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Whose Line? Bi-weekly RP Challenge!

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Hey everyone, at the behest of Roboblu, I will be providing this fortnight's bi-weekly challenge!

This challenge actually involves two steps (hence the spoiler). Step 1 is to go and write a post for one of your threads as you normally would, but leave it saved in a document instead of posting it. So, go on, do that. Once you're done, come back here and open up the spoiler for step 2! Oh, and no clicking on anyone's spoilers until you've finished part 1, unless you're not planning on participating (obviously I can't enforce this, but you're depriving yourself if you do spoil things. It only hurts you!).


Step 2: Okay so you've written your post as you usually would, right? Good! Now, I want you to take that post, and either cut it in half or double it, whichever is easier for you. That's right, you heard me. I want you to take the word count for your original post and either proceed to write twice as many or cut their number in half. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can (and should) do both!

Once your finished with that, take a look at your 2-3 posts. Decide which one you like the best, and then go ahead and post that! Then, come here and leave versions of your drafts for us to look at. You can post a link to your actual post and then put spoilers in your message to house your alternative writings.

Hopefully doing this an exercise gave you some food for thought. How was changing your post length? Hard, easy? Did you find yourself adding in or leaving out important things, or was it just all fluff? Did you post gain anything for brevity, or for being longer, or was this just all pointless? Food for thought ^_^

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts, and I know roboblu is too! Let's keep this thing going guys!

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