardian can deal with nearly any situation. These shotguns also possess reinforced and weighted buttstocks, allowing them to be used effectively as clubs.

Seekers: Although Guardians and Seekers are of technically the same rank, the word of a Seeker is often given more weight, thanks to their more rigorous and intense training and role. Many Seekers were trackers, or hunters in their former professions, and they serve the same role in the Order, as scouts and trackers. Trained in long range weaponry like rifles, crossbows, and bows, as well as stealth, reconnaissance, and close combat, Seekers are the eyes and ears of the Order in lands friendly to them, and deployed to ascertain conditions in lands hostile to them. In pitched battle, rarely do teams of Guardians fight without the watchful eye of a Seeker nearby, picking off targets and warning of threats. Many Seekers often masquerade as mercenaries, or adventurers, bounty-hunters and black-guards. 

Fiend-class Crossbow: For the Seekers who require simple, but reliable long range firepower, the Order manufactures Fiend-class crossbows. These large crossbows are silent, deadly weapons with extreme accuracy and high penetrating power. The ability to use special types of bolts, ranging from the deadly like explosive, or armor-piercing, to the mystic, like silver-tipped, and consecrated, and the utility, like reconnaissance, and tracking bolts, allow Seekers to adapt to almost any situation.

Vanquishers: Among the Custodes, there are Guardians who wish to take the fight to the enemy, and Seekers who wish to utilize their talents with the longsword over their ranged weaponry. Yet neither of them fit among the power-armored vanguard of the Greatswords. It was to this end that the Vanquishers were founded, an idea hit upon by the Knight Tenkai Matsumoto. These are the melee specialist warriors of the Order, lightly armored for mobility like the Seekers, but armed with daemon-slaying longswords. Each Vanquisher is a proven master swordsman, wielding their blade with such skill that they often need no other weapon. Their role in battle is to act as hunter-killers, seeking out high value enemy targets such as officers, generals, or champions, and taking them out. To that end they wear lighter armor then their cohorts, often relying on the agility of advanced bodysuits and a variety of technologies otherwise mask their movements or shield them.

Daemonslayer Sword: Unlike the many other standard models of wargear possessed by the Custodes, the weapons of the Vanquishers have no single set variety. Each Vanquisher brings their own unique discipline and culture to their role, and as such their blades are as varied in style as the many races who have chosen to heed the call of the Force Majeure. The only similarities they bear is that they are all two-handed swords, from standard Oakeshott typology and Eastern longswords to more exotic elven and orcish designs. In addition, through one means or another, be they enchantments, anointments, magitek or even the innate abilities if the wielder, their blades must be capable of dealing mortal injury to daemons and all the other foul creatures of madness and chaos that the Order must face in battle.

Greatswords: The most elite Custodes bear the right of the Greatsword, the right to wear a powerful full-body powered armor often armed with the namesake weapon. Even larger then most ordinary greatswords, the weapon that Greatswords possess are only truly wieldable by the Custodes thanks to the armor. Greatsword armor is powered by a small magetech reactor, and are vacuumed sealed, providing full protection against radiation, and biological or chemical agents. Within the limbs and joints of the armor are myomer fibers and the armor grants increased strength and speed along with durability to its wielder. Often, the Captain of the Custodes is a Greatsword. Greatswords are divided into three overall classes depending the wielder's preferred style of combat.

Greatsword Mortis: Mortis suits often have their armor modified to employ more and greater ranged weaponry to devastating effect. Stabilizers, additional weapon hard-points and targeting systems built into their armor provide a perfect balance for the Greatsword Mortis Custode within, allowing them to bring destruction at any range. Mortis Greatswords mount the largest guns and most firearms out of any of the suit subtypes, and are often no less dangerous in melee then their fellows.

Greatsword Furioso: Furioso suits often have their armored modified to employ more mobility. Jump-jets, stronger myomer fibers, and sturdier joints allow Greatsword Furioso Custodes to wield not one, but two of Greatswords at once, or any other, often specially crafted melee weapon. Still, one is usually preferred, as many Greatswords believe that the increased strength, speed, and mobility of the Furioso suit is enough of an advantage.

