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Ran Iji

What would be the 'Bad Ending' for your character[s]?

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Travis: Dying during a quest, leading to many people dying as well. To make things worse, have all his team mates die before him.

Xio: To completely fall into his degenerate ways and come crawling back to his former demon lord master, mind completely broken

Gregor: To die alone, painfully wiped away by a evil force, completely over powered and humiliated. All this, and still not being able to see the face of his loved one, one last time. 

Ryu: To lose control to the demon possessing him, just a passenger in his own body. And after every life had died, only then will the demon finally snuff out Ryu's consciousness; and it all would fade to black. 

And to think I thought I was weird for thinking about these :bigsmile:

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Bad ends...I think it says much about me when these are the planned endings for my current set of characters.

  1. Dove: After taking severe damage to her phylactery, she regenerates to full immortal health physically. Mentally, however, her core personality and memories have been destroyed, and she spends the rest of eternity mentally damaged, barely able to form coherent sentences and unable to comprehend her reason for living although there is an incredibly strong desire to do something that haunts her crippled mind. 
  2. Alan: Ten years' depression is solved in the worst way possible: by falling in love and becoming codependent. The love object in question either rejects his advances, or returns them then subsequently dies herself. After falling back into deep depression but failing to find the resolve to kill himself, he then returns to Dove, his "master," who in the meantime has become brain damaged, because he doesn't know to do anything else with his life. He both loves and hates the lich, as she is almost family (Stockholm Syndrome), but overwhelmingly he feels pity and is trapped being her caretaker for the remainder of time.
  3. Aria: In the absence of Alan, her "guardian," who has taken off chasing a woman, and Dove, who has become a wreck, Aria is taken by an unknown group of people and whisked away somewhere, stripped of her free will and used as a tool - that, or killed without ever reaching the end of her childhood.

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Kreigstad, giving back into the shadows until he is a monster bent on nothing more then an insatiable desire for flesh.

Aldorto, following in his uncle's foot steps and giving into the shadows becoming a night hunter.

Azul, abandoning his teachings and becoming a devastator instead of a shaker, destroying structures of any kind.

Makiel, becoming a wandering drunkard who abandons the path of a warden and spits in the face of nature.

Shakka, giving into his wicked nature and learning the ways of banditry until he is nothing more then another goblin savage.

Lexicus, throwing away everything he has worked for, his ambition and his dreams, burning his shop to the ground, or become a greed driven merchant who buys out or kills off the competition.

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Imagine from a young age you were told your life would be horribly short, but full of fortune amd adventure, because of a prophetic vision. Then, you believe it. 'Sétanta will die at the top of his own world' the priest says. You set put to realize and face your fate.

But an accidenf happens. You're not even halfway to glory, and a ceiling collapses, wood, concrete, and furniture crushing your body.

You have 0.00001 seconds to think; "What about...?"

That's Sétanta's bad end.

Then there's Dick.

Imagine being told all your life you are an accursed, no-good bastard child of miscreant lineage, and a moral deviant. Now imagine that's true. You feed yourself lies. "Humanity is the star race. I can do anything they can. I was made to outlast everyone else." You begin training, mostly to keep image. Your scrawniness is now litheness, and then you become a little burly. You your weight around, begin a quest to see how far you can go with some things. Make trouble. Take jobs no one else will. Be the asshole because no one else will.

Then you get thrown in prison. After all, you did kill dudes, return escaped slaves to their owners, help a crazy sorcerer become a giant rat...

And they rehabilitate you.

You're taught, reluctantly, over a very long time, compassion, to become a moral and upstanding man. An honest gentleman, not a front so it makes sense for you to wear sleazy suits and clip on ties.

Now you're a good man, and all you wanted to do, to live your life a creator of chaos. A supervillain! The name history books have printed in the chapter marked "But Then This Asshole Showed Up."

You're a normal guy now, and to you, being bad doesn't seem worth it anymore.

That's Dick's bad end.

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For all the Watchers (except Max), it's getting killed and being raised as revenants - evil undead warriors. Jameson in particular thinks of this as a fate far worse than death.

Max is the only one that can't be raised because he has a bit of celestial blood. He's the only one with real immunity to being turned. His bad end? Haven't thought of that yet. 

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Hoo boy...

Ainsworth: He dies alone and terrified, so close yet so far from what he wanted. Nothing he ever did managed to be the right choice. What finally makes him stop clinging to life is the realization that no one will miss him when he's gone.

Hamlin: Power comes with a price. Blinded by her own greed and ambition, she becomes the very things she despised: Paranoid, weak, and insane. As her mind erodes and her empire crumbles beneath her, she turns on her allies, slaughtering all of them with brutal force. Now hallucinating, she snaps her wife's neck and stands above her corpse as fire consumes them both. Her bones are thrown into the sea and forgotten.

Tana: She is used and tossed aside like garbage. Without a purpose, she returns to a life of drugs and ODs behind a grimy restaurant dumpster in the middle of winter. 

Hisashi: Takes an arrow to the knee and isn't able to think up of a dramatic enough excuse to explain his retirement.

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