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Sandy hands and salted feet

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Blazing suns and Ebony flesh.0c0f26c2ccf6632e387455208e9f661d.jpg

Golden sparkles and Sandy prints

There weren't many chances where Dominic had the time to relax next to the ocean. Yet when the times did arise one could never go wrong with a bit of rest and recharge time! With a rather skeptical smirk he gazed down from the dunes onto the beach were the sands lay undisturbed. The sun was low in the sky turning the beautiful blue to violet and orange. The clouds were like soft cotton balls that could easily be squished in the palm of ones hand. A gentle breath of air escaped his lips as crimson orbs settled upon the sky above himself. Behind him ivory and jade ruins of his old home lay in a heap, ivy grew this way and that interlocking the rubble into place. This ground was a land of nightmares yet he found joy in the buried past that he once called a cage.

"Kupo! We needed this vacation, Ku ku~ We've been fighting for so long Kupo~." Robin floated through the air like a day dream, the violet sky stood in stark contrast to his own soft fuzzy fur. Giant onyx eyes glinted like the water in the setting rays. Dominic could only offer a chuckle as he allowed his hair to break free from the pony tail upon his back. The long cornrolls looks almost like dreads but in a neater fashion. Today he was clothed in a foreign fashion, wearing only a set of shorts with a black and gold trimmed bandana at the waist. The emblem which lay out in the open for all to see was that of his family crest. With his feet bare and upper body embracing the breeze, Dom rolled his shoulders in an attempt to relax himself. "As true as that may be Robin.. I can't find the charge here to relax myself.. We've been diving into those waters all day, my body feels much better however my soul does not-- Cannot feel restored.. I can still taste the sulfur in the back of my mouth.." Narrowing his eyes the man dismissed the topic with a shake of his head, making his way down the beach he would rather walk than talk about his missing link. 

Robin's only response was a short, 'Kupo..' before flying around behind his companion. The ground crunched gently beneath his feet as he stepped through tall grass. His palms grassed the sharp tips that bent like hot glass does to the wind. The sensation was somewhat electric as the nerves jumped at the sensation. Was relaxation for the corpse a possibility or was it something to aspire to if he were ever to perish at Sarandiel's hand. Once more his crimson orbs narrowed before turning back to their violet hue. The darkened moment had passed for now as the necklace of bone remained lodged in his skin for all to see. For those with an aura they would feel the presence of darkness, a heavy twisted malice thick with blood lust. It could take years before the tables turned however, the young War Lord would see the world baptized in flames and beneath the heel of his boot. 

Such a pleasant thought make a smile spread across his lips as he looked into the ocean. Perhaps if he kept these thoughts in mind he might actually find a small measure of piece if anything else. Still he did not deny that he missed company either, Robin was more or less an extension of himself rather than an individual. The moogle never left his side even in the darkest hours of most certain death. "Perhaps we might find a companion through out our time here at home. I doubt anyone would come to the beach with the ruins of our home behind us. We were not a very popular family; I remember a certain bloody past that brought much change.. Revolutions built on the backs of the Kuz'Ar.. Maybe that path might change in a time after my own.. Perhaps if I had children or if Pazzo had kids.. I doubt this however.." Dominic's words were loud and clear as he walked himself onto the sands. The soles of his feet embraced the dying warmth of the sun on the sands, a gentle breeze caressed his face before guiding him to the waters edge. "Let us stay here for a bit till high tide kicks in.. Then these sands will disappear till the morn."

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Three days...


She didn't remember any more, she couldn't remember any more. Exhaustion plagued her body, her very soul that twisted and turned with curiosity. This universe, a new plane, something she could not comprehend. She was here for a reason… She just couldn't picture it…


Sons and daughters… I left them all at home…


Sand… Her eyes focused on the gritty substance that fell betwixt her fingers, she had just awoken, but where was she? This was not Aradia, had there been something she skipped? A blind spot on the map? Aradia was her home… Or at least, that was what she continued to say within her mind. Still dressed in her black robes, the now forsaken empress helped herself to stand, brushing the sand off of her fabric and off of her arms and hair. It didn't give answers as to where she seemed to be, but as she turned her back to the shore, her eyes widened.


