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Freedom Just at your Fingertips

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Their journey to Orisia was a difficult one, but Brutus managed to get them there and to the growing port city of Izabal. It basin this place they stood a chance of finding a new life that would allow them to be fully free. All they had to do was find passage to another continent and they would be safe, but passage required gold so Brutus found work at the docks.


Most days had the half giant unloading and loading cargo onto ships, which was suited to him due to his enhanced strength. With the coin he earned there, he would be able to buy them passage to a new land where the slavers couldn't find them. All he had to do was keep to himself and not cause any trouble, which proved difficult most days.


Thankfully he still had Ella to keep him focused on their task, and proved a good aid in his mission to keep his anger in check. Talking to her made the world seem less hostile to him, and they comforted each other when the nightmares of their past crept up. Slavers Enclave was like hell to them, and he never wanted to return to that hell ever again.


After a hard day's work, Brutus would venture to the outskirts of the city, where in a barn she knew Ella would be waking from her sleep as the sun would start to set. They were strange that way, where Brutus felt energized all throughout the day, Ella was most active during the night. It worked for them, and as the half giant slowly opened the door to the barn, he entered inside and closed it so the rays of the sun wouldn't touch her albino skin. Smiling at her softly, snuggled up in some hay he found and borrowed from another farm far off, Brutus began to ease himself out of his boots.


The large man finally had clothes to keep him from being completely naked to the rest of the world. Today he wore an orange tunic, brown pants held up by a rope and simple leather boots. Costs had to be kept down if they were going to get out of here soon, which reminded him of the talk they agreed to have about where they would go specifically once theybhad enough money. Taking his coin purse off his belt, he went to the chest that was hidden underneath the steps of the barn leading to its second story. This usually woke her from her slumber, meaning that he only had a small amount of time before the lack of sun sapped him of his energy as well.


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   Hearing clattering and footsteps, Ella blinked her eyes open and shifted to sit up a bit. She rubbed at her eyes sleepily and let a little yawn and squeak escape from her pink lips. The small girl sat in the pile of hay he managed to take from other farms, though around her there was some leaves and fabrics that could've been from clothing but were long forgotten in the old barn. Now they were just reused to make the small nest more cozy and comfortable. Ella spotted Brutus and a sleepy smile pulled at her soft lips and graced her features as she stood, her black dress falling just above her knees and ruffling into place.

"How did today go?" The little nymph asked the half giant, walking over to him, eyes sparkling a bit as she looked up, hands clasping in front of her body. 

   Ella had a sweet look upon her face, a lovely smile, bright eyes, pink cheeks raised with her grin. All in all, she was happy, and that did not happen a lot for the small girl in the past. All that led up to the Slaver's Enclave and leaving a tiny tiny merchant pummeled in the marsh courtesy of Brutus, Ella was unhappy and lonely. But living here temporarily with the half giant made her elated to finally wake up, as she would get the chance to greet someone. 

"How much longer 'til you think we can finally sail away?" The cute albino questioned, standing on her tip toes to peak into the dresser where the half giant placed his days earnings into hiding. Looking up to him with those big, blue puppy dog eyes, she hoped they would be able to hop on over to the next continent, as it would put even more wanted space between the two and the Bay.


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Ella always made the half giant smile when she approached him, as she was the treasure he cherished with his dying breath. It was because of her that he was able to escape that terrible place, and because of her that they were able to make it this far. Without the little nymph, Brutus would have been lost in the very beginning of this journey to freedom.


Using his fingers he counted out his pay, then indicated that they only needed a few more days pay in order to afford a voyage off the island. This was where he wished to speak more about where they would be going once they had enough money in the chest of theirs. Taking a piece of chalk he bought not too long ago, he wrote a message on the wooden beam supporting the barn.


Terrenus or Elandaron?


Terrenus seemed like the best choice, since it was the enemy of the people of Genesaris last he recalled. If the enemy of his enemy showed up on his doorstep, he would likely be inclined to invite them as a friend. They did have their own struggles and conflicts, but as far as he knew there was no slavery in Terrenus.


Elandaron on the other hand was not an enemy of Genesaris, and would likely not oppose them if they attempted to wrangle up some runaway slaves. From what he understood as well, is that they have a considerable problem with all sorts of monsters as well. To Brutus at least, it seemed that Terrenus was the better choice to go to by sea, as that was all they could afford at the moment.


If little Ella chose to go to Terrenus, then he would be fine with that decision, but he feared he would have to attempt to talk her out of going to Elandaron. From his perspective, it was just too close to the massive continent than what he was comfortable with, as well as the fact they were not enemies. Her safety was the half giant's top priority, so he would not allow her to come in harms way if he could help it.

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Ella looked up at the writing on the beam and tilted her head, white locks moving over her shoulder as she blinked a bit rapidly before squinting at the words. Yes, she was a couple thousands of years old but she had never been around other beings who knew how to read and educate themselves, so it took her a bit to get the hang of what was being written by Brutus. A little hum came from her as she sounded out the letters under a whisper to herself before looking back to the giant with a bit of a happy look.

"Wouldn't it be better to go to Terrenus?" The little nymph questioned as she clasped her hands together and swayed side to side, much like a child. The bottom of her black dress flowed with her movement as her bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the dimming light of the room. The albino was beginning to feel more awake, more energetic, more in her element as nightfall was becoming more apparent. 

// sorry this was short. i just need to get back into the swing of things;;

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Brutus nodded and smiled at her, patting her head gently with his large fingers. Soon they would be able to acquire a ship to the land, and finally be free of their status as slaves. How sweet the idea seemed, to be free at last.

As the sun was beginning to set, his energy was starting to wane quickly. He would need to sleep soon, so that he could more quickly get to the sun. Before he did that though, he wanted to play with the nymph, and hear her laugh and see her smile. Sleep could come later, for now he wished to play.

Picking her up gently, he would lift Ella up high over his head, laughing as he was able to hold her so easily. After a moment he threw her upwards a couple feet, then caught her in his large hands. She would have nothing to fear from this game, for he would never let her drop onto the ground. Ella was his reason for hoping for freedom in this world of cruelty and heart ache.

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