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[Questing]The silk road

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As the group was seperated from the rest of the bustling streets somes, something felt odd to Youri. As his crimson hus had casted their gaze upon Roman's being, he took note of his behaviour, how he seemed stressed in some manner. The facial expressions he displayed simply adding to his curiosity as he would not be able to possibly understand what the man was seeing, nor going through. With a deep seated sigh escaping his nostrils, Youri crossed his arms some as he waited in silence for the man to explain himself. "How about we hear less about that, and more about the job you've had in mind, fate-seer." The name Youri had used for Roman seemed to hide a slight tone of certainty, as if he did want to believe what he had to say regarding these threads from earlier. His hues did catch a glimpse of his own, so he was willing to give Roman the benefit of the doubt.

And there it was, the explenation Youri had somewhat anticipated to hear. While his eyes narrowed on Roman, they did not exactly show a sign of contept, nor real annoyance at his words. Rather, he seemed to somewhat understand where he was coming from. Lowering his arms beside his being, he stared somewhat in silence at the man, though his mind ran rampant with the idea. 


However, the snap out of his thought was provided by Abralla as she spoke out that she would go. It was more her 'colorful' choice of words that made him skeptical about the female, though he figured she must have some capability to her. It did however amuse Youri how she spoke, as it reminded himself of bygone days. As her eyes were notably creeping over to him, he gave her a stare directly into her own with his crimson colored hues. Though that soon drifted off to Fallaman.

It appeared the two others who would follow on this adventure were somewhat set in stone to follow along with this tale. And with a faint sigh escaping his nostrils, he turned his gaze back over to Roman. "You speak of a matter most deem an illusion. Fate. Yet, you've been able to present me with proof, by allowing me to view a certain thread I otherwise could not. While I don't buy into this still, I'm willing to present you the benefit of the doubt." His tone seemed a bit different than before, as it was more relaxed instead of tense. Regardless, it appeared that Youri was set to come with.



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Urgent documents my ass! Sharak cursed silently within the lulling safety of his mind, a place so wild and twisted only that wretched man would have found reassuring. Next time I'm to snatch some fucking papers from a fucking merchant I'm gonna rip his arm apart with the gods-damned documents still in his hands, rather than masquerading as a beggar. This place stinks of piss from a mile away! How miserable must a city it be when an honest beggar cannot even plea for coin without needing to puke every other hour? The deplorable train of thoughts rapidly scurrying through his brain was but the last one in a long chain of events that lead him there. Too long, probably. Nevertheless, he was on a rather leisurely mission, which involved relieving a relevant businessman of the unneeded burden of half a dozen credit letters, worth about three thousand hawks in total. The quest he was pursuing was a self-imposed one, a scheme he devised on the spot when he met the man during a previous task; at the time, Sharak was playing the part of a peer man of affairs whose interests spanned in the refined tradework of Lenshalin brandy casks. Noteworthy as it is, that particular kind of liquor sold for over twelve merlins per ounce, making it one of the most expensive booze of the continent. Needless to say, it was all bullshit, conjured with expertise from the perverse mind of a consumed con artist. Regardless, the plan worked out smoothly and allowed him to swindle the poor bastard for quite a fortune; but money was worth to him only so much as the inebriating experience of obtaining it. Thus he hopped from his previous victim onto the current one like a voracious and insatiable predator would switch from the slain body of his former prey to a new more succulent target.

In the light of such fascinating yet despicable events, Sharak found himself immersed in the flowing world of Union Capital, a city whose slender architecture was not fancier than the curious people who inhabited it. Lik'matten was one of such people, one of the many enriched merchants that were too busy with their affairs to beseech any degree of caution when rustling from one place to another. The plan was then extremely simple, for the victim, despite its riches, was a naive man when it came to matters of personal safety. Sharak would merely play the part of a beggar at the corner of this alley: as soon as Lik'matten passed by, he would bump into the man by feigning a teetering walk, then promptly snatch the poorly concealed documents from the inside pocket of the victim's coat with a remarkable work of legerdemain. After observing the merchant for a couple of weeks, Sharak was a hundred percent positive he would stroll right beside the alley, as it was the shortest route to the counting-house.