“This place…”


Almost like a dream, perhaps she was dreaming…


No. This was no dream, no accident. She was sent here, another mission perhaps, she was soon to get an answer, hearing a low muffled whine behind her, she realized that she wasn't alone. A small puppy with short black fur, black sclera and yellow irises. Its ears were pointed, while the tip of its tail was red, fading up into the black fur of its back. Amillian chuckled, reaching down to pick up her old friend, and petting its fur. “Adencia,” she had begun to speak, her voice deep and feminine, but soft and smooth like a still and crisp lake. “I assume you jumped on me and hid in my robes again?”


The puppy tilted her head at hearing her name, but wagged her tail and barked, licking Amillian’s face. She chuckled, placing Adencia down.


“Looks like we are lost together then…”



Adencia kept still, sniffing around before catching a strange scent. They were not alone! Adencia, being as excited as she was, had begun to run off. Ami, being as concerned as she was, gasped and chased after her. She couldn't be sure that the place was safe. And she had a promise to protect Adencia. “Adencia! Stay!” She shouted, but the puppy was fast, not realizing where she was headed, but bumped into the strange man with a loud thump.


Being so small, it would not have hurt him, but it had hurt Adencia. She rolled on her back and whined, just as Amillian had caught up to her. “Are you alright Adencia?” She asked as she picked her up, smiling at the man. Being that she was new to the world, her senses and everything around her didn't click in tune as of yet.

“Sorry about that, she's just a puppy.”


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We are not alone.970137cc1327cffc38e06a5c76af3df4.jpg



Comical was not the right word to use when addressing their current situation. The ebony man’s gaze was locked upon the world ahead. Absent minded to the fact that another persona walked these same abandoned parts. He had not been home for many a years and still the destruction of the house felt like yesterday. The smouldering ruins coughing up black clouds to the auburn sky; a faint scent of burning perfumes that turned from great to putrid due to the mixes.


As it was the air about him smelled of a salty mix between the ocean and the dense sulfur oxide that resonated from the necklace. The air about him remained tintless by the tainted aura but for those with sensory abilities the air about him seemed only dark and unending. Not even light could survive in such the darkness which held Dominic captive. Salvation was no longer his own and there would be Hell to pay once Sarandriel was done with him. Why was this important to know? Because the pup that approached and struck his body would slowly begin to whine as if in pain. The aura was omnipresent and ever depressing to those who were around him, lest they had the means to protect themselves from the taint. He smelled like the darkest parts of the Abyss; to the third eye he was merely a vessel shrouded in dark energy that swirled into the shape of a black hole.


Looking over and directly down at the dog, it took a moment for Dominic to return to reality before he dropped down and gently stroked the dog’s belly. “Aha! Sorry bout that little one. You should be more careful.” As he touched the pupper the dark presence retracted back to himself. He would let no harm come to things of innocence.


Yet just as he touched the dogo the woman arrived with haste. Her clear concern for the adorable dog was present along with a ebony sense of beauty. He had never seen such a dark skinned Queen walk these parts since his mother died. Surely this had to be a dream no? In silence he casted a quick dispel which did nothing to tarnish her bronzed beauty. This was no dream and Dominic was smitten upon the first glance for sure. He could not help but to crack one of the largest smiles he could while bowing his head. “It is completely ok, her curiosity is most welcome. Your presence however is even more curious..” Standing up straight to his full height Dominic observed her care for the pup with violet hues.


“Welcome to the ruins of my Family Estate.. I am curious to know.. Where did you come from? I have not seen guests here at any one time in the past five years..” The base in his voice rumbled deep within his chest as his gaze returned to the water. The Moogle on the other hand remained upon his left shoulder flapping its wings lightly. “Kupo~ I am Robin it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss..?” Robin shifted on Dominic’s shoulder to get a better look at Adencia fully.


