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[Ravenspire] Finally.

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.pngPetals floating on a whimsy breeze set the atmosphere, delegating the mood of the day with their colorful beauty and bashless charm. The scent of smoke and sea-salt happily mingled with the delicate tint of fresh flowers just beginning to bloom. Banners of red, white, and black float above their heads with immense pride; every trestle table inside and outside were decorated with food stuffs and drinks, so much so it's a wonder they did now bow underneath all the weight. The sight was exotic and otherworldly, a breathtaking picture of perfection as guests filtered into the large campus of Warbrooke. 

One could say it's a perfect day for a wedding.

Guests filtered in and have already begun mingling with one another; a few have started to drink their fill, others ate what they could, and the rest moved to either explore or talk amongst themselves. No matter the choices, the reception was already off to being a wonderful hit! With the freedom to roam the large garden outside Valence Hall and the rest of the campus, everyone was left to feel welcomed and appreciated.

Valence Hall is heaving at the seams. The beautiful red stoned building is a simple three stories high, with a fourth set within the roof, 178 feet long and 75 feet wide. The entrance is a deeply recessed semi-circle archway that's been decorated with more flowers and more banners. Low hanging chandeliers added a essence of sophistication; the small classrooms had been cleared and filled with more tables and chairs; the large lecture halls were left open for mingling and other shenanigans. 

There was anticipation in the air for the newlyweds to arrive. The golden path leading to the front of the Hall had been blocked off with banners intricaly braided and covered in flower petals of all kinds. Some guests lingered on the sides of the banners with drink and food in hand, some even had handfuls of confetti, just aching to throw up in the air once the groom and his bride arrived. Even the little floating orbs danced about in excitment as if they knew what's happening - maybe they did. 

Just a few more minutes until their arrival.

They had said their vows with enthusiam and solidified their nuptuals with a kiss, marking the beginning to a story that's already a few books ahead. Leoa has personally prepared herself for this day years ago, when it was mde clear she would never be leaving his side, but because life is fickle and not all plans are meant to be, this day had been placed on hold - until now. 

"I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this."

Leoa looked at the beautiful ring decorating her slender finger. It wasn't that she felt odd wearing the piece of jewelry or what it stood for, it was what it does. She's always pushed aside the pain and fear she'd felt towards Corvinus, never wanting to punish him for something he had no choice over. It was one of many signs of her absolute love for him. 

"I didn't think it'd be possible, and yet here we are."

The ring completely removed the weariness and pain due to Corvin's influence. At first she had been ecstatic by the beautiful ring, her bridal gift from a loving husband who has put up with her for all these years. But once she put it on, she understood the importance and it had nearly brought her to tears.

"And it's not a horse."

Vile, horrible, four legged creatures that have no business being alive. Desmond and Nero had teased her that Corvinus was giving her a horse as her bridal gift, and she almost believed them. Yet there's still time to be proven right, and if he so much as teases her about it or mentions anything about the nasty beasts, she'll swiftly divorce him. Horses scare her. No war, no battle, no enemy, and no bug (except maybe spiders) scare her as much as horses do, and she's not exactly sure why. They're huge, they can kick you to death, they're strange looking - honestly she can go on about how much she dislikes them.

Thankfully, he is a kind husband and will not ruin his wife's day with his mean humour. Unless he enjoys being kicked in the shins. 

The Empress smoothed the silk fabric of her black dress, and then casually rearranged the lace edged train. She took great strides to make sure her appearance was perfect, mostly for him, she already knows she's beautiful and graceful and all that nonsense. Her dress is tight and fairly simple with thin straps and a sweetheart cut to the bodice; the lace back and train were the most impressive thing about it. When it came to color, she didn't hesitate. White was her signature tone, but she's a bride to a man who prefers things darker and more subdued. 

They are a pair, with Leoa obviously being the more extravagant. Atop her curled hair is a crown of white poppy flowers, and across her shoulders and chest is a epaulet of dropped diamonds. The crown is a gift from her daughters and the diamonds are from her sons, things that will be cherished forever and ever. 

"Ah, I think we're here."