Greatsword Ironclad: Ironclad suits often have their armor modified to employ sophisticated defenses. Sensor jammers, psychic shielding, and reinforced plating are only a few of the options available to an Ironclad. All Ironclads otherwise wield a specially created shield called the volcano shield, an ordinary, if sturdy large folding metal shield that hides a built-in flamethrower to break defenses. Favored by squad leaders and pointmen, there are very few boarding actions or direct assaults led without an Ironclad at the vanguard.

Custodes Militant: Greatsword Customs


"Who's like us?!"


"Damn few, and they're all dead!"


-Warcry and Answer of the Greatswords

Greatswords are allowed to create and display their own heraldry on their armor, along with marks of honor, trophies, or other badges earned.

When Greatswords perish, they are honored by their fellows who sculpt a small statue to honor and remember them, and who write a set of verses of their deeds and accomplishments that often borders on the vulgar, if not insulting.

Recorded below are examples of two such inscriptions before their statues, written for Greatswords who fell in the Harrowing Crusade:


“Here lies Davath Melenin.

When he left Sigil City, every merchant guildsman breathed a sigh of relief.

And every merchantman's daughters and wives had to settle for what was left.

He was ugly as an Infiltrator’s asshole after losing his face in the Battle of the Desert Sea.

We were tempted to carve him that way”


“This is Asil Bruce, who was ordered to fall back to fight another day.

He always said the word “retreat” was never in his vocabulary.

Now, it never will be.

Rest well you stubborn bastard.”


GREATSWORD-class Close Combat Weapon: Often taking the shape of a large and deadly vibroblade weapon, the Greatsword wielded by Order Greatsword Custodes does not necessarily come in greatsword form. Poleaxe, glaive, or great axe configurations are common, and the weapon provides devastating melee power to a Greatsword Custode. The vibroblade uses ultrasonic vibrations to increase cutting power, and it is powered by a small generator in a shielded and reinforced part of the haft/hilt of the weapon.

Terminus Auto Rifle: A large, powerfully built rifle designed specifically for Greatsword Custodes, the Terminus is a simple, gas-operated firearm with burst, or semi-automatic capabilities. The weapon is chambered in .50 BMG, hard hitting against all but the most heavily armored of opponents, The weapon possesses a modular rail for attachments, ranging from ordinary add-ons like scopes or underbarrel weaponry to the exotic, such as outsized bayonets or special recoil compensators. The Terminus allows a Greatsword Custode to lay down accurate, punishing fire at all ranges. Classified as a Medium Ranged Weapon (MRW).

Titus-class Mark II Shotgun: For Guardians promoted to the ranks of the Greatswords, or those Greatswords who demand the ultimate in close-in stopping power, Titus-class shotguns are utterly unrivaled. Possessed of a ridiculous four barrel design, it is only the design of the recoil compensators built into the weapon, along with the strength of the Greatsword armor itself that allows the weapon to be fired with any sort of accuracy, or without shattering the wielder's arms. Titus-class shotguns can be loaded a single shell at a time per barrel thanks to the break-action design for specialized munitions,  or with a speed-loader for ordinary buckshot cartridges. Custodes who have seen the effects of a full quadruple barrel blast at close range have affectionately dubbed the weapon, the "Doomstick". Classified as a Medium Ranged Weapon (MRW).

Small Ranged Weapon: Shortened as SRW. SRWs are typically small or single shot weaponry. Often taking the form of sidearms, such as large-bore pistols, single-shot grenade launchers, or lower-caliber small-arms of the SMG variety, SRWs give Greatswords an extra punch in short range, or enable them to not be completely harmless at range.

Medium Ranged Weapon: Shortened as MRW. MRWs are often rifles, shotguns, or other such weaponry upscaled for use by the Greatsword suit. The previously standard Terminus Auto Rifle remains a favorite due to its molecularity, variance, and reliability, while a new shotgun design affectionately named the Doomstick is gaining traction with those Greatswords who need much more stopping power at close range.