“I am Dominic Ku’Zar.. Eldest son of the Ku’Zar family..” Bowing his head lightly while bending at the waist in order to show respect to her. “Who might you be?”

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Something felt off…


Her eyes blinked, actually quite surprised that the man was able to speak the common tongue, who was she? Well, that question alone had already answered any speculation that she was not home. With a small lick of her lips, her split tongue showing only slightly as she took a moment to recollect her thoughts. No, she didn’t forget her own name, she just needed a moment to… Remember




“I…” She grew quiet, remembering more of her life as seconds went by. “This place…” She turned to the abandoned and destroyed

Remember…home, there was nothing on Aradia that indicated such a place… If so, she would have known about it. She blinked a few times before finally placing
Adencia down, whom of course just could not stop barking. “Dominic…”

“We will send you to these lands Ami…”

“I will decline father, there is so much more I can do here… This land is mine!”



Her aura suddenly switched, the beautiful lavender hues that accented to her flowery smell of lilies, now became a murky brown, only becoming darker like venturing deep within a swamp: m
ystery, was all it read.

“I am not from here…” She finally responded, her soft tone suddenly switched as well, recollecting everything within seconds.
Adencia started to growl. “But it is nice to meet you, Dominic. And you too Robin, what an absolute cutie you have here,” she said, her green optics focused on the small creature. She patted Adencia on top of her head, calming the hound down. “I am lost, perhaps you can tell me more of your lands Dominic, I am quite intrigued… With you,” she grinned as she too bowed finally in respect. “Do forgive me, it has been a long travel, is there perhaps a place I can settle for a drink?”

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OminousRequest: Berg'dol Phaundal by Gido on DeviantArt


'Few beings have ever taken my breath away.

An yet I am awe struck by Amillian for she is a Goddess..

Ebony clad in essence and ever powerful.

Yet this is no mountain I cannot climb..

She will succumb to my will.. 

She will be Mine.'

- Dominic Ku'Zar the Winter Solstace

There was a glint of pleasure in his eyes as he watched the latter bow gently. Her curvaceous figure was alluring ant the expression in her eyes made him curious. There was a power that radiated from her very essence. His violet hues narrowed gently as she spoke of her past. She was a novice to the lands and planet of Valucre and she would be easy prey for those whom desired to devour her... Like himself yet he would give her a fair chance to escape should she see the darkness within himself. The Warmonger was nothing more than a vessel of darkness seeking to take over this entire world. Power was something he craved and valid part of his person when the time came.

Turning his head slightly to the left he gazed at the ocean once more. The constant rolling of the waves seemed to sooth him out as they always did when in a troubled state of mind. Yet he would not ignore her plea for some place to drink and find rest no doubt. Glancing down at the dog she had placed upon the earth he glanced at the moogle on his shoulder. Flexing his left hand gently the air at his back crackled and split. From the empty dark space came a cosmic colored portal that tugged at the very fabrics of the beach. The sands parted slightly as the sound and air of the tavern beyond greeted their silken heaps.

"I hope you are unafraid of magick.. For this is the quickest way to reach the nearest and best of Taverns for a drink. Please.. Carry the dog with you so that it does not get lost along the way." Turning away from Amillian Dominic walked towards the portal with ease. Sticking his left foot in first he looked as it he simply fell into the void space. Which in fact he did for when the woman crossed into the other side, they would appear within an empty room with the muffled sound of the tavern blew. He would be claiming this room for her stay should she choose to stick around. 

