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Benaires Meets Avixis Insectium, Part 1

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A walk in the Sky would be even nicer if he could arrange  his balance to walk on air while he flew in his four-legged DACIHON form; but he forgets!! His stature did not define whom he was nor did it make him any less popular than the average being. Crimson cloak now clean, he decided to sit down on his couch, in order to examine this hooded article of clothing. He was till in his human form though. Letting forth a sigh of sorts, Benaires sat in wonder: how did his other Split forms function in the human form? This situation was beginning to become mystifying; almost bizarre. He did not question what Lady AIR did to him so long ago; it was not that at all. Determination did not follow him step by step; it was more on the levels of regret, anger, depression and worry.

"Who IS she? And did Mother have to answer the phone device to speak to her? Why does that big brute wear this huge cloak anyways? It feel soft though, almost Magical if you think about it. Hmm....I'm supposed to bring this TO ME? This is the craziest day EVER!!!"

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