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What is your greatest story that never happened?

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It happens to all of us eventually. A thread is on a roll, big things are happening and consequences will never be the same.... And the RL hits and everything grinds to a halt.

Sometimes the issue is resolved before interest fades and all is well. But not always.

Time to tell us what might have been.

Rule: Don't mention what the OOC/RL issue was that caused the thread to end incomplete.

1) What was the characters goal going into the thread?

2) What was the characters last act?

3) By the way things were going, what did you feel the likely conclusion would have been and how would it have changed your characters overall story?

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Raven had a love story that progressed slowly and naturally. Her husband and her actually didn't get along at first. He was a trouble maker, a thug who belonged to a gang that haunted the bar and fight ring she was a patron to. The owner and she had become acquainted when she lost to him a tournament. Despite her position in law enforcement, she helped keep his establishment as clean to her knowledge in exchange for physical conditioning, and so she and Drew eventually crossed paths when he came to lend his talents to the gang. He was handsome in that roguish way. Impulsive, headstrong, charming and quick-witted. The British metahuman lived his life on the edge, never realizing where it would lead him.

Eventually she had won the gang over, and they accepted her as someone to trust and look out for. She didn't judge them and she saw the humanity within them despite their grey paths in life. She and Drew became great friends over their common interests over the years, as he was skilled in forging weapons and imbuing them with magic. To this day, Raven still wears his dangling cross earring, as it was his most personal weapon.

Raven was with child from an old flame she reconnected with, who were well on their way to becoming a very powerful noble house. The city she was visiting to see an old magus friend was attacked by religious zealots and Raven had miscarried the child after being severely injured. Drew had been the one to find her nearly dead and helped remove the fetus and tended to her over the weeks. It was the first moment they had connected on a level that transcended a friendship. Drew began to see Raven as the woman she always was--something she was not used to. She was designed to be a living weapon, and often had the fatalist mindset that she was a means to an end for all the power players that ran the city. This was why she valued the humanity of people such as Drew's. He wanted nothing from her, and tried to get her to enjoy a life she didn't know she could enjoy. From that moment on, through the dangerous profession Raven had, Drew was there to keep her out of harm's way. It had become a joke between them how often he came to her rescue, as they were too stubborn to admit their growing feelings of affection between one another.

An Artificial God that had manipulated the Mage's guild got loose in the city, destroying a great deal of the population in his pursuit of Red Yusuke. He sought to use the Psion as a personal battery, but failed when Roen Jaeger came to push him back. Raven was separated from Drew as the city was engulfed in chaos--many survivors leaving the city. It took three years to establish some means of normalcy again, but Raven didn't hear from Drew again until that third year. She was heartbroken by the loss of her child, the loss of a man she didn't get a chance to love, and for the great loss of lives in the city. Her boss had resigned and elevated her to take his place as the main peacekeeping force of the city, which put a tremendous amount of stress on her. That same Artificial God had implanted insurgents posing as some of Rae's own Enforcers, their families and friends. Despite intercepting intel that he was planning something terrible for the Enforcers, she pre-emptively moved most of them, though she lost 200-some odd soldiers who were infected by the insurgents. Despite Ertai's forced retreat by the city's Gatekeeper, the attack was so devastating that the city was nearly abandoned--with Raven leaving to return to Terran soil and build a new life.

Certain that Drew was dead, she sought to honor his memory but learning his craft of Invocation magic. She returned to the city and found the abandoned club where he worked to find any research she could take back with her. A long term-acquaintance and rising Daemonslayer under James Eredas, Jin had also arrived, detecting activity. Neither of them were alone as a Valkyrie was checking the establishment, and sought to attack the two of them. Little did Raven know that Drew was not only alive, but well, and present as he was returning to his old lab to find it broken into and witnessed the fight breaking out. Having ceased their fighting, Raven offered to take Drew and Jin back to Terrenus with her.

Unsure of where to begin, their reunion was awkward and shy. They spent days together sitting outside by the lake bordering Predator's Keep filling each other in over the last three years. Raven discovered that he had indeed died in the invasion, but had been retrieved and revived by an organization wanting his abilities to be put to work for their organization, Red Cell. He worked as a mercenary in a corner of the multiverse, intentionally kept away from Sigil City. It had taken him the three years just to map his way back, and had lost his new family to the organization that did nothing to help save them. Raven had recounted the war in the city, how she had attempted to look for him, swimming through heaps of corpses for days and found no trace. She felt closure in knowing he lived after all, but ultimately broke down and begged him not to leave her again. She confessed her love for him, which he wholly returned, citing that he would absolutely stay and flesh out a new life with her if she would have him.

