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[Questing]The silk road

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The start of a journey

This was Roman's first trip to the great capital. It was almost impossible for someone to never hear of it after all. It has been rumored to be one of the perfect stop for travelers and wanderers which was the main reason he came here...


He could not claim that he enjoyed the airship ride that brought him there very much as he could never stop thinking about how his life was in the hands of the machine's reliability, but the sight was at least breathtaking. The city seemed so vast and impressive, with people crawling all over it. Roman smiled, suddenly feeling like there was no way he would not find at least one interesting person in this vast city.

The moment he set foot on ground, he focused his sight on the webs attached to everyone and everything around him. It was his first time seeing so many people in one place which hindered his ability to inspect them clearly.


However, even in this sea of people, one string stood out. It was not attached to anything or anyone, but rather was floating aimlessly as if carried by the wind. It was of such clarity that it was impossible for him to miss. He extended his hand, his fingers grasping the thread...


And everything reverberated. A huge chill traveled trough his entire body as time seemed to slow down. His eyes widened, sweat running down his forehead as he felt an unspeakable feeling. He felt as if the world noticed that he grabbed this web. It was both an absolutely terrifying and exciting feeling. He swallowed, trying to regain composure as he could not shake this feeling of uneasiness. What exactly was this web of fate?... 

Kicking the hornet nest

-He found it! ... If he reaches it, there is no telling what he could be capable of!

He is but a mere human. Even if he is the ace, there is no way that he can potentially harm us. There is no need to panic.

- But the ring! The ring can allow him to reach us. He would be no longer bound to the mortal plain. HE MUST NOT REACH THE RING! 

He will not. He has no idea what he holds between his fingertips. He is as clueless as all of them. Pathetic fool. No amount of squirming around will change your place in this world, ROMAN!


[The two voices conversed as they observed the man, their attentions now shifted to him more than ever.]

The first steps


Roman finally managed to calm down and focus on the web. He twister and touched it around between his fingers and closed his eyes. He sees a circle...no... it was a ring. A glowing ring of power. He smirked, not even two steps into the city that he already found something worthy of interest. 

But Roman was no fool. He knew something bound to such a strong fate could not possibly be obtained without peril. He needed someone to accompany him.

He inquired about the direction of the guild hall, where people could be hired for various task in hope to find a warrior who would be willing to face the treachery of Fate. 


R.B. Felt a rush like never before, his pacing quick and determined. He was finally feeling like he was progressing towards his goal...

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A Restart


On the other end of the spectrum was Youri Dakyakage. A male whom had visited the capital scarcely during his time alive. But as he felt like he was standing at a crossroads in this point within his lifetime, he felt drawn to return to the capital, to re-establish the lifestyle he had all but discarded to somewhat live in peace. Yet he could not do so easily. Coursing through his veins was a desire. One to prove his worth, to make a name for himself, to simply fight as the family he hails froms has done so for who knows how long at this point.


The streets he walked through had a familliar draw to them. He recognized the locale some, though most remained blurred from the changes that had taken place during his time away. However, he had a feeling one locale would not have changed so easily, not with the drawn that is attatched to it. He traced his steps through the busy streets, aiming to head toward the familliar hall where he could obtain a contract to enact on, to somewhat get him back into the game.


Among the warriors present, he would not exactly stand out in terms of equipment. He had the weapons reqcuired to deal with what may come. A sheathed katana, a pair of dual pistols attached to his waist, a retracted polearm residing on his back, and all equipped on what aut ppeared to be a simple leather armor. One patched from it's use over the years, yet given that the man was still alive would indicate that it had possibly saved his life a few times. But in terms of appearance, the male was nothing but a sore thumb. He was a male with long strands of raven colored hair, hung past his shoulders. As his hues were colored crimson, with their gaze lingering over the people present in the Hall.


Yet little did Youri know that his 'Fate' would intertwine with another. One that was bound by the strands of Fate



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So this is the place.

Fallaman Ua Conchobar was seated in a small wooden chair at the edge of the guildhall's primary room; his feet splayed across a nearby wooden barrel.  The omnipresent tone of cheer and camaraderie waned and the crowd thinned as one got closer to the corner in which the young man waited.  It was a cold welcome, but Fallaman couldn't blame them, he'd probably be scared of himself too.