Emerald hues glittered with excitement as they took in the crowd just outside the window.

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Yolo and his new hover car teleported about 3000 feet into the air " What a circular city"he said as he looked out the window , being teleported to the ground where he came across the tall red structure known as the Valence hall "this must be the place" he sighed ("yo just so you Know theres a device on you which will send you back at anytime all you have to do is turn it") this made him direct himself to a tiny thumb size circular disk on his clothing. He walked inside to greet the people also attending..


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Today Corvinus indulged; and perhaps even enjoyed, his wife's more extravagant tastes. Today was as much hers as it was his, and she knew more about such things than he did. Inspiring soldiers; raising and maintaining morale, these were things he was well versed in. Leoa knew the ways in which a host may impress and entertain guests. Awe them without arrogance, this event showed her incredible abilities. 

What impressed him more than her flair for celebrations was the patience and loyalty to him. Decades and ten wonderful children later, they had finally formalized their union. This was simply the valve in which their dedication and love would wash over the masses this day. Be they Kadians or otherwise, Leoa sought to ease the people's worries for at least today. Today Kadia would celebrate, forgetting their worries by sharing in the celebration of vows and nuptuals of their God-Emperor and Empress.

"Indeed. It has been a long time coming." He said in agreement, his baritone voice soft, filled with a warmth he only revealed to her and his children in private. He was a man of control, mirrored in his body language and dress. He wore a formal uniform designed by his wife, reflecting his more militaristic style.

Corvinus; as ever, wore black. His blue-black high collared coat fell down his knees, ending in four tails, the wider of them at his back anx the two smaller ones at his sides. An obvious nod to the ucissore and ecclesiastical robes of high station priests. On the breast, just over his heart were various metals his sons demanded he wore. Beneath he wore a black vest moderate fractal design that rested over a black dress shirt.

Black trousers were tucked neatly into black knee high boots. The toes of which were metal. The ensemble ended with black gloves, and cravat with a Corvinite Cross pinned at its center. Every piece was made from finely woven threads of high-grade Kadium. A technique adopted from Renovatian artisans and tailors who used Primal Alloy. His hair was trimmed and groomed, face clean shaven. The God-Emperor wore no crown.

His sword; Nightbringer, was strapped loosely at his waist in a ceremonial fashion. It was held to his belts by a chain of Kadium. A white ribbon tied around the hilt and to the sheathe was the only article of the color to his attire, stating that today was a day of peace. A concession he made to the lovely woman at his side.

Corvin flashed a brief smile, gone as quickly as it had come. He had; in all honesty, considered first giving her a horse then the ring. He made a wise decision in doing other wise. Her own gift was the impressive city through which they traveled. If Axis Mundi was the heart of the Kadian Empire, then this was its soul. Even their gifts reflected their natures. He had spent decades trying to find a way to ease the effects of his influence on Leoa, the very discovery of Kadium changed that. Infused with his own flesh and blood, then bathed in his influence it freed his wife from the painful burden of his presence.

"Seems we both gave each other rings." He said, his tone as amused as it was contemplative. His black eyes moved over the buildings, admiring the architecture that exemplified High Kadian culture. "Magnificent." He said, though when he said this his black eyes; full of depth, were on her. His gaze held a myriad of emotions though love was paramount amongst them.

"Let us not keep them waiting." He said, his expression more controlled now as he stepped from the vehicle and onto the golden carpet. He leaned and offered her a gloved hand. Once she was standing next to him; he wrapped an arm around her, his hand resting low on her waist. A rare display of affection.

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And where could Irae be found in the situation? In the immediate front, both hands full of confetti so that he could shower both his god and his gods lover with colorful paper in celebration. And, as it was a time for celebration, Irae could be found in something that wasn't a set of armor with cloth underneath. With a long sleeved black and red cotton tunic covering his body, the man wore a (previously white) white and red cloth undershirt beneath it. And beneath said shirt was the mans cilice belts, the hooked metal spikes of the belts dug deep from the mans stomach, up and over his shoulders, and down his back  on each side of his body. Also beneath the cloth shirt was the mans dagger, strapped to his stomach and facing upwards so that he could easily access it if need be. His legs were hidden in black cotton pants, with cloth underpants to separate his skin from the irritating fabric of his pants. His feet were clad in simple black shoes.