Large Ranged Weapon: Shortened as LRW. LRWs are almost always employed only by Mortis or Ironclad Greatswords.  Often taking the form of either heavy shoulder-mounted cannon, large-caliber heavy machine guns, or repeating explosive launchers, or even powerful anti-material rifles, LRWs grant a Greatsword extraordinary damage potential at range.

Craftspeople: Officially not members of the Order, every large organization needs lawyers. The Order has Craftsmen and Craftswomen in its employ, scholars of the dark art known as the Craft, students of the Hidden Schools. A thousand years ago, these people would've been burned at the stake for learning the Craft, how to raise the dead from their graves, how to hold the power of gods in one's hand. Then the Gods came for the upstart mages using their power, and the mages won. They formed the Hidden Schools, a place that was like college for necromancers and warlocks, witches and wizards. The Craft was the art of manipulating one's soul essence, and under certain circumstances, the soul essence of others. After all, what is the universe but a set of laws and rules bound together. Writing contracts, enforcing them, finding loopholes, cracks between the realms, and negotiating for and against Gods and Goddesses are all within the purview of the Craftsperson. Mark Kang is one of the most notable Craftspeople in the Order's employ, a young, but cunning and sharp-witted man who had made partner at the elite law firm of Varkath Nebuchadnezzar Stone, but left to seek other opportunities. Because of their station, Craftspeople are often afforded the same respect as Knights.

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Notable Figures within the Order:



The Daemonslayer, The Demon Phoenix Fist

James Eredas: Status: Active: Master Knight, Co-Founder


The Empress, The Fujin Ryu, The Psionic Bloodhound

Raveena Senaii Hithar’sidd: Status: Retired


The Babyface, The Raijin

Jinsoku Hayabusa: Status: Active: Knight


The Professional Thorn-in-Side, the Swordsman Monk

Tenkai Matsumoto: Status: Active: Knight


The Psionic Prodigy

Gloria Isabella Ruinen: Status: Excommunicated


The Sorceress Chef Supreme, The Magic Girl

Risa Isawaki: Status: Active: Custode


The Greatsword, the Captain

Eshara Dominic: Status: Active: Custode Greatsword Captain


Notable Figures within the Order:




Dithakar Yodsuwan: (Formerly a PC, played by Gaia Username: Slash Zinrai) Dithakar is the seldom seen co-founder of the Order. An ancient warrior monk, he looks as a man firmly in his late 60s, but possesses a body and constitution of warrior in his prime. His eyes shine with wisdom, and those in his presence often feel calm and soothed, that is, when Dithakar is not in combat. The monk is said to have transcended normal mortal limitations long ago, one of the few to have overcome the internal corruption that could threaten every mortal being. In combat he is an unmatched whirlwind, laying waste with either immortal fist, or through his monk's staff. If pressed for questions on his fellow founder, James Eredas would merely state that he has the greatest respect for Dithakar, and that their fight to determine the true champion of the Grand Tournament was one of the bloodiest, most brutal, and most fun bouts he's ever had.


Tenris Stromborne: A giant of a man, Tenris Stromborne was the last survivor of a group of magic knights from another realm before he joined the Order. Nicknamed "the Fell-Handed", he is arguably the strongest man in all of the Order, and is often considered a candidate to become a Master Knight, were it not for his own stoic and reserved nature. He acts as Forgemaster for the Bastion, overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the Order's armories with the help of his apprentices. In battle, he is a intimidating opponent, wielding his oversized chopping sword Soul-Lio, and bearing heavy plate armor, all enchanted for his special use. What truly makes him terrifying however, is his ample magical ability. Possessing the ability to manipulate and cast spells from arcane, or raw magic energy, allows him such feats as to cast Haste on himself, giving him unsurpassed speed despite his size, weight, and weapon, cast Armor Break, to destabilize and debilitate the strongest of fortifications, or even Dispel enemy magicks before proceeding with a physical beat down.


