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Nymerian Healers

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By: @Aleksei

The Mchogma (Healers) are mythical creatures who, with the use of their voice, through dance, and other generic means, live to protect and aid their fellow Nymerians. Wise in medicine and apothecary, they know the herbs and simples that can restore vitality, ease pain, anesthetize, and neutralize poisons; and with their instruments, they can divine a beings state of health and sickness.


Most Healers are taken from their families the instant they start to show promise. They are given into the care of a Inyea (Herbalist) who've mastered their skill of herbs and traditional dance. Beneath the tutelage of a Inyea, the child will learn how to use nature's gifts, making teas, medicines, and even toxins for the Nymerian people. The use of Dance is also taught, where the child will learn what steps heal what, what hand gestures buff what, and so forth.


Afterwards, if the child continues to show promise and improvement, they persude their education with a Mchogma (Healer) who has mastered their skill. With their Mchogma, the child will learn to use their gift of voice to heal, as a weapon, while also building on their skills as a eventual protector, since Healers are heavily dependent upon during battle.


During their period of training, a trainee (ithfunzi) may not see their families and must abstain from sexual contact and often live under harsh and strict conditions. This is part of the cleansing process to prepare the Healer for a life's work of dedication to healing. If a ithfunzi fails the trials, their voice is taken away and they are forbidden to dance.


While skill is obviously taken into consideration for the men and women who wish to become Mchogma, there is a belief that Mchogma's are called to heal through an initiation illness; symptoms involving psychosis, headaches, body aches, or an illness that cannot be cured by conventional methods. This is their calling (wiwasi), and failure to answer the call with result in further illness until one concedes and goes to be trained.


During the training period the ithfunzi will share their ailments in the form of song and dance, a process that is nurtured by the analysis of dreams and anxieties. Their story develops into a song which becomes a large part of the graduation type ceremony that marks the end of the ithfunzi's training. The ithfunzi is also tested by the local elder Mchogma to determine whether they have the skills and insight necessary to heal. Their test is the insure the ithfunzi has the ability to "see" things hidden from view, proving that they have the ability to "see" beyond the physical world.


Once the Healer is fully trained and left to aid their fellow Nymerians, they leave with a large repertoire of skills. Their voices, which can be used as weapons while also being a method of healing. Their dances incorporate the way of Cuttlefish, their moves extremely efficient and keen. They are not warriors on the front lines, they are the supporters to their group during battle, using their abilities to protect their comrades while also ensuring their own safety.


Extremely dangerous and equally reliable, the Healers are a force all on their own.


Their Ways

Every Mchogma will demonstrate and use their abilities and skills differently; below are common examples of what they are capable of.


Nguvu (power, mana, essence, energy, etc)

is stored in vast amounts over an extended period of time into one specific point on the Mchogma's body. That point manifests in a form of a small dot either on the chest of the user or on the back of their neck. The seal allows the Mchogma to perform techniques without wasting unnecessary amounts of nguvu.


Kumafu (the skill of reflection)

used via their voice the Mchogma is capable of launching whatever power is projected at them and turn it back on their enemies. This serves as a mean of self-defense and counter-attack.


Kufumia (the skill of hypnosis)

used via song to affect or directly influence other people's minds to their commandes, by emitting astonishingly beautiful and enchanting singing.  


Mwizi (voice theft)

the user absorbs and steals the voices of others, taking away targets ability to even make the slightest vocal noise, and use the target's voice for themselves.


Agnafi (soul sharing)

used in very extreme occasions. By filing part of the recipients soul with a piece of their own soul, the user can heal the recipients physical, mental and spiritual wounds that wouldn't normally heal on their own.


lehaina (illusion negation)

is an ability where Mchogma are aware at all time of the true reality around them, potentially seeing through any optical and/or mental illusions.





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