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Murder Mystery on a Train?!

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Quick and dirty interest check!


Come and catch a train with us from Blairville to Last Chance. Your reasons for travel are your own and you can choose to share them or keep them a mystery. However, as the journey across Terrenus moves along, people will start to die off mysteriously and quite violently. No one is safe, both luxury and economy class are struck alike -- seemingly without reason or rhyme. Can you survive this train ride from hell, and if so, how will you do it? Will you cower and try to hide or will you be one of the bold ones who tries to help the authorities figure out what’s going on?



-The train will consist of:

Engine Car Not Open to the Public

Dining/Lounge Cars Open to Everyone

Two Luxury Cars Open Only to First Class Ticket Holders

Two Economy Cars Open to Everyone

6 Cargo Cars Not Open to the Public

-No posting order outside of established character interactions.

-Are you okay with having your character murdered? Let me know!

-We don’t need all the roles filled, but it would be nice to have a full house!


Passenger: Charlotte {Do not kill}

Passenger: Justus {Eternity -- Do not kill}

Passenger: Silvia {Sheep}

Passenger: Dash {Jaistlyn  -- Can kill}

Passenger: Lucier Hollow {Wade -- Do not kill}

Passenger: Die's Character {Die Shizle -- Can Kill}

Dectective: Ishin Hiroyuki {Pandahat}

Train Staff:

Murderer: King

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Ooooh I like this. I'm in the middle of making a character right now, so I'd like to throw him in the lot as a passenger; until his sheet's up, I'd like to throw in Teddy as a placeholder. 

EDIT: Char's finished up, here's his profile. I'd rather he doesn't get murdered.

Edited by Wade

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