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The King's Feast [RANKINGS]

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eFhdGcv.gifWelcome. Welcome to my Event young ones. Please forgive the belated salutations. It is I, your Master of Ceremonies.

You want to hear my legend, don't you? FOOL! My legend dates back to the 12th Century you see. My legend is quite old. The 12th Century was a long time ago. Well I think that about covers the introductions.

I'm here to tell you about the 1,000 Provisions that you are required to observe to participate in this glorious event. Now I would like for you to participate in the most important provision. Number 452 the 5 hour story telling party.

Hey! Hold on, come back! I'll tell you what! I can lower those 1,000 provisions down to 800, just as long as you take part in the five hour story telling party.

Please Adhere to the Guidelines Below.

If you have Questions, Concerns or merely desire Discourse, kindly direct them to the designated thread. Be certain to Follow both the Rankings and the OOC thread for Updates. 

The King's Feast | GUIDE 

FOOL Everyone taking part in the Hunt will post here once and no more. The OOC chatter thread is the place for questions and discourse. Use your layout of choice but the following information must be listed for every hunter: 

Name: (What will the officials refer to you as)
# of posts made in Hunting Event (Include only IC posts) [FOOLDO NOT Include in your Total # of Points]
# of points for monster kills (See Below for points per creature)
# of DM rewards points (You’ll know when you receive these. We’ll tell you.)
Total # of points. [ # of Monster Points + DM Reward Points] 

(IE.) Name: Sad Chet 

Posts - 4 

Kill Pts - 15 

DM Pts - 10

Running Total - 25 


After each post made in the Event it is recommended you come back and update your hunter’s stats. We’re assuming everyone wants to be here and wants to participate so we expect no foul play or shenanigans. If we find that someone is fudging dice rolls, or purposefully misreporting points, your hunter will be booted from the event.


KF North

KF South






Happy Hunting!

Special Event Info & Lore


Oct 31 - Jan 1

Cosanastre - North Sector 0 - Active Posters - 1-2 Posts a Day.

Cosanastre - South Sector 0 - Semi-Active Posters - 1-2 Posts a Week

NOV. CLASS V VILLAIN - To be revealed

Special Event & Lore: Ocelot Royce, the High Mason and ruler of Alterion, has reinstated an old Alterian Tradition, the King's Feast. Long ago, the original  Winter King hosted an event wherein which the streets of the crowned city were closed off, infested with all manner of monster and beast, and those brave enough roamed the city proving their prowess by defeating the creatures. Points were awarded for each creature, with more dangerous monsters being worth more points. In addition to this, the nobles and peasants alike could wager points, as well.  It is said during the first King's Feast, the King's most trusted advisor betrayed him and snuck the young Masonress, Riva--who had participated in the Feast for just this opportunity, into the King's quarters where she slayed him and claimed the city for the Masons. Ever since, Riva's most devout followers held the event each year, until the previous High Mason outlawed the blood sport. 

The Feast is a challenge issued to the world's bravest and most daring warriors and its most ambitious gamblers. More than that it is an opportunity for those who seek change not only within themselves, but within the world. Fortunes have been made and paupers risen to the status of prince's by backing the right contender.  The missive invites all interested to journey to Cosanastre and participate in either the hunting or the gambling portion. Prizes will be awarded to those who complete the event with the most points. 


Current Participants:

Potential Participants: possibly_zps8cf8bb7b.jpg



How does it work?  

Step one: After speaking with administration we’ve decided to have the rolls occur on site. Admins have :

Added a D4 and D6. 

For now all die roll at once but no problem against multiple posts/rolls if they can't be used sequentially like that. The dev is promising an update in the next week or two that will let people pick the die they want to roll individually. But if they need to roll one then the other they'd post once, keep just the d20 roll to see if they hit or miss, then if they hit roll again and keep just the d4 or d6 or whichever is relevant

This is where all dice rolls will occur and be monitored. Gamblers and contenders should be making their rolls here. 

Step two: enter the dice rolls thread (i’ll Provide a link in the next few days, but it’s pinned at the top of the water cooler forum). Before you initiate the roll, announce what character you’re rolling for and why you’re rolling. Post your announcement and collect the necessary numbers. 

(Ie.) Rolling for Bob’s random encounter

  • Rolling for TIER | D4 roll = 3 — Tier 3 monster

  • Rolling for MOB | D20 roll = 14 — [From the top of the bestiary, I counted down 14 beasts that could be Tier 3] Yaaraer

  • Roll for HOW MANY | D6 roll = 3 strikers

  • Per mob details, Yaaraer are often solitary, unless yielding offspring. A mother and adolescent pups (1-2 years). follows.

FOOL: Encounters operate on a party level. Only one member of your party/team rolls for the specs of your encounter. 

FOOL: There are 5 Tier’s of monsters in the Alterion bestiary, but Tier 5 requires a DM, so we’re saving one or two Tier 5 creatures for later in the event. Thus we only roll for 4 possible Tiers. FOOL:No roll will grant you a Class V beast. Only a DM can do this. 

Step 3: Write the engagement and determine whether you want to use the NPC dice system or write the required number of posts to slay your beast. 

Refer to the Alterion Bestiary to see the required roll(s) or # of posts necessary to defeat the creature. 

