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Descending the Nightmare; Deceiving the Knights of Old ||Chapter 2||

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Zenith Rue,

SubHub of Absolon, Athentha

1678AY, 3 April 

Thursday, 12:00A.M

Yazu sat in the carriage as it rode to Absolon. He placed his hands in his lap as he shook his head once more. He didn't understand the decisions made by all those involved. Two elders were dead by the hands of the princess. And he knew that even though she had decided to come back to the title, that it wasn't the case. The elders wouldn't just let some crazed beast take the land. At least two of them didn't and now they died. 

Now, the matter at hand. The girl herself. Yazu figured that she decided it was time to not be pushed around anymore. And though he admired her changing her tune, it felt like someone made her choose. Not the elders as he wanted to try and work with the girl unlike the other elders. Since Athentha was both their home, he wanted legitimate peace among it. Placing his hand against his temple, as he knew that Miach had created her for one purpose.

He hoped to God it was not what he was thinking. And he had heard the downfall with the shaman. That he was lost and Yazu hoped that wouldn't happen. In all truth he was a key to helping the girl. The knights were assembling at the capital and there they would form some plan. However, he also knew the downfall of Sol-Morwenna with the twin Esben children. 

Yazu knew this was a disaster. As the carriage continued down the road, the elder wondered what would happen now. Who would come out of this unscathed? Who would win? Yazu had no idea what would happen. 

The elder sighed. It was time to get serious about this. It was time to either fight or die. 

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The ride to the capital was an uneventful one to the elder. However it gave him some time to think over everything that had happened so far. He didn't blame Rin for her actions for he knew that it wasn't only her fault. If the shaman didn't hold such a torch for her all these years, they would have the information they needed. Yazu noticed the carriage stop then. They were half way to the capital, as Absolon loomed in the distance. 

Yazu felt something was wrong. 

Opening the carriage door, the old elder stepped out into the fading rain now falling still. He eyed a figure standing in the way of the road and he sighed. Placing a hand to his temple, he realised it was someone he knew. It wasn't Rin, thank God, but the demon hunter himself. Vex tilted his head as he eyed Yazu. The elder was getting old and yet he was still young in his age. Vex knew that the time of the elders would be over soon if the umbral moon came and Rin took the crown. 

"Yazu, you're an idiot." Vex said as he approached the elder. He was always a brazen one, for that rubbed off on him from the half breed. "Getting out of a protected carriage to see why it stopped is beyond stupid. If I was Rin you'd be dead." 

"Glad to see you too Vex. I understand many are worried about me but I can handle a girl. She just needs to see the other side of her anger and frustration. That we aren't the ones to blame. That we can make Athentha the way it needs to be without all the darkness."

Vex sighed as he got into the carriage, Yazu following suit. It continued onward to Absolon once more. Vex leaned his head against the left arm that laid against the windowsill. Yazu tilted his head as he looked at the man. He noticed the demon was troubled, that something weighed down on his mind and soul. Though the other elders wanted Rin dead, he wanted to work with her and help her see the light. He wanted Athentha to have a strong leader, whether it be him or the half breed.

"It's not going to work." Vex said as he eyed the surroundings that passed by. "She's not going to listen to you. You're an elder, she's marked you as an enemy and possibly me a traitor. You are to blame. You and the elders. You helped destroy her inside because Miach cursed her. We all sowed the seeds that day. You, me, Kogal and the knights. We deserve this because we destroyed her."

"Vex, what is the real reason you're here?"

The demon hunter looked at the elder as he slumped back down into his seat. It was a fair question to ask. But not an easy answer to bring forth. He came because of what burned deep within him, the feelings he had for the princess. Vex knew he could fix this since he was a demon hunter and knew how to battle against them. He wanted to be that hope she needed to change. 

"Does it matter why I am here? I'm the only one that came back alive. Absolon and the resistance got eaten by something in the shadows. Esben was turned into some kind of creature and her brother... He's gone again. We don't have time to play games. The knights will fail without me."