The moment the man saw both his God Emperor and his Empress, however, it was all he could do to stop himself from squealing in glee from simply seeing his GOD. Instead, he managed to restrain it a choked out high pitched wheeze, hands throwing confetti onto the happy couple the moment that they came into reach. Or, at least that was what he was aiming to do. Instead he just kind of threw it towards the air above them instead, though the paper refused to go far enough to actually shower down on both of them and instead rained half way onto each of them, and half way onto the golden carpet and the people. At least some of the confetti got onto the happy couple. Honestly, he was just glad that he didn't accidentally scream happy birthday. That would have been awkward.

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Kadia was a land saturated with monstrosities, and where monsters roam, so do those who take pleasure in hunting them. Such was the persuasion of the strangely bowed humanoid, cloaked heavily in rough brown wool so as to conceal his features as he meandered through the Campus, nimbly darting between guests. There was a soft, excited clicking sound emanating from beneath his hood as he inhaled the delightful smells of food, his curiosity drawing him ever onwards. Whenever he found a table stacked with any consumable, draped hands would shoot out across the table and grasp at near one of everything in sight, greedily plunging his stolen goods into his face and munching with pleasure.


Every so often a guest would give him a strange glance, shock registering on their faces as they perhaps glimpsed some element of his alien appearance. Skitt paid them no mind, passing on into another crowd, making a beeline for another table, whatever these people were assembled for they had certainly spared no expense!


It was mostly by chance that the creature found himself near the front as the bride and groom emerged, walking down a golden path to the great hall. Skitt, as unaware of social norms as any creature that had crawled out of a hole in the jungle, simply walked right across the golden carpet in front of the God Emperor and his lovely wife, ducking through the banners in his way. He paid them only a momentarily glance before crossing to the other side, members of the crowd yelling at him to get out of the way. His bug-like eyes roamed around, taking in the shift in the people’s perception towards him in confusion, apparently it was not okay to stand on their yellow furs? No matter, he was bound to find even more delicious food on this side of the carpet!

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Amongst the lively and upbeat crowd, there sat a nervous witch. She wore a light sunhat with a lovely white ribbon, matched with an elegant cream dress with sleeves that reached her wrists, a skirt that laced right below her knees, and a pair of brown-pastel boots. In her hands, an origami white lotus. And perching on her shoulder, a very peculiar white salamander. It even seemed like she was ready for a wedding, dressed up in a full-white outfit.

Raine anxiously toyed with her blossom-pink hair, and gulped.

"You're not going to give that to the happy couple, are you?"

"O-Of course not."

Her slight british accent slipped, and the stern salamander on her shoulder gave the witch a squinted glare.


"I-Is it-it not traditional to g-give gifts..?"

"Of course it is."

Looking back at the bride and groom, she softly smiled, and arched a brow as a man attempted to throw confetti on the couple. The colorful paper ended up falling behind them, raising her hand up to her lips to mask a little chuckle. But looking back at the paper lotus, she pouted.

"How are you going to give that to them, hmm?"

"Don't be sour, M-Merlin.. I-I'll find a way."

The cold-blooded reptile was cut short by a rude guest, swiftly darting between tables and snacks only to stuff them into it's coat in a quickie. Raine sharply gasped, carefully clutching the precious paper lotus that laid on her palms, and stepping back to avoid getting hit. Her sky-blue eyes widened, and the dream witch looked to the left. The pink-haired girl nervously toyed with her blossom locks, and shrugged off the rather strange guest. The white salamander that perched onto her shoulder retreated to Raine's nape, and peered out from the side. Merlin frowned, and created a scoff.

"How rude."

But as the bride and groom neared closer, she gasped and shyly scratched her ankle with her other foot. The witch ended up pressuring an uneasy smile, and awkwardly waved, the sunhat softly sliding down to cover her eyes.

