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Mickey Flash

Royal Birth Day

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The Grinning Pirate.the_alpha_male__mercutio_by_misstenshini

The Laughter never died..

@Tyler @Mickey Flash @Twitterpated

While some might have wavered when Erin arrived group did not flinch at her approach nor her request. In the air it smelled all to fresh and lacking in fond memories or dumb guards and foolish soldiers. No doubt this castle had a bounty on his head too however they would not be getting anything from him, not even a single smoke if they asked politely. As Lyokos spoke the man grinned as the cloak the enveloped him zipped him out of sight and past Erin lightly. Levitation and invisibility were two things this cloak was actually good for besides hiding majority of his appearance and tattoos. He was already half way into the room before leaning against the wall to continue smoking his cigarette. Erin once he had passed would only smell the salty sweet caress of the sea and its ventures. 

When Lyokos laughed, Abiasaph bellowed out like a demon bellows in rage. His voice could almost shake the floor with the vibrations. No doubt he disturbed a few people but that was not his concern. Grabbing a glass from the nearest waiter the man drank it down with ease. He would surrender nothing unless they literally could pry it from his cold corpse. Even then to manage the cold corpse would be somewhat impossible even for the Queens guards. 

Humming lightly the man quieted down as he looked down at Erin and Lyokos speak the man had a valid point in everything he said. "Let us not get lost in all of this talk.. We wish the Queen no harm. Only the best of wishes on her Royal Birthday.. If anything it looks like you could use the extra armed forces in here. Perhaps for a bit of coin.." Abiasaph said as he glided on over to stand a few feet from the woman at her back. "You could hire us to help out.. While still enjoying the freedom of the feast.." Gesturing out the building and its people Abiasaph's golden hues twinkled with mischief. 

With his last cigarette already gone he swirled the glass of wine in hand just to keep his hands busy. A smokers habits no doubt, something would he clearly need to work on in the future. "What say you little Guardian.. Will you play the game?" 

The man spoke with ease as he fished a double sided coin out of his pocket. Holding it up in for all to see he flicked it into the air and waited. Pulling back in hand he would leave it up to Erin to catch and and accept the gambit help or possibly have another riot on hand with people who came in peace.  The latter was not advised.

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@Twitterpated @Chappu @Mickey Flash

It took a bit of effort for Erin to keep a neutral expression as the intruder laughed in her face. There wouldn't even be a need to put words to his answer; it was already apparent what it was. Still, he did so anyway, pointing to the earlier explosion as his excuse for refusal, though Erin was convinced he would have given the same answer anyway. Either way, she still hadn't received reinforcements yet, and she wasn't about to sacrifice her life for the queen, or anyone else for that matter. But that did not mean she was simply going to give up and let this guy do whatever he wanted.

Once Lykos had finished speaking all he had to say, Erin took a moment to consider her response. She didn't actually blame him for resisting disarmament; it was something she would do herself. In fact, on a personal basis, she was philosophically against the concept of disarmament at its very core, though she dared not voice this as it would undercut her current position. And then there was Lykos's claim to royalty, which meant one of Erin's worst fears could be realized. Offending a foreign leader and sparking a war with a neighboring civilization, while also not something she cared about morally or philosophically, would be disastrous for her job security... presuming she wasn't outright executed for it. It was going to be necessary to keep things diplomatic.

"I appreciate your concerns, sir." Erin addressed him as though she were a customer service representative dealing with a disgruntled customer, "But I can assure you that the royal guards are quite capable of providing security for everyone here. I'm sure you also understand that you stand in within the sovereign territory of the queen, which means you are subject to her authority."

It was at this time when Abiasaph made his presence known behind her, offering assurances that the newcomers meant no harm to the queen and even suggesting that they help with security. As Erin listened to him, she tried to slowly angle herself so she could look between the two, rather than foolishly turning her back to Lykos. The decision of this lackey to position himself behind her indicated his intent to threaten, which didn't exactly due wonders for the group's collective trustworthiness. But they had all the power right now, which meant they were going to get what they wanted one way or another. Then came the coin flick, something Erin wasn't sure how to react to, especially when she was trying keep her eyes on the people surrounding her. Subsequently, the coin landed on the floor with a clatter, after which there was a brief, awkward silence. Erin finally spoke-up again, trying to address both men at once.