A large, almost eerily white cloak surrounded the majority of his person, hood drawn even on such a mild day as this.  A similarly coloured strip of fabric served to shroud his face almost entirely.  Every inch of his skin not covered by his doublet or trousers was wrapped in bandages.

It would be a tough question were one asked to put an age to him.  His gate and posture spoke both of the litheness of youth and the deliberateness of age.  His shoulder-length hair was almost purely white except for a few streaks of black; the lack of any grey hair may confound the beholder.

Peering out from his hood were two piercing green eyes, the colour of the sea before a storm.  The piercing gaze which he fixed upon anyone who approached him was but part of the reason people shuttered and walked away from him.  For every time Fallaman blinked, one could see what appeared to be a nasty mottling of black, purple, and blue on his eyelids, and the bandages over his skin left most who beheld him certain of their purpose.

In Fallaman's experience, it wouldn't be long before the individuals in charge of the establishment would ask him to leave, but when the crimson-eyed man entered the building, Fallaman knew it had been long enough.  A bandaged hand waved the individual over to a spindly chair on the other side of the barrel without a word.

That's one.

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Finally Arabella had seen and done a small handful of things in this world, but nothing had even slightly began to quench her thirst for adventure. She'd only just arrived in the capitol a few days ago. Late last night of the drunken locals had offhandedly mentioned this hall as a good place to potentially find her adventure. It seemed easier and full of more potential for greater rewards than the taverns she usually trolled for interesting people.

She stepped through the door her eyes took a moment to adjust. Arabella wasn't disappointed, the room was filled with high quality interesting people. She scanned the place trying to decide if she should introduce herself? Should she find her own seat, would someone approach her? Was she interesting enough for these people? They all carried weapons, and wore armor or cloaks of some kind. She'd spent time reinforcing the leather in her outfit, but much of what she wore seemed more for style than protection. She lived by the rules...don't get hit. Which worked for the most part. Her hair was a light pink today, bound up and away at the base of her neck. She wore her normal traveling gear and had packed all her belongings into a bag before leaving the inn. In theory she was ready to leave on a quest at a moments notice. 

For now she decide to take a seat with a view of the room, observe how people interacted for a bit and make her move from there. It was more reserved than her usual jump in there and figure it out, but today it seemed best. With great effort she tried not to stare at any one person but found her two toned eyes falling between the same three people. 

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The party assembles 


Even if Roman went to where the applications were displayed, he was not there to read them. Instead, he knew this place would attract exceptional people:


The leader

Those destined to great things does not always look like it. Sometimes they look and behave exactly like you would expect: Which was the case of the first man who brought Roman's attention. It seemed as if the fate of many others were intertwined with his: A born leader. He was armed with fine quality weapons which would not have stood out without him emanating such strength and confidence. One could feel his determination by standing near him. Roman could tell that he already had various adventure, he was well prepared and seemed unfazed around the rest of the tough ones here. 


The wanderer

The second one who dragged his attention seemed like his fate was tied far away from here. Not just far, but somewhere different. He was covered almost from head to toe but it did nothing other than make him stand out more. People where avoiding him, along with his gaze, which would make Roman's plan harder... or so he thought. He noticed that he also seen something with the crimson eyed man, already waving him over. It seemed like fate was already working in Roman's favor.


The self made wonder

The last one worthy of Roman's plans was a women.  She might not seem like it, but she was surprisingly the most equipped person in the room as of now. Her very fate seemed to be linked to all the gear she had, and even within the depth of her own body... Roman could not exactly tell what that meant currently, but he knew for sure he never met someone like that before. It was as if who she was was defined just as strongly by what she had. She had been eyeing him for a while, along with the two others. That was interesting and made Roman know that she could probably be lured over.