Raven achieved her life-long dream of opening a tea shop, the Sadira Amar, which sat above the forge that the two co-owned. Drew resumed his alchemizing work with Invocation Magic. They had built a house into a tree outside of Predator's Keep, and Drew had taken the oath to serve as Raven's Gatekeeper, simultaneously lawfully wedding her. Despite his desire for her to share his name as Raven Clark, she still addresses herself as Raven Kanzaki. The two of them often embarked on supply runs, questing for materials that would assist Drew in his business of designing soul-bound weapons for those who came buying. With the death of her Parabatai and her inheriting his businesses, Raven and Drew frequently traveled together between Terrenus and Sigil City, unwilling to any more time apart than they needed to.

It was on their way from settling business over the Bravot Library that Raven had received word that Predator's Keep was under attack from OXY. Racing ahead of Drew to return, OXY had successfully captured Raven. The idea that his wife had been taken from him--and could perhaps be dead--stirred a darkness in Drew that was born from the Artificial God's dark influence that first killed him. Like a poison it spread as Drew was so determined to get Raven back that he relinquished his humanity and let that poison overtake him. The insidious man that took his place began to carve a path of carnage, destroying anyone that got in his way. Unable to purge that darkness from himself, it consumed him wholly and destroyed Drew as he was, including his love for Raven. Despite the harrowing escape from OXY, the devastation of Drew's irreparable transformation broke her heart. After an intense fight between the two of them as she refused to join him in his quest to destroy OXY and anyone else who stood in their way, they fatally wounded one another--though not before Raven was able to purge Drew of the God's poisonous influence. She gave her heart to save his life, literally.

Her patron god was disappointed about her death, but moved by her sacrifice and in a one-time deal gave her new life in a new body. In her dying moments when she was meant to be sedated by a form of the maddening mist, it robbed her of her memories--something her God could not reverse. For weeks after both her and Drew's recovery, they had become estranged and their relationship forlorn. Drew, too ashamed of what he had done left once he was sure Raven would recover from her injuries. His heart was broken that his wife had lost the last ten years of her life, including the pieces of happiness they had built together over the year and a half they had been reunited. Raven--who now goes by her biological name Raveena--still to this day does not recall the memories she lost. Drew has gone through extensive lengths to keep tabs on the rising noble, but refuses to be an active part of her life again for his sins of hurting her and endangering the lives of everyone they knew and cared for.

Raven, feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of remembering strangers, events, and who she is, fled to his apartment in Durem City, where she stayed alone for an entire year, piecing together the life by relearning the identities of those around her, important events and current political relations. After a visit from her son's nephew, Raven finally found the courage to return to Terrenus and set out rehabilitate and re-home the rest of the refugees that had been captured by OXY. She believes that things happen the way they were meant to, and that while she may not remember the deep-seated love she and Drew shared, that some part of her experienced it gives her hope that she may find a love like that again, if not greater. This man whom she married had taught her that she was capable of being loved, that she was not just a tool to be used, but had value and worth. With this realization, she was able to move on with her life and goals.

Coincidentally, a year and a half later while attending a royal affair in Genesaris. Raveena had been lured into a trap that resulted in a brutal beating and attempted rape that was thwarted by an unknown. Having woke up in a bed that was not her own, in a room that was not hers, in a nightgown that did not belong to her, she met Agent Preta; a brooding British special ops agent that had been assigned to keep her alive at and and all cost. He has remained a loyal shadow true to his word in looking after her, though he'd be hard pressed to admit it's for the money anymore.

1) The goal was this...big dramatic rescue. This show that Drew would go to the ends of the earth to get his wife back, even if it meant giving up the precious thing about him she valued the most.

2) His last act had been stabbing himself with a weapon he named Grieevos ('Grieevos' is the standard Matreyan greeting that literally translates to "I grieve". The meaning behind the greeting is that it is like saying, "I am glad to see you. I will be sad when we part ways, and I will be sad until next we meet." It is meant to showcase the dynamics of Matreyan social culture and norms). The magic of this weapon fueled the taint of the Artificial God and allowed it to feed and expand and take him over. Allowing himself to go grimdark, he set out to find the people who kidnapped Raven and viciously eradicate them.

