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Tempest Dawning

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High up in the wind-torn and bleak-white mountain range, thunder clapped and shook the snow caps. The earth despaired with a shudder and groaning. Large stones tore asunder, trees were felled, and the sky lit up in dazzling display as lightning streaked the horizon. A storm had come. A Mage Storm as they have become to be known.

Magic sizzled with untold energy, permeating the air and the soil beneath the great torrent above. This night, of all nights, was the birth of the small creature who's makings we're mixed of insect and fauna, a conglomerate of two of nature's greatest triumphs. (Or so she would say, if you were ever to ask her.)

As if the magic borrowed from each, the energy coalesced and folded over itself, light of green and blue and white. The tiny form took shape, solidified, then flittered down to land gracefully on two feet. The light evaporated like mist, leaving just the two sharp needle point eyes of green that reflected light so well they seemed to remain glowing.

What do we call her, this, our creation? The nature around her took in a breath, and collectively everything knew at once. Shaylee will be her name, and by us she will do great things. Born to reach into the world and be our advocate. Great is the honor, and the burden. She will protect us, she will defend us with the power we Grant to her. Forever lifted up will be the name of Shaylee.

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-=-=-=-=-=- Time Passes -=-=-=-=-=-

Upon rain slick cobblestone awash with sludge and mud and something more foul, lifting herself up on wobbly arms was Shaylee. The one who was to be great. The Jewel of the cold mountains. It didn't really take her long at all to learn the treachery of mankind. Coughing to clear her lungs, she manages to regain her feet. Dragonfly wings hung low, drooping from the weight of her own shame. 

Shaylee had thought 'Fifth time's the harm' (because she still has a lot to learn about human expressions) as she trudged off back into the woods that surrounded the inn she was just thrown from. Why was it so difficult to reach these humans? All she was trying to do was tell them what not to do. The mountain that these people lived in the shadow of was trying to be merciful. 

It all goes to show just how closed minded one can be.

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