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hPL3SKk.jpgA royal wedding

It has been a long time since Dilon had been allowed to attend a gathering of this nature. A royal wedding, far overdue if one would believe the conversation he had overheard on their way there. These kinds of things always did make him feel a little uneasy. You would think that attending countless social events while serving the house of Von’ Graaf would provided him with at least some shred of confidence when it came to his ability to mingle with royalty and the cream of the crop.  

Well, you would think wrong.

But at least he had Elodie there with him, he hoped that he could rely on her guidance to aid him. She always had this certain charm about her when it came to meeting new people, something he sorely lacked. Therefore he was thankful for her being at his side, but he feared imminent tragedy should she leave him to fend for himself. Nevertheless he did want to do his best to try to enjoy himself and that his companion would do the same, if not for himself then for Elodie because he knew that she did quite enjoy these things. How bad could it be, anyway? And who knows, perhaps he would be lucky enough to stumble upon some people just as lost as him.

One could hope.

Taking their time slowly walking up towards the great hall, they occasionally stop to take in the sights of the many decorations that had been prepared for the ceremony. He had offered his arm to Elodie and she had of course accepted it in the most delicate fashion. She moved flawlessly beside him, almost if she was dancing. He only hoped that he could match her graceful steps.

Reaching the entrance to the grand hall, the crowds had already begun to gather in great anticipation for the arrival of the royal envoy. From the looks of it some had already taken it upon them to indulge themselves with food and wine and kinds of delicates. Most he did not even recognize but from the looks of it, at least Elodie seemed to know some of them. Great, she could help him pick out the most delicious ones.

He brought her to a halt before entering the open doors leading inside. Turning to her, he waited for another couple to pass them before he would speak. Watching her, her beauty suddenly struck him delaying his speech even further.

“I hope me asking you this will not make you think less of me. But please don’t leave me alone inside with these people.” He did not wait for her to answer, he did not want to know her intentions. All he could do is to hope she would take heed to his plea and that they would remain together for the remainder of the event.

Stepping inside, people were flocking along the edges of the designated walkway for the groom and bride for whom them all had come. People had already begun to throw different kinds of confetti directed at the royal couple. He had never met the God-Emperor or his soon to be queen, but he had heard about them. The people worshiped him as a living god, and it showed as he stood by them upon this glorious day. It was not often one would get the chance to meet a living god, to be fully honest he did not put much stock in the divinity. But where all the other gods he had come across had only met him with absence, this god was about to stand right in front of him and the rest of the attendees.

If nothing else, at least that made him more real than any other god he had ever known.

Trying to find a good spot from where they would be able to see the royal couple as they walked towards the altar, Dilon spotted an individual casually crossing the golden carpet. His trespass was not very much appreciated from the looks of it (as expected) but as he left the focus was quick to shift back in the direction of the the God-Emperor and his queen.

“Well, it would seem some are anxious to explore the buffé.” He commented with a chuckle and turned to Elodie to examine her expression. He made sure that he still had her firmly on his arm before he would then turns towards another pair that seemed to occupied in conversation. They seemed to be talking about a present for the royal couple. He had not brought along any present, was it expected? If it was, his only hope was that Elodie had prepared one in advance for both of them.

“Are we expected to bring presents with us?” His question was directed at Elodie and with is his attention turned to her, awaiting her reply. The expression in his face showed some concern as he awaited her answer.

Well this could prove to be quite embarrassing.

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He heard from afar that presents are expected from the guest that arrive "mabye the new beer could be a gift " he mumbled to himself as he began to package 3 bottles into a small box, he then wondered watching all The people "people of all type are here...this is big" he wondered how the gifting ceremony would work "do we give it on the spot or is there like a time where we just deposit them" he decided that he'll just wait and see, searching for bartenders to show Miracle Beer so that they can grasp a taste of the 'New age' beer "dont think too much about that flavor you've got in your head or it'll sting" he told them.

He refilled the bottles with a flask of Z-C3,water,and vinegar. To give his new followers some more samples. " They Love it Mr.Hurt"he replied in his comm.

