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Name: Ravenspire, the Soul of Kadia.

Location: Eastern Kadia.


She said she would bring them home, and so she did.

Inspired by their first meeting, a spark that would lead to the eventual raging fire, Leoa carved Ravenspire as tribute to her husband. It’s clear her love for her God-Emperor is immense, for the city reflects such, making it one of the larger cities in Kadia and the most unique. The city itself is an enormous university with four universities to satisfy anyones learning crave.

The university is organized with its main campus (Warbrook) and Valence Hall centered on the island; the business school and athletics facilities, including Gavin Stadium, are south of Warbrook on the innermost ring where the Caernarvon campus resides; Lorancourt campus, the medical and public health schools sit on the outermost ring; Attendance is extremely high for Ravenspire, considering that everyone from all walks of life are allowed to attend, giving any and all citizens an opportunity to grow.

Kadian citizens are allowed to attend free, while outsiders must pay a small attendance fee in order to receive the education provided by the university. Also coeducational, both men and women are allowed to exist together in the city and attend the same classes.

The campuses are of extremely important and by far the most visited areas of Ravenspire; built to reflect our God-Emperors teachings and his passion for knowledge and power. Second to them are the various gardens, springs, and the stadium often used for various events; softer, more gentler touches to the harshness of Ravenspire.

Current Premier:

Current Aid:  

Population: ~

Protective Nature:


Corvinite Obelisks

Standing five-hundred meters in height, the obelisks are a culmination of Kadian technology and theological superiority. Forged from high grade Kadium soaked in the blood of the emperor and his field of influence they extend his will in a city wide area.

Using a cold-fusion reactor to power its anti-gravity propulsion system, the very ones used in Kadian ships, they float fifty meters off the ground. A pulsing golden glow emits from within the black metal with a regular rhythm, said to mirror the heartbeat of the God-Emperor himself.


Ravenspire is divided into concentric zones of land and water: three zones land and three zones of water, with one surrounding the central island, which has warm and cold springs. The cold springs are both bathable and drinkable; some believe the water to have healing properties, while others use the water to make natural soda water. The warm springs are not drinkable and mostly used therapeutically, giving tourists an excuse to lounge about the city and enjoy the sights, since all springs are open air.

There are docks and a network of various bridges and canals that unit the different sections of the city. Transportation varies, either by foot, horse, or small carts, Ravenspire is mostly generic in comparison to the rest of Kadia, where you often find technology just sprouting from every crevice. Here in the academic city dirt roads and your generic brick and mortar buildings are valued and very common. That does not mean technology is none existent in the city, it’s just not entirely prevalent.

Different colors circumscribe each of the land zones with a wall, the outer wall red, the middle orange, and the inner which encompasses the main campus of the university, is black. Warbrooke, on the central island, contains places such as public baths and exercise facilities, but most importantly: the memoriam. The memoriam is a beautiful garden that surrounds the entirely of Warbrooke; from its grounds all the way into the hallways of Valence Hall leading to the various classrooms. Everywhere you turn there is some foliage snaking somewhere; various flowers from various places across Valucre bloom and sprout wherever they can.

As visitors walk along the cobblestone path painted gold that leads to the front of the Hall, they will notice small lights occasionally floating and flickering along the walkway. These lights are spirits of the God-Emperor's lost comrades, felled during an atrocious attack on the forests of Orisia. Leoa had traveled back to Orisia, braved Ellwood Forest, and captured the souls of the fallen to bring back to Kadia - fulfilling a long, lost promise to her husband. Those who wished to rest, do so in the comforts of the garden; everyone else simply floats about in peace.

The part of Ravenspire facing the sea is lofty and precipitous, but about the central part of the city is a plain sheltered by mountains. The plain yields two crops each year, in the winter being watered by rain and in the summer by immense irrigation canals, which are also used for transportation. The plain is divided into two sections and in time of war each section supplies its quota of soldiers. A wonderful and perhaps out of place kind of area, it does add to the special charm of the city.

As a city, there are various shops to spend your well earned money in and a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and strange eateries to keep you occupied for the day. If you are in the gambling kind of mood, visit the innermost ring where it’s entirely a racing track where anyone can place their bets on their favorite horse, or, if it’s the right kind of day you can even bet on different creatures that’ve been captured and (mostly) tamed for your entertainment.

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