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OOC Queen's Party

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Most of you know what the OOC thread is for, but for those who might not it's a thread where we can discuss what goes on in the story we are creating.  We can ask each other questions, discuss where we want to go from different aspects in the RP, and let others know when they have made an error involving your character/position/intention/whatever, and so on.  It's not for discussing what meal we had for breakfast, even if it happened to be very tasty.  :smile:

For the posting order.... there will be no posting order.  There are too many involved in the thread for me to hold everyone down to waiting even 24 hours per RPer.  So, all I ask is that if you plan to make a post soon, please alert everyone in this thread.  And if you change your mind, let them know that too.  That way a bunch of people aren't posting at the same time and clashing stories (For example - Lorial posts at the same time Pearl posts and then they both said they were going to dance with Skacharm.  Uh oh.  Whoopsie. :smirk:)

There are so many RPers that I'm sure the posts will not involve everyone.  And to make it easier it would be wise to tag the person in your post that you are trying to interact with, as I have done to quite a few.  If you have no one yet, don't tag.  I'm sure someone will be interacting with you soon.  Or you could try chatting with one of my charries.  I know.  There are many charries I'm portraying.  I'll try not to get everyone confused. 

@LikelyMissFortune @Warlock @SixShots22 @Tyler @Naralia @EpicRome23 @Velinquish @Stumbler @FenrirLoki @Redhood @MrAce @Ozark

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I posted, but though I've tried to read through a bunch of different threads affiliated with this, I still wasn't entirely sure of the layout and setting. So let me know if I need to correct anything, because I'm a bit confused. Actually, Elendaron kind of confuses me in general since I thought it was a more strict medieval setting, but I see references of guns (and in a different RP it was implied that electricity and automobiles existed) so I'm not even totally sure what the broader setting is either. lol

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@Stumbler There is another RPer in there.  SixShots22.

@FenrirLoki The Special Forces are the elite of the queen's military.  I think they may be too detailed to be portrayed by a NPC.  And not all of them know of each other.  Their main purpose is to take care of the queen, so knowing each other isn't necessary, or so Skacharm thought.  It would be interesting to see if bad things happen how they might react to other Special Forces stepping in to help.  Will they shoot first and ask questions later? :smirk:  You did a fine job on your first ic post btw. 

@Tyler I'm glad you mentioned this.  Elendaron is run mainly by magical crystal energy.  There are guns and automobiles, but they aren't common.  It does have a mainly magical aspect to it, but some other outside influences brought in more modern technology.  Some decide to use it.  Some don't.  This makes it possible for a character with a glock and a hand grenade to not need a backstory of why they have those items in a magical land.  There are others there with glocks and hand grenades too.  :smile:


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