Sharak was waiting idly at the border of the street, begging for money with the most convincing pitiful look one could put on. He was dressed in a brown jute tunic stained with days-old encrusted filth, which looked more alike a mistreated sack of potatoes stolen and debatably adapted to work as a robe of sorts. His hood was woven in the same unruly fashion and let out a few locks of curly grey threads that would be too inconspicuous to call hair. His face was scarred by a plethora of bruises, his eyes were pale to near blindness, and all his frame, from the pointy fingers to the hollow cheeks, made it obvious the beggar was way past malnutrition. As soon as Roman's group entered the alley, his ears perked up with curious attentiveness. The group was nothing short of alluring for a series of reasons: the bizarre meddling of people, the awful look of concern that exuded from one, the sidelong glances of suspicious that escaped another, the marvellous uncertainty blazingly stamped on the slender features of their leader. Thanks the fucking gods! If they existed at all! A nifty intermission from this bothersome wait... I might even get to enjoy myself today. I guess this pisshole of a city is not that fucked up in the end. Well, it is fucked up, but that's just my line of business.

He lent over the corner in a sudden spasm of rheumatic coughing. ... I am chasing, aside that it is a ring of significant importance, more than any object I have ever encountered... Oh-oh, it really sounds like the treat for my teeth. While he was planning his next move, Lik'matten made his inglorious appearance from the rear end of the street. Already bothered by his former mission, yet not willing to give it up (it's still cold paying metal, y'know?), Sharak stood up among the shivers and trembling of presumed old age. He tottered over and bumped into the designated man, uttering a stream of lamentable excuses and paltry blessings to the gods of mercy, thus distracting the unsuspecting victim from a superior sleight of hand endeavour. After the misdeed was accomplished, the beggar fluttered to a corner and vanished, only to be replaced by the most average-looking, ordinarily dressed, lower scribe: the epitome of mediocrity. He had short brown air, unassuming dark eyes, an uneventful face topping a medium-built frame; his attire was just as unexceptional as his opaque gaze, with a consumed yet well-kept blue doublet and a pair of second-hand black breeches. The documents rested safely behind a hidden pocket near his right breast, but they would not reach the counting-house any soon. Sharak was going to tail the mysterious group into whatever deed they were up to; and once he could grab a hint of their scheme, he would tear it apart and burglarize the shit out of them. All from a safe vantage point, lest him not get too fired up with the adrenaline of battle... or not. 

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The final details


Roman shook his head. He could not deny that he was less than skillful when it came to social interactions. He never had the chance to create many long lasting relationships and never really learned good manners. Instead he was shipped from family to family trough adoption, so Fallaman was not wrong by saying he lacked manners. However to Roman's surprise they all agreed to follow him. At this point he felt like he ruined it with his sloppy approach but it seemed like it was going to work out.

-Well that settles it then. I am Roman Blake. It is a pleasure to have all of you working with me. Now if you have more questions, concern, or anything of value to say... we can do so on the walk. I appreciate your willingness to work with strangers, but I am sure we won't remain as such for very long.

Once he was done talking, he lifted his right hand and pulled on the web. For a fleeting moment, it was visible to all. They could see it more clearly than before, including the man who was spying on them... 

It was extending in the core of the city, surprisingly. How could something of such value be hidden in plain sight like this? Well they would soon find out. Roman then gently let go of it and started following it. Clearly he could still see it while the others could not.



-He made allies! With them he just might-

-Stop it. Look at them! I would laugh if I could. Pilling more garbage together only creates more. Plus have you not noticed the one stalking them? He might even settle this for us without even having to lift a finger. 

The other entity remained silent. They both shifted their attention on Sharak. 


And so it begins


-From what I can see so far, it won't be as simple as finding it. It seems to be in the middle of a high populated area, so there is no reason why it would not have been uncovered by now. Also I doubt something of such importance will be unguarded. Anyone here have some idea on how to proceed? See me as nothing but a tracker, bringing you to the location. 


As he spoke he confidently walked towards the object. He seemed to have lost all sort of sadness of lack of confidence he had earlier. He was already feeling at ease with them, he felt like he had very little to lose by trusting them.




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As their elusive contractor had provided a name, Youri simply retorted with a polite "Well met, Roman." He had understood their task at hand, it was somewhat simple enough. Though given that Roman had a sense of dread looming over him as he pressed the importance of this item, though he was not one whom liked too many obscure details. "If we're doing this, we're doing this right. I want details on where we're going, and what we could be facing. If trouble arises, I want to be able and respond as quick as possible, as to not be caught off guard. Nor in an unexpected mess." Youri's tone was sharp, almost like a commander whom had faced shady odds in his past before.

