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The Hound

Homo Aquaticus (Nymerians)

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Animal: Humanoid (Biped)


Average Size:


Distant cousins of the Terran Humans, the Nymerians’ heights average in between 6’0” (1.83m) to 7’0” (2.13m) for males, and 5’6” (1.68m)  and 6’6” (1.98m) for females, although it is not uncommon to see taller or shorter variants within the community.


Average Weight:


Due to a heavy regimen of combat training and strenuous physical activity instilled in every male and female Nymerian as soon as they can stand, the average weight for most Nymerian males weigh between 210 lbs (95.25kg) to 300 lbs (136.07kg) due to their wide, muscular builds and 140 lbs (63.50kg) to 200 lbs (90.71) kg for the females due to their lithe, toned builds.




Territorial and aggressive by nurture rather than nature, Nymerians by are taught from a young age to protect their kin. Although peaceful if left to their own devices, Nymerians have no qualms with resorting to more physical means in order to solve disputes. All quarrels amidst their own ranks, however, are put aside when they find themselves threatened by land-dwellers and foreign forces alike. Valuing strength, family, and honor the worst insults that can be offered to a Nymerian are questioning their worth, strength, or threatening one of their own.




Complex. Constructs and preserves information outside of the self. High degree of organization and development of physical, mental, and social networks. Understanding of abstract concepts and creation of complex tools.




Due to centuries of evolution, 92% of the Nymerian population has adapted to solely live underwater and without the aid the saltwater tanks built into the land warfare armors, an average Nymerian cannot survive for more than thirty minutes on dry land, although they are equipped with a set of lungs. The exception, however, lies with the Royal Nymerian line. Due to their exposure to the magic of the Elder Gods of the Deep after it was slain, their connection to the seas remain even while on land, allowing them to breathe and survive indefinitely.




Rarely venturing out of Nymeria for anything but forages and raids commanded by the Kings, the bulk of Nymerian population is found in the capitol, with small pockets of civilization located sporadically across the sea.


Organization & Behaviour:


Largely militaristic in nature and described as barbaric by the races who have seen them in combat, while Nymerian culture does largely center around martial law it is far more complex than those who stand removed from their society can see. Loyal, fierce, and almost exclusionary of other races to the point of derision, the proud people of Nymeria are extremely loyal to the royal family. Otherwise, the hierarchy of importance regarding the common Nymerian citizens is rigidly meritocratic, relying solely  on their  contributions to Nymerian society. Due to the militaristic aspect of the culture, warriors are the most valued tier of their people, encompassing both those who have an aptitude for battle magics and those who rely on their physical prowess in order to slay those who threaten their society. Merchants, scholars, and artists are valued equally, as they fight their own battles not only to preserve the Nymerian people, but their own culture.


The role of women in Nymerian culture is unique in the fact that they are not looked upon merely as broodmares, but also are valued as some of Nymeria’s most capable combatants. The dual reign of the King in the Deep and the King in the Waves has seen the ascension of both men and women to higher ranks and more important roles, awarded solely on merit and never on sex. A race of passionate creatures by nature, it is not uncommon for Nymerian males and females to engage in heated sexual trysts with people of either sex before they find the person to whom they wish to dedicate their lives to (whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature). Once mated with their proverbial other halves, Nymerians remain loyal for life. It is said that the loss of a lover changes a Nymerian, and not many survive that change. Those who do, however, rarely find the bond again.


After the fall of the Elder God, King Rxychra disbanded the established monarchy in favor to a new ruling system: Instead of ruling as a singular king he elevated his brother alongside himself to the Throne of Nymeria, dividing the position in two: The King in the Deep, and The King in the Waves. While the King in the Deep oversees the affairs of the citadel and is in charge of the immediate operations of the Nymerian Empire, the King in the Waves serves as a primary defender from interloping forces and as a conqueror when need be. In short while the King in the Deep oversees the pursuits of the citadel and the preservation of Nymerian culture, the King in the Waves oversees its’ defense and ensures that the Nymerians who fight for the Empire remain true to their purpose.


Although pockets of Nymerian population live away from the underwater citadel, every single living citizen would not hesitate to answer the calls of either the King in the Deep or the King in the Waves. Highly prejudiced against land-dwellers and oftentimes thought to be solitary recluses, Nymerians have formed an amicable relationship and opened their doors to other creatures of the sea, such as the Naga and Merfolk.




Due to their prolonged exposure to water and the divergent path they took in evolution from their terrestrial cousins, Nymerians are ill adapted for long stays ashore. Without their armor, they find themselves weakened within minutes of stepping upon dry land, becoming severely dehydrated and eventually dying. Additionally, their healing factor is severely hampered while on dry land even with the constant stream of saltwater going through their armors. In order to fully heal, a body of water is required.


Additionally, due to their prejudice toward land-dwellers, Nymerians are often narrow minded and prideful when it comes to dealing with other races. Easily goaded into hard situations, and often arrogant in estimating their opponents, undisciplined Nymerians can often be goaded into fights they should not engage in.




Due to their time sequestered away in their underwater citadel, the Nymerians have had no exposure to other cultures and speak only in ancient Nymerian although due to some clever evolutionary traits, the ability to assimilate and adapt to other languages is readily available to any Nymerian. Written language, however rare, does exist and is practiced predominantly by the scholars and the Royal Family. (Although it is not strictly kept so, save for the language of runes.)


Special Qualities/Abilities:


Amphibious Physiology: Due to the growth of gills and being unused to oxygen, most Nymerians can only survive out of the water for about thirty minutes without artificial aid. Additionally, the Nymerians are specifically adapted to living in the ocean. Their eyes are capable of seeing with perfect clarity, even in the near-total darkness of the ocean floor. They are also able to hear and smell under the water as well as humans do on land. Although vastly increased when in water, a Nymerian’s speed in dry land is only slightly above that of a human in peak physical condition, although that is slightly improved upon while they wear their land warfare armors due to the constantly cycling current of saltwater therein. Although mostly human in appearance, it is not uncommon for some Nymerians to have mutated to a less humane appearance with the addition of scales, webbed fingers and toes, and in some extreme cases changing to light blue skin tone.


Hydromancy: Due to their connection to the power of the Elder God, all Nymerians have a varying degree of hydrokinetic ability which matures as they age. Although some are more gifted with it than others, it is widely believed that it is that connection to water that grants them their speed, strength, healing factor, and the ability that allows their bodies to naturally adjust at certain depths to compensate for their weight to equalize buoyancy. Higher degrees of finesse and control, however, are a more rare trait and one that often manifests itself early on and is cultivated from infancy.


Linguistic Assimilation: An unique trait of Nymerians is their capability of assimilating other languages through physical contact of the lips with another species or being. Although many have hypothesized the phenomenon as something related to the Elder Gods, it is currently unknown how exactly they are capable of doing so.




Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Neutral




Long lived, the average Nymerian’s life span ranges to 700-800 years. Although physically similar to humans, their blood is golden in color rather than red.


Although their looks vary greatly, almost all Nymerians are tall, broad, and built for war. With skins ranging from tanned to a incredibly dark. Albinos, however rare, do exist. Hair colors varies from white, to several shades of blue, to green, to black, and rarely blonde or red. A true oddity, however, are their eyes: Singularly light eyed, the color of their irises range from pastel colors, to soft blues and greens, and rarely silver and bright yellow.

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