3) Conclusion wise, Raven was going to manage to free herself. And all these strapping lads who had raced off to rescue her would look somewhat foolish for their wasted gallantry. She was always a capable woman who--despite her penchant for getting into trouble--never truly needed rescuing. She would purge Drew of this darkness with her most powerful weapon--her virtue of love. And somewhat like the Hunger Games, they would slowly work to heal and try to move on with their lives together after such a traumatic situation. With it affecting her story, she never would have realized she was part of a bigger plan in rescuing those refugees, never would have ran away from her lack of memories, and would have been content growing old and living a relatively normal, mundane life with her husband co-running their businesses. She never would have realized her destiny as those refugees' last hope, or the prophecy and history that surrounded them. A big, big difference from the present Raveena.

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(1) to save people

2) when he was building a backup plan

3) it probably deleted him (this was Aster's Villans rp thread that no longer exist) so all i can say is that he rebuilt a computer and was building a bomb.

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Ownage Incorporated's takeover of Valucre.

To understand the "greatness" of this story, you must first learn how the involvement of other people's characters are much more important than any of mine. The most prominent character is Faustus Clemens. Imagine a man. A very powerful, focused man. He has cunning and wit and foresight but there's one thing he can't see coming. The acquisition and subsequent loss of a loved one. That's almost always how these fabled war stories start, isn't it? A romance, requited or not, gone awry. Nonetheless, Faustus goes insane. He must get this love back - no matter the cost. Even if his journey takes him into great peril, or sacrifices others.

And so it does. A watchtower in the Ayenee realm, before Valucre was even a thought, houses an armory belonging to a family renown for their violent acts and merciless retaliation. Faustus doesn't care, why would he? Nothing can stop him in his quest. It's possible he doesn't even know nor care the sequence of events he's about to trigger. He breaks into the armory, he steals its most prized possession, and carries on his merry way. 

The owner of the weapon, a mythical revolver, knows immediately of its absence. You see, there was a spirit connected to this weapon, a spirit that haunted the possessor, even if not physically held. Once the weapon is gone, the spirit leaves, and begins to haunt Faustus. Now, Faustus is a wise man, and he takes measures to save himself from that additional piece of sanity. But the original owner, a man by the name of Michael Tullin, is not happy. While being possessed by ghosts isn't the greatest of fates, there's something to be said for a weapon in which wielding it is worth that cost. And this weapon is worth it. Even still, it's the principle of the matter! How dare this man, this Faustus, steal something from a Tullin brother? Pride and inflated self worth and all of the things associated with narcissists pulse through every drop of blood in Michael's body. And so he goes to get it back. Along for the ride - as almost always - is his brother. That's my character, Randy Tullin.

So they go searching. Now, while the focus of this background is on other characters, it's important to note something about mine. Randy, along with Michael, are men of success. They are efficient, they are intelligent, they are immoral - for our standards - and they are very powerful. Not just in the way of combat, which is how power is often measured in these stories, but also in range of influence. They have connections everywhere. They have eyes in the skies, and ears low to the ground, and everything in between. A campaign of theirs very rarely lasts more than a couple of footnotes. So imagine their surprise when, after beginning their hunt for this Faustus character, they can't find him. 

If you've ever been confident that you can do something easily, and find out that you cannot, you may recall how that just reinforces your desire to do it. Resources you'd never imagining dedicating to this task from the beginning are suddenly of no expense! You become more and more tunnel visioned as you attempt to make the fates twist in your favor. So here we are, with two brothers, that simply cannot lock on to their target. But they know he's out there. They know he's out there because Faustus is a very busy man. He's had epic battles, and continued pillaging significant artifacts, and he's been realm hopping. His reputation is growing. But what's interesting is how "in the know" you must be to even hear of these tales. Not only is Faustus having these amazing events, he's being very careful and very secretive to make sure there are as few "story tellers" as possible. It becomes apparent that this man will be unlike anyone they've gone after before. 

Eventually word comes down the pipe that Faustus has landed in a smaller realm called Valucre. Now, this place has rules and regulations that are a cause of concern for the Tullins. A character can only be as strong as the metaphysics they're held to. Most realms, if not all until now, encourage the rapid-fire growth and arcane stockpiling reminiscent of real-life Nuclear arms racing. But this one is different. This one has very strict rules and regulations. If they can't reliably track Faustus with all of their tools available, how will they manage to do so with a lot less? Even more so, once they arrive, will they even be able to leave? Regardless, they've spent too much energy to turn back now. 