Pulling the strings


Roman had a plan: Approach the two men at the same time, and lure the girl over. He knew he would have the best chance to pull this off by giving a strong impression, and fuel what brought them here. The first stranger was afraid of none, including the hooded one. It was only a matter of time until he walked next to him. And it was then that Roman approached them.  Placing his long pointy fingers on their shoulders, he smiled of a warm, welcoming and almost surreal smile with his eyes lightning up as if greeting old friends. As he dragged their attention, he would then divert his own to the women, looking straight into her eyes. With his right hand that was previously sitting on the first man's shoulder, he extended his index to her before motioning her over. 

Once he knew he held the attention of all of them, he started reeling in.


-Finally! You are here. Lets wait for our fourth before I begin the explanation, shall we?


He spoke without an ounce of doubt or stress. Although he had no idea if this was going to work he acted as if he did which was all that matters. 

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A Turn of Fate


The Fellow Outcast

One of the first individuals his crimson hues had laid their gaze on was a male. One whom was sat at a chair, one whom appeared to have an even rougher appearance than his own being. His thoughts had somewhat creeped over the back of his mind of how he wondered, was this a rogue? A troublemaker? Yet those thoughts soon faded as soon as when the figure had waved over to his being. A brief pause would some what settle in his being as his crimson colored hues stared the unknown male down. Though eventually he exhaled a sigh through his nostrils, and had accepted what had unfolded. Youri stepped over to the figure, which seemed to draw some obscure attention from those whom were present in the guild hall, probably because they had seen the man sat in that chair as an outcast, and thus by extension Youri as well. Yet he did not care. Youri was an outcast himself. "I take it they do not seem to trust your appearance all that much." He had asked of the male before sitting himself down in the seat offered up to him.


The Pink-Haired Lady

From within the seat he was sat in, his hues glanced over the people whom appeared to be looking with some form of scorn toward the male. 'Twas all to be expected, he suspected. Yet he looked past those whom did, and took note of two individuals whom somewhat stood out within his field of vision. One was a female whom's hair appeared to be colored pink. In a sense, he found it amusing to see, on another it drew him in to question just who she was. But it appeared that the final key person had something else in mind to be done, as Youri's attention was drawn to him when he had felt a hand be placed on his shoulder.


The One Lead by Fate

In what appeared to be a reflex, the male stare up at the figure whom had placed their hand so boldly on his being. In a sense, Youri appeared to be glaring at him, yet it was moreso that he was scanning the man for his action. What was his intent? Did he have a job he could offer Youri? An adventure to get him back into shape? Questions that once more lingered the mind, yet he did not seem to have much time before he noted the male gazing off into the distance, to the same woman he himself had been eying for a short while before. However, his gaze turned back to the man once he had spoken up. It appeared that what Youri had been looking for as answers, he was provided with that single sentence. "I take it you're going to contract three of us into a small adventure then, hum?" The male asked with what seemed to be a tone filled with some intrigue, as well as hidden excitement.



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Arabella's stomach jumped with excitement, as the man drew a lanky finger in her direction. She slid out from her seat just as the man said something to the others. She glided across the room doing her best to keep the eager energy at bay, she wanted to seem professional as possible in this environment. It was an odd group, normally what made a group strange had more to do with the dynamic between people, but in this particular case it had more to do with the appearance of said group. Not that she of all people minded standing out a bit.

Much to her own surprise she had no quirky one liner to offer the group, what would usually be a chatter filled moment for her was left with little to say.  Upon reaching the group she simply opted for a simple introduction, "I'm Arabella." She shifted her weight into a casual stance as she waited for someone to explain more of the situation.

Now that she was close enough she took the time to truly examine her possible companions, doing her best not to linger on anyone person too long.

First was the man who'd brought her to the group, the leader of sorts sense he seemed to be the one initiating it. What appeared to be a long lanky finger from her seat she could now tell was more of a darken claw. She held back a shiver that traveled her spine. What was he? But who was she to judge someone for being less than human. With much effort she traveled to his face, there she found a completely different feeling filled her. His eyes seemed to glow they were so vibrantly green...she took a moment longer looking at them, no they didn't seem to glow the do glow.

She mentally shook herself free looking over one of the men near him, he was completely shrouded completely in white, even pieces of him that might not have been covered by cloth was bound in bandages. She did her best not to stare, somehow despite his odd attire he seemed to be the kind of person one's memory might not hold on to, could it be that he covered himself so well that it left nothing for her to grab on to? She wondered briefly what one might have to hide so completely.

