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Mickey Flash

Royal Birth Day

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Skacharm looked at the Raptors that were standing tall and fierce at the gate of Dashkanchay. They were realistic enough to be mistaken for real animals, though he wasn't fond of the creatures. They had a tendency to destroy things. The gates were open to the public, for a celebration was taking place. That was what Skacharm was here for, and why he'd had to make a special trip to acquire a special item. He patted the small chest under his arm, and made his way past the soldiers into the city. He nodded to them as he passed, knowing most and making a note to get to know them all.

The castle came into view as he walked around the main square in front of the castle. There were vendors already setting up shop, with delicacies for those with a little coin. The rather large gazebo was covered in ribbons and lit up with the light of a few crystals' warm glow. People were crowding the streets, all excited to catch a glimpse of the queen that had ruled them in secret for the past two years. They had been on edge, living in fear of being taking over by a foreign ruler. They felt a hiding queen was a weak one, and desperately needed strength to rule their kingdom. They now had hope on their faces, and excitement in their voices. She had come home to rule.

He nodded at the people as he walked by. Most knew him, since he'd stayed a public figure to represent his queen's wishes. The people gave loud twitters as he passed, but none approached. There were very few who didn't feel intimidated by Skacharm, as quiet and unassuming as he seemed. He had been the Spy Master at the Spy Academy years ago, and though it had been secret for quite a few years, now the truth was set free.

He didn't waste time in the elaborately decorated ball room, but went straight up the winding staircase by the guards to reach the queen's personal bedchamber. The guards at her door stepped aside, and he strolled in without so much as a knock.


7273940.jpg The Ball Room

There were ladies present, the queen and her Ladies in Waiting. @Warlock She had finished dressing and was standing there nervously wringing her hands. Skacharm could tell she wasn't quite ready for this big occasion, and didn't think of it as a fun event. He was going to do everything he could to make her feel less nervous. Lorial and Pearl were standing beside her, Lorial dressed in a red and black daring gown, and Pearl in a black leather gown that looked stern yet sexy at the same time. Queen Malia was dressed in a green ornate gown, the color of growth and renewal.



“You're only missing one thing, Malia. Here. I had this especially made for you,” he bowed as he presented the chest to her.

“Is this what I think it is? The thing we discussed?” Her face lit up as she accepted the chest and opened it to find a see through gauzy material. She looked to Lorial, who came and helped her place the green see through cape around her. “You made this from your cape?” she breathed.

“Yes, it is done.” He turned to Pearl. “See that the guards are ready inside the castle and out. The event is about to begin.” Pearl nodded and turned to leave and do as he asked.

Lorial walked up and said with a sigh, “I guess I need to watch out for the ladies here, and the queen. Not that she needs it with as much protection as she has.” She turned to Malia with a wicked glint in her eye. “You do have those extra weapons hidden on your person, don't you?” Malia nodded solemnly. “Good. And the others.... they are spread out in different areas?” she asked Skacharm. He knew she was referring to the special forces team they had hidden among the crowd. He nodded. “Then what are we waiting for? Let's start this party.” She grinned at Malia and the others with a wink.

“One more thing...” Skacharm added. “I believe a messenger told me earlier that the advisers are in a nearby room, waiting for an audience. You need to meet them, and see what they have to say about the events today. You need to figure out a way to get their messages without too many people noticing. I'm sure a code phrase, or magic spell should be able to make things easier in that respect.” Skacharm held his arm out for Malia, as she bit her lip and nervously stepped forward. @Stumbler @SixShots22

“Don't worry about us,” Lorial said in exasperation. “We'll just wait here....” It was apparent she wasn't crazy about that idea, and that she wouldn't be doing it for very long. The queen and her Top Adviser walked out the door without a backward glance. Lorial turned to the other women in the room, a couple of blond locals from the village and a darkly clad woman with glowing purple eyes. “So, who here is as nervous as the young queen?”


@EpicRome23 @Tyler @Redhood The guards are placed in different positions all over the city, and even this post.  You can choose where you'd like to be. 

@FenrirLoki The Special Forces are also placed wherever you think they should be.