There was a slight pause to Dom's advance as he waited for Amillian to step forth. When she did finally make her appearance the portal itself would close without a sound. "Welcome.. to the Misty Hills.." Dom said with a sly smile upon his thick dark lips. Pushing the bedroom door hope he gestured for Robin to stay in the room with the dog. "We must leave them here for the time being. They would be stepped on or stolen if brought into the presence of such 'high class' citizens.." The sound of mockery and pure distaste were clearly felt as the man disappeared outside of the door; leaving it open part way he advanced to the top of the stairs before holding out his hand. "If you would not mind, it would not do to leave a gorgeous woman like yourself unattended in a den of fools." Chuckling once more he offered out his left hand with ease. The large paw remained relaxed with the palm facing up and fingers outstretched to take her own hand into his own. If she took it or not that was her choice he knew she was a strong independent woman. If needs be she would most likely defend her self no doubt; this was a comforting and appealing thought that caused Dom to lick his lips sub consciously. 

When the choice was made he would either be holding her hand or walking down the steps with her at his back. Finding the nearest table to the stairs he pulled out her chair and waited for her to sit before pushing it in beneath her. His eyes remained vigilant and watchful of the merry crowd within. There was a time when he himself was a wanted man here, and even now that could still be the same ordeal. Dominic wanted no trouble for the crimes of his parents; yet people were less likely to forgive the children if they believed they would make the same mistake as before. "So tell me Ms. Amillian where to you hail from?" Kicking back in his seat the man's chair rocked backwards onto two legs while he waited for her answer and the bar wench.

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There was a slight part of her lips, eyes focused on the portal that was forming before she even had time to answer. But, there was no concern. She didn’t speak, and instead, she started walking through the portal as she picked up Adencia and held her close. She stepped through, and different varieties of smells had hit her all at once. The smell of salt was gone, now, the smell of different perfumes, wood, and fresh linens seemed only to keep her on alert. A room? Well, at least they were within the tavern finally. She blinked as he broke the silence, a warning to keep Adencia alone with the other creature. Adencia whined slightly, but Amillian had placed her down onto the bed, watching as Adencia sat and licked her lips, only to whine again.

“If I need any help, I’ll call you,” Ami said with a chuckle before deciding to walk without holding his hand. It wasn’t anything against him, but it was more so she could enjoy and take in all of the surroundings of the vicinity around the both of them. He may
have been common in such a place or not, but she was picky. Of course, she couldn’t bring such a bad trait over to the new world, but if the drinks and food were horrible, one would no doubt hear from her.

Dominic was a gentleman, and so she thanked him as she sat in the chair, her eyes taking a gander to him ever so after before looking around the room for a bit. That
was until he asked her about herself. Usual questions she would have avoided but, she didn't mind telling him a bit of herself.


The words slipped between
 her lips with ease, as her eyes focused back on Dominic. “... Is the name of my home. She placed both hands upon the table, careful of her elbows, as she laced her fingers together, showing some respect and manners towards him as she sat up straight. “I hailed from there, though I don’t have a real title like you do. It’s a different world there.”

A smile creased along the sides of her plump lips, “I thank you for taking me here, Dominic. Though, I have no coin
or any way to pay you back for such a generous gesture," she said simply. 

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There was a brief measure of peace as they were seated in place. The air around the tavern dripped with sweet and sour scents of liquor and food. Wood scrapped against wood as chairs and bar stools shifted and rocked with merriment and drunken joy. Oh yes this place brought about memories like the wind often brought a chill. These memories varied in degree's of solid distaste of the community of Oo'Xora and his family; between those of Tradition and those of Revolution. Never the less the male made sure to let such an argument pass him by. For now he had an appealing and interesting guest in his midst; offering her anything less than himself would be rude. A gentle smile played across thick lush lips as he listened to her speak. Her voice was like honey in the maw of a mother bear protecting her cubs meals. There was strength in every word she said accented with an alluring factor that brought him ever closer. 

Slipping both arms up he leaned forward but not on the table. Meanwhile the bar room stirred as jackets and drinks flew this way and that. An imp had entered the place and began his plunder of the bar; yet Dominic would be stupid to ignore the beast and its intent. Just as he had leaned forward his left arm shot out just as the imp passed him by. Snatching the creature by the neck he lifted the beast off of the floor. "Banish.." Was all Dominic said lightly as he took the rather large sized pouch of booty from the creatures hands. As the words were spoken an icy blue essence expelled from the creatures body cause it to shift into mere flame before vanishing. Just like a magic trick the beast was gone and the little mage who summoned it quickly made his exit out the front door empty handed. 

