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Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

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Side story

Silence. Like the neverending sound ripped away from a voice that needed to speak. Silence that came made the fear all the more powerful as it came to be. It was here, standing in the rain did the first seed stand. Looking over the plans he had written in an old scratched up notebook. If he was to succeed in gaining Athentha to his own goals he needed to do something drastic. It seemed that he had called the seeds here. The dying organization he was trying to build would be destroyed in time. But as he looked over at Vanilla, he had an idea. 

People knew the legend of the beast and the organization of the blood red moon children. It was here that he formed a plan. He would need to sacrifice the second seed and combine her with the princess. Without another word, he looked at Vanilla again. He had kept her safe during all this time, and she was the only one he could stand. But his feelings for the half breed seemed to now run his brain, trying to self destruct everything he worked for. Taking a step as the rain continued to get heavier he would come here, to the princess's home city and lure her here. 

The first seed sat down on the bench now as he placed the notebook into his bag. Vanilla taking her seat beside him. It wasn't a secret she held a torch for the first seed. But she would never be able to be with him. Not the way the second seed wanted it. The two remained in silence. Garnet's eerie golden yellow eyes traced every figure that walked by. No elves, just demons. He smiled to himself, if he could harness the half breed then the land could become his, and he could make it good. Create something different from what Rin wanted to do at least. 

The elders are onto us aren't they? They have acquired knights and soldiers to keep tabs on us. Garnet, why are we the enemy? What did we do to deserve such hatred?

We exist Vanilla. That is all. They think we are helping the monster to acquire her land back. And we are somewhat. Let them gather whoever they want. If my plan succeeds, it will be futile. You shouldn't worry yourself to death about these things. You should think of the future. 

Of course Vanilla didn't know she wouldn't see the future as she was now. That Garnet planned to fuse her with the half breed. He didn't care about the elders. They could do what they wanted and everything would work out in the end. Yet, in the end things wouldn't be the same. Athentha was on the brink of being destroyed. The war would come, but he would have a weapon at least. But he was wrong.

Garnet was not prepared for what happened, he would never be. And so they sat there in the rain watching the people come and go. The inn wasn't open yet so they couldn't get a room to take a nap in. It would be open in an hour before the mid-afternoon sun would appear in the sky. 


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Nightmares that devoured, consuming and corrupting from inside out, until nothing pure remained. Esben Eden, the slaver, had been the catalyst that for the whirlwind of events about to take Athentha by storm.

Violent purple streaked across the sky as Rodham rode across the land, an impending omen of the dark times of Athentha. Even the birds had stopped their song at dawn. 

Rodham's mission in Lyonesse had been completed. Gaining trust from Rin was his only goal now, the aim that filled his mind through the cursed amulet around his neck. Only the rain accompanied him on his journey as he approached the town and gave the reins to the stable boy.

"Not open yet?" he asked the two people sitting outside the inn. "Not a good way to do business! A good meal was all I needed to be on my way again. Getting delayed's not part of the plan."

Ivory tasks adorned the inn's signage, proclaiming it as The Elephant. Vexed, Rodham walked off, trying to find other establishments. Every shop in the town was closed. Yielding to his luck, he turned back to the closed inn. Outside, the two were still waiting, not speaking, just watching. Upon seeing them, Rodham had the feeling that they were not simple people. Unwilling to mingle further, he stood out of earshot range, waiting for the inn to open.

Perhaps they were fated to meet.


Part of the writing challenge by roboblu: combine the first letters of each sentence, they spell out NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP.



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Vanilla watched the man go and come back. She could smell the taint upon him. Yet she stood and approached Rodham as she stood an inch from him. Yes, the plan within had stolen him to them. The ore still coursing through his veins as it beat within his heart. Forming soon the twin to the soon forgotten Rodham that came once to the land. The seed smiled as the inn opened. 

"It takes a bit to open these days. Some of the businesses have become lazy and coated in ore. Hm, you're waiting to see the princess aren't you? Well you're in luck, she's here in the inn. And we were going to see her ourselves."

Yes, Rin had done her job well. And she was here asleep in a room. The last room on the left. Garnet and Vanilla entered the inn as she winked at Rodham. The two walked past the partying patrons as the second seed eyed them. She could sense they had been coated in the ore, they were losing themselves as many also sat there and just ate the ore. 