Sheryl Wainwright: The soft-spoken, but proud Sheryl Wainwright is the Order's Chief Librarian. Usually found teaching initiates or categorizing books in the Bastion's Great Library, she is oft admired for her traditional blonde-haired beauty, soft eyes, and pleasant manner. Sheryl's presence radiates calmness, and there always seems to be a gentle breeze around her. Many underestimate her to their peril however, as the unique blend of her mastery over air and her martial arts make her an extremely formidable fighter. With a flick of her wrist, Sheryl can create a torrent of localized tornados, or cutting blades made from air. She has even been seen to fly freely, and there are rumors of blood regents involved in her most powerful abilities, to say nothing of the cutting power of her keen mind.



Mark Kang: Cynical, competitive, and absurdly confident, Mark Kang is the Order's leading Craftsman, a student of the Hidden Schools who specialized in law. That is to say, laws of the universe and of the multiverse. Whether be it trapping a nature goddess in a contradiction, doing pro-bono work to free a demon in an unfair work contract, or simply besting you at cards, Mark Kang could never be said to be a boring man. Not a fighter, strictly speaking, he and other Craftspeople in the Order's employ provide legal representation and add political clout to the organization, combining peerless minds with a dash of soul manipulation, the result of the dark necromantic art known as the Craft. Instead of enchanted armor, and master-crafted weapons, his preferred arsenal is that of a well-pressed suit and tie, mortar and pestle, and a copy of the Codex Necronomicon: Volume V: Voidspace Boogaloo, from the Great Library. All of that along with the trademark silvery contract knife every Craftsperson possesses, makes them the most powerful and influential people in all of the Order. Not that Mark feels that way of course. He still has to pay his student loans in soulstuff.


Other Named NPCs:

Revalor Wynhorn. Elven. Custode Vanquisher Captain.

Eira Venetta. Human. Custode Seeker Captain.

Epking Hammertin. Human. Custode Guardian Captain. 

Daekian Clavis. Human. Custode Captain of the Imperator Bellum.

Arabella Cassini. Human. Custode Navigator of the Imperator Bellum.

Lena Drachenberg. Human. Custode Guardian. Retinue to Kadian Inquisitor Alexa Caelestia.

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Order Inventory:


Whispernight Weapons: Investigating a cavern infested by the events of Whispernight, James Eredas and Jinsoku Hayabusa cleared the cavern, and defeated the eldritch creation within. A great deal many enchanted weapons were recovered, and are stored in the armories of the Dawn Komturie for use by those with the appropriate permissions, such as Knights or Custode Captains.  The weapons recovered are often supernaturally effective against spectral beings, the undead, and other creations of Whispernight. 

Additional Notes: A great majority of the Whispernight weapons were taken apart and studied. Research into their magical properties and anomalies have led to the creation of line of melee weapons designated Black, notably halberds, for Guardian squad leaders, and demonslaying blades for Vanquisher Custodes.


Aerial Warship: Belisarius-Sinistrum class Frigates

The Order of Force Majeure’s most diverse type of airship, each Belisarius-class frigate is based on a hull of Kadian origin, and are uniquely customized and augmented. They are incredibly special vessels, each bearing experimental technology, arcane devices, occult machinery, and unique artifacts that are simply not present even on the other warships of the Force Majeure. When modified with such archeotech, they gain the Sinistrum designation. Unlike the other warships of the Force Majeure, Belisarius-Sinistrum class frigates are usually under the direct command of a particular Knight, often serving as a personal vessel. In addition to their unique and advanced weapons systems, frigates of this class also have a dedicated complement of Guardian and/or Greatsword Custodes, allowing them to undertake and counter boarding actions, as well as other operations that may have need of infantry.

