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The Sun's Throne (Ursa Madeum) [Not Unlocked Yet]

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Preamble: It is our goal to make this city a beacon of hope and life, so that all will know there is at least one place out there that will shield them from the darkness. -Marceline Sun Chosen

We will maintain order at any cost. -Cecilia, First Saint of the Solarian Maidens

This is only the beginning of a truly grand empire. -Arainas Morning Star, Prince of Light and firstborn of Marceline Sun Chosen.

Geography: Rocky soil and hilly terrain make it difficult to get around on foot or to farm without considerable effort. Three fourth of the island is wrapped in a mountain range, giving a limited amount of shoreline open to the sea.

To the southeast is the shore, the southwest being a small forest which holds most of the flora and fauna of the island. There is a couple hundred acres of land between the shoreline, the forest and the city allowing for farmland. In the very corner behind the flrest lies an active volcano which occasionally spills lava out into the sea.

Topography: The city sits at a higher elevation than the rest of the island, giving it a practical view in all directions. The mountains are higher but at such a steep slope that climbing them is nearly impossible.

Cityscape: Large buildings fill the somewhat cramped space of the city to accommodate a large population. Aquifers snake their way through to deliver water from the snow capped mountains around them. At the center of the city there is a large spire going high into the air, where a brilliant white light shines at all times.

Large, thick walls protect the marble made city and act as the buffer between the civilized and wild worlds. Just beyond the walls is the barracks and training grounds for the military set on either side of the road leading into the city.

At the shore there is a harbor with a small village attached to it where fishing and naval ships are constructed. This has a small garrison of troops but protocol suggests that they be evacuated into the city should invaders come to the island.

Underneath the city is a large network of catacombs where the dead are laid to rest. Not many go there though, for they fear that more than just corpses reside in the depths of these crypts. For every light, there is an equal darkness, as the saying goes.

Climate: Temperate year round as per the effect of the white light at the spire of the city. They will never feel the icy touch of winter or the blazing heat of summer, allowing them to have multiple harvests all year round. This also means that night time hasn't befallen the city in months.

Flora and Fauna:

Livestock and miscellaneous: Deer, cows, wolves, rabbits, foxes, basic insects and birds of prey.

Mystical Fauna: Pegasi, medusai, eidolons (heroic spirits), lampads (dread spirits), oreads (fire spirits), naiads (water spirits), dryads (forest spirits), cyclopses and satyrs.

Miscellaneous flora: Crops such as corn, grain, grapes and cotton. Oak, apple, orange, ash, olive and pine trees.

Demographics: Mostly human, with a small smattering of elves, dwarves and satyrs who have been pushed into their own quarter of the city. This has been done because of the apparent prejudice exhibited towards the supernatural races by the general population. In order to keep the peace and to prevent race riots from occuring, the other races are put into a corner of the city so as to allow a slow integration as the people begin to grow and understand one another.

A small number of the inhabitants are the mysterious Princes of Light. They apleared shortly after the founding of the city, having been claimed by Marceline as her children, whom she concieved immaculately. Underneath the city is the even more mysterious Princes of Dark, who have only been rumored to from overheard conversations between Princes of Light.

Culture: The culture of The Sun's Throne is heavily influenced by the religious organization of the Solarian Maidens. Religious holidays are given far more attention and care than those not affiliated with the Maidens as well as a distinct biased towards other religions if they attempt to do something such as building a temple to their deity inside the city. Though there is a relative peace that has been given to the people because of policies brought forth by the Maidens (as they have been given the right to govern the people at large which includes the ability to put laws into place) it is a strenuous peace. It is uncertain as to what threat will befall the people whether it is from the outside or the inside.

Many people are not very much afraid of the Maidens as they follow the will of the divine being who brought the city back into the light. Such expectations weigh heavily on the Solarian Maidens, but they view it as a duty handed down from the Sun Chosen herself that they lead these people into prosperity. One of the first challenges they had to deal with was the fact that the people living in the city did not experience nightfall because of the constant shining of the tower. This prompted the handing out of blackout curtains, the construction of specially made inns that didn't let in the light and a clock tower so the citizens didn't have to use the now obsolete sun dials they were accustomed to.

The Sun's Throne has a dual citizenship system in place where it separates two kinds of citizens, "Eclipsed" and "Illuminated". Those with an Eclipsed citizenship do not enjoy the same privileges as those with Illuminated citizenship, namely better schooling and housing opportunities. Having an Illuminated citizenship also means you can take a government job or position. Only by becoming a certified member of the religious institution of the Solarian Maidens can one obtain an Illuminated citizenship.

Because of the heavy religious influences within the city, family life has shifted to where the eldest female is considered head of the household. Wives, mothers or grandmothers make the decisions, handle the money and generally take more of the leadership positions in the private sector.

Economy: The Sun's Throne works on a limited liberal meritocracy, as there is only so far one can go without being restricted based on who they are. Businesses succeed and fail based on their own merits and not due to any connections they may have. This also extends to hiring practices and wage issuing, the best only goes to the best.

Crops and fish are the main exports of The Sun's Throne, with some trade of other items such as cloth, olive oil and wine. Taxes are made to the people on the island in order to fund the government and military infrastructures. These taxes are partially levied against the people, with a majority being taken from the exports.