"Aradia.." The word rolled off of his lips with ease and deep interest. In all honest the name sounded much like a previous home to him; 'Arcadia.' Setting the money bag down he whistled lightly to a rather confused bar wench who was new to the job. In a fury of bows and mixed apologies the young lass approached table timidly. It wasn't often she came face to face with two beings of rather intimidating stature. 

"Y-Y-Yes sir?! What can I get for you?!" Gulping her eyes looked over both figures before falling on the giant bag of money. 

"Pay for all the tabs here with this money.. Bring this young lady anything she desires and I will take your strongest mix.. Rather make that two.. Tonight we drink to new fires and rekindled flames.." Nodding his head to the girl she picked up the back lightly before clumsily making her way to the front counter. Within moments a large cheer went up around the bar as the crowd grew even more merry. The people would enjoy tonight no doubt, and wake up with no recollection of their previous events. Only a jubilant memory of songs laughing and friendship. As for Dominic however he would be celebrating the meeting of a Queen in lands not her own. 

"You were a Queen.. I'd believe it. I have no title here but one built from the family of revolution. Unfortunately revolution is not always the best name sake to carry. As for payment I only desire your company and your time.. Money is of no problem here.. I am well paid in what I do." Nodding his head lightly Dominic laughed heartily as the lass came back with what ever Amillian had ordered and their strongest drink. Taking the mug in hand he had not partaken in alcohol in a long time. Thus he was ready to have a good night. Lifting the mug up he cleared his throat and let out a shout.

"BROTHERS SISTERS!! TONIGHT WE DRINK TO OUR YOUTH AND THE DAYS COME AND GONE!! FOR THE AGE OF FEAR IS JUST ABOUT DONE!" His voice ripped through the tavern like that of an Overlord, the very base of his voice vibrated off of the walls and through peoples bones. A large shout rose from the crowd as mugs went up and all spoke in unison. "HAIL THE VICTORIOUS DEAD!!" With that a unified silence went up as people drank their round before shouting out another cry of triumph. Yet Dominic waited for Amillian holding his tankard out for a toast before downing the entire mix.

"Welcome to the world of Valucre.. May your road lead you to warm sands and blessed findings! Tonight I toast to you."

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"Oh my..."

She was quite embarrassed with how excited the man seemed to be with meeting her. It was safe to say that the men in Aradia were in fact much different, and she was placed in a new area that was much similar to home. She felt more at home... Even if she was soon to miss it. Her drink wasn't strong, for there was one thing she had no real control of, and it was alcohol. Countless times she had remembered the bad situations she was crossed in, so she settled for something sweet. She wasn't going to have something heavy and wake up next to someone she'd regret. She was never a heavy drinker, but she had learned that it is something that her people alone could not handle. At least on this, she as not alone. 

She, however, was taken aback with how quickly he'd realize for her to be a Queen. Amillian chuckle, even at the sudden toast, clanging his tankard with her own glass before taking in only a bit of her drink. She placed her hand against her chest in a state of shock, blinking a few times and clearing her throat as she tried to find the best words to say. Her forked tongue licked the roof of her bottom lip, her eyes looking upon the rather tall handsome being. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, but his voice alone was enough to send a slight shiver down her spine. A baritone splendor of milk and honey...

She had been staring too long, especially at his lips as he spoke...

If she could only just bite them...

"Hmm what?" She asked only moments after coming back to reality. Though he didn't say anything after his toast, she shook her head. "I apologize, it is rude to stare..." Quickly, she changed the subject. "Well, I am glad to be here, Valucre you say?" She asked. "There will be time to ask about this world, but my curiosity only resides to you, my dear... Tell me more about your family. Siblings? Children? A wife maybe? Someone in such a strong stature as yourself, your woman would be looking for you. Though of course if it had been me... you'd never leave," she grinned.

