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Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

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Martial Town, Palgard, Terrenus;
Clover property;
7 exterior cameras, 5 interior; 6 armed guards, 1 civilian; 2 points mundane entry, 1 breaching location, 3 points of possible interest.
Objective: Infiltrate Captain Leonard Clover's personal home in Palgard, extract the Eye of Mogonto from his personal collection. Non-lethal engagement preferred but not mandatory.

Only skilled applicants need apply.
Payment negotiable.

Contractor: Pilot
@Paroxysm Pilot
@Mag Finn
@Off Topic Babette
@SweetCyanide Candie & Sunny Scarborough

Thread: 5 day grace period for posts, 2-3 pages seeking artifact on behalf of the Handymen organization.

Thread is here:



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Opening post is live here:

We'll proceed with a first come, first serve, for establishing the initial post order.

6 hours ago, HollowCipher said:

If you're still looking for someone, I could join with Dan if you'd have me.

Sorry, but we're full up for this group in particular.

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