"Listen, I'm sure the offer of help will be appreciated, and I doubt the queen wishes to offend her guests. If you will all be patient for just a moment, I can bring this to the attention of someone more qualified than I, and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. "

Still keeping one hand on her short sword, the out-of-position archer slowly reached toward one of her pouches to recover a small crystal she'd been issued for emergency communication. She made sure to be as up-front about it as possible, so the bandits wouldn't suspect she was reaching for another weapon. Presuming they allowed her to recover the device, she activated it and waited for Skacharm's acknowledgement. All the while she kept her attention on Lykos and his followers, her eyes darted between each of them, though especially on the ones who had addressed her directly.

"What is your name, so I can relay it to them?" Erin then inquired of the Bandit King, whilst waiting.

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Without much notice, Skacharm had snuck away from the queen and her few admirers right after Pearl announced that the guard had to be taken for questioning.  He was going to follow her, and make sure the guard was properly questioned, before he got a crystal beacon about a small group of warriors headed in the direction of the castle.  One was riding and elephant.  Skacharm didn't know if this group planned an attack, but made sure that his spies kept a close eye on them before finding out that the small party was indeed making a stop at the castle doors.  A spy master of course would have a team of spies, situated at different areas around the land, willing to call him with anything unusual. 

He faded into the crowd, standing unnoticed behind a group of people at the party as the warriors made their way to the door.  He wanted to see for himself their purpose for being here.  He was behind the woman who'd dropped her wine glass, and he turned his head away so as not to be noticed.  He watched as the guard approached the party, and admired her courage as she confronted them about their weapons.  He would be sure to remember this guard, and offer her a permanent position in the Elendaron guard, as well as a residence in Elendaron provided by the queen.  He could use a few more guards like her, ones that weren't afraid even though the odds were against them.  He watched closely for the visitors' response, finding this as important as the guard's care of the queen and her kingdom.  The one who vanished behind the guard was a point of concern.... until he noticed that even though the male could have stabbed his sword into the guard's back, he declined from doing so.  If the group had wanted trouble they would have began killing by now.  Skacharm decided not to unleash the royal guard, as well as the special forces team present onto the newcomers to the party.  Instead he stepped forward, letting his presence be seen.

"Our guests may keep their swords, guard.  I'm sure there are other members of the royal courts here with armed guards surrounding them as well.  It's hard to ask so many people of importance to all come to one designated place without any means of protection.  I have allowed this small courtesy.  I'm not sure which kingdom you hail from though, your highness.  What is the name of your kingdom?"  Skacharm didn't know if the wild looking male was actually a king, or if it was a honorary title given by his warrior cohorts.  Either way, Skacharm wasn't the trusting type.  Just because the group hasn't shown violence did not mean they wouldn't in the near future.  He planned to keep them under a close watch. 


Lorial found Skacharm at the front door of the castle.  He was in a relaxed stance, which she could see through right away as meaning that he was trying to hide his tension of some sort of situation at hand.  The people at the door looked far more interesting than the other party members, and she gave a crooked smile as she roamed closer.  She sniffed the air and could smell the scent of the dhampir.  Her eyes narrowed as she slid her hand into the crook of Skacharm's arm. 

"We have a few uninvited guests?  Well.  Who cares, right?  The more the merrier, I say.  Especially when I see one of my kind."  She nodded to the dhampir to let Skacharm know exactly what type of creature he was dealing with.  Her eyes glowed a light pink for a brief moment, and she allowed her fangs to lengthen just enough to show past her lips.  In the next second they disappeared, and her emerald green eyes showed merriment as she giggled.  The giggle seemed out of place after her recent show.  "Oh, I almost forgot!"  She pulled the metal ball from her dress pocket.  "This ball of poison was found in the ballroom.  I thought it was odd at first.  I mean, come on... a metal ball of poison?  Then I remembered that I was in a ballroom, and it seemed more fitting."  She grinned like a schoolgirl, and let the ball roll around in her hand.  She could have been more quiet, and secretive in front of their new guests.  But she knew that the half vampire would hear everything she said no matter how quietly she uttered the words.  So she didn't bother. 


Skacharm stiffened when he felt Lorial's hand touch his arm.  He knew that in order for her to influence him she had to touch his skin, but he didn't like her being this close to him regardless.  He understood this was her way of casually saying hello while he talked to the newcomers, but that didn't make him more at ease.  Her words caught his attention though, as she nodded to the "king" and said he was one of her kind.  His eyes narrowed now, knowing this male was dangerous in the extreme if he was anything like Lorial.  And her announcement of the poison found made him sigh.  He understood that it couldn't be kept secret from the dhampir, but that didn't make him like her offbeat comments any better.  He whispered in her ear anyway, confirming from her whispered responses that this was not the only poison pellet in the room.  He wasn't surprised at the danger.  He knew that there would be attempts on the queen's life.  He'd prepared for it.  Now he'd have to deal with it.  Unless....

