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The Sun Chosen

The Siege of Kantos

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The Siege of Kantos

On this day, the bastard child known as Tescus was making his way through the countryside in search of work. He was a mercenary, a sellsword with no true home save for wherever he made camp in.

Tescus was strong, but mostly unproven in battle, as he had not yet shed any blood for his work. While it frustrated him to no end, he knew that soon he would be more than just muscle or a bodyguard for some high and mighty nobleman. If only he knew just what he was getting himself into when he entered the peacefup village.

Sources aren't sure as to exactly how large the village of Kantos is, as such villages in Genesaris were overlooked due to their relative insignificance to other larger cities. Some say it was around three or foyr thousand while others will claim only several hundred.

Tratious Malimus, Genesarian Demographics Scholar

Soon he would realize that all wasn't well in this place, the people, by his accounts, were frightened, stayibg in their homes as if there were monsters out in the daylight. Locating the village elders he questioned them on this, then became perplexed as they questioned him on what he saw on his way to this place. Speaking truthfully Tescus told them he saw only the usual hills and plains that were common to the region.

"It seems you've fallen for the same trap many of the other travelers have when coming to this place" the head elder said as he looked towards the west. "I am sure that if you attempt to leave this place, you will be stopped by the forces of the bandit king who has committed a siege upon us."

A chance to prove himself had been presented, and as we know Tescus did offer to help break the siege. With the deal being made he was directed towards the center of town where others had gathered in order to figure out how they may stop the bandits from razing the town.

It's believed that the people there had the intent of stopping the siege, but the real reason the bandits were there makes this assumption by the biographer suspect. Whether they were there to help or just to get what the bandits wanted before they could get to it is hard to say. All we know is how things went from grim to worse in Kantos.

Daemar Localis, Historian

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Living as a mercenary has always been tough for Kyanne, yet she continued to walk forward, even if the times she looked back at her old life were numerous. She would choose to return to it anytime, over living off the little money earned by working for different people around the world. Even if the wish to return burned inside of her with a strong, almost hysterical passion, something held her back: spite.

This side of her was sorely motivated by proving others wrong, by letting them assume false things about her only to come out and show them they were wrong. This strong emotion that never once faltered, to show the elders of her clan that they were wrong. That she will never return to beg for mercy. Not after they humiliated and exiled her from her beloved clan and left her to die out in the cold. She despised her clan almost as much as she loved her mother. Maybe that's why she couldn't just abandon her last name and become just 'Kyanne'.

Briefly wondering why she chose to live as a mercenary afterwards when there were so many countless opportunities even she could chose from, Kyanne continued to walk forward down the hill towards the small village ahead. The absence of people rustling around the street left her...somewhat intrigued. The place had to have some people living in it..if it wasn't for the noise that she assumed came from the center of the village, she would have thought the city was deserted.

Heading in that direction (without actually knowing where she was headed) the witch planned to gather a little bit of information about what was up with the unsettling silence in the village.

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Arja Kesor (currently going as Arja Belwin) trotted through the empty streets, the cowl of her cloak yanked over her eyes. She never bothered to look up; her gaze rested constantly on her feet. Her falcon rested on her shoulder, letting out startled shrieks if she came too near to an obstacle. She let out a stream of curses as she tripped over a barrel. The falcon flew a little ways off.

It was silly, she knew, to be hiding when no one was around. She simply did it out of habit.

Had she been born normal, her life wouldn't be like this. She wouldn't have to be navigating the ground, or hiding her face. Arja could have been happily living in her father's house, spoiled and living off honey cakes and tea. But no, she just had to be 'cursed'. One green eye and one brown wasn't appealing to anyone in the slightest. Or so she believed. She never stuck around to see what people truly thought.

Picking herself up, Arja let out a piercing whistle. The falcon glided back over to her, landing shyly on her outstretched arm.

"'Least you're not judgmental, Nyris," Arja muttered. Nyris chirped before taking off once more. Arja followed him dejectedly.

She wasn't sure why she'd come here. Take that back - she knew, but not why here. She could hide in any town, yet she found herself drawn to something so empty. Perhaps it was the fact there would be no eyes to glare at her, no lips to whisper behind her back.

Little did she know that there were eyes upon her.

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Lante had thought that if he was part of a trading caravan, his travels through his parents' supposed homeland would have been safer. That foolish notion had been proven wrong in many occasions, starting from the incident with the wights, the time they were held up for a week in a city, and then there were the bandits. The travelers had thought the town deserted and passed by, only to be waylaid by brigands. They left some goods and followers behind. Unfortunately for the Factotum, he was one of those left behind. It was a blessing that the outlaws did not seem focused upon capturing the men. In fact, they did not seem focused upon procuring the goods, either. That didn't make any sense to Lante.

He returned to take refuge in the deserted village only to find that there were people there. It didn't sound like bandits. Truth be told, Lante didn't know what bandits sounded like, but it wasn't that. It had become apparent that the people of the village were simply hidden in their home, and that some had gathered in the city's centre. He was too focused on finding help with the bandits, that he had forgotten that his horns may sour some attitudes to him.

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As the hoplite entered the center of the small village, there were many traders and travelers discussing what should be done. Tescus soon learned that the leader of the siege, Guralius Terminous, was demanding the town surrender itself to him and his mercy. A scant few had chosen this route, and their corpses could be seen hanging off wooden posts by their feet, their skins flayed from their bodies. Now there was no doubt just what would happen should they give themselves to Guralius' mercy.

Tescus is noted as sitting patiently, listening to the group as they spoke of the low levels of food in the granaries, and how the marauders grew bolder with each passing day. It would not be long before they would charge in and take over by force.

This is a classic strategy when it comes to laying siege on someone. Once the enemy has starved long enough they won't put up much of a fight when you put in the final charge. Judging from the reported forces Terminous had at his disposal, this seemed more of a tactic of cruelty than strategy. If he really wanted to take the town he would have attacked at night when they were least expecting it.

Marcus Darius, Military Strategist

With all of this in his mind, Tescus would call out to the travelers, asking if any of them were fighters. Only a small handful raised their hands, mostly caravan guards or other sellswords who were protecting the traveling groups. He explained his plan to them, saying that he would lead a strike team into the heart of the siege and kill Guralius before he can command the final charge. Some said they would go with him, others denounced him as too young to do such a thing successfully. This would be his chance to prove himself against these detractors and win his glory as a warrior.

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