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Justice is made up of "just us" - those that can see with clarity of vision the evil in the world and act against it with focused tenacity. They are known, even if among a very few, for their courage and nobility of character.

Decapitation is their calling card.


Understanding that concepts like 'good' and 'evil' are largely fluid and fluctuate depending on the historical and cultural context in which they're interpreted, Justice is not interested in philosophical quibbling. Justice wants only to visit furious righteousness on those they deem worthy to receive it, including but not limited to: corrupt leaders and politicians, organized criminal activity, supernatural predators (vampires, liches, Outsiders), and so on.

This is especially true of circumstances and people that operate out in the open.


  • Jericho [supernal] - Founding member
  • Jackson [desolate] - Founding member
  • Ashton [Praetorian] - Founding member
    • Hawke [ethela penna] - Member
    • Edward - Member
    • Lyr [-lilium-] - Member
    • Prose [paroxysm] - Member
      • Briar - Satellite member
      • Capria [-lilium-] - Satellite member
      • Levi - Satellite member


  • Unholy knights - 50 Roanist knights from Patia that have been killed and reanimated in their runic armor
  • Patia resistance - Approximately 3k. Made up of NPCs inspired to rebellion after watching Justice decapitate the devil of Patia
  • Carrot hill militia - Approximately 3K. Made up of NPCs rescued from the stone prison of a basilisk's stare in Carrot Hill, Terrenus
  • Company personnel - 500 company personnel inclusive of maritime lawyers, logistics and shipping experts, and private security force
  • Techno-centaurs - Approximately 1k of zombified centaurs armed with Abaddon tech taken from an encampment (to be confirmed)



  • Established a rundown safe-house in Elendaron
  • Created the prototype for the Crook technology and present to The Storage Movement
  • Decapitated Roen of Patia; fomented local resistance
    • Roen continues to live so this matter will be revisted
  • Freed a town from petrification; recruited a battalion; acquired spell components from dead basilisks 
    • Established a safe-house in Carrot Hill
  • Established The Public Defender, a news agency in Last Chance
    • Connected a local brothel to Argus
  • Gained the Ghost Pouch artifact
  • Established a presence in the Cap and Bells marketplace
  • Established Just Ice, a honeypot bar in Last Chance
    • Connected Argus dealings to a branch of the Fuller crime family
  • Destroyed a major brothel in Izral which was using slaves and displaced the labor force, sending those with families back home or otherwise providing safe passage to Terrenus
  • Hostile takeover of Caliban Shipping Company provides Justice with an obfuscated and legal method of transporting their operatives all over the world
  • Created a tracker for the powerful aura of the Zengi gauntlets and sent information to Terrenus military 
  • Repurpose outpost grey into outpost camo

Holdings, properties, and connections

  1. Ghost Pouch artifact - Jericho
  2. Left Gauntlet of Zengi artifact - Hawke
  3. Outpost Camo
  4. Caliban shipping company
  5. Alchemist in Cap and Bells marketplace
  6. Public Defender news agency
  7. Just Ice honeypot bar to catch criminals in Last Chance
  8. Elendaron safe-house

History (older to more recent)

  1. Propugnaculum I -  Jericho, Jackson and Ashton meet in accordance to prophetic visions Jericho had. They establish a rundown safehouse in Rosinder (now Elendaron). Justice is formed.
  2. The secret ingredient - Justice travel to Ignatz to leverage the famous libraries and learn as much as they can about devils and outsiders. They meet Odette, become apprised of The Storage Movement, and introduce the prototype for the Crook technology which is later released to the public during the World Fair.
  3. Hail to the glorious contenders [event two] - Justice hears about a public celebration in Patia and are able to join in on the festivities without issue. After a jousting competition they engage the present authorities and leave after cutting off the devil's head.
  4. Acquisition - Jericho and Jackson free a town from the stony spell of a nest of basilisk's and gain followers for their righteous cause.
  5. Chasing shadows - Jericho uncovers a link between Argus and the Wayward Harlot, and sells this information to help establish The Public Defender news agency.
  6. In spirit - Jericho, Hawke, and later Jackson, claim the ghost pouch in the Haunted Glen
  7. For the greater good - Ashton leads a recruitment drive and several missions which results in the murder of a habitual sex offender and links Argus to a smaller branch of the local Fuller crime family; also collateral damage in the form of an upheaved street, broken building spire, and chemical fire.
  8. Hey, Listen! - Ashton discovers an abandoned laboratory in the mountains near Patia. The lab is filled with undead and overrun by a potent magic cancelling field effect. They are unable to explore the lab to ascertain its purpose but are able to lock the undead inside of a massive room before escaping. 
  9. Cap and Bells market [alchemist arc]
  10. Home of the brave - 1/4. Jericho organizes a raid against a major brothel in Izral that sees the brothel destroyed and the slaves it housed freed, also organizing means for them to get back home or safe passage to Terrenus and to a Justice satellite office to get set up
  11. Quick, wash out the blood - 2/4 Jericho visits a traveling magical item, curios and component shop to gather the materials to build his weapon. He enlists the shopkeeper in his violent plan to disrupt a major shipment of slaves and then proceeds to make the information public to further damage the criminal enterprise
  12. Land of the blind - 3/4 Justice infiltrates the Caliban Shipping Company and initiates a hostile takeover of the organization in advance of setting up a meet-n-greet with a merchant-prince in Alterion responsible for a majority of the slave trafficking Jericho has upset.
  13. Cap and Bells market [tracker arc]- Creation of the telemetry data required to be able to track Zengi gauntlet signature. Packaged and sent this off to the Terran military
  14. Below and beneath - Claiming of outpost grey and rebranding as outpost camo
  15. Ain’t that just the way - 4/4 and final thread of the arc which sees human trafficking disrupted in Izral, and the merchant-prince Velleh dead
  16. A slave by any other name - Justice catches wind of some funky stuff in a farming village patrolled by armed centaurs

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How to join

What we basically seek to do with our process is prove out that 1) a character's skills and competencies align with the organization's aims and 2) the player of the character is reliable; a reliable poster is more valuable for our vigilante organization than one that makes with pretty but inconsistent words. You can do any of the following for the purposes of Justice but will be considered a satellite of the organization operating on your own until you actually complete a thread 

  1. Complete a C class quest from the Terrenus quest index
    1. Best for solo
  2. Complete a B or higher quest from the Terrenus quest index
    1. Best for group
    2. Given special consideration if done solo cause that takes endurance and focus
  3. Acquire a B class artifact from the Terrenus artifact list
    1. Best for group
    2. Given special consideration since the B class is more difficult to complete and an artifact gives Justice a canonized item of power
  4. Successfully participate in an event/thread/plot run by an existing Justice member; this requires that you coordinate with a Justice member, with no guarantee as to their availability
    1. Best for group
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