"Sir, you said something about offering your services for coin to help the queen?  What do you think about rare magical crystals?  We have them in abundance in Elendaron, but only in Elendaron.  I will offer you some of these, if you help her find the other poisons."  A few seconds went by, before he quickly added, "Forgive me.  I forgot to introduce.... This is Lorial Star.  She's.... a friend of the crown."  He smoothly slid his arm away from hers, to gesture toward her with a flourish.  Then he stepped away a step, making sure that she didn't have an excuse to touch him again.  She smirked at him, but he didn't care.  He was smart enough to be cautious.  @Tyler @Twitterpated @Chappu


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What was this?! A request from the Crowns Lap dog?the_alpha_male__mercutio_by_misstenshini

@Mickey Flash @Twitterpated @Tyler

Time to stretch the limb

The man Skacham had not gone unnoticed by Abiasaph who was all too familiar with spies. He often caught them upon his ship and hung them by their toes while cutting their Achilles tendons. It was a joy to watch the squirm and shout in pay while telling him everything. They never made it far once given the boat back to the land they came from. Mostly because their blood was the attractive scent that brought creatures from the sea to feast.  Thus it was no surprise the man spoke up when the girl Erin seemed to be at her ropes end. 

Granting the permission they were already going to seize with or without his help. What a good lap dog no doubt. Keen eye on the fortress and no doubt the one who held the strings to the other lap dogs that protected the Queen. Turning away from Erin he completely dismissed her existence with a laugh and smile. "See my King Lyokos.. It was simple and easy.. Let us enjoy the festivities as Mr. Skacham has granted us.." His eyes were heavy lidded as it held a rather bored expression. There was no fulfillment now to be had. Before he was fully away from Erin he turned and nodded his head. "You can keep the coin. It will bring you some luck hopefully.." 

Upon hearing the words of his previous offer the mans eyes narrowed with suspicion. Now gazing at the female companion he eyed the ball in her hand. No doubt there was some danger to this ball that the man urgently wanted removed. Poison? Explosives? Neither truly matter to him at this point, the sound of treasure brought the case to a close and opened up the door way for action. 

"I wold be honored to help you.. My King would surely wish to keep good terms with your Kingdom and all its ilk." The choice of a smile or a flat expression remained left in air as a serious glare noted the mans movement from the lady. Things between Kingdom pets were always interesting to say in the least bit. Flexing his left hand the artifact gauntlet heeded his demands. 

"Seek.. Devour.. Consume.." Flipping it so his palm went up into the air, the attraction of metals in all varies began to pull. First with the orb in the woman's hand would be plucked free of her grasp and floating in the air above his hand. Once the materials of the orb had been categorized with the artifact the real pull began. "Ladies and Gentlemen.. If you wouldn't mind.. Sitting down things will be finished a lot easier.." There was a dangerous note to his voice as from separate corners of the room small metal balls were pulled. From under tables and off of pillar sides and window curtains. 

"I am not liable if one of you is hit by this tool of assassination.." His words were plain and simple, people hurriedly sat down and kept their heads low. Kicking off of the floor the cloak lifted Abiasaph up into the sky. This way the orbs all went up instead of into the audience of people. A few tables were shifted to allowed the orbs to escape out into his beckoning grasp. Now the most curious of things happened in that time frame. Every few orbs he found he crushed down into the first orb adding all the poison to one core while condensing and sealing the metal together. There were maybe about ten to eleven orbs that he found before the room could be called all Clear. Keeping the giant ball in the air he slowly closed his hand. 

"Bind.. Absorb.. Inhabit.. Craft.." 

As the words left his mouth the orbs were condensed and kept in a stable fashion to prevent the poison from spreading. Breaking it down and shaping it over and over the weapon of his choice would soon be made. First came the two handed hilt that remained black as the rest of the blade would be. The ball turned from a mush of black mass to a burning hot ball; the handle slowly finished before the progress had seemed to stop. Floating down to the floor Abiasaph slowly held out his right hand to Skacham and beckoned with his hand in a form of saying 'pay up.' Raising his left hand he gave a tug making the orb and hilt shake. Giving another tug the sound of sharping metal on metal could be heard. With a third solid pull the buster sword came free and the orb of hot metal formed into the rest of the blade. Turning from red to pure blade the entire blade would be entirely black from hilt to tip. Resting the blade over his shoulder he allowed it to tip back before it clicked into place over his spinal section. There the artifact connected with the blade upon his back beneath the cloak. "Task complete.."

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