Belisarius-class Frigate: Imperator Bellum

Favored for use by Master Knight James Eredas whenever he requires it, the Imperator Bellum is classified as a frigate in size.  Its Kadian origins are clear in its sleek, clean lines and highly advanced design, although the dull-sharpness of its Kadian creation has since given rise to baroque detailing and Force Majeure insignia. As a frigate, the Imperator Bellum possesses relatively little armor, and while it has a formidable armament of both ballistic and energy weaponry, and multi-role missiles, the ship relies more on its speed, and advanced shielding, as well as garrison of Force Majeure Custodes for boarding actions. 

Additional Notes: 

Void-Harmonic Shield Generators: Advanced shield generators, designed to allow the ship safe passage through hostile environments and realms like that of the Harrowing Rift, also serves to greatly enhance the ship's defensive abilities against all manner of ranged weaponry. 

Aetheric Slipstream Warp Drive: Experimental ship drive engines, designed to allow the ship to key into and enter alternate dimensions and realms. This experimental drive also greatly enhances the ship's speed and maneuverability in real-space.

Plasma Railgun Turret: Replacing the usual ballistic heavy battery, the main gun of the Imperator Bellum is a pair of matched energy-based railguns of tremendous destructive power. It possesses greater much range and piercing power then the regular main turret, at the cost of a lower rate of fire, but it is also more accurate.

Armored Prow: Like the ancient warships of antiquity, the Imperator Bellum possesses an enlongated and armored prow, along with a reinforced frame, designed to withstand impacts as devastating as ramming an enemy airship. The vessel also possesses a system of giant harpoons mounted to the sides of the prow; savage close-range weapons called the Gryphon Talons, used to impale enemy ships and drag them closer to facilitate boarding. 

Belisarius-class Frigate: Susano'o

Additional Notes: 

Belisarius-class Frigate: Bane-Sidhe

Favored for use by Knightess Sheryl Wainwright whenever she requires it, the Bane-Sidhe is classified as a frigate in size. Its Kadian origins are clear in its sleek, clean lines and highly advanced design, although the dull-sharpness of its Kadian creation has since given rise to baroque detailing and Force Majeure insignia. As a frigate, the Bane-Sidhe possesses relatively little armor, and unlike its sister-ship the Imperator Bellum, the Bane-Sidhe relies more on its assortment of arcane artifacts and instruments then it does more conventional firepower. Weather machines and psychic amplifiers are only a small measure of the occult machinery known to be employed on the ship.

Additional Notes: 


Aerial Warship: Khan-class Cruisers

Designed to achieve aerial superiority over any field, Khan-class cruisers are the peak of Order of Force Majeure technology and engineering prowess. Larger and more heavily armed and armored than any other Force Majeure warship, Khan-class cruisers are often used as flagships for massive Force Majeure operations, deterrence via show of force, and as heavy weapons platforms. A healthy complement of Custode Guardians round out their fighting ability, and provide boarding and counter-boarding ability, and force projection on the ground.  

Khan-class Cruiser: Invictus Nova

The cruiser known as the Invictus Nova is the epitome of macro-scale Order of Force Majeure technology and military might. While somewhat favoring speed, the Khan-class cruiser classifications bear reasonable durability, with reinforced armor plating and advanced shielding, and are outfitted with plentiful and powerful long-range weaponry, missile launchers and ballistic weaponry, and host a sizable contingent of Guardians and Greatswords with boarding equipment and anchors for close-range engagements. 

Additional Notes: 


Aerial Warship: Agrippa-class Destroyers

Always deployed in pairs, Agrippa class destroyers are the Order of Force Majeure’s most numerous type of aerial warship. Well armed for their size, they eschew the fighting complement of larger Force Majeure vessels, and favor speed, and their advanced auspex and sensor systems to skirmish in combat.

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The Bastion

Image result for talaros city

Located in the City between the Realms, Sigil City, the Bastion is the Order of Force Majeure's headquarters. Over sixty stories of steel, glass, and concrete rise into the Sigil landscape, and the indomitable building is surrounded by fields dotted with auxiliary buildings, dormitories, armories, forges, and storage spots before melding into Sigil itself.