"Are you certain? You seem troubled. You have read the reports like I have haven't you? A new ore appearing from ancient lore. The name I am sure you hold to your heart. The Black Heart Mirror Ore, it's more dangerous than the Sunburst Justice Ore. Someone knows of the origins of these two ores."

Vex shook his head. It couldn't be possible. That those two ores came back around the land. He couldn't believe it. The demon eyed the elf with such disbelief until he handled him a folder containing many reports on the ore. As he read,Vex grew horrified. 

"She's using the ore?" Vex asked as he looked up. The elder nodded. "How many has she used this against? And what do they become? Have the Lyonesse found a way to combat the ore yet? Have they rebuilt the new temple yet?"

"A few thousand have been spotted sitting among the ashes of the outer cities consuming the ore. Those that turn become demons or elves enslaved to the darkness within their hearts. The reports do not indicate what they truly become. The Lyonesse are still working on a way but nothing conclusive yet. And no, Lyon has found someone to start work on it. But nothing yet."

Vex sighed. This was a mess. Yazu eyed the demon hunter as he was fed this information. He eyed the concern and fear among his face. His heart beat with such fear that it almost stopped twice. The demon closed the folder shoving it back at the elder. Rin had learned about something ancient and was now using it for some purpose. Something dark. 

"What do we do?" Vex asked then. 

"The same plan we go forward with. You will take the Dragoon Knights with you and scout, hopefully finding her and distract her long enough for us to find a way to at least injure her. We cannot kill her but if we can seal her--"

"This is idiotic. There's no use sealing her. But I will bring the knights with me. I can probably knock some sense into her."

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"It is only because you remain blind. You allow your emotions and feelings for the girl control your thoughts. I do not blame you for this as most fall under the spell of her. But you do know that even though we are at a disadvantage, we will keep her from destroying us all. If we must keep sealing her, than we shall."

Vex sighed as he shook his head. He didn't get why things were like this but he knew that they had to start to change it. As the carriage stopped in front of the large building, the demon hunter made his way out and from the elder. He needed to find the Dragoon Knights and head towards the location of Jassa Ridge. If he could lure the half breed there he could fight her without others getting cursed. 

Yazu watched as he departed. The elder had sent word for the other elders to come. Those still alive along with any other rulers of the island. He wanted peace more than massacre. They had to come together to try and beat a legend they had no way of defeating. Yazu wondered though who would come. He walked up the steps and eyed the Dragoon Knights as he pointed to Vex. The knight captain nodding as he ordered the others to follow. 

Vex eyed the knight captain then. It was at Zenith and it bothered him. Did she get eaten too? Why was this happening? Was it connected with the Umbral Year? The demon didn't know as he said nothing and walked down the cobblestone street, the knights following him. He sighed. He didn't know what this would accomplish but he had to try something. 

"Sir," the knight captain replied. "You seem troubled. Is there something on your mind? Are you worried we can't defeat Rin? Do you no longer have hope?"

"You have no idea. I am troubled not to see Zenith here. She was the knights captain before I left the land to track down the girl. Now she's no where to be seen. I have little hope now that we cannot kill her. But I'm hoping someone in Jassa knows how."

The knights looked at each other with sorrow at the mention at their fallen companion. Vex raised an eyebrow seeing this as he wondered what was going on. The knight commander placed his right hand on Vex's left shoulder, sorrow filling his voice.

"We lost her to Rin." Was all he said.

Vex clenched his fists at those words. He was angered another fell to her. Something he was trying to stop. He hated how weak he was. He needed to get stronger. The knights then walked behind him as they made their way to the border of the city. This was going to be one long walk. But hopefully it would be worth it.

