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Name: Manufactorum Caelorum.

Location: Sea of Stars


Current Premier: Deiter B. Eichmann, Grand Duke of Scales and Caelorum.

Current Aide: Vacant

Previous Premier: 

Population: ~111,500



Manufactorum Caelorum is the greatest endeavor undertaken by the Corvinite Imperium since the God-Emperor's Purge and Progression of Kadia. It rests beautifully amongst the Sea of Stars orbiting Valucre above Kadia itself. It is from this massive station that Kadia's greatest weapons and technology is born and spread across the vastness of the Empire.

It hosts distinctly gothic architecture that houses the vast manufactories, habitations, and even recreational facilities. Within are vast parks and lakes created from importing wildlife and plants and painstakingly cared for until fruition. The lakes themselves were created from the frozen water found floating in the void of space. Farms allow the populace to be totally self-sufficient and artificial atmosphere and sunlight allow them to achieve this.

The habitations are vast and open so as not to breed unrest from being squeezed to close together. Those who populate this massive facility are the many of the evacuees from Cobran during the Whispernight. They are the ones who work here, helping the Grand Duke bring his vision to life by engineering the power armors, weapons, and various other technologies to be used by the military. It is also here that many civilian technologies are created.

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Corvinite ObeliskStanding five-hundred meters in height, the obelisks are a culmination of Kadian technology and theological superiority. Forged from high grade Kadium soaked in the blood of the emperor and his field of influence they extend his will in a city wide area.

Using a cold-fusion reactor to power its anti-gravity propulsion system, the very ones used in Kadian ships, they float fifty meters off the ground. A pulsing golden glow emits from within the black metal with a regular rhythm, said to mirror the heartbeat of the God-Emperor himself.

Terminus Ring: There are three in total and one of the most important factors on Manufactorum Caelorum. These rings are both the starting and ending points in which refined Kadiaum are used to lay an accurate route for faster than light ships to travel to and from several locations.  These rings allow ships to travel to Axis Mundi, Scales, and a heavily restricted one for the personal use of the God-Emperor to travel from Ravenspire for regular inspections.

Sanctum ShipyardsCurrently the only active shipyards in the entire Corvinite Imperium, Sanctum is ran and overseen directly by First Imperial Prince Deiter. Orbiting above Kadia, and below Caelorum, this is where what could arguably be considered the strongest fleet is crafted. One could say this is the perfect place, as it is far removed from prying eyes, and the devilish hands of saboteurs. It is also beneficial that it is in orbit, making the construction of the more massive ships far more efficient and less time consuming.

Feche Lake: A large lake in the agricultural habitat of Caelorum, and where Deiter's private estate rests on an island in its center. The waters are calm and reflective, and when still looks like a master crafted mirror. It is rumored this lake is named for the lost love of the Grand Duke.

Eichmann Soulseeker Academy: It is here that the Soulseekers of the BLACK unit of the Kadian Military are trained. Giving up all other magical, psionic, and divine talents students of the arts are trained to rely on the power of their own soul, personifying the Kadian ideal of human self-reliance. Once they have graduated they ate inducted into the BLACK unit under the direct command of the Grand Duke.

Kadiaum Information:

A mineral that can be processed and activated into a higher-quantum state, and used to create a line of crucial markers or path of what Kadian Scientists jokingly call "quantum breadcrumbs." After a ship marks a path or "paved roadway,"  which will allow high-speed starvessles to move at superluminal speeds that will follow the path at incredible speeds safely.

Thus allowing transportation of both commercial and military vessles to travel from point A to point B without worrying about being interuppted by unwanted attention.

These "lines" will allow allied nations to have an interconnected pathway through space for trade, ambassadorial, or even military aid to those involved.

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