It's unknown how much time passes between Faustus arrival to Valucre vs Michael and Randy Tullin. But it is known that the great turning wheel of Faustus' integrity and determination doesn't ever stop spinning. Faustus is also well aware of Valucre's imposing limitations. Or if he wasn't when he got there, he surely figured it out soon enough. So Faustus does probably the smartest thing he can do: nothing. That is to say, he stops doing things directly. Instead he makes use of another one of his many talents, manipulation. He creates a group, people who become Dead to the rest of society, and uses them as a proxy from here on out. Faustus effectively disappears from the map, but his shadow casts larger with every passing sunset. 

If you don't know who the Dead are, I suggest you do some research of your own. Their stories are vast, but most of them don't directly correlate to the one I present to you here. But I assure you there's something for everyone among them. The most important thing to know is that they - like almost all shadow organizations - kept spreading their influence behind the scenes to control as much as they could with a lengthy string. If they weren't called the dead you could just as easily call them the Puppet Masters. Any modern day conspiracy theory on Valucre can probably be traced back to something originated from the Dead. 

While you can definitely say Faustus is the better chess player, the Tullin brothers are at least competent enough to know when key pieces are in unusual positions. It doesn't take them very long to suspect something strange is going on. Afterall, prior to Valucre, the fame of this "unknown entity" who had to be Faustus was making shock waves of never before seen proportion! Where are the shock waves here? For that matter, why is he here at all? While it's easy for the Tullin's to think of Faustus as on the run for them, they knew better. The brothers aren't even a thought on Mr. Clemens mind. He's not running, he's the one hunting. He's doing something spectacular of his own right and for his own reasons, but what could it be? And so, too, do the Tullin's slip into the shadows. And with them they bring their own group. 

Ownage Incorporated may have a funny name, but back in the early-to-mid 2000's when everything was about "owning" your opposition, they certainly epitomized that concept. There's something to be said about a brand, and with their prior reputation in foreign lands, it was pretty easy to re-surge in Valucre. This is where we introduce two new characters to the story, and walk away from our trio for a while. A man named Shivers, and a man named Farkis. CGP Gray has a video called "Rules for Rulers," which is mandatory watching when you have the spare time. The most important highlight relevant to this story is "The power of a king is not to act, but to get others to act on his behalf." The Tullin's need to sit back for a while and begin moving chess pieces of their own. But they need to do it anonymously. They can't just play chase here, it will only make their goals harder. So that's where Shivers and Farkis come into play.

Unfortunately I'm running out of time, so I'll start being briefer with the details. Maybe someone else who was around during this can fill in some of the blanks. Farkis and Shivers are the front runners for the establishment of legitimate and non-legitimate industry. Be it building hospitals, or replacing powerful politicians with shadow clones, or anything in between, they set up the means for a high income ladder for this organization to thrive in. And thrive they do: soon enough there's so many resources at their disposal they create their own mega city. A city with a huge population. And schools, and industry, and science, and eventually its own self sufficient economy. But most importantly of all, its own weapons development and military. 

This city, named Paradise, was the legitimate front for Ownage Incorporated. It did so well that laundering the illegal resources probably wasn't even necessary. But that didn't stop them from their extracurricular activities. For every suburb in Paradise, there was another town somewhere in Valucre that OiC had their dirty little hands in. And it wasn't just the people they were influencing, but the animals, too. Mysterious bird cages kept popping up everywhere. Nothing unusual about them, at a glance. But all of these birds were part of a creature that was monstrous. One that used its power to spy and swarm. Villainous insects would ravage cities, only for the kind people of Paradise to offer their aid to rebuild. Rebuild with their architects, and their plans, and their technology. Terrorists would destroy transportation systems, only for the kind people of Paradise to fix them...again, their architects, their plans, their technology. 

Before long Ownage Incorporated looked like it was well on its way to be swallowing Valucre whole. If there was going to be a play made to stop them, it'd have to be now. And it's not like the Dead and OiC were the only two games in town. There are hundreds of groups, mafias, politicians, Peacekeepers, and all of these forces across the globe who were interacting with this giant web. The bursting point for this bubble was soon upon us. Soon only violence and direct force would be able to break the strides in development. Valucre was more likely than not about to see it's First. World. War.

