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King's Feast Chatter [Participants & Gamblers Only]

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Wait wait wait. I was just reading through the dice roll thread bored-ly, and I saw something the site didn't inform me that Syncopy said. Can we actually reroll 6s when we need 1s, or was that a joke?
If that wasn't a joke, I'ma be REAL upset with my notifications alert.

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Lmao. I'm apparently terrible at explaining this to people. It makes sense in my head, but it's gotta be me if everyone else is like WTF Jeff. U SUK.


1. Per D1E Rules, which this event is loosely based on, if you rolled a 6, you initiate what is known as Assault Combo Dice. The idea was designed for combination moves/strikes. 
So rolling a 6 would be the start. If you rolled a 5 next, you deal 2x the damage, essentially of one turn. Like a punch with a dagger reversed, and the five is like an uppercut with the blade end. And so on. 4,3,2,1 - until you just mutilate the enemy.

So rolling a 6 is kinda like you get an extra roll - or chance, yes.

Roll is based on the D6.

5 & 6 are Automatic ALL-Player hits.

IF YOU ARE HIT - You gain 1 MARK.

— On boss turn: roll a D6. 5-6 hit all players with a mark.
1 mark does nothing
2 marks instills chaos. If you roll a 3, roll again.
3 marks gives you a +2 to your die rolls.
4 marks initiates "Shot Through The Heart!"
— Roll a 4 and you're ejected from the event (death, coma, whatever your story deems)
— Non-4, you're safe ... for now. Repeat 4 marks each time marked.


The MARKED For DEATH is -ONLY- if you're hit. You gain a mark. And then if you're hit again, you'd have 2 -- etc...


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OK so that makes more sense I will negate my previous roll..

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I'll try and post something up tonight, or tomorrow or the next day - whatever that day is...

I kinda sorta had surgery yesterday and got home about 9 last night, so I'm a little out of it and don't wanna produce some trash for y'all, lol..

<3 Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I think he rolled a 4 and used 2 preps to reduce it down to 2. From the post, it looks like he's writing 6-4=2, but actually the first number is just an indicator that he was using a d6 (if I'm somehow the one misinterpreting this I apologize, but I went back and checked his roll in the dice-rolling thread [It's right before Cipher's] and it was a 4). 

Also, I literally asked this question a little over a week ago:

On 1/29/2018 at 9:26 PM, Prestississimo said:

For clarification, are we allowed to use preps to tune any roll down to the required amount, or are we only allowed to tune down a 2, as the footer for the boss' turn says?

and you replied:

On 1/29/2018 at 10:17 PM, Syncopy said:

You can use 1:1 preps to reduce or add to your rolls.

So hopefully you can excuse me for being a bit confused. For one final time, just getting this completely clear, are we allowed to, say, use 2 preps to reduce a 4 to a 2, or use 3 preps to reduce a 5 to a 2, or are we only ever allowed to use 1 prep per combat for modifying our rolls to the required amount. Sorry for the big long post but I want to get this completely clarified for the rest of the fight.

Also @Chappu I think convention has us linking to our dice roll posts in our King's Feast posts. Just something I noticed when I went back to check your roll. Would be helpful in situations like this to make sure we all know exactly what's going on.

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I’ve only spent 2 each one upon up keep and the one previously stored. I didn’t have 4 preps to use I used the other one before hand as well which narrowed me down to 0 then the one prep upon post that I put to my 4 to make it a 3. I did ask about my two prep use on discord and you said it was ok. @Syncopy I’m rather confused my maths been pretty on point so far the Same math I’ve been doing since first form please enlighten me further. Cause at this point I am lost.

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