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The liquor went down the hatch as if it were water, and his belly was afire with the warmth of merriment and soon to be trouble. Dominic's lips curled into a devilish smile as he watched the woman drink her liquor. It was clear she was no drinker but even still that made things better not worst. She would be a slow drinker which in a selfish way meant more for himself. He deed with the gold seemed to go unnoticed and common place which made her all the more appealing. What kind of Queen was she? From the look of surprise in her face she did not truly understand the level of her beauty. The air she carried about herself was enough to make a common man melt to his knees in awe. 

Raising the tankard in the air he gestured to the bar wench that he would have liked another refill. Setting back down in his seat he was sure to maintain perfect eye contact with her emerald gaze. They were eyes like the gems of the sea, an ambient yet vibrant relative to turquoise. Oh how he would enjoy staring into those eyes, perhaps they were the windows to her very own soul. A burning hunger rolled through his chest and mind that caused him to give a rather dominant growl of hunger. Her words were obtained in a rather calm yet hungry manner. The pupils in his eyes dilated like a beast in search of prey, never the less he had found his prey. 

"Yes, Valucre is the name of this world.. Many a world jumpers have come and gone leaving behind such a name for it." Giving her a wink he graciously accepted the refill of his tankard before taking a healthy swig out of it. The muscles in his neck flexed as he swallowed a bit at a time. From the corner of his mouth a small trickle had managed to escape; cascading down the well toned muscles and veins it escaped down into the shadowed region of his bare chest. The flames from the fire place cast shadows over his figure will giving off the warmest of sensations. "I am also glad to have bumped into you.~" There was a bit of a coo in his deep voice that flowed out like honey from the pot. 

"I was blessed with one Brother named Pazzo.. He is apart of the Soldat troops. I am an unwed man with no off spring to call my own besides the Moogle Robin whom you met earlier. I am told my warmongering and dominating habits are far to rough for the common lady. So I continue my duty to the Zodiac and soon I intend to take the world once my home lands are secured and maintained. Renavtio will rise from the ashes." Somewhere along the way in his speech he had gotten lost, his eye glazed over as he lifted his right hand into the air. The essence about him twisted and ripped as his aura came into full perspective. To the third eye he stood as a beast among men; a man with bloody streets and corpses at his feet on all sides. The world would be his own soon enough and he wouldn't let anyone get in his way. Mesmeric purple sparks came to life within his giant paw of a hand. Closing it slowly he breathed deeply he also closed his own eyes in order to regain himself. 

"Tell me.." He growled in a rather playful manner. "What of your family? Siblings and children? Possibly a suitor in the past? A Queen such as yourself is bound to have many suitors and perhaps siblings beneath her thumb no?"

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Ambition... It was all she could really see emitting from the being before her. Being that her senses were still awakening to the new world, adapting to the magic and other variations of the world that she wasn't used to, his vision was cloudy, but the message was clear. Even though his words spoke the truth, it was always the aura that gave the real answer. To her eyes, it was dark, murky, and so dense that if she would have reached out, it would have possibly choked her. However, she knew she was just fine, looking upon Dominic as he spoke. Her eyes took a gander to the small spill that trickled down from the corner of his lips. Her right brow raised slightly, following the droplet as it traced down to his chest. 

It was when he was going on about his family, trailing off about other problems in his life that she realized that there was a lot more to the situation than it had seemed. At least he had a family, that was a good thing. 

But when it was time for her to answer, she seemed to chuckle a little, taking another sip of her alcohol. She licked her lips once more, her eyes focused back on Dominic. "I have two sisters. One being my twin, the other is..." Her voice trailed off, not really sure if she had a real answer for her other sister. "My twin sister is name Avicini, she takes care of my mother, it is her punishment for her deeds. My other sister... I do not know her name in the common tongue, but she assists my father in watching over everyone in Aradia."

She placed her glass down, her index finger swirling around the rim of her glass. "I have children... All adults now. And my love life is unimportant. I am tied down to no one. Not anymore..."