With movement of his hand, Roman had seemingly allowed the threads of Fate to be visible once more. Youri's eyes narrowed on the sight as he was not too pleased with having to "face the truth"... though he knew well enough now that he may have no choice when going forward on this. With a grunt somewhat escaping his lips, his eyes lingered on the Thread tied to his being. As he had suspected earlier, it was as battered as he would imagine it to be. Yet somehow he felt as if it was still a durable line that he had. One that he didn't see, nor could wage breaking just yet.

Once Roman began to speak, Youri's attention had shifted to the threads around him. But it all felt like a puzzle to him, as how was he supposed to understand which thread he was referring to. With a shake of his skull he decided to leave that detail rest for now, as it would take too much time - or so he felt - to try and understand what was seen around them. Coming back to his demands from earlier, he was somewhat given an answer: Uncertainty. Other than Roman being able to track this item, he could not wage too many things for himself. So Youri began to ponder on possibilities. Given it was in "a highly populated area" - or so Roman had said - he spoke up with his ideas: "If it's in a dense area, we can suspect guards of the city being present. Or perhaps a commoner holds it... There are many possibilities when we're talking about the city. Might as well try to specify where it is, and make a plan from there. Is it far from where we currently are?"

Before Youri could even formulate a plan, their contracter had decided to move ahead. With a sigh escaping his lips, Youri oblidged some, and followed after. "Roman. For your safety - as well as theirs - let us discuss a plan once you deem us close enough to the item. I can't make head, nor tail of these webs. But I can try put my trust in you to lead us well." Youri's tone seemed to be somewhat mixed, he wanted to trust Roman, but the actions he displayed made it a bit difficult.



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Arabella made a face at the illusion thrown before her again, but opted to not say anything, it seemed pointless to mention it once more. Instead she just let out a huff of air and flipped her hair over her shoulder and waited for it to disappear again.  She followed just a step behind Roman bubbling with excitement, listening to Youri with a laugh. He was seemed to want a lot more control over this situation that Roman was giving him in the moment. She however was content to follow along with little knowledge, did that make her naive? Maybe, but mostly she felt that details weren't necessary for an adventure. 


From one of the hidden pockets in her skirt folds she pulled out a gadget it was toy of sorts for her, her hands fiddled with it, adjusting things her and there running bits of magic through it occasionally. Tinkering is what it was called, but if fell into the back ground of her mind as they walked. Would this group eventually be talkative and fun? she wondered to herself. It would be quite a boring tip if everyone was far too focused on the mission. She hoped that wouldn't be the case.


"Do you have an approximate estimation on how long this journey will be?" She paused passing the toy into both hands, "Days? Weeks? Longer?" She hopped the vagueness of her question might actually get an answer from Roman.  

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Acknowledging wisdom


As Youri spoke to him, Roman stopped. He paid close attention to everything he had to say. He did admit himself that they were all most likely more experienced than him in this kind of things so he was more than glad to have valuable input. 


-I hear you loud and clear Youri. Then here is everything I know...


Roman turned his attention to the thread again. His eyes narrowed as if he was trying to look deeper into it. In reality he was just focusing, trying to find any familiar detail on the web. Even if they would look very much alike to an untrained eye, to Roman they were all different. And the longer he focus on them the more he finds out about them. He could tell that they were not too far from it. And he could tell that whatever was tied to it was not moving currently. But oddly enough it seemed both close and far at the same time.


-We are rather close. But somehow I feel like it is also extremely far... It also is not moving. So my guess is that it is sitting somewhere close yet out of reach somehow.  It seems to be near the city center, the very heart of the city. If it was easily seen it would have already been found. Guards are most likely a given, but I doubt they will really be a problem unless we do something very sketchy. I highly doubt anyone is in possession of it as of now, the thread is loose, which makes me think it is up for anyone to grab... if they may reach it. 


He focused as hard as he could, trying to get more information. He felt himself get a bit drained from using so much grayscale. 


-I... I think it has been here for a very long time. Hard to tell. I have never inspected such a thread before, which is exactly the reason we are chasing it. I don't know the exact distance from us but we are not far.


Roman then turned to Arabella.


-Honestly, reaching the point of interest should be rather quick. Minutes. But there is no telling how exactly we are to get in touch with this item. If it was easy it would have been done already. I doubt it will take more than days however. The faster the better, I would like to avoid problem as much as possible.