For all the others wanting to see the queen dead.... surprise me.  :smirk:



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"I've got eyes on the queen everything is going well no suspicious activity but first wrong move and I take them somewhere more...private to deal with them depending on the situation but for now I'll blend in with the crowd and talk with a lady in waiting" I move over to one and begin a conversation but remain on guard at all times

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How long had it been since she had been able to enjoy a party? It had felt like years, centuries, even, since she had been graced with the honor of being part of such happiness. Truthfully it likely hasn't been that long, but when you are one of the pitied undead, your memories of life seem so far away.

She did not remember how she came back to this world, only that now she felt more hollow than ever. Blood no longer pumped in her veins, her lungs drew no breath, everything that was required for her body to function had stopped, yet here she is. For a time she did the only thing she knew how, she read. There was a library in the tomb she was buried in, a great number of books to help pass the time. Everything seemed fine until the red woman found her.

She said her name was Ember. There were always tears in her eyes when she spoke, but she made sure to inform the lich who she was. Jennifer Mollins, in the back of her mind she knew it was her name, it just felt so strange to her. That Jennifer had a life, she had people who cared for her, but this Jennifer felt alone, unsure of where she belonged. Eventually Ember told her she had to go away, to find her new home somewhere in the world. Tears flowed from her eyes like a river then, but she never knew why she was so sad.

Eventually she came upon Elanderon, where she was discovered by the Queen's men, who found her beauty captivating. One of these people, Skacharm, felt she would be a good guardian for the queen, and in that instant her purpose had been discovered. "You look wonderful today, my queen. I am sure your people will be excited to see you in all your glory." Unlike the others, Jennifer wore modest maid clothes of black and gold silk. Her eyes, milky white yet still held the purple glow of her past, frightened others, so she wore a purple silk blindfold to spare others the burden of looking upon her.

It seemed a life of service was something she wore well, as her tasks came easy to her. She felt she was a good choice to guard the life of someone more important than her, for she was a dead woman that everyone else had moved on from. No one would shed any tears at her passing, should death come back to reclaim her.

Wearing her veil down, she was prepared to help her lady into the light of public appearance, so benign she wished to make herself that most would overlook her without a second thought. She however had learned to see mucb more than what her eyes could ever show her. Necromancy had more uses than simply raising the dead, as it also had spells which allowed the user to detect those that held life within them, a valuable tool for detecting those that wished to hide in the shadows.

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Fredrick was dressed up in a suit for the first time. "I guess this is a good occasion to wear a suit," Fredrick thought to himself. This place was amazing. It was the fanciest place he had ever been. He had entered the kingdom a while ago, and he was jaw-dropped the second he set foot on the land. This is not the first time Fredrick had been a political figure though. When he was very young he had been an advisor for his king. He barely remembers it though. He was about 13 when it happened. Fredrick started looking at the rich people in the this crowd. "I bet these people have plenty of money in there pockets. They wouldn't mind if I took some would they?" Fredrick thought, shaking his head. "No, I have to restrain myself." Fredrick urged himself. He couldn't keep himself. Maybe just one person. He looked at a man with a plain, white and black suit on. Fredrick started to walk towards him, when he saw the queen. He stood up straight. "Maybe later," Fredrick thought sadly. 

He had a good plan. He wasn't just going to walk out of this place without getting some "memories" from the queen. It was the most daring idea ever, but he was going to pickpocket the queen. He just had to wait for the perfect time. He walked up beside the queen, and bowed. He knew he didn't have the prettiest face, but at least he had manners, He was so excited about what is going to happen. He was getting to give directions to the queen! It's literally one of the highest ranks you could get. Now, Fredrick would wait for the queen to say something.

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"Hmmm" I notice the queen left but shrug it off for now and I notice Jennifer "Greetings!" I move up to Jennifer to blend in with the crowd and try not to look like a guard "I believe you are the one called Jennifer." I bow to Jennifer "They call me bluehood"

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Guard duty.

What a strange change of pace for a women whose life had consisted of near continuous movement for the past two years. Climbing mountains, stalking game, slaughtering bandit camps in the dead of the night, assassinating folk on the road, all these things she had done and more. Survival had been her only goal as she wandered the mountainous land she found herself lost in so long ago. It felt strange starting life over for a third time, in a place that seemed a strange blend of the two very different worlds she used to call home. Elendaron they called this place, a country ruled by the archaic method of monarchy, yet with mixed elements and comforts of a more modern world. People still liked swords though, which seemed strange, given the woman had seen guns a time or two during her brief time in this realm. She made a mental note to get her hands on one at some point.

