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supernal character database

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(credit to Fridge for the inspiration)

Active Characters
Dormant Characters

Emilio Arellano - Mage
Ekrronn Rellorkit - Bird-person federal investigator
Victory | Tori - Artificial super intelligence invented by the Monroe foundation in Hell's Gate
Halisera Northtrail Dali - Matriarch of House Dali
Cadmium Metireal - Sergeant in the Terrenus Military
Jericho Joshua Jordan - Freelance hero; leader of vigilante group Justice
Eldwine Wyrmwalker Dali - Intelligence officer for House Dali
Ampelos Spiderwalker Dali - Transmutation guild member in House Dali
Adime Adozen - Just a man

Donovan Cutler - Boy adventurer, private detective, dragoon, cartographer
Twizzen - Gaian Archbishop and Abbot of Biazo Abbey
Yahweh - Leader of the frost-giant tribe known as the light-bearers 
Wiz - A budding wizard intent on becoming the most powerful wizard in Valucre
Yates Bor - Gaian diocese
Evelyn DeLamprey - Alien symbiote and Handyman
Ruiser Tenth - Displaced Rosinderite in Terrenus trying to make enough money to pay off his debts and looking for adventure and existential fulfillment now that the war is lost
Leviticus Rex - Vampire hunter
Faustus Clemens - Criminal mastermind
"Raketh" - TEST medic
Walmart Amazon - Reptilian manager of the Silver Spoons theater troupe.
Gladstone (Old Man) - Leader of the Organization; hunting his sons.
Arthur Terces - Errant knight of Rosinder and leader of Resistance.
Iris Hyacinth - PeaceKeeper of Dougton, Terrenus. Pioneer of little-known Terrenus space program.
Steel Metirial - Major in the Terrenus army.
Rikayl Farseeker - A general purpose adventure seeker.
Ludwig Tenned - An adventuring monk.
Ender Trifall - A general purpose mercenary.
Peace - An alien, light-based species.
Patrick Flanagan - High Inquisitor.
Odin Haze - Saint-King of Terrenus.
Edward Brown - Imperial Advisor of Terrenus; 5-star military general; PeaceKeeper Handler
Leland Nervetti - 1920s Alt. character. Capo in the Marchetti family.
Caden Fuller - Deposed gang leader.
Mr. Silver - Sky pirate and airship captain.
Matthius Brown - Headmaster of Gaian Academy; Five-star general; code-breaker; Son of Edward Brown.
Eustace Monroe - Scientific pundit; ex-regent of Hell's Gate; industrial leader of Hell's Gate.
Bernard - Leader of a 5 person splinter cell team.
Barney - FIST agent.
Enrele/AllFather - Alien body-snatchers.
Joseph Stratham - Black Ops agent.

Organizations (active and dormant)
Metireal Royal Family
House Dali - active
Justice - active
Elder Company - active
Lucifer, light-bearers - active
Handymen - active
Body-Snatchers - active
Terrenus military - active 
Catalyst corporation - dormant
The dead (now managed by Noko)- dormant 
The dangles - dormant
The bumbling fool - dormant
The resistance - dormant


2015-02-15: added descriptions to characters
2017-09-02: added events to database
2017-11-04: added 5 characters from alt account merge

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To clarify, this list will be only of events I've personally run or organized

  1. Dougton body snatcher arc
  2. Chaos event
    1. Ooga booga!
    2. Creeping death
    3. Annals of crime
    4. Blairville safeguard riots
  3. Cold snap
  4. World Fair
  5. Maddening mists
  6. Civil war
  7. Justice disrupts slavery in Izral
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