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As quiet and unsurprising Sharak's appearance was in the clothes of his new persona, so it was tailing the mysterious group of adventurers. Tagging after someone was at the same time the most boring and the most important task of a conman's honourable job. Learning the target's habits, their political ideas, their food preference, even their sexual tastes: it was all part of the big picture that unequivocally described any one person, from the lowliest beggar that totters around shady alleys, to the richest most pompous noble squandering his fortune on whores and wines. Humans are so pathetically similar, after all; and Sharak being one of them made him all the more pissed. Nonetheless, he endured the shame and put his questionable skills to good use, for his own sake of course. In this case, Sharak's mind was completely enthralled by the thought of a ring bearing some kind of forbidden power: how much would it be worth? What were they willing to sacrifice for the privilege of that possession? Hidden riddles, subtle questions... those racy doubts quivered expectantly in his mind, tingling the brain into the stimulating pleasure of machination. 

The average scribe was suddenly ripped back to reality by the unwonted vision of what appeared to be some sort of milky white thread, apparently blinking into existence from nowhere. What the hell is that shit?? Sharak's true self was unusually baffled by that peculiar sight. Fuck it! Do we have to bring some fancy sorcery into play now? Couldn't they just be some gods-damned witless apple-knockers? Thank you, most gracious and illustrious Goddess of Luck of My Arse!! The thief was clearly unsatisfied by the blazing realization that magic was included in his new little game. But again, how could he possibly hope it wouldn't be, given that rings of forbidden bearing do not grow on trees? He half-knew half-felt wizardry would eventually be involved, although that partial grasp his instincts gave him still wasn't enough for him to avoid complaints. After all, cursing gods of any arbitrary pantheon and blaming others were not only on the top ten of his most soothing hobbies but also some of the skills he honed for the longest time. Despite the unforeseen bewilderment, he strode on, impeccably supporting the farce of dubious legality he thrusted himself into when deciding to pose as a scribe.

He kept close to the group, enough to overhear tiny scraps of what they were saying, while still being out of range of any undesired attention. He played his part well, as he always did: nodding in acknowledgement when he noticed other scribes pass on the street, occasionally waving to them in an exhausted yet confident fashion. All the intel he could accrue would prove of unmatched value during his imminent quest. "If we're doing this, we're doing this right. I want details on where we're going..."  Yessss, good boy! We want all the details... all the juicy slippery details we need for our precious jobs eheh Sharak chuckled in his mind, savouring with due anticipation the taste of their bafflement when he would snatch the ring out of their fingers. He siphoned whatever he could: places, things, emotions, names... Names? Roman, is it? I don't like that guy, he looks fishy. Not fishy in an honourably villainous twisted way, rather... unconcerned, too fucking evenhanded for my taste. Does he even believe in something of his own? Or is he all about that nonsense blabbering of fate and destiny and shit? 

When Roman stopped, Sharak strolled on a dozen yards, just to be cautious. Then he faked a striking impromptu interest for a underwhelming display of second-hand pottery, truly the kink of a painfully mediocre man like his persona. He started negotiating with the unalluring merchant that supposedly sold them, attempting - with unbelievable success - to obtain a shamefully low price; so low in fact that the order of scribes would erect him a monument solely in praise of such niggardliness. Nonetheless, he kept his hears open and waiting for their move...

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The anomaly


After the group had been walking for a while, they finally reached the point where things would get slightly more complicated...

Right in the middle of the heart of the city was where the thread vanished seemingly nowhere... or was it? Roman focused his sight and inspected it further. He realized it kept going, but somewhere else. Almost as if it was right there. 


-Its right here. Whatever path we need to take, it starts here. I'm not too sure how we will be able to try anything without instantly bringing suspicion however. 


Roman pondered as he turned to the rest of them, hoping that they would have a better answer than him. To put frankly, he was all out. He realized that it would not be as simple as grabbing the ring but this was so puzzling. The lack of any evidence apparent to his sight was unsettling to him. He simply did not even have the slightest lead really. 




-He... He found the gate! I told you this would get dangerous!

-And what now? He is stuck. He never traveled outside of this world. Not once. And I doubt these scraps of adventurers he gathered together are any better. Plus don't forget about our trump card...

-Right. The stalker.


An enigmatic wall


After a few moments of thinking he sighed heavily. He looked at Youri as he seemed to have good thinking in general. However for some reason Roman could not shake this weird feeling of dread off his shoulders, almost as if he knew something bad was about to happen. He started being fidgety again, rubbing his fingers together and looking around more than usual. He realized than the closer they would get to the object, the more dangerous it would get. 

He was at least glad he was not alone


-Well, this is as far as I can get us. I really don't know what to say. I hope this was not all for nothing...

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