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Trevor Wisegem

Wisegem School of Magical Arts

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Blairville, an old city of magic and wonder. One of the oldest and most powerful magic-based cities in Terrenus. The large and winding cobblestone towers and paths had been of great wonder to the young farm boy since he had stepped off of the Light Rail from Casper. The city was home to older more traditional magic, then the magictech epicenters of Hells Gate and Casper the cities Vonton were most used to due to "uncle" Charles business dealings there. However, the more traditional and ritualistic magic that was embraced here may be more conductive to his learning as the more ritualistic magic of the villages is what he was used to having grown up in an outskirt town in the wilds.  He had always wanted to get out of that little town though and Charles had always fostered his potential. Bringing in the best tutors he could to give Vonton an education beyond that of a turnip farmer. When he achieved the age of free thought at 16 he went after his dreams and applied to the Gaian Academy.  His scores for the academic test while not honor college worthy were good enough and his essay scores were top of the line, but then came the spellcasting test. Which he failed utterly, due to having no experience in magic at all.  This lead to his being denied admission. He could retake the test at the start of the next term but he needed at least a basic magical understanding. They had searched for a tutor when a merchant with ties to Charles`s shipping companies had heard of a poorly advertised school just opening. 

 Vonton, stepped up to the building his eyes scanning the large stone of the walls and taking in everything around him. He was dressed in rather basic clothing and held two bags strapped across his shoulders. He also held a folder in one hand containing his school records and the results o his failed entry exam namely the spellcasting portion of it. He pushed open the doors calling out into the hallways. "Hellllooooo. Is anyone here? My uncle should have sent a letter to me? Vonton!" He called out unsurely into the hallways. 

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"Arch angels are just very powerful angels. Don't worry, you will most likely never have to fight one." Trevor then heard calling from the main entrance.

"Give me a moment please."


Trevor walked over in his green hooded mage robes. He looked like he took care of himself, but he also looked 16.  He walked in such a way that made him look wise and experienced. He put on a friendly smile as he walked up to the man at the door.

"Why hello there! My name is Trevor! Trevor Wisegem! Welcome to my school of magic!" He spoke with such a tone that sounded both casual and formal. "What brings you here my friend? Is it the longing for knowledge? The curiosity of the unknown? Or do you simply just want to learn the ways of magic for entertainment purposes? Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place!"


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"Oh...", Elliot said, trying to imagine  an archangel,  no image could have been  formed inside his head. 
"You.. said there was a library here....", he mentioned, Elliot thought it would be a good idea to  read books, too.

(To clarify: Rachel is far far away, kept prisoner,  she's a friend of Elliot, who has amnesia.  She wants to find  Elliot first because  her father is evil and wants Elliot for some pretty dark purposes, which will be   revealed later) 
"Gaav flare!", Rachel shouted, jabbing her  hand  against the thick  wall, nothing happened,  her  eyes  widened to see  that, the nothing that her latest spell achieved."How is this possible?I mean.. I know my spells are  weaker without my wand.. but  something happened at the othe spells.. this one  doesn't seem to have any effect at all!",  she was angry, she had been locked up there  for quite some time and she  tried to get herself out by destroying the walls... the progress was lower than she had expected it to be.
"It's all or nothing!", she said. 

"Source of all power,
crimson fire burning bright,
gather in my hand and become an inferno."

She  was focusing with all her might, she was trying with all her power to concentrate  the destructive power of the spell into the wall that needed to be crashed.She was holding the furious ball in her hands, its light was getting brighter and brighter as she said the words of power.
"Blast flare!!!",she threw the ball with force  against the wall, its fire went wild and   made a big hole.
She was free.
"I need to get my wand, I can't let father   find Elliot first!!", she thought, she  ran  slowly,  Rachel   was exhausted,  Blast flare isn't a spell that leaves you full of energy after you cast it,  the pyromancer knew it very well.

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"That's cool.",  Elliot said promptly,  although the compliment was heart-felt  as it could get."Although... why would he hide a library?", he thought in his mind. Anyway, it wasn't  like  it was  his  business why, so he didn't bother asking. He followed  Ash.

Rachel was hiding behind a stack of crates,   because of the guards that are  patrolling  around the  stronghold's perimeter,  she had to be super careful : she wanted to get to her father, no matter what the cost may be. 
"It seems that, for now, Blast flare is the only spell I can use.. at least until I get my wand back.",   the girl thought, as she was sneaking around. The sound of  dirty orcs  picking their nose, scratching their butt, and then tasting the result nearly made her throw up, it was gross, no description needed.
She  felt it, she was getting closer and closer to where her father plans his new step  in finding Elliot  and using him to unlock the sacred-realm,the place which all the forbbiden spells reside, and between those secret incantations, there lies the key  of wiping out realism, the key to   making things go chaotic between  fiction and reality...   and the forbbiden knowledge, which holds the secret of reviving  the darkest creature of them all.
She got closed to the door, it was closed shut. Rache knew what she had to do : eavesdrop.
"Symmone, are you sure  a corpse's blood  will suffice?",
"Absolutely, this spell isn't that hard,  blood is all you need,  some will power.. and puff! The boy will be dead in no time!"
She heard somebody laugh hysterically.
Rachel's teeth grittered,she turned her back towards the door.The girl's hair began to float as she held out her hand let  her magic unleash the fury within.Her hands trembled, her eyes flashed.

"Magma melting metal
Firey light  shinning bright
Bring the flames  of justice
To my faithful sight."


This would cost her dearly,  but she didn't care,  her nose  started bleeding intensively,  she shouldn't be casting spells like this one without a wand, or at least not alone. She closed her eyes  and held the  two  crimson-colored fireballs in her hands, she tried to bring the most out of it.

"Did you hear this humming?What is  this?!"
She  gasped, the spell took its toil on her  fragile body, the pain  was real, but  she opened her eyes, feeling its tears running down her cheek, and turned back to  destroy the door, she needed t ocontinue the spell.

"Clear  the  space and time 
of these villains' crime.
Let these  fools get their 2nd chance
Within your divine grasp"


"IMPOSSIBLE! Symmone, this is..."

"Infernal purgatory!", she shouted, she threw one of the balls against the door, which was made into  dust within a blink of an eye, its effected knocked the two of their chairs, the second  marched towards the center of the room and turned into a big tornado of fire, which stood in one place in the center of the room, kicking the  two villains against the wall.

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Ash looked at Elliot, thinking the same thing. He then shrugged. 

"I don't know why he'd hide a library, I guess it just gives him another excuse to put hidden doorways? I mean you got to admit though, it is kind of cool. What kind of book are you looking for might I ask?" 

He started walking through the doorway, looking back at Elliot.

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Ash walked down the room looking for anything on light magic. He found the spot it was around. 

"Aha! Found some!" He looked through the book titles.

"Light Magic: Families of Healing; The Class of Restoration; Forming Projectiles With Light; Where To Find Pure Light... any of these sound appealing? There's more." Ash asked as he looked over to Elliot.

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Ash waved over for Elliot to come over to where he was and take a look himself. Perhaps he'd find something of great use to him?? 

Probably not though; however, it would be pretty cool if he did find one. At least, that's eat Ash was thinking.

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