Known to others only as Erin, this woman had come into the employ of the queen by a sheer stroke of accidental luck. Little more than a random encounter with a recruiter, and a short demonstration of her prowess with a bow, were enough to land her a job as a royal archer just in time for a huge occasion. Erin had not even been in this weird country a month and they were trusting her to help guard their fragile-looking queen. If they knew the things she'd done in the past, they'd never let Erin within a hundred miles of little Malia.

"Good thing they don't know." Erin thought to herself as she patrolled the balcony of the ballroom, "A steady paycheck is a welcome change of pace... never thought I'd ever think that."

She turned when the queen exited her bedchamber with Skacharm, en route to the advisor's chamber. The sight reminded Erin of just how different this world was from the one she'd just left, for in that place the prospect of Elven rulers meant humans like her would be reduced to second-class citizens. Then again, perhaps there actually was no difference at all, for she had yet to truly learn the politics and social order of this world yet. If it turned out that the Elves here were anything like the Elves of the mountain country, then the queen would certainly come to regret letting someone like Erin into her service.

Turning away from the two, Erin resumed her patrol along the balcony, stopping briefly to gaze out the window at the rabble assembled outside. So many people in one place, yet another sight Erin had not taken in for many years, as the mountainous world was quite sparse and even the most major cities only numbered in the hundreds. And soon, a smaller selection of that crowd would be allowed into the ballroom, wearing stuffy clothes for a stuffy party that was sure to be as dull as this patrol. Even if it was a relief to have reliable income, it didn't make the job anymore fun because...

"The thing about guard duty..." Erin scoffed to herself out-loud, "It's incredibly boring."

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It had taken a fairly long time for Orian and the royal tailors to find him a suitable disguise. A cream colored cloak covered his body from shoulders to the ground. Intertwined green and gold lace decorated the shoulders and edges of the cloak. An ornately crafted white and gold mask covered the blue surface that was Orian’s face. A shirt with four sleeves adorned his torso, though Orian’s second pair was hidden under the cloak. The Construct didn’t exactly understand why he had to dress this way, hiding his mechanical parts, but he had been told that he may make some people uncomfortable, that Terrenus had more advanced technology than Elendaron. So, dressed in fancy garb, Orian surveyed the scene below home as he leaned on the railing on the balcony overseeing an empty ballroom. A normal guard, an archer of some sort, was situated across from him. Then, a few moments later, Skacharm walked through the doors. He swiftly walked through the ballroom. Orian gave him a small salute, which he believed was noticed just not acknowledged.

The first meeting Orian had had with the spy master was a bit of a strange one. He had travelled from Terrenus to Elendaron by ship, and had goat him every bit of coin he had made throughout his travels. It was worth it though, in Orian’s eyes. Or, screen, as he had no eyes. He had simply walked into the city briefly enhancing his speed and stealth as he passed though the front gate. Of course, he was noticed very quickly after entering. Apparently technology was not as prominent in Elendaron than Terrenus. Then again, most things were news to Orian. He surrendered without a struggle and was taken to the castle by the guards. Skacharm talked to him, Orian told him of his magical powers, origin, and quest for more knowledge, and the spy master decided to recruit him to guard the new queen through stealthier means. Orian agreed.

“The thing about guard duty... is that it’s incredibly boring.”

Orian pondered on this for a moment. He hadn’t found it very boring. But the guardswoman was a human. She had complex emotions that went far beyond Orian’s barely developing feelings. Still, he didn’t see how she would be bored. Studying the people, making sure no shady figures or those with weapons got too close to Queen Malia, was invigorating, even if there weren’t guests inside yet. Orian stalked up to the woman. Unbeknownst to him, he had a bad habit of scaring people.

”I can’t help but disagree, madam. I happen to find the task of protecting her majesty highly engaging, even though I’ll have to take to the shadows once guests begin to enter. Still, I can see why you might be bored,” Orian stuck out a gloved metal arm, “ Construct A-0R142 aka Orian by the way.”

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Anna Fortune had acquired quite an intense dislike for carriages- they bumped along jarringly on streets made uneven by cobble, the seats were rather uncomfortable and, the didn't have air conditioning to cool travelers off. It was... an inconvenient way to travel. Not to mention the fact that she hadn't been to a ball since she was 18. It was bound to be an interesting experience.

