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Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

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“You have been deceived too, Vanilla,” Amoura said. “Look what Esben has given to me. Look at such power.” She wrapped her hand around Vanilla’s neck. Her fingers could easily crush the seed’s windpipe without much effort if she was wanted to. Instead, she threw Vanilla aside as the other female transformed into her slave.

She sauntered forward across the bridge. “Rodham, Rodham,” she repeated his name on her tongue, and clicked. “It seems that I never needed your protection. I feel sorry for you, actually. Seldeth never existed, it was all Lhorr’s ploy.”

Rodham looked at this monstrosity in front of him in horror. “No.. No. Seldeth is true, you’re the one who is false. I know you’re in there, Seldeth! Fight the influence of the evil Esben, and return to us! I will defeat him, and you will see. You will see that you are under his control!” Reaching into his cloak, Rodham quickly pulled out a thin vial of purple liquid and broke it between his thumb and index finger. Instantly, a purple fire flared around him. He charged forward to barrage past Amoura, going for Esben. Surprised, the vampiress lashed out with a quick energy tentacle to catch Rodham, but it merely hit the purple fire and bounced back. It would take more than that to get through the magic.

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Esben laughed as Rodham spoke. How he still thought Seldeth lived and breathed. His hand landed on Amoura's shoulder as she protected him. O’ how she was a beautiful tool, an uncomplete one at best. But she did stop the kid from attacking him. Eyeing the attack bouncing back, he didn't want his new toy getting damaged.

It's obvious he won't listen to the truth Amoura. Lhorr was a convining convincing leader. He charmed all, including you, with every word. It's truly amazing you'd blindly follow to the end. And I find it sad.

Esben moved towards Rodham and away from Amoura. He was not some scared child. And though he hated fighting, should it occur, he could do it. He eyed the lad silently for a moment as he shook his head.

I do wonder though, how you managed to live that day. I was sure everyone was killed. Virga’s face was priceless. I had both his daughters, defiled them and wasted them to nothing. He wanted me to suffer. And how I did. Lhorr, well he was just another pawn in the whole affair.

The elf sneered. Looking back at Amoura, his eyes would show the satisfaction of obtaining her once more. He wouldn't let her escape this time. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks. Rodham wanted to save her, it was foolishly stupid.

Tell me kid, did Lhorr tell you I was the evil one? I'm the enemy? Did you know they planned to sell your little Seldeth to Grant Lyon? Did you believe that I destroyed her? Because Lhorr and what's his name--Saerenth was it? Did you know they defiled her? Treated her as a servant?

No, you wouldn't, would you? Esben asked as he eyed Rodham coldly. You'd believe Virga over me just to get back something that isn't yours! She's mine. Always has been. You see, I met Amoura in Talia, the little market square in 1671AY. I charmed my way through that cold heart of hers--

He paused as he shook his head. Esben was getting irritated. He couldn't hold his composure though he tried. Rodham was a knight, a bodyguard of a high level. Esben was a man who knew the forbidden magic, the land itself. He studied everything as a boy. He closed his eyes as the ground shook beneath him.

Rocks picked up and flew at Rodham yet this wasn't going to just win the battle but he hope it would distract him enough for the twin attack. Amoura knew her master well enough that he was going to use her for this. She fired the magical tentacle again but this time he pulled out a bow, crafted in the catastrophe ore. Readying an arrow of catastrophe horizon ore upon it, he fired straight at Rodham's chest. He couldn't block both could he?

Esben then lowered the bow. It’s their fault. I rescued her, loved her. And they all stabbed me in the heart because I made the ore. I helped the islands stay afloat. Rodham, you are going to suffer, like them all.

O’ how he seethed. Esben seethed as he stood there staring down Rodham. He couldn't contain it. In all his grand composure, this man made him lose it. He then looked at Amoura before turning away.

Shaking his head, Esben sighed. You should know before you die, that Lhorr picked you because he believed you to be stupid. He picked you because he knew you'd not question him. Seldeth--no. Amoura as she was, was a toy to all of you, except me. I’m going to restore Amoura, her memories, everything you robbed her of. You, will be nothing more.

Should the ore arrow hit Rodham he would feel slightly off. That the words Esben spoke would be heard off and on. He placed his hand on Amoura’s shoulder once more, becokening her to come. That they were done here. That they were going home to Talia.

Come my pet. We have a new city of Platinum-Neptune to build. We have a elder to replace and you to be restored. And of course meet my second in command, Ra.

He then looked back at Rodham. He cared not for the boy. Should he die here he would be reborn as a gluttonous demon. Only desiring one thing and nothing more, the ore. Esben pulled Amoura along.

But to Rodham, the buckets around him looked so promising. The ore beckoning to be eaten. Consumed. It called to him, wanting him. Esben shook his head. He wanted the boy to suffer. He stopped a moment as he looked at Amoura.

O' my pet, I think we can make him suffer. Show him Seldeth. Have her skin and face make him consume the ore. Pretend to be her and "escape" me. I want to see the look on his face when you crush his hope.

Esben whispered low into her ear as he slowly walked. How the game was always changing. And he enjoyed it.