Walking up the stairs, Vanilla stopped. Garnet would visit the half breed later and entered their room, first on the right. He had reserved the room days ago. The second seed sighed. She was going to meet the princess and she was afraid. Looking back down she ran up towards Rodham and feigned the afraidness.

"I have to go and meet with the princess but I'm afraid she will attack me. Will you come along with me and meet her along with me?"

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Rodham grinned. “She’s right here? Well, seems that it is fated then. I have something for her.”

He followed the two into the inn, paying little attention to the patrons. He frowned at the girl’s question. Being with her would thwart his chances of getting Rin’s undivided attention. However, the princess wasn’t expecting him, and could very well refuse to see him. Accompanying this girl would guarantee an audience with Rin. And once she saw what he had gotten from Lyoness, she would definitely be interested.

“Alright, you’re in luck,” he told Vanilla. “Being a bodyguard is my job. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” He motioned for her to go on ahead. “Lead the way.

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This RP might get me in trouble in places but mostly should be okay with minor writing of violence and nudity, maybe some horribly written scenes. Let me know if I am needing to edit. I don't wish to upset people but at the same time just writing these characters as I do. And they do horrible acts of sexual nature, murder and whatnot. Just a warning so you don't read something you don't want to.

Vanilla wanted to ask why he said that. She had noticed the small touches of ore around his mouth and eyes. As if he was touched and blessed yet cursed by such things. In truth she had never a meeting with Rin that the second seed didn't fear. Rin was spoke of as a creature that devoured you whole. A person, a being to fear no matter whom you were.  And here it was seemed that the second seed wondered where the demon hunter had gotten too. 

For now she didn't ask. Her hand nervously reaching into her bag and pulling out the key Garnet swiped earlier. Placing it into the key hole, the seed twisted the doorknob and allowed it to open. Inside the half breed was, waiting for the meal to approach her, like a spider to the fly. Vanilla walked in slowly as she looked at Rodham. He was eerie calm. The two walked in and she closed the door. 

You seem so casual just walking into my room. Intruding on my sleep. Yet I do not know why you both bother me this evening. No first seed with you second seed? Was he too cowardly to join you this night that you bring someone else? No, you come to see the beast and get the bounty like everyone else? Tell me Vanilla, did Garnet tell you he was sacrificing you to the great monster? I doubt it. 

Vanilla's eyes widened at those words. No, she didn't mean those words. Her breath catching in her throat as she eyed Rin. The half breed stood as she tilted her head. Rin could see the fear weld in those heterchroma eyes the seed wielded so well. She grinned before shaking her head. The half breed rose from her chair, as she approached the seed and pulled her forth. So close, Vanilla could smell the darkness wafting from the beast. Vanilla was frozen in her fear. 

"You... You lie!"

Do I little seed? Or is it I tell the truth you couldn't see because Garnet blinded you with false hope? No, when I'm done, there will be no seeds, no children. Except for the little seed I made, my Seldeth will return to me. She will be reborn once more to a beast of lust and death. I will now ascend as I eat you whole little seed.

Vanilla cried out as she heard these words. Rin was lying. She had to be. But she would never find out. Rin let her fangs sink into the second seed. As she drank the seed's blood, her body began to change. Not like before when she turned demon. Or the beast. Her hair was still ebony and teal curls that lined down to her knees. Her eye was now orange with black specs within. Horns peeked out of her hair and curled. Fangs appeared slowly upon her canines as the horns disappeared. Her clothes ripped and teared as her body swelled outward. Her body, breasts, waist and thighs grew bigger. Her legs became longer. 

The half breed sat down in the chair as she smirked. The few remaining bits of Vanilla dripped down her lip. Placing her hands in her lap, the half breed eyed Rodham. He had watched it all and didn't speak. However, she had plans for many who came to her cursed island. But she didn't speak yet for she was looking him over. Sizing him up. 

I have ascended. Combining with the second seed, I am no longer the weak princess or monster the land knows me as. I am the true legend, they will come to see it soon as I tear them asunder. However... I do not know why you come before me. This land curses those who come, I turn them into monsters. You, I've see before. With the demon hunter. You come here for something. You... Yes, I know what you've come for. Ascension. Come, I have what you seek. The ore. 