Major Companies and Institutions:

The Solarian Maidens: A matriarchal religion centered around the mysterious Sun Chosen Marceline who govern the city of The Sun's Throne in their matron's stead. Actibg as the main police force fo the city, they frequently initiate Inquisitions in order to discover any attempt at heretical or illegal actions being made inside the city. Necromancy and any other occult based magics are strictly forbidden and are punishable by swift imprisonment and banishment from the island.

Anyone can become a member of their church, but only virgin females are considered pure enough to enter into the upper echelons of the organization. This includes the roles of Inquisitors, teachers, scholars and even to reach Saint status, the highest and most influential position one can obtain. Men of the church cannot obtain as high a ranking as the female members, but are able to take jobs such as custodial work, maintenance and other manual labor available to them.

Magician's Ministry: The Magician's Ministry is a small subset of the Solarian Maidens established by the Inquisitorial arm in an effort to maintain control over the magically gifted citizens of the city. Magic was a dangerous tool that had to be kept under control, so it is required that all magically gifted persons are to register with the Magician's Ministry before being allowed entry into the city. Registration often requires a blood sample to be used in location spells should the individual break any laws and need to be found in order to be brought to justice.

Magically gifted students can often find work or additional schooling at the Ministry, but it is heavily monitored by the Inquisition with several schools of magic outright banned from being taught. Necromancy, conjuration, destruction intended magic, illusions, curses and demonology are the more well known schools that are not taught.

Parks and Recreation: Often times there are satyrs or elves playing music in one of the parks or just outside the city. An Ampitheater was constructed so that local plays can be put on for the enjoyment of the people. Of course, the Inquisition makes certain that the plays do not in any way partake in heresy against the Solarian Maidens or the Sun Chosen.

Landmarks and monuments: A statue of Marceline Sun Chosen was erected just outside of the spire she resides in at the center of the city. It depicts her calm, serene expression, even when faced against the monstrous evil of a titan. All remember the words she spoke when the city was finally cleaned. "It is here will become a beacon of hope that the whole world can marvel at".

Government: Feudal Theocratic Matriarchy

Local government: A system of minor lords who are given small amounts of land in order to run them without straining the resources of the Solarin Maidens. They are expected to manage whatever resources the land holds efficiently, pay taxes, raise military forces and uphold the laws put in place by the Maidens.

Lords can either be men or women, but will never have more power than a high ranking member of the Solarian Maidens. Most times they are awarded lordship for extraordinary service to the military, or by garnering enough favor with the Maidens. If they attempt to gain too much power, an Inquisiton will be inducted and they will be ruined, their family name barred from any government positions for at least three generations.

Federal government: At the very top of the totem pole is Marceline Sun Chosen, who sees to the larger projects and issues concerning her realm. Below her is the Solarian Maidens, who deal with the administrative work concerning the citizens and urban areas of the island. The Maidens are responsible for keeping the peace, upholding the values set forth by Marceline, and passing laws that will effect the island at large. It is on their shoulders that the entirety of the bureaucratic work falls upon, so the feudal systems of lords was added to help spread the weight around so to speak.

Education: Education is mainly handled by the Solarian Maidens, with a small portion handed to the Magician's Ministry to teach the magical arts to others. Teachers are referred to as "Mother" by their students due to the high regard women are held at and driving this regard further into the student's minds.

Students are taught from age five until they are eighteen by the Mothers. During this time they learn to read, write, dance, play an instrument and other art related fields along with the sciences. Anyone shown to have magical potential are given to the Magician's Ministry for training, their parents informed of the transfer and allowed time to say good bye before they are officially enrolled.

Students of the Ministry are taught first and foremost loyalty to the state. Their very existence is now devoted to the protection and propagation of the Solarian Maidens and by extension the nation as a whole. Girls are sent to learn the higher arts of magic while whe boys undertake the Hex Breaker trials, where they will be trained as elite wizard hunters with a specialization in cancelling out supernatural forces.

Transportation: Chariots, wagons and horses are the preferred method of travel on land. With no sky port the people depend on the harbor if they wish to get off or on the island.

Roads and Highways: There are several roads that lead to small settlements and villages near the city. The largest road connects the city of The Sun's Throne with the village attached to the harbor.

Rails/Subways: None

Riverways: Some small rivers run down the mountain due to the constant melting of the snow at the top of the mountains. Man of these have been diverted into Aqueducts that supply The Sun's Throne with fresh water.

Cab (mounted horse, etc?):


Notable Residents

Cecilia Mara, First Saint of the Solarian Maidens- Through her work and faith in the Sun Chosen, Cecilia was elevated to First Saint by her peers after the founding of The Sun's Throne. It is by her guidance that the Maidens and all its parts work to keep things running, with only the Sun Chosen herself being higher in power to her.

Arainas Morning Star- Firstborn of the Princes of Light and general of the Army of The Sun's Throne, Arainas is a cunning strategist who is eager to test his skills. However he is aware that going out headfirst into a battle will lead only to disaster, so he bides his time and waits.

Graegon Holclose- Admiral of the navy of The Sun's Throne, he overseas all operations that comes through his harbor. He has proven himself competent in his work, but does not hold within himself any ambition or thirat for glory.

Melkor "The Prancer"-Self proclaimed king of the forest, Melkor is a satyr that doesn't care much for the civilized world. He regularly hosts debacherous parties in the woods in an attempt to lure in the high born folk of the city and prove they aren't as civilized as they appear.

Blato- The first ever Cyclops philospher, Blato has taken control the wild forces of the western mountains. His wisdom is only surpassed by his cruelty and his hunger.




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