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Priya Sevid Avilon

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* Priya Sevid Avilon *



Name: Priya Avilon

Alias: Soothsayer

Title:Gypsy Tarot Reader

Visual Age: Twenty-One

Ethnicity: Unknown

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Female

Class: Spell User (Summoner)


Hair: Mocha with Crimson stains

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 134

Voice: Petite Femininity 

Build: Dancer's Physique with well toned Arm, Abs and arms. Not overly obtrusive.

Condition: Healthy



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The SummonsUmineko.no.Naku.Koro.ni.full.371271.jpg

Summons - each possess a unique personality & fighting style

•The Fool

•The Magician

•The Priestess

•The Empress/The Emperor

•The Herophant

•The Lovers

•The Chariot


•The Hermit

•Wheel of Fortune


•The Hanged Man



•The Devil

•The Tower

•The Stars

•The Moon

•The Sun


•The Universe



•1 Tarot Deck (Appears quite Ordinary)

• Gypsy Kit - Small Gold pouch, assortment of strange dice, veil

• 1 Silver Dagger (8 inch blade 4 inch hilt)

• Beautiful Pendant (Possessing Magical Qualities)


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• A Skimpy Fur-lined blouse

• A few pairs of undergarments (modern not medieval in nature)

Strap Sandals

• Various Costumes


• Tolerant - It is difficult to have a personality that will drive Avi to the point she simply can't be around them any longer. The easiest way to dishearten her though is revealing your own intolerance to others. At that point she will simply redirect her eyes in attempts to avoid the possible connection with unreasonable individuals.

• Adventurous - The true nature of freedom, Avilon often lost herself in the minor things of this world. Each specimen of life or mineral a complete marvel that is just waiting to be unraveled. Avi tends to find adventure everywhere she goes, even if dangles her off the edge of a cliff, much to her summons own dismay.

• Resourceful - Even her magic is developed about the source of always having an ace up her sleeve. The tarot cards aren't her only tool for removing obstacles from her journey. It won't be the first or last time she has to make some rudimentary lathe to take on some demon rock monster.

• Organized - Although she has no house or personal affects to organize, Avi often is found cleaning and reorganizing her companion's possessions. Once she was caught by quite the disagreeable crime lord as she rummaged through his closet recreating the skeletons he had left behind.

• Transparent - Every emotion that Avilon experience is plastered directly to her face as she reacts. The ability to lie or even fib is completely useless when wielded by her. This has become such a liability for her she often states her own predicaments and plans to weasel her way out of them as she goes.

• Compulsive - This mainly takes hold of Avi in extremely strenuous circumstances where she either feels nervous or scared. That insatiable urge to suddenly start scratching that itch that seemingly started or cleaning while in the midst of a food fight.

• Ridiculous - Avi has no sense of common decency or fashion and often will sew her own strange outfits that are inappropriate for certain occasions.

• Dirty - Avilon isn't just a closet perve, at her darkest hours she will attempt to devise a sexual connotation for action or speech one uses against her.


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