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A wedding, such an opprutine time to unite sides. The directive had made a point to show up personally, he didn't have any real Enrique's in his own country , but this was someplace much different. As always everything was to be expected. Any VIP obviously had protection, and while he looked so informal against the two beings beside him that were his guard, he had dressed his best. His good looking white suit. He stood above anyone who wasn't a freakish giant among Humaniods. His mask hiding all but his eyes, being deceitful wasn't the purpose of today.

He sat underneath some shade watching the whole celebration. Allow as expected. Huge party that only the upper echoloens of society could every possibly enjoy in this world. It was all so typical, nothing ever really changing due to what the world claimed was its blood. Money. It always held everything back. It's what allowed empire's to crush rebellions or for rebellions to prove to difficult for their over lords. So how much had people given to their lords to give this event such life? It didn't matter in the end, as it would probably never change and thus progress would always stay the same. He'd always heard people were more open minded in this world.

 So he would see that for himself, off to the side clearly there wishing them a happy union, luckily they were both Biologically acceptable, but yet not bothering to interfere it was their day he had no right just storming up and demanding audience. While it had been arrranged the shecudual only worked for today.  So he'd wait, should they choose to acknowldge him and proceede so be it. 

 With that thought concluded that only left the guests. There was a numerous amount of people, one for sure a whitch all seemingly happy with the arrangement which Meant he was unlikely to be bothered to much by these people.  If course I one really seemed to want to talk to him, of course that was his life's story an unnoticeable stranger amongst a crowd of people. It sounded Clitche but yet it was wholly truth unfortunately. Nothing could fix that fact. As if yet there was little interaction between the most notable of the guests. Not surprising at least not yet.


their technology was like everyone else's as far as they could push it with the past only being antique momentos that belonged in museums. It could all be used but that wasn't what everyone else thought. It was in the more technical side with Relgion wholly being influenced. Supposedly that man was a god. To him it was their god. Until he truely saw forth god powers he'd leave the verdict out.  With that he continued his patient observation of the event.

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.png@ Everyone.


Leoa still felt strange, awkward, perhaps more out of place than what is necessary. His touch felt new and strange, yet still delightful and loving as it has always been. The lack of influence (that had once drowned her delicate and immense senses) made her increasingly more aware of his existence. When he touched her hip, she flinched and nervously laughed in hopes to save face. This may be a bit of a long day if she can't find her steps next to her husband again, and get comfortable with her place at his side now that their start is fresh and new.

As they began to step forward, a sprinkle of something bright and pretty landed atop them. She lifted her sight up and then over, watching the confetti drop despairingly behind them, with only a little left to decorate the couple. A smile tickled her lips; she gave the confetti thrower a little wink before Corvin pulled her further away. 

Because it is common in situations such as these, little happenings do tend to happen and in which they just add more flavor to the celebration. She didn't mind, just as long as everyone remained calm, kept to their manners, and didn't absolutly destroy her wedding (again), she will be perfectly happy. So when the cloaked figure walked directly across their path, she giggled and then shrugged her shoulder, not at all offended by the lack of manners. She liked that their guests have found their freedom before their God and his Empress.

Briefly, she looked up to Corvin with a disgusting look of adortion. His hand on her hip made her happy; there was a sweetness to it, something she knew he had, just he never openly showed it. He must be feeling incredibly gracious with his affections today, which she rewarded him with a beaming smile. 

A bit of pretty ribbon did catch her attention, and she curiously looks into the crowd to see what it was. Everyone thus far has been exstravegantly dressed! A majority of them were dressed in black and some in white, just to show their favor to the married couple. At first she hadn't noticed, but giving the crowd a real hard look, she was pleased to see how much their people took care of their dress in order to appeal to them. But that's not why she started to look, she was a little more interested in the ribbon attached to a hat coering the eyes of their waving owner. Leoa would have loved to wave back.

Then something else, something strange caught her by the ear. Someone tall, masked, and wearing a white suit. Something that was thinking all the wrong things; being persumptuious, and if Leoa were a mind reader she would have set him in his place. Their people paid nothing for this event. Their people - every single one of them, from lower class to upper class - attended this event. Money held nothing back, only the stagnant ideals of men who think they know it all. 