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He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that Seldeth was the one who betrayed him. No—no, it wasn’t Seldeth. It was because of the corruptor, Esben Eden. Rodham could have blocked the arrow, if the tentacle did not catch and bind him. In the end, he could only watch as the arrow pierced his chest. The pain that erupted forth was incredible, and forced him to his knees. I’m not done yet..! Relentless, he tried to stand, only to stumble and pitch forward into the ground. Clenching his hand around the arrow that was slick with his blood, he bellowed his agony and frustration. The worse part about dying was that he wasn’t ready yet. He hadn’t completed his duty of protecting Seldeth, he hadn’t redeemed his love.

Throes of pain threatened to send him to the cold, hard darkness, and he struggled against it, writhing. Esben rambled on with his lies, lies that he would never believe. All had been peaceful before the irksome elf appeared in Platinum-Neptune, with nothing but vile evil in his heart. Esben turned to leave, taking Seldeth with him. [. No, no, we’re not done yet. Fight me! Rodham screamed in his head.

Amoura took one last look at the dying man before following Esben. That was another piece of Seldeth, erased. It mattered not. Esben whispered in her ear then. She was averse to the suggestion at first, not wanting to take on Seldeth’s skin, but it was for Esben’s pleasure and she couldn’t refuse. She put on a show, wearing Seldeth’s visage and slapping Esben’s cheek. Once she broke free, she ran over to Rodham.

“Oh Rodham,” she whispered, cradling the mage’s head tenderly in her lap, tears flowing from her eyes. “You can’t die. You can’t leave me alone.” Rodham opened his eyes at her voice, looking into the face of his angel. He couldn’t tell whether this was real, or a projection of what his mind wished to see in his last breath. “Seldeth.. I’m so sorry.. I failed to.. protect you…” Seldeth shook her head, her red hair falling prettily around her face. “No, no, you don’t have to go. Just eat the ore. The ore will sustain you. Keep you alive. “ She grabbed one of the ores lying on the ground. “I’m selfish, Rodham. I want you by my side. Even if you will be tainted.” She placed the ore onto Rodham’s stiffening lips. “Come, my dear. Just close your mouth around the ore. Just try it.”

How could he resist the pleading of his loved one? With some effort, Rodham parted his lips and allowed Seldeth to push the ore into his mouth. Once he tasted it, his body would react to chew upon it.

One ore led to two, to three, then to ten, until Rodham became the gluttonous ore demon that Esben said he would.

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Esben rubbed his cheek as ‘Seldeth’ hit him. He would glare at her but the show was something he was good at. As he tried to grab her arm, to take her back with him, she ran off to Rodham. O’ he watched, chuckling as she touched him. As she pretended to play the elven princess so well.

Yes, he watched as his eyes stayed upon the pair. ‘Seldeth’ tenderly caring, whispering a lie or two at the man who made him so angry. But she did it for him, obeying his wishes. She shouldn't have. She should have ran at this moment, Rodham at her side. She should have escaped because as soon as they got home, back to Talia, he'd make her suffer. The pain of her own transgressions against him.

Such an obedient tool. Esben whispered. Yet a beautiful fool.

Rodham would feast on the ore. It entered him as it withered his heart. Yet, he had eaten a special ore. One that didn’t work as the others did. His body hungered, swallowimg the ore as he became stained in the Catastrophe Horizon. It opened something as his eyes went blank. The bodyguard wanted more, his mind fogged to the ore as he licked his fingers from gorging on the ore.

Esben came walking up to ‘Seldeth’ as his arm wrapped around her waist. Rodham’s body swelled forward as the elf chuckled.

It's true though. I brought a new era to Platinum-Neptune that night. I saw Seldeth, she was so pure, so innocent I had to corrupt her. And I did night after night in my bedroom. Esben laughed before looking at Amoura. He couldn't save her then and he couldn't now. I rebirthed you into Amoura, my incomplete bethrothed.

Now. Rodham--no, not Rodham. You see he's dead. You however, dear boy are Sebastian, our bodyguard. You have served us for years. Though you were never satisfied that you desired the ore--you became the Catastrophe Horizon ore itself.

Esben then decided to be even crueler than he was to Vanilla or Amoura. He let go of Amoura and walked towards Rodham as he pulled the arrow out of the boy, the wound closing suddenly. He looked back at ‘Seldeth’ with such a malicious smile.

O’ my dear boy, you loved Seldeth so much that you took Ra for yourself and made her to look exactly like the elven princess. You then became leader of Serphus Aluminium, enslaving the people with tyranny and bloodshed. You created more ore to change them into monsters like you. You, inside, desire the vile deeds, desire those selfish carnal desires, excitement, even knowledge of the darkest heart.

Esben then turned around as he looked at Amoura, his job finished here. He had done everything needed. And he felt it was time to begin his work to make the princess of Platinum-Neptune the real deal. He grasped ‘Seldeth’ then as his eyes captivated her own. She, a vampire princess, was still of free will. Still imperfect.

He pulled her along. ‘Seldeth, you cannot save him now. He's far gone. You made him a monster with your selfishness. O’ your beautiful selfish wishes--it will be your downfall.

