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Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

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Kat's eyes would close some as she seemed to enjoy the sharpness of his talons tracing across her porcelain skin. Her neck moved in a way of feeling totally relaxed even with the feeling of talons grasping at her thigh. A small sigh escaped her, ruby eyes finally landed on him again with some challenge.

"Hoinp." She whispered.

The vampire moved her hand to Koji's lips, her sharp thumbnail traced the lines of his upper lip, and then his lower, "Qloav."

Kat was sure it would take the hostess some time to find which salts she found pleasurable. They were playing a dangerous game, one that Kat intended to continue until all he wanted to do was tear in to her. Surely the shackles that held Koji were still in tact, his composure was still there. The emperor was constantly and effortlessly saving face for those around him, allowing them to only see his wrist. If he was to show her the same, they would sit across from eachother in wonder once again. There was a dragon she once knew, he often came to her establishment to pick fights. At first she thought he was picking fights to simply win, however as time went one she realized he was in for the hunt. Though he looked human she knew that he must have had an appetite of the beast that lay waiting within him. He was chaotic, yet witty when dealing with those who displeased him. Kat knew that most people that took the form of such a beast were silver tongued by nature. In this moment she peered in the underbelly of such actions, looking to peel away the mask of the human to glimpse at what changes had been made.

The vampire reached up, after tracing his lips she swiftly pulled his chin down to her, leaning up she kissed him lightly.

"Sotsca.." She said, moving away from him just enough.

Reaching behind her head she unlatched the pins that had been keeping her golden locks neatly tied. Normally her untamed locks would be curled around her, yet straightening of her hair was something servants often did to hers, looking to tame the chaos so she looked more kept. Kat's straight golden hair sprawled around her bare shoulders, giving her some exposure. The smell of it might give him a hint to what scents she fancied at the time. During winter she surrounded herself with bergamot, mint, or tea leaves mixed in. In her eyes Death should at least smell sweet.

"What does yours look like down?" It was a genuine question since she couldn't remember if she had ever seen it down, though she knew how much he must have considering the amount that had been pinned. There was a curious look about her.


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The rare sensation of chills ran up his spine as she traced his lips and continued to educate him in the tongue of Drow. Unfortunately, his Draconic tongue didn't separate terms directly in the same fashion as the Drow. Lip and lips were the only respective terms, unless the latter was inter changed with mouth for sake of reception and keeping clear separate speech. He would speak after her, pausing between words in order to allow the separation of the terms.


They lingered for a moment that felt like an eternity. Often he found himself in such euphoria with her. The only other woman to inspire such feeling in his, albeit on more occasion, was his Empress. However, in this instance, for the first time in a long time, his Empress was not on his mind. For the moment he found himself to allow Kat the selfish satisfaction of all of his attention being with her, here and now. When she pulled his chin down, he gave no resistance. His left, human hand snaked around her and embraced her by the small of her back. His Draconic hand coming to her face once more. With a caress of her face, his hand would smooth down her skin until it found her neck. Briefly it deterred her from breaking away so easily, though it wouldn't become as much a display as the prior kiss they shared with the entire bathhouse. 


He grinned once more, another part of the shell cracking in her wake. That last word, sotsca, was kiss in Draconic. For the moment he was uncertain, did she intend to say the term in his tongue, or was the word the same between the two languages? If the latter was the case, it would be entertaining to hypothesize that perhaps the two languages stemmed from the same source and were merely different dialects. He wouldn't manage to question her right now however, due to the distraction of her allowing her hair to tumble down. The golden silk curtains didn't seem like the hair of a being that was of a non-living variety. In fact everything about her was very live and vibrant for an undead creature. A beauty of it's own with no match. It wasn't long before she questioned him on how his hair looked now. Without a word he would move his hand to the top and back of his head respectively. Plucking a gold pin from it's place the entire ensemble fell in shambles. His own silky black hair allowed to freely fall down as he would allow sleight of hand to mask his banishing of the hair accessories to his Personal Dark. Manipulating his thick black mane that fell to about his shoulder blades, he would push the hair around his face, otherwise allowing it to fall naturally where some was spilled over his shoulders, and the rest hung naturally to the back. 

"I haven't cut my hair in a very long time, since the time I spent in the void."

Briefly he would reminisce on the experience of retribution for his transgressions. The pain of endured torture against his Empress and himself, only to cast into the abyss of the void for any eternity. He was supposed to die there. The Mugen-me was a welcomed addition to not only dwarf his abilities like the void had, but it actually clear him completely out. The bitch was warned before she did it too, before she treated them so poorly because of petty rules. The Yokai Queen was a creature tainted by the greed of man, fronted with a fallacy of Order. Not only did he survive the experience, but he thrived from it. It took making him powerless, to turn him into a monster capable of passing the limits he had previously tapped into. In a way he owed her thanks honestly, though he swore to her that torturing his to be Empress at the time would only warrant her death. Obviously he had been a man of his word, and yet nobody knew it. Only his Empress and himself. Would he tell Kat about it? Or would he limit the mentions to his father?

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