Rin then placed her alabaster hand on the table next to her. The Sunburst Justice ore laid upon it as she cradled it in her hand. Yes, she would fatten him up like all the others before turning him into something twisted. Holding the ore out to Rodham she smiled. 

Eat my dear. Eat until it's all you want, desire. Eat until you burst. Once you ascend to greatness, beyond that pesky mortal coil, you'll realise the change. Eat until you can't anymore. You're all gluttons after all. 


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She wasn't certain about what was to come of this. All she knew is that nothing good will come out of it, and the impending doom that awaited her inside was only footsteps away. 

Kalashnikov was waiting to enter. After she saw Vanilla proceed in, she decided to wait a few more minutes before entering. She had been across the land of Elendaron hiding, trying to rid the evil that coursed through her veins. She couldn't. She had to return because now it was only the natural thing to do.

She was dressed in a long black robe, her hair straightened down two inches past her shoulders. The veins on her arms glowed a vibrant bluish-white hue. It's been happening for the past three months. She didn't know what it meant, and she wanted answers. She proceeded towards the inn and tucked a dagger into her heel. 

Kalashnikov stopped at the doorstep and took a deep breath. When she entered, the aroma of daisy's hit the back of her throat. Usually, this would bring joy to her, but ever since Rin turned her, she hated it. She hated the smell of anything that was associated with happiness in her previous life.

"Hello, would you like to rent a room?"

Kalashnikov looked at the woman who appeared to be a patron for the inn.

"I'm here to see someone."

"Oh," the woman was startled by Kalashnikov's stern and uninhabited tone, "would you like me to let them know you're here?'

"No. They'll find me. Thank you."

The woman looked at Kalashnikov as she stood in the doorway with a lifeless expression on her face. 

The waiting began.

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Rodham made no comment and kept an unreadable expression as Rin sucked the second seed dry. His promise to protect Vanilla was a lie, and he felt no guilt for it. He had expected to meet a monster, and he was shown a monster. But he was unafraid. 

He did not shrink back from Rin’s scrutinizing gaze. His hands relaxed by his sides, he returned her gaze unabashedly. If he showed any weakness, she would devour him as well, that he was sure. He had to prove himself useful to her so she would keep him by her side.

Come, I have what you seek.

She beckoned to him with a perfect hand, cupping the ore in her hand. Despite being under the influence of the dark power in his amulet, he was wary. Wary that this was too easy, that Rin was too eager to offer him something precious. Perhaps this was a test. She was powerful enough to twirl anyone around her fingertips, but who she needed was someone she could trust, someone who could think for himself and offer advice.

Rodham bowed deeply. “That is an honour, my princess, but I must refuse today. For I have something you would be interested in as well. And that is why I come to you.”

From a hidden pocket of his cloak, he produced a vial of liquid, clear on top but with white sediments settled at the bottom. “I got this in Lyonesse. Someone from the Resistance has been developing this to counteract the effects of the ore. They still trust me and think that I’m on their side. If you promise me a piece of land when the Resistance has been crushed, I can spy for you and tell you all of their plans.”

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The barkeep watched the lady come down the stairs with the new arrival. Not many came into town these days due to the rumors and curses. He wiped the bar down as he set up more glasses of ale, wine rum, vodka and anything else the customers wanted. 

"She say what she wanted besides the room?" Issac asked the lady. "She seemed as if she was seeking someone important, someone being of rulership. Or maybe just a room. The journey here is long after all. Did that woman order anything? I need to know if I'm cooking special orders tonight."

Issac sighed as he fixed up the counter for the barkeeps and waitresses. He didn't mind the work but at the same time he loved being in the tavern. 


Rin tilted her head as Rodham rejected the ore. She shrugged a moment afterwards and returned it to her pocket. The words he spoke though made her ears go up. A resistance remained? She thought they died out when Deryck died. Interesting. Her alabaster fingers lightly touched the vial and recoiled slightly. She hissed as the touch made her hurt. So Lyonesse wanted to continue their fight against her. Try and reclaim the princess to her rightful mind. 

