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Mickey Flash

Royal Birth Day

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The excitement of the runaway assassin died down quickly. The assassin tried to make it to the roof, but was stopped by guards there who'd found his secret weapon. He later on escaped from a window, leaving his true identity in question for a later time.

The Bandit King left with his entourage, led by the Pirate King. After helping out the queen so readily, they were invited to come back to the castle to visit one day.

Skacharm gave medals to the guards that had fought so bravely in what was soon to be called “The Bloody Birthday Bash.” Those included in receiving recognition for protecting the queen and those of the party were Erin Hale, Pearl Song, and Cerik Windshade.

Jennifer Mollins was interrogated, but could give no answers about the dark man controlling her mind. It was later discovered that she escaped from prison, and it was strongly suspected that it could have been done by the evil man in question.

The destroyed window was fixed. The holes in the floor as well. All the blood cleaned, and the damage repaired.

The queen wasn't allowed to just disappear that day though. After the people in the castle left, she was surprised to find that the more common folk were still waiting outside of the castle. They hadn't gone home. They had come to see their queen, and had decided that they would wait until they did.

You know you're going to have to go out there and talk to them,” Skacharm said to Malia, as he came from behind her.

Malia jumped around guiltily, her frown placed on a different face than her own. “You scared me, Skacharm. I didn't expect anyone to talk to me... or know who I was.” She looked out one of the windows of the castle to see the large mass of people standing there to see her.

He stood there for a moment with her, saying nothing. Then he questioned, “Where did those light shadows come from, Malia? The ones that fought off the dark shadows?”

I did that,” she said quietly. “It was strange. I could feel what she was feeling, and I could do what she did. I wasn't as good at it though.”

You are coming into your powers, and they are strong.” He nodded as if he'd always expected this. “It comes from your royal line.” He placed his hand upon her shoulder. “Queen Nylam would be proud of you. And I don't have to worry so much over you anymore. You have proven that you aren't helpless.”

Malia's chest puffed up at this high praise, and her face took on a determined look. With a newfound strength, she removed her hood. Her real face shown through. She walked to the door, and strode out among her people. Whispers could be heard, “It's the queen!” “She's alive.” “She's pretty, mama,” one little girl said as she stared in awe.

Malia walked up to the gazebo, so that everyone could see her. She stood there proud, unafraid for the first time since she'd first found out she was the new queen. “My people,” she started, not knowing what she was going to say, but feeling the need to say something. “There are those here tonight that did not want me to be your queen. They tried to kill me. More than once.” There were some gasps, and mumbling. She paused and they hushed to see if she had more to say. “But as you can clearly see, they did not succeed.” She looked over the crowd, her eyes fierce. “I am too strong to break so easily. I stay strong for you, my people. I will always fight for you. And I will always love my land. You will be seeing a lot more of me in the future. You can count on it.” She said this loudly, and there went up a cheer. She waved at the crowd and went back inside. The only one not cheering was Shanna. She elbowed her way through the crowd, her head low and her face grim. Away from the courtyard she walked, knowing that soon her chance would come.



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