As the carriage jostled and bumped along the primitive cobbled streets of Elandron, beside Lila and her cousin, the Lord Jeremiah Insidia, Aiyanna Fortune couldn’t help but wryly smile at the tension in the carriage. The last one definitely lacked this… particular awkwardness.

She didn’t remember them being as entertaining as this one was, either way. It was amusing to see how her dear elder cousin sweated nervously across from the ancient Nymph, clearly disconcerted by the revelation that Lila was, indeed, almost two millennia old.

“You two look rather cozy,” She muttered, not bothering to hide gleeful sarcasm from seeping into her statement. “Almost makes me want to jump off this carriage and leave the two of you alone for a few minutes.” She suggestively snapped opened her ivory fan- fluttering her eyelashes- before bursting into peals of laughter. Jeremiah had turned into a tomato! So flustered her was.

Cousin,” He pleaded- such beautiful blue eyes, so distressed. “Please do not joke like so! What if people were to accuse me of… Criminal Conversation.”

He seems more troubled by that than the fact that he was smuggling two women into a Royal Birthday Ball, with the intention of stealing her away.

It was such an absurd notion that is sent her into such hysterics that tears sprung up in the corner of her eyes. Jerermiah ran a hand through his bright auburn hair- shooting a worried glance at Lila.

“Please, pay no mind to my cousin’s idiocy.”

It was certainly something to see the ruthlessness of Insidia- minor as they are.

Ah, but today- Aiyanna Fortune wouldn’t be Aiyanna Fortune at all. She was Lanala Insidia, Jeremiah’s cousin from some small holding in Alterion. Lanala was young, bright eyed and quite new to the world of High Society. She was to be awed by the grandeur of the space, intimidated by beautiful dresses- but most of all, she was to collect as much information as she could about the guards- the Queen, and how drunk they were getting.

"Lila, go along with the plan- Jeremiah will alternate between you and I at the ball, get as much information as you can from guards and servants. Dance!" She exclaimed- fingers tapping against her thigh. "As much as you can- but avoid this man, Skarcham. Jeremiah shall warn you if you come across him. If anything should go wrong- run. If I am captured, run. Take Liam and go to Hell's Gate." She gripped at the apex of her skirt- where the ruffles began, "Do you understand, Duchess Lila?"

There were the noises from the street, drifting through to the carriage- the common people, getting drunks, making money and celebrating their Queen's birthday. Oh, how they shall act on the morrow.

To avoid any… unduly allegations, she had taken pains to change her short, dark mane into a longer, lighter Auburn. Her dark gaze was now a less intimidating blue. She no longer resembled - nor did she feel like- the Fortune Heiress. She was now, a simple, fluffy country lady, on her way to attend her first ball.

It didn’t sit with her too well.

Nor should it- even the dress she wore was something nabbed from Larel’s wardrobe. It was a white metallic chiffon confection accented in gold, with short capped sleeves. The bodice hugged her bust, before falling away in an ethereal stream of the shimmery fabric. The skirt didn’t flare out- but developed ruffles as it pooled at her feet.

For Anna, the only saving grace was that the fabric itself was weaved from silk and golden metallic thread. Should she need to use it, in an emergency. Three vials of metals were also tucked in, and around her hips- using ruffles to hide their shape.

The carriage lurched to a stop, outside of the Palace gate- and Anna was almost thrown from her tiny, hard carriage seat. Oh, how she despised these blasted things. Jeremiah had the nerve to chortle at her misfortune.

“I’ll make sure to stress how much you enjoy Lila’s company at the ball, Jerry!” She growled, glaring at him.

“Oh, don’t pout Anna, dear.” He shrugged, opening the carriage door himself- and proceeding to jump out. As if he weren’t bothered by the thought of ruining that pristine cream suit. “You look much, much more dazzling with that smile.”

Bristling at that particular comment- she grabbed the chauffeur’s offered hand, and as hastily as her dress would allow- she stepped out from the carriage. Affixing him with her glare.

Oh, how she wanted gouge out his impudent eyes. But, there were gaurds everywhere- the palace was itself, crammed with people in gorgeous colors, shiny and expensive. And yet, among them, glittered the guards, imposing and none the wiser of the two women about to infiltrate their precious castle.