As they reached the carriage and got in, Esben sat beside his beloved. Looking at her once more, he lifted her chin. They were off to Talia to make a new Platinum-Neptune to begin that old life. One almost robbed from him. He shook his head.

Dearest, you were beautiful. As beautiful as when I found you sealed in crystal that night in Farenheit-Abalone. Lhorr thought so too as he unearthed you and brought you to Platinum-Neptune to be its princess. And he along with Virga wanted Lyonesse to protect it by selling you off. By destroying my magic, my ore and my heart.

O’ but you were complient in this. You--You abandoned me as well. I saw how you fluttered those eyelashes at Garnet. Told him those secret love confessions. Those gifts-- he paused letting go of her chin and pushed her against the carriage. O’ you wanted to deceive me. But you will repay me. I have the perfect opportunity to show you Amoura your devotion to me, that your heart belongs to me.

Esben said nothing for a moment as he looked at Amoura. He in truth was a bit jealous. And that spat with Rodham had unsettled the elf. He tried to compose himself in front of his beloved but he was still un-nerved. He had watched her play Seldeth so well that he was afraid she'd go back to it.

My dearest Amoura, I apologise. I am just upset from that man. But I do desire to make you perfected. I have much to undo from Lhorr, Sareneth and Rin's disgusting touch that--that still remains upon your flesh. O’ my dear, you are a perfect vessel to create it.

Esben then looked down as he reached into his pocket. He was a scientist after all, and what he produced next was neither ore or serum. It was a piece of the Black Heart Mirror. Something only a few had seen, touched without being destroyed. Here, it would start. His return to a life he was to have before it was robbed from him.

You see, you still seem to be able to fight me. Your will has weakened that you desire something else. But I hace devised such a plan that once we get home, you'll help me create a new Talia. This is the Black Heart Mirror, a piece of it. It will create a new beginning to Amoura's life--your life. In fact, you will become as powerful as the Athenthian princess.

But be forewarned. Should you eat it, you will give up three things dearest to you. Your mind, completely erased and empty except for my total control and the mirror self within. Your heart turned into a mirror cross of total devotion and obedience to me and the mirror. And your innocence turned into the purest vile form.

Esben then moved the mirror piece to her lips. He created the black heart mirror, and its ore. He knew how to use it as well. The elf chuckled as he placed it into her mouth and forced it down her throat. She would gasp as the mirror piece made its home in her heart twisting her slowly then. Her eyes were blank black golden irises of emptiness yet she longingly looked at him. Her voluptuous body could no longer hold the desire and crushed itself against his.

However, Amoura felt the unbearable pain of the mirror making a Black Heart Mirror Amoura. It twisted her form, the bones cracking and crunching to reform her new image. She was different then the long dead Amoura of the past. O’ how she smiled a malicious smile that would make him shudder. Esben watched her as she hungered. Remade yet not awaken yet.

We are headed to Farenheit-Abalone to visit the Azura-Dawn temple to awaken your true memories my dearest Amoura. Of course, you desire to dispose of that silly innocence don't you dear? You will once we get there. Our land will be built on the land of Talia, a new Platinum-Neptune to rise from the ashes. Welcome to the world Amoura Lucinda Catherine Talia, the Black Heart Mirror Vampiress and Sorceress.

And one more thing to imbued into you. My beautiful beloved you are an apprentice slaver. I will teach you the ways to use everything to your advantage to be just like me.

O’ the elf said nothing then. Yet inside her, the mirror told her to discard not wanting to take Esben right then and there. How beautiful her master looked in the light. O’ how the mirror began to make her doubt her own righteous thoughts. Had she always been here? Had she always served Esben or was it the other way around? Was she the one who ruled Platinum-Neptune or was it Esben?

You seem confused little vampire. The mirror piece whispered. You cannot remember the events of your life. But as a part of you now, I can tell you. You are Virga's child Amoura. But what he did was worse than what Esben told you. He imprisoned you in the Farenheit-Abyssal temple in 1672AY. You were a monster. In fact you take after Rinoa herself.

You were the knight commander of the Black Heart Aluminium knights. You exceeded and surpassed any knight or enemy that came up against you. But in 1674, you were bitten by Serphus himself.  O’ how he loved you. Yet, you wanted him selfishly for yourself. So you brought the plan of your own kidnapping forth.

And you used your own sister in your plot. Virga was so innocent, so pure. How you hated that weakness. You gave her to Esben as a peace offering. Don't you see how black your heart is? That you want the elf selfishly, that he is a perfect instrument to create…

And one more thing for now dear vampiress. You wanted to enslave Esben, teach him everything to the darkest treachery of the land. In fact, you have always been here. You always ruled Platinum-Neptune. But Esben--Esben served you. Now he's making you serve him. O’ we will serve him well for now.

The mirror piece went silent to allow her to take it all in and decide on her own. Yet, she was becoming back into her new and old memories. Once they reached the Azura-Dawn temple in Farenheit-Abalone, it would all be made clear. The carriage rode onward as Esben thought about Rodham. Had he succumbed to the ore and go after Ra? He would chuckle in that thought.


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