Alas, she is no mind reader, thus none of the above thoughts crossed her mind. Instead she looked to the sitting figure briefly before returning her attention to her husband - his hand on her hip still. 

Once they stepped into the hall, where the heart and soul of the entire party resided, they'd be welcome by a large uproar and countless salutes. More confetti was thrown and this time it all actually reached them. Their flower covered path led them to the dance floor that had been polished just for them; a band was to the front, already playing a little melody you could hardly hear over everyone. Across the dance floor is their table, already occupied by gifts and some of their children (not all because some are off drinking at the bar). 

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If Leoa felt awkward, then there was no word in any language that could describe how Corvinus felt. Her flinch caused him to give a sidelong glance of amusement with eyes as black as a starless night. It would be a lie to say that he did not enjoy her new reaction to him. She could now sense the full depth of his unique power, the bottomless well if will to enforce his own reality against that of Valucre's.

Corvinus gave the confetti thrower a polite nod, never having been as expressive as his wife was. He was like ice. Cold, calculated, and scintillating. She was fire. Passionate, bright, and full of vitality. Two opposites that when together, had a synergy that none other could match. It was obvious the Empire's success was a reflection of their own personal success. 

He slowed their advance almost imperceptivly to allow the cloaked stranger to pass, as well as to let his wife match her pace to his. He gave her hip an amused squeeze, her reactions to his touch and presence far different now. He would have to explore this later, in a more private setting where they could focuse solely on each other. His attention more divided on the strange guests that stood out from the crowd 

Once in the hall everyone would find that TEMPLARs lined the walks at attention. They were dressed in full regalia, High Kadian power armor pressed in Caelorum. Wait staff stood ready, a mixture if disguised Inquisitors and Ucissore. Blades hidden by the more obvious TEMPLARs. Their other purpose was to eavesdrop on conversation.

His son Julius was easily spotted, the Ecclessiarch had presided over their union and had still managed to arrive before them to prepare. Neronius too was there, massive in his armor, decorated for the occasion. The God-Emperor thought he saw his other son, Altair disguised as a member of the wait staff. Ezio, he was sure, was off enjoying the festivities with his own wife.

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Rou was personally grateful that the provided bar was stocked with harder substance than she'd found in her new estate in Umbra, the cellars seemingly only filled with sour-tasting Orisian wine, like some ironic twist of fate.  A small glass of bourbon fit neatly in her hand, the ice clinking against the side as she rushed it down her throat with a definitive tip-- the burn made her shudder, but strengthened her resolve.  Thankfully, the bartender had read her mind and prepared another, for her to enjoy the malt at a more casual pace.  Cradled in her palms as if a delicate china teacup, she'd take to it as she perused the guests.  Often the socialite and willing participant of political affairs, it was unlike Rou to require a boost of confidence, but she was doing something she'd never done before.

Invited to the wedding of the Emperor and Empress of Kadia, Rou attended as part of the entourage of neighboring Emperor Sauriel of the Arcane East Empire, though was strikingly sans a date.  The most newly appointed An'She, ambassador, of Umbra was under the order of her liege to attend, though under most fervent command to arrive unescorted.  As a human citizen of Umbra she was bound by its laws, and as An'She had to set a particular example-- and that meant further populating Umbra's faithful society... despite her own past favoritism from the Emperor.  Determined to see Rou as a boon for his regime, Raphael aimed to strengthen his political ties by arranged marriage.  As it were, large social gatherings such as these made a perfect opportunity for him to scout suitors from the eligible bachelors whom he would seek to ally with-- husband-hunting, she called it.  This was a foreign court, where Rou knew no one and felt like little more than the brood mare on the block, as Raphael would assuredly peruse for a young stallion with which to mount her, despite knowing Rou's particular disfavor towards a matronly future.  Seed had only taken hold within her womb once before... yet ended in no more than blood and pain.