But, alas, she had much more pressing matters to attend to- namely, make sure she isn’t caught, and garner as much information as she could from  the ball. And that meant to act as much like Lady Lanala Insidia as she could.

So, plastering a bright- cheery smile on her face she turned back towards the carriage, at Lila. “Come now! We do not want to be late, now do we? Tongues will wag if you don’t hurry along!”




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Erin only faintly stirred at Orian's sudden revelation of his presence. Normally she was the one to sneak up on people, rather than the other way around, although she'd had it happen to her a time or two before. After maintaining her gaze out the window a second or two longer, she finally shifted to acknowledge one who had decided to strike up conversation with her. The first thing she noted was how thoroughly covered-up the man was, enough that even his face was covered in a mask. But the faint glisten beyond the mask, coupled with the muffled, but ultimately mechanical sound of his voice, was enough to cause a the woman to realize something was very different about this one.

"You may call me Erin." she responded to his introduction, while accepting his offer of a handshake.

Despite the gloves, she could feel the unnaturally hard fingers within. Too flat and solid to be bone, she figured, meaning they might well be metal. Was he a cyborg then? Such an unexpected thing to discover in a world where swords and bows still made up the mainstay of weaponry. It would appear there was even more yet to learn than she thought.

"And I am certain things will become more interesting once the guests arrive in force." Erin continued, "I was speaking of the morning shift, when there is no one around to watch."

Her eyes darted quickly over the man's body, taking in his appearance as thoroughly as possible in order to deduce what exactly who and what he was supposed to be. At the same time, she was grateful for her own utilitarian garb, simple and light though bearing the kingdom's colors of black and red to indicate her status as a royal guard. While she found the red to be a bit too flamboyant of a color, black was part of her typical garb, which made it more acceptable in her mind. Even if the colors were to have been something less acceptable, it was still as good as she could hope for in an event where everyone was in their formal clothing. The unassuming tunic, trousers and skullcap of a guard would do fine, so long as she didn't have to lower herself to putting on a dress.

Perhaps a bit involuntarily, Erin very lightly shuddered as that thought crossed her mind. There were a great many things she was willing to resort to for survival, but there were a fair number of other things she was unwilling to do, even though they were often far less socially or morally unacceptable than the things she was willing to do. And naturally, one of those things was to get caught wearing a dress...

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Lila sat in her all too straight backed way, her long shiny hair fell loosely around her face and down her shoulders. Her mind running through every detail of the mission ahead. She only just barely noticed the discomfort of the man across from her. Normally she might try to sooth him, but today wasn't the time or place. The mission was far more important. Her eyes shifted to Airyanna with a small light to them, and a small smile. Slipping back into a more serious expression and giving a curt nod in acknowledgment to the plan.


"Of course, first and foremost is always the mission." 


The carriage bumped and came to a stop her hands sliding up to brace herself a little. She took a deep breath and put on a facial expression that would be more appropriate for a ball. Luckily for her the natural stiffness of her posture and tenancy to hold her chin just above neutral left her look regal without much work. She slid from the carriage with elegance her satin dress draped perfectly on her delicate frame. The little boning in the corset drawing emphasis to just how tiny she really was. The strapless bodice with embroidered with gold, a shear shaw of sorts draped down around her arms and back, held together around her neck and embroidered with gold. 






"I'd hate to be late Lanala." She stepped up to the other side of their chauffeur's side.


Her dresses colors were perfect to her olive skin, her golden tattoo, much to her displeasure, was hidden with a combination of magic and special makeup, her dress was the perfect ensemble to show it off, and compliment it,  but as her partner and friend had pointed out it was something far to identifiable. They made her way to the entrance careful to keep her dress from sweeping the dirty floor. Lila could feel the daggers pressed against her skin, and drew comfort form them. They were invisible to from outside her dress and would be most inappropriate for someone to check for. She offed a polite smile silently reminding herself I'm Amelia tonight


"Do you think there will be may eligible men tonight?" She asked assuming her role of a young maiden looking for a suitor. 