She moved to the third companion, he was by far the most built of the crowd, his physical prowess alone made him intimidating to the average person; his deep crimson eyes only added to it. It made sense why he might be needed for a quest of some kind. A font man, fighter of sorts, the question was what was everyone else's role? 

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The crimson-eyed stranger spent a full five seconds staring at the heavily shrouded figure seated in the corner before he seemed to give a shrug and make his way over.  Fallaman watched him approach with nearly undivided attention, swinging his feet onto the ground to clear off the barrel in preparation of appearing more engaged in any conversation which might be offered.

Such was being delivered in the form of a painfully obvious observation about Fallaman's appearance, but before Fallaman could formulate a response, a hand landed softly on his shoulder.  The texture of the bandaged man's skin was ridged, which could lead one to the conclusion that he was heavily scarred, except for one detail.  Roman could feel the ridges moving, almost pulsating before the wrapped figure gently lifted the hand off of his shoulder.

"Well, he's friendly."  The words were muttered under his breath, but the general ambient noise in the tavern had dropped slightly, meaning that particularly sharp ears would be able to hear them.  As the strangers began a discussion, a young lady with violently unnatural hair tones made her way over to the impromptu group.

She introduced herself in a blunt but honest fashion, with no embellishment or particular ceremony before beginning to inspect the three men, and Fallaman felt it would be courteous to do the same.  "My name is-"  He cut off there as his eyes made contact with the young girl's twin-toned orbs.  For a second he stood stock still, a look of bewilderment on his face as he blinked several times.

Finally, he slouched back in his chair, his air of confidence shattered.

"Fallaman.  My name is Fallaman."

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Full Party


Roman's plan went along rather smoothly like well oiled gears. He chuckled to himself as the women felt her gaze locking into his, something Roman was quite used to by now but it still never failed to amuse him. At least it was enough to make her forget about his hands rather quickly.  

The bumps on Fallaman slightly surprised him, but not enough to raise a visual reaction. It simply made the covered man more interesting to Roman, wondering what exactly was hidden under these bandages.


He took great care at observing each of their behavior, his smile everlasting during the entire exchange. It was almost as if he was presented with three spectrum of sociability: Introverted, extroverted and balanced. This was almost painting itself. 


-So, as the red eyed man guessed, I am here to hire you three. As of what exactly I am expecting of you and what my reward will be, you should simply open your eyes to what surrounds you...


As he spoke to them, he pulled on the web he had between his index and thumb of his right hand. For a fleeting moment, the string was visible to even these three. It seemed like an otherworldly afterimage of glowing yellow. Just the sight of it left oneself full of adventure and curiosity, emanating an aura that dragged interest to those who could see it.


-I offer you to follow fate. And as a reward, I shall help you attain and even surpass your own, for better or for worse...


Once he was done talking, the web faintly faded out of vision for the rest of them. He did not await their answer as he wanted to get out of this crowded place as soon as possible. This would be the only way Roman would feel comfortable answering the inevitable plethora of questions that was about to come his way. He hoped they would follow him into the nearby streets, where less curious ears resided. 

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Arabella met Fallaman's gaze slight surprised by his reaction to her. What was that about?  She wondered trying to decide what it was that shocked him so, but before her mind could turn it over much before the man with claws spoke. It drew her attention immediately. His voice was shockingly pleasant, it left her wanting to hear more once her finished. Much to her surprise a golden thread appeared before him. Fate the word echoed in her mind. It drew her in, memorized. 

It was only once the thread faded that she could think clearly again. "Surely you have something more to offer than an illusion." Who was he to come in and say that fate existed. A concept Arabella had refused to believe in growing up. You forged your own path in life. She was reckless and out of control sometimes she knew that, but at least without fate it waas still choice not her destiny. "It's convening illusion magic, I'll admit that much but it'll take more than pretty eyes and golden strings to make me believe in fate, let alone believe you have any control over it." Her hand shifted to her hip as she spoke, "How does one surpass fate? what does that even mean. It's totally cryptic, which can be deceiving." 