You want a piece of cursed and beguiled land? Usually tourists come and become a part of the land. Happy to just be enslaved. However, you do not wish to feast on the ore yet. I need to know I can trust you. So, a task I place upon you. The demon hunter... I want him in my hive. He is a powerful man, and won't be a problem to me. You capture him and we have a deal. 

Rin then walked past Rodham and out of the room. She wanted a drink and headed down to the bar. She smirked to herself. The treasured amulet he wore was infected with a different kind of ore and Sculya played her part well before her death. Infecting it with the black heart mirror ore was in genius and she chuckled. Soon Rodham would have to fight between good and evil. He would be consumed. All would be consumed. There would be no heroes. No survivors to her wrath. 

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Kalashnikov sat on a beige colored chair with the thought of a drink in her hand. She wasn't a fan of alcohol, but special circumstances caused her to insist that she needed to drink. The pungent smell of alcohol entered her nostrils every time she took a sip of alcohol, causing her nasal canal to burn. 

Something inside of her tingled. A warm feeling, a familiar feeling. Rin was getting closer to her and she could sense it. Evil coursed through her veins like it hadn't before. The only thoughts that went through her mind were the people she killed. Everyone else went about their business as she sat in silence, smiling with every thought of the corpse that had once lied before her.

Kalashnikov stood up, but the evil that was inside of her was overwhelming. 


The only thing she could think of was that named. That wretched name. 

It meant home to her. She became lightheaded and dizzy, stumbling a bit. She was already a pale white color to begin with, which raised the issue of civilians noticing her veins. There was black outlining all of her veins, coursing through them smoothly like a bird soaring through the air.

Luckily, her robe covered it. She moved closer to the bar but stumbled when she drew closer, falling and grabbing onto the counter as balance. She took a seat and raised her hand to her temple and gently caressed it. Her head suddenly killed.

Something was wrong but she didn't know what.

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When you are in a lion’s den, every action that you take is a gamble on your life. For a moment, Rodham thought that he had made a fatal mistake by rejecting the ore. However, as Rin seemed to be deciding whether to serve him death on a platter, he stood steadfast with conviction solid as a rock, until she shrugged. He held out the vial to Rin when she reaches for it. Silently, he noted her reaction.

“I have the caliber for it, and vengeance to serve,” he answered to Rin’s comment. “My family has served King Lhoris for generations; slavery disguised as honour.” He clenched his fist. “As children, we are torn from our mothers, trained to serve the family - to fight, to cook, to clean. Even though we are better men, smarter, more courageous. I will fight Saerenth, enslave him, and restore true honour to my family. Besides,” he looked at Rin in the eye and bowed, “it would be a pleasure to become your right-hand man. I accept your task, and will prove to you that I am capable.” So, she wanted Vex, not just to get rid of him, but to grab him for herself. It was true that the demon hunter was resourceful and smart. They had travelled together in Lyonesse, and though capturing him would not be easy, at least he could get Vex to trust him easily. That was the first step.

He stood still when Rin walked past him. He then exited the room himself, sparing a glance at the stain on the ground left of the second seed.

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Rin took a seat next to Kala as she ordered a glass of rum. She hadn't changed in appearance but the half breed could smell the evil taint she left upon her as Amaranth. She grinned pulling the glass toward her as she drank it. 

Its been forever since you've come back Kala. Did you get lonely? Or you just come to see me? The answers you seek, I have. But I will not play as Amaranth anymore. You still look like a beautiful meal. Let me taint you until your soul is stained.

Rin purred as she then brazenly sat on Kala's lap. Her crimson black orb of an eye peering into the woman. In the half breed's hands sat a new ore, the Black Heart Mirror Ore. She presented it to her as a gift. She leaned in then as their faces were close.

You want to know why I took you that day? Made you into a dark being? How I twisted you into a monster? Eat the ore, and become something beyond mortal. Only then I'll give you answers.

Rin remembered what Rodham said. Yes, in time he would become her right hand man. No, not a man. A demon. She knew in time the ore would take it's host and become Rodham. 


Vex stood outside the city. He was looking for Rodham as he knew Rin was looking for new followers. Enslaving whomever she could. The demon hunter sighed as he noticed the boy had become strange. As if infected with the ore. And he was worried.

