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Every post made in this thread will automatically roll all dice, so just use the one that's relevant to your purposes.

If you're on mobile, I recommend bookmarking this thread so you don't have to find it when making a roll. 

It is not necessary to enter a command into the post text field in order to generate a roll. Any post in this thread will automatically generate one roll for D2, D3, D4, D6, D10, D20, and D100. The text matter in your post should detail what the roll was for.

For example
If I am rolling to see if I can kill that knight over there, my post in this thread would read simply: "Roll to kill that knight over there."

Rolls are posted outside of the content box and cannot be edited. Use the content box to indicate what your roll is for. Only use this thread to roll dice. Bugs or questions can be made in Help or with a PM to staff.

It is strongly suggested that you roll without editing the post. Members can't edit the rolls but might edit the content to skew results

Ideas for use

  1. D1E
  2. Terrenus Dice System
  3. Bi'le'ah
  4. Narrative Damage System


2018-12-05: added usage clarification and narrative damage system to original post
2018-01-11: added d100
2017-11-04: added links to places one can use the dice system; "ideas for use"
2017-10-29: added d4 and d6

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Rolled a 1 (d4), 5 (d6), 8 (d10), 19 (d20)

The thread doesn't take "/roll" commands, it automatically rolls all pre-specified ranges. Post content should instead note what the roll is for, like "for Terrenus bounty list" or "for alterion king's feast" so that people can see what other people are using rolls for 

Questions should be posted in Help

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