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Military Base #34

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"Halcyon event." Cadmium repeated the words a few more times under his breath, getting used to the shape and taste of them, the stark contrast between what the words meant in earnest and what they meant when encoded with the context of Unnatural corruption.

"I have to admit, it's a curious choice of words. Are they taking their pain and subverting it, or are those of the higher order trying to cover up a pockmark on their history? I know too little of the Renovations to say, but if we're reaching out to grasp hands, I should assume nobility in their character."

Cadmium finished his water just as Maya lifted up her cup of punch, and as the diplomat heralded her drink with a smile, the newly appointed captain ended his drink with one.

"There's something of a ring of truth to that.  My grandfather would never have admitted that an Unnatural was capable of the underlying sophistication needed for something like diplomacy to be a useful tool, not beyond a sort of animal cunning anyway. But he knew nothing of Orisia, and it's high court of vampires. Perhaps in some rotting underground city there are hundreds of zombies playing at king and court."

Cadmium showed his traditional Gaianist roots in that speculation, as well too how he deviated from the fundamentalist class before him in the archetype of his grandfather, and even his father. It had been little more than a rebellion against the tired traditions of family in his earliest youth, but his travels since had exposed him to more variance in the world than he had ever imagined before. It allowed Cadmium to think 'what-if', and consider all facets of the question despite how it may make him feel; it let him laugh and think, where he might have otherwise closed off and reacted.

Maya's yawn prompted one of his own, which he obstructed with the back of his drink-free hand.

"It has been a full night hasn't it? If you'll pardon me I think I'll do a round of goodbyes before making my leave. It's been an absolute pleasure."

Cadmium bowed slightly to Maya, to A'rithor, and offered each in their turn a sleek business card with his callsign and comms frequency so that they could stay in touch.

He managed to get only a handful of steps removed from the two diplomats, when his attention was drawn back to the main venue by the sudden extinguishment of the lights. The moment of darkness brief, but just long enough to induce a small panic in Cadmium. He was mid-crouch, committed to it by the time golden sparks shooting through the air threw down sheets of fleeting incandescence on those gathered. Cadmium pretended to tie a shoe, straightening back up with a clearing of his throat and a straightening of his collar.

Not an attack at all – a celebration of Delistair as event champion. Cadmium joined in the applause, even threw in a pitched whistle, before turning in time to see Nur rushing from the main venue and into the open air. While the green-skinned half-breed composed himself, they made eye contacted, and Cadmium began to sign at him with a smile. He touched his eye, his mouth, and then pointed at Nur, to start.

I told you – drink is strong; stomach has lost this battle.

With that Cadmium made his way to the barracks to catch full hold of a restful night and see what the world needed of him next.  


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The flames on Echo’s drink were sadly suffocated by Nur’s hand, before being gulped down by him. A rather anti-climatic end to the drink, Delistair thought.

The lights went off suddenly, drawing a collective gasp from all present. Cadmium wasn’t the only one who had instinctively reached for their weapon, only to relax when they realized it was a part of the event. Delistair recognized himself on the holograph even before it was fully formed. He wriggled his fingers to see if it was a live broadcast, and indeed it was. Still experiencing the high from his performance, he waved to everyone while the crown was dropped onto his head. There had been a hidden game for the night, and apparently he had managed to fulfill all its objectives before anyone else, though he hadn’t expected to win at all. Del bent his arm at the elbow and bowed to the cheering audience. Basking in the glory of the moment was well and good, but he was also acutely aware that between this superfluous crowning and his onstage presence from earlier, his face was going to be recognizable around the camp for a good long while - and that was not necessarily an entirely good thing.

Finally the hologram dimmed down, and the lights around came back up. Sometime among the commotion, Nur had left, and only him and Hana remained in the circle. He took the crown down from his head, not wanting to draw more attention than he already did.

“Well, that was an unexpected victory,” he told Hana. “I think I’ll be leaving soon, the party looks like it’s wrapping up. It was a good one. Did you enjoy yourself?” Indeed, it was nice to meet people whom he might be fighting alongside with one day. Such events were stark reminders of what peace stood to be, and why they all fought so hard for it.