Reaching the catherdal, he heard the church bells ring. Whatever Rin was planning, it was huge. And he didn't want Rodham changed. He was a mage, and if allowed the magi he knew was twisted, he would become powerful. 


Vex continued to search for hi hoping it wasn't too late.

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After secretly smuggling out a sample of the ore’s antidote, Rodham had split up with Vex in Lyonesse, on the pretense of scouting the extent of the ore’s influence. He had taken a detour to meet up with Rin, though he had not expected to find her in this small town. Nor did he expect that she would send him back to where he had came from, to Vex’s side. 

It was probably logical to head back to Lyonesse. He was probably still there in the city, or if not, people would know of his whereabouts. He stood at the corridor of the inn, looking towards the room that Garnet was in. Did the man know what was to happen to his companion? Did he not care, or worse, did he send her there? The road to power would be a hard and dangerous one, he knew. But it was better to ally himself with the winning side of this war.

Rodham left the inn, saddled his horse, and set out towards Lyonesse.

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Vex walked towards the center point of Yral. He was trying to find Rodham and knock some sense into him. That he had not succumbed to Rin  and the ore. The demon hunter believed that things were failing apart due to the girl he had feelings for, that remained. Vex wanted to believe that she fell o the ore because she had no option left. but he knew better than to do that, because he knew her. 

What have i gotten myself into? This is insane chasing after a kid I just met. But he is in danger, we all are. If she continues down this path. And it's my fault as much as anyone else's. But we can make a difference if Lyonesse's research comes to fruitation.

Vex hoped it did. That the Lyonesse figured out a way to reverse the ore and free the enslaved. But the demon hunter didn't know if he could face Rin at the moment. She was one to use the past to bring fear into one's heart. And what he his was his inner demons kept at bay.

Locked away to keep the people safe. Vex stood there now as he wondered about Lyon. Was he dead? Alive? Swallowed whole by the vultures he allowed to surround himself with? He didn't know but he hoped they weren't eating him. And Rodham, was he swallowed whole yet?

Vex hoped to God he wasn't. 

But it was too late for Rodham. The ore that he had inside him began to fester. It caked into his heart as it became black and the veins an ash grey. It would stop beating altogether. The ore, tendrils ran up into his brain, corroding and fogging his mind to believe it's false hopes and beliefs. 

It was making him into a demon. And Vex was about to collide with it.

We will punish the demon hunter. Make him scream in terror and relive his darkest pain. He will succumb to us. Can you feel me inside? Making you stronger boy? You are no longer human, a demon. Allow your new form to show through. Cast aside your human skin and ascend to my power.




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Yes, power, he needed power to capture the demon hunter. But it wasn’t enough now, no. Vex was skillful. If he confronted him directly, Rodham wasn’t sure that he would win. He would have to deceive Vex, gain his trust, then strike while he wasn’t alert. That would increase his chances of success. He mustn’t be hasty. 

With a force of will, and what freedom was left of him, he suppressed the ore’s influence of transformation. I feel you. But now is not the time. We need to catch Vex offguard.

Rodham didn’t really understand this inner voice. Was it his own desire speaking to him? It didn’t matter. He slowed his horse’s pace to a trot as he approached Yral. As much as he wanted to travel without stopping, his mortal body still had its limits, and his horse needed rest too. 

He pushed open the door of the inn. He would grab a meal, spend the night here and resume his journey at sunrise.

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You won't catch him with that weak form of yours. But for now, you can keep that form. In time you'll succumb to me, and become greater. 

The ore whispered. Rodham could still fight it and that was a problem to the ore. It needed him to be fully corrupted to make him into an unholy creature only known in legends. But for now, it complied with Rodham, giving him his wish for now and went silent.

Vex sat at a table in the inn. A pitcher of rum sitting next to a few empty glasses. He had been drinking himself drunk trying to understand his ties with a girl trying to destroy the islands, making people into unholy debauchery creatures. He was trying to understand why this was happening nor why it has to happen now. Vex slammed down another glass, as he shook his head.

"How utterly stupid this has become." Vex muttered as he sat there. "Why did she do this?! Who is behind this? Esben? Esslyn? I dont know, but I need to figure it out before more fall. And Rodham--did he fall to? Is he alive?"

Vex went back to his drinking. 

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