Custodes man each of the four entrances to the complex, and although the Bastion seems indefensible at a glance, it is perhaps one of the most well-protected locations possible, for anybody mounting an attack on the Bastion must first acclimate themselves and wind their way through the City of Doors itself, and deal with the various militia, merchant guards, magic guild sentries, Sigil's own Enforcer Guards, as well as the various heroes and villains who may call the city home.

The Bastion's location is also uniquely suited for the Order. The portals in Sigil and easy travel they grant allow Knights to quickly reach any number of worlds across the multiverse, allowing even a small number of Order representatives to have tremendous influence.


The Keep: The HQ complex itself is referred to as the Bastion, but the central building is more often referred to as the Keep by Order personnel.
Knight's Quarters
Located within the Bastion, quarters for Knights are simple, but comfortable large suites in the Western and Eastern Wings of the Keep. All of the suites consist of four rooms, a living room, a bed room, a small, but full-utility bathroom, and an empty room to do with as the owner pleases. The rooms are highly modular, and there is ample space in the Western Wing to carve out additional rooms for each suite or additional suites at a cost. Knights are allowed to claim a suite, although they are not required to claim one. With time, personalization of the suites turn them into magnificent quarters, with many common modifications including personal armories, resonance chambers, libraries, or entertainment areas.
Master's Quarters
The rooms for Master Knights are simply that of regular knights, made extravagant over time by ownership and upgrades by the owner of the rooms. James's suite, for example, includes a large armory, his main room converted into an office, a combination library and arcane sanctum and possesses a tech system that taps into the Keep's security network, enabling him to monitor alerts throughout the Bastion.
Great Library:
The Order (or rather, its Founders) consider the phrase "Knowledge is Power" to be one of the central tenets of the organization. In the central of the Bastion and reaching out to the North Wing, taking up many floors, is the great Library. Containing precious knowledge, both mundane and fantastic from many worlds and realms, the Library is a font of knowledge surpassed only by the more dedicated Sigil Bravot Library, but the Order library is often considered to better for those of a more martial nature. Manuscripts on warfare, entries of magical creatures, and whispers of magic are found everywhere within the Library, and there are many side halls and corridors leading to classrooms where meditation and book learning are often performed. The Library is taken care of by the Chief Librarian and her charges, a large network of Custodes, Initiates, and fellow Knights who understand the importance of information. In the upper levels, there are rooms restricted to all but Master Knights and Knights with the appropriate permissions, filled with lore too forbidden and monstrous for free access.
Charnel House:
The Charnel House is the name given to the overall giant, and sophisticated training areas, located primarily underground in the giant first sub-level underneath the Bastion. In the center is a series of chambers connected by a central hallway in the shape of a cross, most of the Charnel House chambers features gladiator-like pits, whose walls are lined with weapons and doors for opponents to emerge from. The hallmark of the gladiator pits are the specially designed robotic sparring partners. Each robot is designed differently, many with multiple limbs to simulate not a human attacker, but a completely alien entity. These chambers are simply referred to as "The Pits". The heady scent of coppery metal fills the air in the Pits, as blood shed here is rarely cleaned out of respect for the intense training conducted here.
Other chambers in the Charnel House feature large galleries not unlike that of a shooting range, but taken much further and turned into entire obstacle courses and mock-ups of battlefields. These chambers are referred to as the "Ranges". In special circumstances, these chambers can be connected for a large scale training operation. The Ranges are also all equipped with special projectors and settings capable of simulating a wide variety of environments and conditions from extremes like an ice world, a deadly humid forest, or even the hot caverns beneath a volcano.
The final and largest chamber Charnel House is a giant gym, with many types of workout equipment, weights, and simple sparring mats. There are partitions present for privacy, as well as several smaller rooms leading from the chamber, all of which are particularly well-shielded from magicks, noise, and other disturbances, allowing peaceful and uninterrupted practice of more arcane arts if necessary.
Spots of Interest:
The Bastion maintains a large armory and forge out on the fields that is primarily overseen by the Forgemaster. They supply and maintain basic weaponry, armor, firearms, and war gear for the Order, and can provide more esoteric and specialized equipment should the need arise.
At the top of the Bastion is a large and advanced greenhouse garden. Taking advantage of Sigil's unique day/night cycle, or lack of, the Bastion's garden raises many rare, medicinal, and poisonous plants under careful supervision and care. Notable specimens include blood orchids, assassin vine, gillyweed, and a single black lotus plant.
Located on the Bastion grounds are numerous barracks, dormitory rooms for the various members of the Order. Initiates, and Custodes are typically housed in the Barracks. The barracks are divided according to rank, but otherwise are coed with respective showers as well. The barracks feature many tables and chairs, as well as rows of large lockers for personal effects.
The Dawn Komuturie:
Located in the city of Predator's Keep, on the continent Terrenus, the Dawn Komturie was the primary fortress and staging grounds for the Force Majeure upon Valucre, a mighty citadel of steel, concrete and glass.

