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Twisted love

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(Sequel to : 




Power drew from vanity,controlled by hands of evil
Should it  go wild,will make everything scather
Balance will be distrupted with the sealing pieces
It will bring chaos,And only death and  demise
The sky will fall, The ground  and waters will be diseased
Just as the arcane knowledge many praise.
Fire will go cold, ice will go  warm.
The living will be dead,and the dead will live once  more.
For the light will go  back,the stars stop shining.
the sun is dead cold,the moon is  black too.
The world is dark.

This prophecy  couldn't let her sleep, when her dream had its  sweetest state, the scene with the  phoenix muthering the words of the poem were striking up in her subconcious, jerking  the girl out of her slumber and  putting her into  an unpleasant state.

The case  had been solved, Libald was put  in prison for 20 years.Rachel could  still feel  anger when she thought about the man, being a light mage and   commiting terrible crimes  for  selfish purposes is a federal offense."Well, I hope at least the  hoes in the prison will like his  dress...", she thought. 

Rachel was happy to see that Tresh recovered,  when she was invited to the party,  she  saw it with her  own two eyes: the phoenix had done  a wonderful job,except  when he gave the prophecy,  the pyromancer thought she could do well without  SLEEPLESS  NIGHTS.The party was thrown by... somebody named Kevinar Reyese, "Isn't  he  the same guy Libald talked about when he  threw a tantrum?", she asked herself in her mind.Anyway, she was surpised that Castellus himself  decided    that he deserved a party too, "Fun fact:This old man knows to party better than all my classmates  combined."

She chose not to drink, though,  the  nightmares  had already made  sleeping hard for her,  in the morning  she's possibly more tired than  the momment she went to sleep, drinking would only make it worse.Rachel didn't hesitate to eat... and  shoot fireworks into the sky.

She had to ask herself, though.
"What now?",Rachel doubted she could make it back to Earth soon, so it was  a 1 million gold question what  she would do next,  she  grasped a better concept of how things work here,  but it wasn't enough, not even close enough, Rachel couldn't even find Elliot, or get a clue about his whereabouts.All without his memories, the light mage was exposed to  all the odds of  this foul world,   more precisely,  was exposed for his father's  pursuit to kill all the guardians of the medalions, needed to unlock the forbbiden knowledge of Earth. Great summary, right? Too bad Rachel  had been introverted  and kept that to herself, and she wouldn't change her mind about this anytime soon.
Well, after all,  They didn't know where Elliot is, neither did Rachel,  her only clue, as much as it hated the fact, was the prophecy let by the phoenix, which obviously hadn't made much sense for the 16 year-old. 

But still... what should  Rachel do? 

Her only  idea was to  remain where she was,   the girl really hated to admit it, but she wouldn't be able to  stand her ground against her father, not a bit. She needed to become more powerful.
"Anyways, Rachel, back to pretending-you're-a-fully-functional-being-but-you-know-well-you-are-actually-a-menthal-hot-mess."

She was at the party, the wierdest thing happened to her :  a  woman, possibly in her 30's, approached her. She had  brown hair and red eyes,  she wore a traditional pyromancer    dress, her  staff always with her.She must have been a really big figure, otherwhise, why would she dress that fancy?"I guess over-dressing is a thing around here...",  Rachel thought.The woman approached Rachel, it was a bit awkward.Her steps were silent, and it was almost like she wanted Rachel.
"I pressume you must be Rachel Amber..",  the woman said, loudly enough so  everybody near her could  hear it.Rachle nodded, feeling so awkward, who was that witch and from where  had she known her name?She couldn't remind telling it to anyone other  than the people ,she was 100% sure    those people didn't tell the woman anything about her.
"I just couldn't resist the temptation of coming and meeting you, I've been told you pulled off a phoenix to break the  bond between the reckless light mage  and poor Tresh, remarkable,nontheless.", the woman said, sitting down near Rachel.The witch looked her in the eyes, what did she want?Possibly  she wanted Rachel  to  teach it to her.... which  she was unable to because the phoenix should  want to come to you, not the other way around.
Rachel stood  next to her motionlessly, starring at her, "Who the hell told you that?", she thought.
"News travel fast, dear,I for one, heard it from Castellus himself.And, assuming you don't have any OTHER businesses  to attend, I would like you  to attend my class instead . I   teach Fire magic at the academy, and I think you could just fit in the  many vacant positions I have in my... let's says honors class. Of course, you'd be getting your own dorm, and you could also attend other classes, too, if you wanted."

Castellus was waving in the distance, possibly way too    "stoned" by the party to do anything else than that.
Truth is, the woman was really persuasive, but  she didn't come off as evil,  possibly she was just a really ambitious teacher, sick of  some unpleasant details about her class.Rachel was stunned, she came off as a female Gandalf  for summoning a phoenix. She thought it through.
"That  feels like something useful. I accept. What's your name,though?", she asked with a smile on her face, maybe that was the solution  she had to find for now.