Unfortunately, that's where our story ends.



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The greatest story left untold. 

To be honest I can think of more incomplete stories than I can complete. The problem with collaborative writing is that you require other people to finish and the more awesome, the more epic, and the longer the story becomes the more people you lose. 

OiC is an excellent example of this, because during the Valucre portion of the story I was cycling through members constantly. It was constant recruitment to feed the machine so that the cogs and wheels could keep turning.  Eventually the amount of effort it took to sustain membership left me absolutely exhausted, and with declining activity from core members... well it wasn't sustainable at all. 

What's interesting to note is that OiC had dealings with the Dead and the two organizations were getting increasingly close to entwining. There was even a thread where @King, who had a character in the dead, brokered a deal for a hostage release with my character Farkis. 

I wonder, how close were we to an end?

Anyway, a recent one that sticks out in my mind.

1) What was the characters goal going into the thread?

Some time after OiC stopped being a thing, Farkis decided he was going to eat Randy Tullin.

2) What was the characters last act?

Shortly after taking a bite out of Randy's arm and then trying to explode him, Randy went on the defensive. Farkis was preparing to penetrate his defenses so that he could finish him off.

3) By the way things were going, what did you feel the likely conclusion would have been and how would it have changed your characters overall story?

I'm not sure, to be honest. The funny thing about fights is that it is pretty easy to lose momentum. I had a feeling that there was about to be a momentum shift. The discussions and negotiations happening between Rob and me where something I hadn't done in awhile. So I'm sure I wasn't advocating for my  best possible outcome. Needless to say, I suspect that whatever the outcome would have been, it'd of been explosive.

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The Dead Sea was a thread I had opened in a previous RP years ago. Bard had heard rumors of a ship sunken into the depths with the weight of the treasures it held. So corrupted with greed was the captain that he would damn himself and his crew to a watery grave with the ship.

For years since, it was said the ship still haunted the seas it once tormented. Claiming not only the treasure of its victims, but the souls as well. Motivated by the treasure that wad claimed to be held, and the adventure that would come with it, Bard had set out to sail with a crew of brave more capable heroes. 

It had very much a pirates of the Caribbean/magnificent seven vibe because it was a high seas adventure with a team of people who would otherwise never associate with one another, but it brought out the best in each person.

To find the ship they needed to discover clues, sailing to all corners. It really was great but without warning the site was taken down. Ugh good times.

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Huh, this is something I have way too much experience in. In my time with my previous (well, still current, but it's mostly dead over there) RP group, there were about 31 or so different RPs I was involved with (out of around 39, so I pretty much got myself into nearly everything). Out of those, only 8 ever reached proper completions, with another two being given half-arsed transitional endings where their continuity kind of got merged into a different RP. Another seven are still active, meaning I've had 14 failed RPs. That gives me... a 10/14/7 K/D/A ratio? Okay, sorry, now I'm using video game terms. Anyway, in addition to the 14 confirmed deceased, there are two or three more that are lying dead in cryofreeze chambers, hoping that future medical technology can resuscitate them. Most of the dead ones were a result of lost interest or terrible plots that killed them, but a couple were also killed by rather brutal removals of authors from the group. Only the more recent "dying" ones are thanks to authors being too busy (this was not much of a problem in the early years of our group, as everyone had way more time than they knew what to do with).

So anyway, what is the best story that won't be finished? I would say one of the RPs that is dying in cryofreeze would be the best one, as it is 29,286 posts long (though we had no word count minimum), spanning the course of nearly 4 years, and containing hundreds of named characters and dozens of fun plots contained within. But since it is not officially dead, and people hope to finish it later, I won't count it and instead will just let this paragraph serve as a method of bragging about my RP experience and our group's former glory and whatnot.

Anyway, truth be told, most of the ones that never finished were pretty bad, making this a difficult call. I'm going to say the best one was a little expedition set in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars universe where a bunch of criminals and misfits got sent by the Galactic Republic on a suicide mission (something like The Dirty Dozen or The Magnificent Seven) to recover a long lost survey ship in the deep unknown territories. While the RP was technically a comedy, I actually had the ending planned to involve some sort of Lovecraftian space-demon creature that gets encountered near the end. Didn't really fit with the otherwise silly tone of the story and characters, but that's what my plan was...