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She considered his pondering with narrowed eyes, once more turning the drink in her hands. It was a curious choice in name, the diplomat admitted to herself; she had pored over the word after her briefing on Renovatio. 'Halcyon days' was not usually a phrase used to describe plague, famine, and suffering. "Words are powerful," she offered at last, her lips pressing together as she took a moment to think. "Perhaps it offered hope to the Renovatians, or a chance to reclaim something that was forcibly taken from them." A grim 'hah!' left her lips in a pointed exhale. "Maybe they needed something to laugh about during those dark times." The diplomat nodded at Cadmium. "I'll be sure to ask the Grand Kommandant when I speak with her." There was a hint of something mischievous in her voice that alluded to a joke, but Maya was a curious thing, and would actually consider bringing it up to Primera if things went well. 

She hoped things would go well. 

Cadmium's next comment brought a furrow to her dark brow, but an amused, uncertain smile played around her eyes. It was hard to tell whether or not the Captain was joking- my, his face was so serious! Maya decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, offering a slightly wider grin. Regardless of his intentions, she came away with the impression that Cadmium was a deep, creative thinker. The woman made a mental note to ask her parents about the Metireal family, and whether or not his parents had the same odd, pensive attitude. They were bid farewell, though not before exchanging contact information. As she read the neat, stylish print on Cadmium's business card, the diplomat heaved a light sigh. She really needed to order a few of her own. Scrawling numbers on napkins was not exactly professional, and she didn't want to be caught off-guard in any official military endeavors. 

The lights suddenly flicked off, and sparks flew through the air in what Maya could only assume was an attack. Her heart lurched, and, in her panic, she reached out and clutched A'rithor's arm. It soon became apparent that the lights were simply part of the celebration, and that someone -Delistair Page, actually- had won some sort of contest. Chest still heaving, the diplomat retracted her grip with a muttered apology to her new acquaintance. "Well," she said, trying to hide her flustered, pink cheeks, "If I had known we were playing a game, I would have tried a little harder to win!" Maya was not very competitive, but she did enjoy a challenge. "It may as well have been a roll of the dice." Still, her smile was warm as she turned back to her fellow diplomat. "Thank you for keeping me company tonight, A'rithor! It was lovely meeting you, and I owe you one for saving my dress." A light chuckle escaped her lips as she scrawled her radio frequency on yet another cocktail napkin, handing it to him with a wink. "Stay in touch! We ought to compare notes." 

Maya bade her new friend farewell, and, feeling the effects of the punch on her head, started off on her journey home. This was a nice send-off for her upcoming travels, and she'd keep these warm memories with her on the long flight ahead. 

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ysabelle looked around the base than at the map they had given her. she mumbled to herself "just need to find the communications building, find my assigned partner and that's it" she looked around once more and she spotted the building "aha!" she started to walk towards it and thought to herself this guy im supposed to be partnered with seems kinda... I don't even know but im sure he'll be fine. so much reducted information through"  she finally got the communications building and looked around at the outside looking to see if her partner was outside the building, he was in fact, leaning against the wall. she took a breath and walked right over to him and said with a big smile "hi! are you, Marcus Reinstein? I think im your assigned partner!" she held out her hand. welp here I go, my new job, my new partner, my new fricken everything. 

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NrSVhoE.jpgI’m what people would call cynic, I won't deny the fact.

Sometimes I almost feel like I have the gift to see into the future, for everyday I witness the same death in the name of the greater good. It’s all connected and around and around like a merry go round it goes, birth and decay playing a game of cat and mouse and everyday we make it worse. If I were a religious man I would pray for my soul.

And they keep telling us that the nightmare will end but it never does.

I just keep wondering who will left standing after the world has been burned down to ashes, but I guess all that one can do if that prolong our borrowed time and delay our fated Ragnarok. In the end in order to effectively hunt down evil, you will have no choice but to invite the devil inside.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Marcus’s attention shifted as he was greeted by a fairly short individual. Even before the girl had introduced herself, he knew who she was. To him it was clear from the moment that he noticed her approach at the corner of his eye. He flicked his cigarette and agreed to the handshake.

“Bingo.” He replied shortly to her question about his identity.

“I’ve already been informed of your arrival, however for the sake for social etiquette we should exchange the proper formalities in order to establish an emotional connection which will lay the foundation of the success of our future collaboration.” He paused.

“What is your name?” He asked.


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Ok then, this is one confusing guy “I’m ysabelle merriweather” she pushed her cotton candy blue and pink curly hair out of her face “your information sheet is very confusing of course you didn’t get one for me because that hasn’t been processed yet”

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