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Ran Iji

What would be the 'Bad Ending' for your character[s]?

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Cerik- Being corrupted/succumbing to temptation and becoming part of the very evil he has fought so hard against.

Gormaric- Being bound to an entity far less benevolent then Neque after all the time and effort spent parting himself from the latter.

Serane- Hmm. Getting addicted to pleasure and/or drugs and forgetting everything but physical desires.

Madon- Ending up captured/incapacitated and forced to watch as Isore's last hopes crumble before him.

Ocelia- Recovering her memory only to have it taken from her once again, leaving nothing behind this time.

Zerand- Probably something along the lines of being stripped of his powers, having his robo-Vikings destroyed, and being forced into menial labor.

Roggan- Somehow getting killed by a war elephant he tried to convert For now, being confined to one place and his power being rendered useless.


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Hmmm...another list huh? Well, why not? lol:


1: benaires: someone ACTUALLY finding his REAL body in the hall of Chrio, actually killing IT and ben REALLY dying.

2. Cyrix Tepes Gothra: being recalled BACK to Cocytus without at least saying goodbye to his dear Seresute Delear.

3. Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra: Something terrible happening to his love Reka.

4. Avus Insectium: Giving into the madness that all Invectium have control over and destroying everything that IT comes in contact with for all eternity.

5. Daniel Composiition: losing his Nomadic Plasma Powers and being a normal Human.

6. Abraxis Jenee Invectium: Losing control of her powers of Anti-matter and basically blowing everything up, including herself.

7. Syntax: Wandering the Halls of hell Catacombs forever without his partner to guide him.

8. King Ephidrina; Someone ACTUALLY finding his REAL body in the Hall of Chrio, actually killing IT and Ephidrina REALLY dying.

9. Lady Quela: Being put in AA, never to drink Wine EVER again.

10. Avixis Invectium: Not being able to see her only son.


The list goes on, and on...ect...




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Erixa: Losing anyone she really actually cares about, and/or suffocating in some super tight, closed off space. Or getting trapped in the spirit world for eternity! ^-^

Asher: Gah. Losing control of his powers until he ultimately does something stupid, or alcohol poisoning.

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 Ryeha: The seal that keeps a part of her power getting destroyed. The power would be too much to handle and she'd probably blow up or choke to death trying to control it.

 Malea: Someone stealing her sprinkles in any scenario.

 Ran; The monster inside him finally taking over his body and erasing his soul and all traces he ever existed.

 Kyanne: She dies in a bloody painful way (i.e getting her hands, feet and head severed from her torso) before she even got to see the few people of her clan that she didn't hate.

Yuan: He loses immortality and eventually fatally injures himself in some way.


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Bad ending... These are several....


1. Failure to change something for the better, his reasons forever misunderstood and reasoning forever comprehended only by himself.

2. Reaching the same conclusion as his old friend Aderahn, that the world is not worth saving and the only way to end evil is to purge it. He would then succumb to corruption and become some other kind of spirit, maybe vengeance or wrath.


1. Becoming the same as his family.

2. Putting his trust in people then being betrayed and killed.

3. Fighting for a good cause with all others perceiving him as the bad guy, failing to accomplish his goal or make the others understand what he was doing and have the real bad guys destroy everything.

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