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  "Do you really think we stand a chance against her? That we can even damage her without the shaman or the temple? We are about to go and risk our lives without a plan, without knowing how to even deal with her." Ebony said as she walked beside Vex. " You were close to her, so you remember any weak points? "

Vex didn't look at Ebony. She was second in command of the Dragoon Knights, and she looked exactly like Manah. She could even pass for her twin. The demon hunter looked at the emerald yellow mixed eyes of the girl whom walked beside him. True he was closer to the half breed, yet at the same time it was a subject he didn't talk about. Ebony tilted her head, her even ears twitching before she sighed.

 "We don't have time to talk about her. It would take days to explain what I know. You think Miach would be dumb enough to place a weakness in a weapon? We are risking our lives either way. Yazu wants to fight against her as blind as we are. "

Ebony stopped then. Vex was being vague. He knew more than he let on and it showed. She wouldn't just let him get away with it either. With the Umbral Year coming they were short on time. As he began to walk once more, she grabbed his arm with her right alabaster hand. Her grip was tight but she wanted answers.

 "You can't protect her forever." Ebony said. " you stonewalling us isn't helping either. Yazu however doesn't know how dire our situation is. The resistance is dead, the shaman dead and the temple--" the elf looked down as Vex laid his left hand in top of her head. "What can we do? I feel so lost among the sharks."

 " We keep moving. Find some one who knows the legend of the beast. It's not time to tell you what I know. You wouldn't understand."

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Ebony didn't move as he spoke. She wouldn't understand? What wouldn't she understand? That he was trying to harbour a monster from them? She didn't know as she shook her head. Vex noticed this and sighed. An explanation was needed but this wasn't the time, the hordes of demons now rising from the ground were something he hadn't seen since Miach's time. And Rin, well she was planning something big. He could feel it. Looking up from Ebony's banter, he eyed a knight standing there dressed in Dragoon's own armour. It was an elf woman and Ebony unsheathed her weapon. He raised his hand toward her, but the knight didn't obey. And to this day, the demon hunter regrets not doing more to save the second in command from the horror that happened that day.

With a slash of the dagger like blade, Ebony fell to the ground. The Dragoon knight grinning darkly as it looked up at Vex. His eyes widened in horror as he knew who was trying to kill the other soldier. It was the former knight captain, Zenith. And she looked terrible. He tried to call out to Zenith but she didn't hear him. He noticed how pale she was, for she originally was a southern elf. Ebony pushed herself up as she tried to stop the bleeding from her left arm. Vex wanted to help her but Zenith wouldn't allow this. She activated a spell to form a barrier around the two women. It was her Ebony eyed her injury, the blood was thickening into a black sludge.

Your fate will be the same. I've already infected you with the ore. My blade was covered in it. You have no chance of winning. You or the demon hunter. Your hearts will blacken and still.

"Says you. " Ebony said as she gritted her teeth in pain. "I won't become a pawn like you, allowing a monster to make you a monster like her. Argentina is falling and we are it's hope!"

 With this Ebony ran forth at Zenith, her short sword drawn before she plunged into Zenith's torso. The knight commander laughed as Ebony's attack did little to no effect. Vex gasped, afraid that even with hope, more would fall to the darkness. Ebony fell backwards as Zenith threw a punch with her left hand at Ebony's lower jaw. She grinned again as she eyed the wound she made earlier. The Ore beginning to run through the elf's blood stream. The elf coughed, the air seeming to get thick in her lungs. 

"Wh--what did you do to me?!"

Zenith smirked as she ran at Ebony again. Yet Ebony caught her this time, their swords clashing against each other. Though she was a bit slower with each moment of the ore cogulating her blood and organs, Ebony still managed to keep Zenith from infecting her with more ore. And without Vex being able to help her, the elf needed to keep on her toes. Yet her vision was getting cloudy, and the knight commander chuckled.

What's a matter little elf? Your movements are slower and your vision is clouding isn't it? Fighting the ore isn't going to help. Only make it hurt more. Come now do you really need the demon hunter to help you because you're weak?

Ebony didn't give into the taunt as she shook her head. Rin had infected the knight commander, but she wasn't fully corrupted yet, and maybe Ebony could bring back their commander. It was a light of hope, she needed to keep.

