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The Mansion in the Woods [Veelos]

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Deep in the woods, on the outskirts of Veelos, stands a broad but lowlying mansion. Few know of its existence, and even fewer have seen it with their own eyes. Those who work there speak nothing to outsiders, and only the occasional caravan of supplies is allowed to enter to restock the mansion. Nobody knows who the mansion belongs to, but only that within the deepest room in the darkest cellar, a girl of unmatched beauty is trapped within. But just like every other princess fairytale that has been created, there are dangers lurking in every corner of the mansion. The only man who has ever managed to enter, and live to tell the tales spoke of an 80 ft tall dragon awaiting reckless adventurers at the door to the cellar. A green reptile, its scales steaming with a strange thick Essence that it exudes from its body. When breathed in, it fills your body with energy and life, but when you exhale, you would feel all of it plus what you initially had leave your body. It's roar is omnipresent within one's head. It is like a spirit roar. It wouldn't shake the room, but it would definitely rattle one's skull, for the entire roar was but an illusion that it places into its victim's mind. But with that loud a roar concentrated into the skull of a single body, it would be sufficient to drive a strong-willed man mad. So for ages, this mysterious building remains unexplored, but sometimes at night, the howls of a lonely dragon and the cries of an orphaned girl echo across the plains.


Maddi wasn't always called Maddi. She went by another name during her birth, although she struggled to recall it. And her Father wasn't her real Father, that she was equally aware of. He may as well be however. Maddi never met her birth Father, nor remembered a thing about her Mother. All she recalled was being tossed around in an orphanage, and being bullied by both the bigger and younger kids. It was only for a few months though. And then the gang came. 

Five men with assault rifles shot their way through the front door, killing everything that moved. Maddi remembered the boy who stood next to her suddenly erupting in a shower of blood, as the bullets tore into his body. She ran. And ran. Until finally in the dining room, she and a few others managed to barricade the doors and hide themselves within. Maddi was hungry, but she dared not rise or make the slightest sound to grab the bread hidden in the cupboard. It didn't matter though. The men left no stone unturned and soon forced their way into the dining room, guns blazing. The older kids who tried to push against the doors were the first to be killed. Maddi knew that at that point, she would be next. As the first bullet pierced her abdomen, something miraculous happened. Maddi thought she was dead. But everything around her began to turn a bright red. All she could see was blood. And suddenly, it was as if she had lost control of her body. She didn't remember much of it. The screaming of dying children. The shouting of the five men. A vicious roaring sound that echoed within her head. And then silence.

As Maddi sat on the ground, breathing heavily, all that was in her eyes was confusion. Confusion over how she had survived. Confusion over what had just happened to her. But what confused her most were the ripped bodies of the five men now lying lifelessly before her. The taste of fresh blood was ripe in her mouth. But something was odd about the blood, it didn't seem to be her's. Even stranger was the loss of the hunger which she had previously felt. She felt... Satisfied...

It took her a good minute however, to notice the bullet which was still embedded in her stomach. And she was bleeding out. Very quickly. She knew that taking the bullet out would only cause her to bleed out even quicker, so she left it there as she struggled to get to her feet. At that point of time, getting someone's attention and help was all that she desired. She made it as far as the door, before collapsing onto the floor. Her vision began to blur. She shut her eyes, accepting her fate. Now all that she could hear was the pounding of her heart.

Thump. Thump.

But there was something else pounding against it.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Footsteps. She opened her eyes. She saw a dark figure in the hallway. Was it the devil? She raised her hand weakly. The dark figure swiftly walked over, and looked her over. She was almost certain that she was going to die. As he came into view, she could vaguely make out the appearance of a man who greatly resembled Governor Gorr, the man who ruled Veelos. The man bent down onto one knee, sliding one hand under her head to prop it up, before hovering his other one over her abdomen. There was a soft pop sound, and the bullet extracted itself and flew into his hand. This was it. This was her death sentence. As the blood began to spill out, her head cocked to the side, and she went unconscious.


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