So there she was, playing the unusual part of wallflower as the bride and groom made their way down the carpet and were littered in confetti, wearing a black, off-the-shoulder dress that was laced at least two sizes too tight, her chest threatening to burst straight from the draped collar.  The view afforded the sight of a pink heart-shaped scar upon her right breast, having not glamoured it as she did her scarred left arm, as she'd grown rather accustomed to the sight of it after her unfortunate voyage upon the seas.  The waist of her gown was so tight she could hardly breathe, tightening at the chest with every inhale, and the hips had been so snug she nearly needed to sew herself into the garment.  Her skin was unusually dark to the Genesarian complex, as those who lived on the continent usually sported a paler pallor; Rou was a foreign jewel, her skin a dark caramel-bronze and her yellow eyes slightly slanted with traits unlike those of the homeland.  With eyes painted in long cat-eye lines and bronze-flecked tones on her heavy lids, she opted for an elegant choice of hairstyle apart from the usual, her black tresses done up in curled braids for the usual ponytail to cascade down her back.  For Rou, the ensemble was a simple one despite her usual tastes, black dress unembellished, save for the maroon enamel emblem of the Umbran crest, pinned at her chest, and opting for a single short string of black pearls around her neck, feeling nearly naked without her choker.

Rou lifted her glass for their majesties as they passed, taking a bittered sip of the sweet bourbon.  Would this be her life, walking among kings and queens, princes and princesses, as no more than their guest, their servant?  It seemed that now the whole world of Valucre knew of the "Whore Queen", Rou the seeming succubus who tried to court her way into the hearts of not one, but two, kings, and made herself the enemy of the story that presumed Gabriela, Black Queen of Orisia, Empress of the Arcane East and Lady Mother of the Sitriac faith, the damsel in distress and romantic heroine.  Even with a new manse and a title and nearly a fortune to her credit, Rou was a human woman that could only continue to breathe were she green with jealousy and rife with greed.  Someday, it would be her turn.

Let the hunt begin.

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Deiter stood at the end of the bar, leaning on tHe wooden top with a metal clad elbow. His own power armor polished to silver perfection, a fur-lined half cape completed the ensemble. He had been so preoccupied with his responsibilities that he had not thought to put on a less militaristic outfit.

He was a strikingly handsome man, sharp features, that had a boyish charm to them. Wavy auburn hair fell loosly to his shoulders. Gray eyes, watched Corvinus and Leoa walk down the carpet, a light smile touched his lips. A smile that could charm a chastity belt to spontaneous release.

In his hand was a crystal glass of Kadian Merlot, so rich in color that it was almost black, fitting given its name. Fitting, given its name. He raised his glass in the newlyweds' direction, happy that their union was finally complete. He chuckled when he noticed a woman at the other end of the bar do the same. She was an exotic one. He would have to mingle with her, he thought it was a shame she did not have an escort. His gaze was appreciative, but not lustful.

The Grand Duke returned his gaze back to the Emperor and Empress. For now all eyes should be focused on them, this event was a long time coming, and the two deserved a moment of happiness. He absentmindedly swirled the wine in his glass before taking another drink, he would enjoy some time away from his usually busy schedule. 

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His reaction put her in stitches. To play the part of the lady she often pretends to be, Elodie delicately placed her forehead against his arm, hoping to smother her giggles that shook her body. 

Once recovered from her state of giggles and laughs, she turned to stand directly in front of him. The tulle of her black dress pressed against his slacks and swept across his polished shoes as she moved to arrange the collar of his shirt. He thought of her beauty, while she thought how wonderfully handsome he looked paired next to her. They both wore black, him a suit specifically made to fit well - perhaps a little too well, she may have to swat at any wandering hands. 

"I already sent the gift over this morning before the ceremony."

Her hand then smothered down the lapel of his jacket; she fixed the tiny little ruby pin attached to one. 

"I think you need to make a effort to dress like this more often."

She was going to mention how he looked in their bed earlier this morning, but she wasn't going to speak in such a lewd manner in front of thousands of people. Maybe she'll whisper it in his ear later on, because that's the kind of thing you do to a person during a very important event. Especially Dilon, who is apparently desperate to keep her draped around his arm the entire celebration, not that she will complain or anything. The Knight felt spoiled and she absolutely loves it. 

