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The Islands of Ursa Madeum

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Themes: Political intrigue, swashbuckling, medieval, fantasy


Rejoice, one and all: The Tyrant King is no more!

For six years, the once-great kingdom of Ursa Madeum suffered under the bloody rule of Damien Gillick. The madman seized the throne after the disappearance of beloved Queen Decameron, shutting off the islands from the rest of Terrenus by a magical blood barrier created from the murder of thousands.

Now, over a year has passed since the Veluriyam Empire overthrew King Damien and took the islands under their wing. Ursa Madeum, reborn from the waves, continues its slow return to its former glory.

However, the waters remain turbulent. Pirates plague the waters of the Southern Sea. Unrest grows towards the foreign rulers sitting on the throne. Ursa Madeum’s old noble houses quietly pursue their own goals, navigating a complex web of conflicts and alliances.

In these times of turmoil, Ursa Madeum’s future seems uncertain, its present steeped in political intrigue.

Welcome to Valucre’s own game of thrones.



Have a Joyous Reverie! - The Veluriyam Empire's holiday celebration, Reverie, is currently being held in Andelusia. The Reverie Ball is currently in progress and open for all to attend.


Ursa Madeum is a territory of the Veluriyam Empire
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