The main welcoming chamber was a well-lit, spacious thing, fit for any dignitary or royalty who visited, and the main attraction at the center of it, was a globe of Valucre, fitting for the Order of Force Majeure's first permanent presence on the world. Beyond the stone walls and lush entrance, the fortress became steadily more modern in design, with assembly halls, barracks and offices. There was a large cafeteria, well-stocked and well-prepared to feed many mouths, and next to it, located near the center of the structure was a large library that spanned many floors.


If heading down from the entry level, the stonework then gave way to concrete and ceramics. Dark granite and reinforced support columns pierced through large halls filled with training rooms for every form of combat, armories, with a great amount of space given over to an engineering and research bay, that stretched across two entire wings of the circular citadel's lower levels. The layout was circular, with a large space in the center, and the room there was off-limited to all but the highest Knights and Force Majeure Custodes. If heading up, steel and glass replaced most of the materials that were immediately noticeable, resulting in a more well-lit and airily locale. It was ideal for embassies, or approved merchants to take up residence, and the higher levels were also connected to the lengthy double-layer bridge that connected the Komturie to the rest of Predator's Keep, a rather scenic route by all accounts. Towards one side of the fortress, at all levels from the bottom to the very heights were grand booms stretched out of the ceiling and side, intent for a fleet of airships and garages for other vehicles. The citadel was capable now of housing several companies of fighting men, support personnel, infrastructure and vehicles, although the actual number at the location was usually much lower then that. 

The Dawn's exterior featured multiple weapon emplacements, large cannons on a turret, with numerous anti-ordnance measures nearby. The most common sight however, is that of a Custode Guardian, ever patrolling or standing vigil around the fortress, and always visible. Although each Guardian's full plate armor seemed to differ slightly in design, or heraldry, they still looked uniform, if only due to the posture of their drill, and their iconic halberds in hand. 

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Order Gallery: 


Custode Guardian



Example of Custode Guardian Sargent


Example of Custode Guardian




Greatsword Class Armor Generation 1



Greatsword Fireteams


Greatsword Fireteam with Medium Variant




Greatsword Class Armor and Classes Generation 2



Example of Greatsword Mortis Captain: With GREATSWORD-class Close Combat Weapon (Halberd form), arm-mounted SRW, and shoulder-mounted LRW


Example of Greatsword Mortis: With MRW (Rifle form), and arm-mounted SRW


Example of Greatsword Furioso Captain: With GREATSWORD-class Close Combat Weapon (Double-sided Sword form), and shoulder-mounted SRWs


Example of Greatsword Furioso: With arm-mounted GREATSWORD-class Close Combat Weapon (Chainblade form), shoulder-mounted SRW, and hand-based SRW


Example of Greatsword Ironclad Captain: With LRW (Rifle Form), arm-mounted Volcano Shield, and enhanced armor


Example of Greatsword Ironclad: With arm-mounted GREATSWORD-class Close Combat Weapon (Short Blade form), arm-mounted Volcano Shield, arm-mounted SRW, and enhanced armor






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