She let out a sigh and watched to see what the others thought. Surly she want the only one that found this ridiculous. 

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It was an interesting way to make a sales pitch.  The stranger had said he wanted to hire them, and immediately proceeded to wave the concept of fate in front of their faces and bombard them with arcane terminology.  Fallaman marked that he hadn't even given a name, nor any specifics of what he wanted the three of them to help him with.  Either way, Fallaman was roused from his introspection by the sight of Arabella almost fuming at the ears following her potential employer out of the building.

Fallaman turned to the man seated across from him.  "I guess we should find out what this mysterious stranger wants.  I never caught your name, by the way; mine's Fallaman."  The bandaged man rose and began heading for the exit, hoping the red-eyed man would follow.  This strange green-eyed man was proving to be quite the character, bringing up such a divisive subject as Fate less than five minutes after meeting the group.  He's certainly not afraid to advertise his abilities.  It struck him as odd, the idea of someone being so willing to alter fate as to offer it as payment to complete strangers.

"Messing with destiny is dangerous and filled with self-fulfilling prophesies.  One can only hope that he knows what he is doing."

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Silently Youri was observing what went on around him. From the female stepping over to their small group, introducing herself. By then it had already occured to him that his manners seemed to have failed him as he has yet to introduce himself. But with the circumstances unfolding themselves, it appeared he was not given much of a chance to just yet.


Second to introduce themselves was the man wrapped in bandages, which made Youri's crimson hues linger some on their being. He seemed to have somewhat started to examine the party some. His thoughts filled with what their possible capability would be. Whether they knew it or not, Youri seemingly had signed on to what ever the man spewing matters of Fate had to offer in terms of their task ahead.


Curiosity had struck Youri when the green eyed male had requested for them to "open their eyes" to what surrounds them. His brow raised some as he did just that, look over to the filled hall of people. Though something seemed off to his hues. A thread seemingly appeared before his field of vision, one that was damaged, yet it refused to break. Was this the thread that weaved his fate? Skeptically the male shook his skull some at the sight as he uttered. "I don't believe so easily in fate, green-eyes..." His tone was somewhat more sharp than before. It was after he spoke that he saw the man head outside. Was Youri-- or the others even-- tempted enough to follow the cryptic fellow into this? It appeared so.


The first to leave after the male was the woman with pink hair, whom had introduced herself as 'Arabella'. With a faint sigh escaping Youri's nostrils, he could not help but feel somewhat won over by what ever the offer the cryptic one had offered. His hues had then turned to the male whom was known as 'Fallaman' as an inclination of his skull was given. "Might as well see what this talk of Fate is. If nothing, it should be a good adventure. And a good way to get myself back in the thick of it." Youri had offered as a reply while he stood up straight from his seat. "Youri Dakyakage. At your service." He had finally offered his own name to at least one of the three.


As Fallaman suspected, Youri left shortly after with him as he was too drawn by the offer -- something he himself even found strange from all the time he spent wandering, questing, and adventuring -- as it was one that not too many could say with such conviction within their tone. Hearing Fallaman speak up about the danger that is involved with messing with 'Destiny' seemed to lure a faint smirk out of Youri's lips. In a sense, he was not convinced, in another he was. 'Twas all a matter of what the green eyes male could say to truly win him over.



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Sadness of the Untied One

Roman finally led the curious group to a quiet place. Even if he heard their incessant babbling of complains, he ignored it. He could not do otherwise. His entire being was filled with sadness, going as far as holding tears back. He tried to regain composure before turning around to face all three of them now that they were on their own.

As he faced them, they could all see that his wide smile was gone. His green eyes displayed pain, narrowed by the feelings that was eating him inside. He focused on the webs tying all of them, a rage slowly overwhelming the initial sadness. It was disgusting to him. It was unfair. He hated those webs that he was forced to look at every day. The constant reminder that everyone he ever will care about are not truly free. He clenched his teeth together.

Why did he keep doing this? People were always happier believing that it was fake. That they had their own will. Heck, maybe they did? Maybe they were just as free as him? He can't permanently alter anything of significance anyway, so why would he be different than them?