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Queen acquiredMen in fantasy art

The Warlord and War Maiden to be

Dominic was unsure if this burning sensation in his chest was from the alcohol and flames or just his desire to be around this Queen. She was something of a rarity in the lands of Valucre and such things did not go unnoticed. Gently he dabbed up the liquid from his bare chest. Her eyes had not left his figure once and it was refreshing to see her interest remained within his person. An emotion of gratitude and slow rolling desire were present in his veins. 

He was much more of a problem than she probably expected yet, he would not let that get in the way of anything. He never did. Ambition should never be shrouded by haunts of the past family mistakes. Pressing his lips together in a firm smirk he listened to her with ease. No words came to mind in order to remark on her comment of family. He wanted to understand everything she was saying to him; from the plain context to reading between the lines the woman was like himself in a sense. 

Her entire existence was something close to godlike in his book, and yet she was here alone as a Queen with no Kingdom. Depressing but strangely refreshing to see someone else out of their element. It was like being naked in the dark with nothing to cover up their faults and shames. Biting his lower lip he gripped the cup firmly in hand while he slowly chuckled at the tail end of her statement. 

"You are more than a Queen.. There is a sense of godhood about you." Speaking plainly his gaze turned from a distant expression to one of focused curiosity. "The crimes of the land must be pretty severe to warrant eternal care of ones mother. Yet an honor to protect the realm from all other sources with the father.." Sitting back in his seat he drank down the rest of his tankard and set it to the side. Allowing his own eyes to grace over her figure there was a warm heat that greeted his ebony cheeks. A hue that was unable to be seen due to the melanin in his flesh; the only tell tale sign was his sheepish expression. 

"Your offspring must be very proud of you for being their Guardian. I know I would seen as you're a rather interesting and amazing woman. It's odd that your love life should not be ablaze. You'd never be left to your own devices if it were me.. I should like to wrap you up in my arms and take the world in the same tokken.. I will not prod for the past for that is beyond rude for a first meeting." Laughing heartily his voice rumbled deep shaking the very air around them as he called out of the bar wench. Who at this time was in a dilemma of her own crushed between nude bodies and musky scents. Frowning lightly the man was rather unhappy to see such a criminal act before he had even obtained the food. Sitting back in his chair he rose up to his full height. The fire light illuminated his scarred and muscled torso, turning back slowly he walked towards the main counter. 

"Excuse me.. A moment Ms. Amillian." 

Was all he said as he moved to obtain a unoccupied bar wench who hid in the back. The older lass had left the poor novice to fed for herself on such a dark night. Was it not the Bar wenches job to enjoy such act. Yet right now he wanted his food for himself and Amillian. "I understand your fear at the current issue, but my companion and I are rather hungry.. We would like to order food. If you wouldn't mind taking our order I will happily walk you through these people with--" Before his sentence was done a hand reached out to grab the squatting girl by the hair. 

"Look! I found the Ot--" A firm elbow was lodged in the drunkards throat followed by a quick chamber kicked that cracked a few ribs. "Don't but into a conversation you aren't invited to.." Dominic said lightly as the drunk man crashed through a table; his body sagged as the two occupants of the table slowly backed away. The cries of the younger lass had finally came for a brief moment before being silenced once more. An so the criminal act remained in process as Dominic led the other bar wench to wait on his table with Amillian. "Sorry for the wait.. Please tell this young lass what you would like to eat and she will get it for us. Unfortunately I will have to walk her back and forth so that we can get out food undisturbed.." 

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Truthfully, Amillian had become disgusted the moment she had seen the bar wrench and others in such a lecherous position. She kept to her drink as Dominic excused himself. She didn't know exactly what to really say or do. But her reasoning of being disgusted was for a reason far more different than one would expect. Back in her home, these things were the norm, but when the time was right. Not within her city, where others looked down upon one who did such a thing, though she couldn't tell if it was of consent or not, and truthfully she cared little of the wild animals within her city. She knew well that she would probably have to deal with the same here. But she knew her place, this was a domain that was not of her control. So, she was well enough to keep herself quiet and focused on her alcohol...