1) What was the characters goal going into the thread? -- As stated, the characters were supposed to recover a derelict Republic survey ship in the unknown regions, thereby possibly buying their freedom from prosecution by the government.

2) What was the characters last act? -- The majority of the characters got their asses kicked and captured by a team sent by the Sith Empire to recover the same survey ship, though a couple got captured by pirates instead.

3) By the way things were going, what did you feel the likely conclusion would have been and how would it have changed your characters overall story? -- The way things were going, it was most likely that we were going to scrap the original plot anyway and change the entire purpose of the RP somehow. Despite having a lot of interesting individual characters, the group dynamic sucked and the plot did not fit the rest of the RP very well. So I can't say where it actually was going to go.

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There are so many. I can't remember the last story/roleplay that actually finished, and almost every roleplay I've been in with a story in the works has been great. That's just how roleplay goes; it's inherently great, if subject to incompletion.

So while I don't have a greatest, I have plenty of greats. One of them was centered on the coronation of Pasion Pasiva's would be King Lucis of House DuGrace of Orisia in an epic roleplay called All is Bright. 

The roleplay was massive. Plenty of pages and posts to fill them across a score of roleplayers. Characters from all over. Dancing, drinking, fencing and even a maze. In that sense of size and scope, I can't fault it for not officially ending, whether Pasion ended it in her own way or not. By that time, I had kinda gone AFV anyway. It was great while it lasted though. All is Bright is, to this day, one of the greatest roleplays I've ever been in.

I actually entered with some different POV PCs but my main was Lord Vadrian of House Dawnwood. His goal was the same as most others: publicly display his loyalty to and support of the new king of Orisia and have a ball at the ball. His last act was stabbing his fencing sword toward Aleksei's Lady Primera of Renovatio. The posting stopped thereafter.

Vadrian didn't see much activity overall. I kept him in reserve for IC circumstances and monitored his openings. Yet, each post was a joy to write. I engaged in two POV crossovers right from the start wherein Vadrian was watching his son, Teige Dawnwood, sing Orisia's would be national anthem, "Orisia Evermore", of which I actually got to write the lyrics for myself.

Vadrian exchanged some words with the king and afforded himself some privacy in the tournament changing room with his wife, Inkinheart's Lady Aine Dawnwood. Then it was straight to sparring and that was his last act.

I also jumped in with three other POVs: Ser Matthew the Merry, also known as the Cinnamon Knight, Captain Mallister Keynion of the Tranquility and Katie, the boatswain of Mal's ship. 

I'd wager that the conclusions for all five characters were...unknown. I didn't get far enough with any of them to find out what could happen next in that vast roleplay setting, but looking back, well, I can only imagine.

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Well, I've been looking to push my character - Dugall as the Anti-Watcher figure, but that plan has never quite gotten off the ground. The idea being there's an evil, extremely powerful and skilled assassin who can equal any of the Watchers individually in combat - acting as a recurring antagonist.

Then there was the third phase of my Watchers plan - which might or might not still be possible.

Spoiler alert for anyone who doesn't want to know.


The idea being the entity behind the events of the Watchers was actually Asmodeus - one of the Kings of Hell - intent on arranging events and influencing powerful figures on Valucre so as to allow itself to be summoned into corporeal form. The group would unite one last time and do battle with this entity - and after destroying it, Jameson would announce that Max is better suited to leading than him, stepping down and traveling the world. Under the Angel Knight's leadership, the group would be renamed the Freedom Fighters - intent on opposing tyranny across the world.

Satisfied their mission was complete - Arthur and Gale would retire from heroics - intent on raising/finding their families respectively.

Elias would step up as the new second in command, and the other figures I've created over the years as extras would join: Bal, Justin (before I decided it'd be better he died) - Theron and even Dugall would all become the new generation of heroes.

Furthermore, with Daughter_of_Rome's permission, Max and her character Jophiel would marry and start a family.


Lastly, the other plan that never quite got off the ground was a sub-plot of the Watchers storyline: It involved three gems - a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire - all cut into heart shapes. Once united, the three would be used to amplify the three brother's powers - making them significantly stronger.

Nathan would get the emerald - granting him additional superhuman strength and a measure of control over earth. 

Max would get the ruby - giving him increased heat resistance and additional fire powers.

And of course, Gale would get the sapphire - increasing his power over water and even allowing him access to ice based abilities.

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