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I leave the women in waiting room out to the main party kind of bored "Dear god why won't something happen already?" I walk around the people making sure nothing is going on. "This is the most boring party ever not a single villain in sight and yet" I unholster my desert eagle "I can't even use this and it's just collecting dust in the holster" I pull out a rag and start removing the dust from my desert eagle

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At the bottom of the long, winding staircase, the connection between the queen's personal bedchamber and the ballroom below, an imposing figure stood guard. Were it not for his occasional shuffling and the sound of breathing, one might have mistaken Cerik for nothing more than a decorative suit of armor. Like the other guards, he felt the monotony of the current situation weighing down upon him, but didn't give voice to that notion outside of his thoughts. He shifted his lance, Windpiercer, from its resting place on his left shoulder to rest on his right shoulder, and adjusted his cloak, now bearing a patch with the symbol of Elendaron upon it, showcasing his new allegiance. The red and black more than likely clashed with the white of the material, but the knight had no patience for the intricacies of fashion. He scanned the area, while his thoughts turned down a different track. Tsk. He wasn't sure what use he would be against any threat that didn't brazenly charge in through the doors to try and attack the queen before anybody could react. Assassinations were games of subtlety, stealth, and shadows. Disguise, deception. The knight would, in all likelihood, serve as intimidation and deterrent at best, and an obstacle to be quickly removed at worst... but this where his oath required him to be. Besides, maybe he could sneak in a dance with some woman that was a dazzling vision of loveliness at some point. It was always the small things, really.

Regardless of where his mind wandered, however, Cerik would be ready to spring into action at a moment's notice if it was required of him. Instinct, reflexes, training. These things had served him well for many years, and they would serve him once again, if it came down to it. He would give his all in fulfilling the oath he had bound himself to, for he would accept nothing less. For oaths were what separated men from beasts, order from chaos. Those who swore no oaths, they were lost in the swirling tides of chaos, their lives purposeless except for whatever whims might strike them... whims such as assassination, bringing about even more chaos with the death of a rightful ruler soon to be established. The knight pitied these types, but he would show no mercy to them if they dared to play their hands here. Let them come, he silently challenged.

Let them come so I can break them, and have them realize their folly as they draw their last breaths. Let me disprove the tried and, frankly, horseshit notion that chaos is the natural state of things. That is what I ask to whatever or whoever may be listening.


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@Mickey Flash@SixShots22

Royal honor


Roman was more than pleased to be in this separate room. Social interactions were far from being his forte and he never once attended anything fancy, specially with royalty involved. In any case he found himself here because of rumors that came to the attention of Skacharm: He knew of Roman's special abilities at least to some extend.

He was not here for money even if it was part of the deal, he instead was here in hope to make a name for himself. Reputation is often much harder to make than any currencies and can often enough be more valuable. In any case he kept his eyes on the other adviser that was with him, he seemed strange to him. Fidgety. 

His concerns were doubled when the queen walked in and he noticed a thread of fate going from one of her jewelry to the adviser...  Roman did not miss a beat to speak up as she entered. 


-First and foremost I want to apologize for my lack of manners, as I have not been educated in the art of etiquette. I am Roman Blake, a man of efficiency so I shall cut straight to the point with the information I have. Skacharm and I have screened all of those who are working under you and have confirmed them to be of no danger to you so you can trust them. 


He gave a side glare to Frederick. Roman wanted him to know that his plans were clear to him. He did not want to throw his teammate under the buss just yet so he gave him a chance to straighten up and take the job seriously. He seemed to have good intentions in general.


-My personal advice would be to try and avoid being alone with a figure you do not recognize. If you are obligated to do so, I would attempt to remain within the area covered by our special force as they are quite reliable and able to act quickly may you be in danger. As it comes to talking to each others without direct contact I am personally unable to do that. We would require assistance of someone else. I do hope that you know of someone...


This was a bit awkward. 


-In any case I personally will not remain concealed in this room for long as I have my own special way of gaining information which requires my sight. I would instead highly advice to keep Frederick in this room so he can relay information safely. Do you have any questions for me?


He was unsure if his speech was appropriate or not at all. He was far from being dressed for the occasion, wearing nothing but causal clothing as it was all he owned. He was going to act as if he was a staff there instead of attending the ball. He had an uniform ready in the room they were right now.  