She was looking around the  campus, finally finding the fire school.It looked to be really crowded... It was almost like everybody wanted to be a fire mage, it was strange, yet really exciting.The teacher's name was Alan Nightshade,"Wierd name for a pyromancer, perhaps she's married.". She was wondering where she would be meeting familiar faces.

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"Knowledge is not immune to the cycle of fads and trends. People flock to whatever will make them rich, or powerful, or to be loved. The question is, however, why did you choose to go to this place of learning?"

The voice belonged to a man a few feet behind her, lazily laying upon a stone wall with one leg dangling over the edge like a cat. "Personally, I've found my driving passion to be the more sensible of the few. One can find great motivation through the act of combating ignorance." He did not wear the clothes of a student, he looked more like a warrior than anything. 

A bronze helmet hid his face and features, with only two eye slits for vision. He wore a leather padded shirt with long sleeves, half inch copper plates sewn onto the fabric, taking up all available room. Each plate had the same strange rune inscribed on it, just as the plates on his leather breeches had as well. While he wore boots and gauntlets, the metal they were made with appeared to have a different purpose than protection. Adorning his belt were nine spheres of a peculiar metal, its purpose unknowable. Strapped to his back was a shield constructed of rose pink crystal and banded with the same iron as the spheres on his belt. 

"I certainly hope you learn something while you're here. It's not everyday you get to attend such a prestigious place off of sheer chance. It's no Gaian Academy, but it has its secrets nonetheless."

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"Thank  you.", Rachel said, a little startled by the sudden words, she turned around analysing  the  individual. She was unsure  wheter he was a wizard or a warrior, but it was probably the latter.Her red pyromancer robe was visible in the light, and as she turned around, her brown hair flipped.

"What's your name?", she asked, out of politness,    Rachel is that kind of person, whom you  talk to for the first time, she might  ask your name, because.. politness."I guess, despite the things that happened.. I am still extroverted to some level....wierd.", she thought.She didn't know what Gaian Academy was,   but the place looked wonderful, so she didn't really care, instead she tried to grasp and learn   the location of her school, Mageside is a big city,  so it's easy to get lost. 

The strange rune on  the guy's  armor indeed looked wierd, Rachel had never seemed it before, but then again, she wasn't really into  runes.

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"Jorn Hallowstaff, at your service. I'm too old and too knowledgeable to attend school these days. I could tutor you in the ways of fire, if you wished to. My business here wil take some time, so if you do not wish for my services now, I will be around if you change your mind."

There were deep mysteries in this place, and he required something from it. It wasn't anything apocalyptic, just a little bit of knowledge is all he required. Sooner or later he would discover a way inside, discover a way into those little libraries, and he would have his prize. His helmet focused onto the girl, as if he could see right through her.

"First bit of advice, if you don't already know, is that fire has a nasty way of consuming everything in its path. How else do you combat such a terrible thing? Simple. Starve it, and it will die without even a whisper." There was more to this simple addage than what was on the surface. Would she understand? Perhaps in time, but for now it would be an interesting piece of wisdom to hold onto.

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"Thank you for the kind offer, sir.I am sure I'll need your aid sometimes in the future.", Rachel knew well she had to  learn much much more if she   ever hoped to   stand her ground in an encounter with ... with.. her father.
"Happy to see  people who are actually nice and they don't pretend to be an official  with the best of intentions when they are   secretly just trying to kill you and corrupt the whole society  altogether..", she thought.
The pyromancer chuckled, "Fire is notorious  for.... overdoing stuff, I guess.", she said, putting her left hand slightly over her mouth.

She was wandering when the teacher would show up, "I guess this woman has  businesses of her own.",  Rachel thought

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"There you are! I was worried you may have lost ypur nerve or something." With a large smile she took her by the shpulder and lead her towards the classroom. "You are going to love this class."

The man was gone, disappeared in the blink of an eye, as he had other business with this place. So many secrets resided in this school, but only one was of serious importance to him. Deep within the depths of the academy lay secret knowledge, and he was determined to root it out and add it to his own collection.

"Now, this class is going to teach you the wonders of pyromancy in ways normal teachers are too scared to do. First we will start with some simple exercuses to help you with the basics, then we will advance to more powerful spells. I hope you are prepared for heavy workloads, because we will be going very quickly through the material, and I won't abide slackers."

There were only three others in the class besides Rachel, all aspiring pyromancers who wanted to make a name for themselves. This class appeared to be very rigorous, though it was being held outside, somewhere away from the campus itself. "The most important thing about pyromancy is control, and what we will be focusing on first. As soon as you are able to exercuse complete control over fire, then you will be allowed to start practicing the more advanced techniques."

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