Then she started to feel slightly woozy... Perhaps drinking wasn't her best bet at all... But she didn't want to be rude to Dominic and waited for him to come back before she raised her hand, "my dear, the food is not needed." 

She finally finished the drink, placing it down as she leaned back slightly against the chair. "What I am hungry for, might just take some time to get," she whispered, winking at him. 

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Dominic observed the woman lightly as she discard the idea of food for a more, substantial meal. With quirked brows and a burning desire the lad shrugged slowly as he slowly released the girls arm. A expression of fear took firm root as she ran for the nearest corner before being snatched up in the fray of bodies. Clothes and limbs were thrown before cries were silenced and the musky scent resumed. Eyes slowly began to turn toward the pair as drunken men and woman advanced. "Come on now Ku'Zar you can't hog all the good things.." One said lightly as she licked her lips gazing over Amillian's figure. At first Dominic had half a mind to let Amillian handle it yet from the look on her face he would not put her through such a trouble. Her alcohol had come in sooner than he expected and yet he was quite pleased she lasted this long. Winking back at her he bit his lower lip as he advanced upon her person. "Then let us begin our meal.~"

It was not to her taste this he understood due to the flick of her tongue. His time with the serpent folk had taught him much about those with forked tongues and hybrid nature. Without a single word Dominic picked the woman up in strong firm arms before dancing around the table before kicking it into a few of the on coming people. Their bodies crashed into the floor roughly as Dominic floated up the steps seamlessly. The scent of her flesh greeted his own in somewhat of a seductive mix and flavor, he began to savor hit in the back of his mind. Even as he moved he never took his eyes off of her own as he dipped in low grazing his lips upon her own. A gingerly placed kiss followed by a tugging nibble on her lower lip as he clutched her side and hips in strong arms. 

The door flew open and the Dog and Moogle were put into a zone of silence as he placed Amillian down upon the bed. Things were just getting started.

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The night was wild, and Amillian for a while was slightly drained. Truthfully, this deemed a beautiful thing to her and definitely felt it throughout her whole body. She was the first to wake and decided on making her way to the bath. It was a sweet relief, being that she had been wandering for some time, and missed the confines of a hot shower. After getting dressed, she looked back to the sleeping Dominic, and smiled momentarily, before leaning over to him, gently rubbing her hands across his chest as she finally had the chance to observe him in his beautiful form. she raised her knee, pressing it up against the corner of the bed to help elevate herself more to lean over to him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. Her long black strands tickled against his skin as she looked down at him. "Wake up," she whispered, her voice as sweet as honey, and still sing like a songbird. "We slept late in the day."

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Let me sleep with the love in my chest.

Unlike his lady Dominic was a heavy sleeper just like Pazzo was an earlier riser. The Nelrosis shifted in his sleep when the body heat began to diminish from beside himself. The world inside of his mind turned like the stars and wheeled like the constellations over head. The cosmos shifted and rolled as the man dreamed deeply about the world beyond his own grasp. The sensation of fall was ethereal and turning and wheeling as he felt weightless. Dom felt like he was behind a max facility locked door that had an ever changing lock that would not allow him to wake. The world was ever present outside as he rested deeply within the bed. His arms were spread high above his head, his head leaned on to the left arm lightly. Her scent it was sent him further into such an peaceful rest, when her fingers caressed his skin she would meet muscles and scars combed into one. His black hair remained thick and unkept as he had yet to wash it this was the day however. Groaning in his slip the closer the got the more alive his skin felt. As she kissed his cheek his eyes opened as she spoke. Violet hues matched her own as he leaned up and kissed her deeply sliding one hand behind her head. Pulling her back into bed he pulled her right onto his chest so she could relax. "Hello my baby.. Good morning baby. Did we really sleep that long? That's a bummer means its lunch time."

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