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"Well no use in just standing in one place" I leave my position and I leave a trip bomb with an invisible laser "There that should keep people out" I walk throughout the crowd looking at the people dancing having fun "I would have more fun if I were A. Wasted or B. Kicking someone's ass" I pull out and Emp in case the queen comes down the stairs and I need a way to stop the bomb long enough for her to make it down. I flip the grenade up and down as I walk keeping a lookout throughout the crowd of people "So far so good haven't seen or heard anything just yet. Maybe a villain is dumb enough to walk into my trip bomb" 

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Malia was nervous. And this is an understatement. Since the moment she'd been declared queen, there have been attempts on her life. She had to go into hiding, because she wasn't strong enough on her own to protect herself. Skacharm letting her come out into the open... he must think she was ready. She wasn't quite so sure. On top of that, she didn't know the proper etiquette of a queen. She had been raised simply, in a small village. She had never worn a dress so elegant. Nor been to an event so lavish. And it seemed it was all done for her. She was definitely out of her element.


But... she could pretend. She could put on a front with the best of them. Not giving herself away was one of the first lessons that Skacharm had taught her. So when she strolled into the room with the advisers, she had her figurative mask on. The older gentleman bowed before her, and she was tempted to curtsy before she caught herself. Instead she gave him a regal nod.


The other advisory was more verbal, and this shook her a little. It seemed he had things more in hand than she did, and she felt she had to keep up. She took a deep breath, her face blank. She listened to his suggestions, her mind working through the best course of action. She half expected Skacharm to cut in and make orders, like he had done while she was in hiding. Instead he stared at her. It was her turn to rule, and this was her first decision made solely by her. She let the breath out.


“I appreciate that you need to be among the crowd to let your talents be of the most use. But I believe that Frederick will need to be among the crowd as well to be effective.” She nodded to Frederick, showing that she respected his abilities. “As for communication, I believe my Ladies in Waiting would be great at relaying messages for me, and to me. I'm sure they won't mind.” She looked to Skacharm, and he nodded his approval. She felt her chest swell with pride. As far as she was concerned, no praise from anyone else could be higher.


Skacharm stepped forward. “I believe the queen would like you both to join her party, if you are so inclined. Please, enjoy the music and the wine. And if you see anything out of the ordinary, the Ladies in Waiting will be with the queen at the beginning of the celebration. Pay close attention, and wave one of them close if you need to relay a message.” More words were exchanged, some about the details of the party, some just pleasantries. Then the party left for the celebration.  @SixShots22 @Stumbler



Pearl came upon the guard chatting about her boredom. She was about to inquire why the archer wasn't positioned on high with the other archers, when she realized that having one close inside was a good move. One made by Skacharm, more than likely. So she said nothing, and moved on. Some of the guards were alert and ready. Some were snickering at the ladies, and she quickly put them in their place.


She then saw a guard place a live bomb at the base of the stairs. Her face went pale, then red. She marched over to him. “Guard! What are you doing? You better have a good explanation for placing dangerous live weapons where any innocent bystander can chance upon. You are to guard the queen, not blow up the stairs of the castle ballroom. If there is danger, you will fight without the aid of such things. Your judgment in this situation needs to be wise. If you can't use good judgment, I can't trust you. If I can't trust you, I have no use for you.” She waited to see what he had to say. And if he didn't know who she was, she planned to let him know real quick.  @Redhood



Shanna walked around the city square. The happy faces did not effect her. She did not feel compelled to change her mind about killing the queen based on their love of their ruler. A job was a job. But she didn't plan to do the job today. There were too many guards. And knowing Skacharm, there was something up his sleeve for anyone trying to assassinate the queen. Shanna was smarter than that. She had never met the queen, but she felt that she knew her. She'd done her research. She'd traveled to the girl's village and talked to her foster parents. She knew the girl's favorite food, and color. Her likes and dislikes. Her fears. And her loves. Since she'd left her foster parents Malia could have changed though. She'd had two years with Skacharm. He would have taught her a trick or two, being the spy he was. Shanna didn't discount this, when she made her plans to kill her. And even though she wasn't going to do anything today, she couldn't resist coming to see her. Couldn't resist being this close to her adversary. She made her way to a vendor, and bought a sweet bun. Sitting on a nearby stone bench, she waited to see what show they were going to put on for the people. And she would try to resist the temptation to take what looked like an easy opportunity to reach her goal of two years. Now was not the time. She would watch. She would wait. She would find the perfect moment. Soon.

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