Roman confidence was gone. He was fidgety, playing with his fingers as he stared at the three of them, debating on how he would approach this. He shook his head and sighed.


-Listen. I hate the truth as much as all of you. If not even more! I feel sick just talking about it. I knew none of you would believe me because no one wants to. I do only because I am forced to face it every single day and I sometimes wonder if I would be happier without knowing the truth. 


For a moment Roman paused. He realized what he was just talking about. He never opened up like this to anyone before. Let alone strangers. His eyes widened for a bit and a soft hue of blush appeared on his cheeks. He cleared his troath.


-Anyway... I need you to follow me. I believe I can't make it alone. I don't even know exactly what I am chasing, aside that it is a ring of significant importance, more than any object I have ever encountered. And more importantly, its fate is not tied to anything... it could be a tool for me to fight back. Fight this reality. 


Roman's expression changed once again. As he spoke, each words changed his face from pain and embarrassment to pure determination. His eyebrows narrowing, his body language more active and explosive. He was getting excited by the mere thought of success, of progress. He seemed like the kind of person that could hardly lie. Every emotions he was going trough was very expressively demonstrated trough his face and body.


-Come with me, and I will make sure you won't regret it. I don't think I can make this alone, as I am not a fighter. I have never been on anything like this. I spent most of my life researching these damned webs that drives me insane. I need you all to escort me and keep me safe to make it so everything I did was not in vain...


He paused, now wearing an expression of extreme seriousness.


-Youri, Fallaman, Arabella. Will you dare face what scares me the most along with me?


These final words were heavy. Heavy of meaning, heavy of danger, heavy of emotions. He never had to rely on anyone else before. He felt more vulnerable than ever. But he had to. 


He was too scared...


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Her complaints seemed to fall on deft ears as she followed him out of the building. It didn't escape her notice that the other two men followed as well. Why was she the only one so bothered by the ridiculous nature of his claims? Was she allowing her own stubbornness to interfere with a potential truth? She hated this more than she had words for, she was so caught up in her own thoughts and emotions she nearly collided with the green eyed man as he stopped in what seemed to be a very secluded spot.


Arabella was taken a back by the raw openness he seemed to display. Though a larger portion of her still hated the idea of it, sense when did she of all people care about the reward? The reward was the adventure itself and for that reason alone she knew she'd take this chance.


"I'll go," she let off in a casual tone, This whole fate thing left a bad taste in her mouth. If he saw fate he probably already knew that she would, unless of course the fate thing was as much BS as she predicted. It made her head spin a little. "When do we start and where do we start?" She flashed one of her characteristically too perfect smiles at the group. "You may be more full of shit than an unkempt pigs pen, but that doesn't take away from the thrill of this adventure." 


Would the others go? They seemed less bothered by the fate thing than she and had chosen to follow him out, it seemed likely. Her eyes traveled to each of them as she thought this over. Did she trust them? So many adventures where the quiet type, it was boring, and in someways left her uneasy. Maybe they just needed time to open up. She hoped as much, or this 'trip' could be a lot of awful silence or a lot of just her own voice rambling on, more likely the latter.

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Fallaman stood in shock succeeding Arabella's declaration of her intent to accompany the stranger.  Between her and the now nearly tear-stricken stranger, Fallaman caught himself wondering if younglings were still taught their manners.  Younglings.  What a riot, that dragon's got you talking like him now too.  These two were probably raised around the same time you were.  Deciding that their poor behavior was most likely a sign of psychological stress, Fallaman decided that he would not harp on such trivial details such as being unreasonably compared to a pig pen or not being introduced.

When the pink-haired lady swept her eyes over the group, she locked eyes for a split second with the bandaged man.  Fallaman, however quickly cast his eyes down before turning them on to the stranger with a slightly exasperated voice.  "Bags, would you stop your equivocating and tell us where you're going?  And while you're at it, there are some among us who have yet to introduce themselves."

Actions speak louder than words, and all three of them had followed Roman into this alleyway where all sorts of shady shenanigans could go down; they were clearly interested in his offer, and he didn't think anyone would frequent the Fighter's hall if they weren't up for a little danger.

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