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Crash. Boom.

Ebony fell to the ground as Zenith threw her sword away. The elf was shocked that the former knight commander had gotten better of the newly fledged knight. And Vex couldn't help her. Ebony remembered what she said earlier. The elf could see that Zenith was withered, pale beyond the colour of living flesh. Her eyes widened, it couldn't be possible. Zenith was dead yet she stood before them. 

What did Rin dabble in now?

Vex noticed Zenith as well. He knew what she did. Rin wasn't a full lich, but she had that kind of power. Power to bring the dead back into the bodies of the living. Another problem rearing its ugly head. Grand. Vex looked at Ebony as he ran towards the barrier and tried to break it. That was in vain, for it only made him land on his butt. Zenith grabbed Ebony by the collar of her shirt.

A new age is coming. You'll be the first to witness the grandness beyond your mortal coil. Ebony, you lose. I will now show you the true pit.

Ebony didn't understand what Zenith said. But it was here she fell to her knees. The iciness pierced her as she felt her heart stop. Out of the cracked and withered heart came a black sludge. It coated her tissues, connective nerves and veins, even organs as she became withered. Zenith smirked as Ebony died right there.

Only her real hell was beginning. Standing up, she looked nothing like before. Her features were withered and vampire like. Her body voluptuous in every area and she looked at Zenith with orange black speckled eyes. Vex watched in horror as another creature awoke in the body of the living. 

Rise Amaryth. Lost warrior to the ages. Servant of the dead. 


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Vex stood there as he watched in horror as Ebony was killed. Reborn as some monster to serve a beast. Zenith had also been destroyed at the hands of Rin. The demon hunter grew angry as he ran at the two dead knights. He swung his sword at both of them in every direction. 

He didn't stop until the two were killed. Saved by his blade. Their bodies laid there as he looked down in sorrow at the hell the princess was creating. No, he would have to combat her. The demon hunter would become that thorn in her side to make sure no one else suffered at her hands. 

Turning around, he could feel the earth shudder and shake as the being that lived in Zenith stood. The demon now free from it's host grinned. Vex looked over his shoulder as he gasped. What the hell was this new thing?! And what the hell did it come from? Was Rin able to bring demons into the world as well? What did her father make her?

Vex turned on his left foot and ran at the demon thing now, his sword ready to take off the head. It smirked and grabbed his blade snapping it in half, still grinning. It was here something clicked in his head. 

The knights were slowly being turned against each other as they didn't know it. Didn't know that one of Rin's own creatures was posing as a knight. And this was where he ran. Ran to where the elder sent the knights to go. The demon creature standing there as it sowed the seeds of distrust. 

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1678AY, 5

Three days later

Rain fell hard as the demon hunter made his way into the heart of Athentha as he stood upon the stairs of Absolon’s castle.  He had watched the soldiers turn and change into monsters. Change into unholy beings that once were villagers and human. He stood there knowing he killed Ebony, even Zenith to save their souls. But did he really save them?

Vex didn't know. He questioned all that had happened. Why it happened. Vex could never repent nor be forhiven for his actions played in this. Because he help sow the seeds nothing he did to help could ever show his redemption nor forgiveness. And he knew this but he could help the people of the land. He could seal the problem and pain from them. 

All he had to do was face Rin. 

Standing there in the rain, soaked to the bone, Vex shook his head. His thoughts ate him up inside as he didn't speak. He was just following orders wasn't he? Still his heart ached because what they did now made the lands pay for the injustice placed upon them.

"Will revenge really make you feel better?" Vex said aloud to no one. "Or are you too blind to see you're just becoming what he made you? You can stop."

He shook his head as he walked up the stairs to the castle. He would tell the elder of his findings. How it became silent in both Athentha and Lyonesse. The enemy was planning something yet he didn't know exactly what. But what came next he waa ready. 

Opening the massive doors, Vex walked inside. 



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