After she was done playing with his lapels and the single button holding close his jacket, she moved her fingers to his wrist and touched the matching ruby cufflinks - gift from her to him. The heavy necklace filled with rubies and diamonds covered her neck, and the accompanying earrings hung low and heavy; his pin and cufflinks were cut from the same batch, making the two even more appropriately adorable. 

"If I have to leave, because that can happen, you'll do fine. You have all the princesses and princes here to keep you occupied - maybe you'll be asked to dance!"

It's clear she's trying to ease his nerves. There's a whole lot of people here at the event and anything can happen, not that anyone would dare disturb this long awaited celebration; you never know though, there's always that one person who has to get one good kick in. She's here to celebrate with the rest of them and she will certainly indulge when the time comes, but she will not be one to suddenly neglect her duties to the throne.  

"You're not going to die."

The burst of energy snagged her attention and she turned just in time to see Leoa and Corvin pass through, both now covered in bright confetti. If she could, she would've clapped; instead she just watched with eager eyes and smiled wide. Leoa has always been a vision and Corvin always a handsome man, so both of them together they looked about as perfect as perfect can get. Elodie wasn't smiling because of any of that, appreciating maybe, but her smile was caused by the color their Empress decided to wear. Perfect, she thought.

"And so the party begins! Lets eat and then lets dance and then maybe we can drink!"

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@Diremast @Alexei @Narcissa


"Like herding cats, Elodie. Cats!"

A voice full of vitality, youth, and manliness (if he does say so himself) boomed behind the happy couple. Elodie peeked around Dilon, her enthusiastic speech cut short but her happiness still in place. There, behind her partner, she spots a somewhat exhausted looking Desmond. The young man had, what would appear to be, a small body draped sleepily across his strong back. 

"I'm too old for any of this."

The only signs of age on the young man's face are the little wrinkles on the corner of his twinkling eyes and the smile lines now hopelessly exposed thanks to his grin. He spoke as if he's already one foot in the grave, but by appearances alone he's a young man, about as tall as his father with just a one inch difference. The Prince towered over a majority of the people, yet his presence never felt malicious or overbearing. An appropriate description would be he's the younger and more free version of his father.

And he looked esecially dark in his ivory suit. Unlike some of his brothers who chose to wear their armour (has to be uncomfotable to dance with), the young Prince chose to wear something tapered perfectly to his strong form, and a thousand times more subdued than what's recently been presented. 

"I have no idea where Sef is, probably digging a hole somewhere; Isolde and Max haven't arrived, or if they have they're lost somewhere out there."

He waved a gloved hand at the crowd, indicating that it has swallowed up his sister and her date. It's not like the two to be late to anything, and so he hopes that he just missed them. 

"Olympia is probably at the bar trying to haggle some drinks out of our guests, and then there's this one. Did Lyonene even show up? Or are her and Cornelius jumping ship? Cosima is supposed to be the late one. If Nero is here, then Darim isn't far behind."

Desmond named off his siblings with ease. Being the fourth out of ten kind of forces you to be resourceful; he can't imagine what his parents have to go through when they want to delegate anything to their children. 

He looked over to the bar, but only found Deiter (adopted first brother), a woman nearly bursting out of her dress, and then a gentleman selling a drink of some kind - but that lady ... goodness. Now isn't the time though to be caught gaping at a lady with a figure that can stop the sun from dropping, making the moon incredibly jealous. Even if he wanted to approach, Deiter will have her charmed by the time Desmond even thinks about crossing over. 

Snapping his attention back to Dilon and Elodie; Elodie was smiling and pointing at the nearly dead figure still attached to Desmond's back. Novalie was dressed beautifully in a gown colored gray that weighs just about as much as she does; her accessories were a small coronet somewhere in the curls of her short hair, a thin silver necklace, and a singular ring on her right thumb. Her arms circled her brother's neck and her legs were tucked under his arms - a perfect representation of the princess she is. 

"And this one is sick, refused to stay behind. I can feel her fever through my suit."

There was no arguing with her. Novalie was determined to join the festivities, even if she died on the dance floor.

"I hope you're ready for a party, Dilon. It's never a dull moment with us."

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