 Refer to the NPC dice System (explained below) for more info.

Step 4: Complete the engagement. Note in your posts or in the OOC hunter thread how many points you’ve earned. See Bestiary Point Listing Below.

Step 5: rinse and repeat. 


The completed combat thread will pay out a total of 30 points per participant.
If the thread reaches 105 posts, an additional 60 points will be added to the total.

Luxe/Hunter Association Rewards 
Hunter's Market 

Artifacts Available

Alterion Artifacts

Gambling Prizes

Coming Soon...




Something I want to be clear about because there is definite confusion surrounding the NPC dice system. Unlike stat based systems, you do not roll a dice for every single action and attack in the NPC system. You don't have to roll every time you swing your sword or every time a monster swipes at you. For the purposes of this event, you roll for each post and the resulting number dictates how good or bad things play in your favor. May the odds be ever in your something or other. 

Rolls and >>SUGGESTED<< Outcomes.

Since we’re rolling on site now, be certain to announce what you’re rolling for with each post. Also be sure to add your modifiers (preps and artifact bonuses) in your finished post.


1 = Whiff "Self-doubt" | Something has gone terribly wrong. You’re gonna feel the hurt. Lacking Confidence *Note* See Below

2 = Glancing "Hit/Miss" | For story purposes, a glancing hit is/can be shrugged off and no damage taken. So maybe you connected and your target laughed at you, or you got socked in the noggin and are feeling a bit bashful. 

3 = Glancing Blow | These deal about 1/2 power, not enough to take out average threats, but it will definitely scare a minor threat.

4 = Hit | Normal dmg. Solid actions. You’re a badass.

5 = Keen Hit | Deal slightly more than normal damage. You’re drawing eyes and making your enemies rethink their choices. 

6 = Critical Hit | Deal x2 dmg. You’re a goddamn hero. Dust the fuckers.

*Note* A note on Critical Fails (rolling a natural 1). A lot of people think this means their character has to die or look foolish, not true. Things just aren’t allowed to go your way. Maybe in rolling a 1 the NpC enemy has called for reinforcements, so add an extra enemy that you have to deal with. The purpose of this system is not to hinder your creativity, but to help it grow


Preps = Pips | Stored energy or Readiness is used to increase your chances for the next post(s). (+1/.../+5)

Each turn (once combat has initiated) you can prep once. [Special: Legendary items may change this.] Remember you start storing preps when combat starts, you don't earn preps for lead up or 'scene setting' posts. 

Quick-Cast: You can gain 1 prep and spend 1 prep in the same turn. This is a sufficient way to not roll a natural 1 and inflict self-doubt.

You may save up to five preps. [Special: Legendary items may change this.]

Note: Whether you attack or not you must roll for each turn, so if you decide to prep and take no action then use your role to dictate what the NPC baddy does while you’re prepping. 

Modified Roll Guidance | Additions to your natural rolls from preps or equipment bonuses. Most Alterion Artifacts and items grant a +1 to all rolls. 

So, if you've rolled a natural 1, but you happen to have an Alterion Artifact, or you have a prep you're willing to expend then your actual score is (1 + 1) - Refer to Roles and SUGGESTED Outcomes (2). And it goes so forth and so on for 1-5. If you roll a natural 6: 

6+1 [6+] = Stuttering Critical Hit| You’re a living legend, a god amongst meatsacks. Perform a feat fitting of your awesomeness. 

Overall, it’s really not complex. The dice are a tool to help feed your creativity. The primary reason for their existence is because it’s tiresome watching 20 olympic level gymnasts cut down 800 enemies without breaking a sweat. 




Class 1 / I - 10 Pts

  • These are considered the lowest tier mobs. They are the weakest creatures in Alterion.
  • Notable: Pathetic. Often small. Often many. Often fodder.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling a 3 or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Ten or more posts a thread. If ignoring NPC DICE system. 

Class 2 / II - 15 Pts

  • These are weak creatures, but are a bit larger or may put up a shade more fight than Class 1, but not likely.
  • Notable: Pitiful. Usually smaller than a meter³. Heavier fodder. Still lame.
  • If using Dice System: Rolling a 3 or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Fifteen or more posts a thread.If ignoring NPC DICE system.

Class 3 / III - 20 Pts

  • These are mediocre creatures. Average across the board or skewed to be weak in one area and strong in another.
  • Notable: Challenging. Often something of consequence in lower quests. Seen in small groups.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling two 3s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Twenty or more posts a thread. If ignoring NPC DICE system.

Class 4 / IV - 30 Pts

  • These are difficult creatures, often packing a wallop and are found to be difficult to take on alone.
  • Notable: Hard. Severe in a one-on-one. Not often more than two. Tends to kill lesser Classes.
  • Suggested to request a Storyteller of Valucre or NPC from the Alterion NPCer's Listing
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling two 4s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Thirty or more posts a thread. If ignoring NPC DICE system.

Class 5 / V - 50 Pts

  • These are usually rare or legendary creatures. Often found guarding rare or legendary items. Often ass-kickers...
  • Notable: Not suggested to solo. Heavy-hitters. Never more than one, unless all apart of one.
  • Required to have an Alterion NPCer.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling four 4s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Fifty or more posts a thread. If ignoring NPC DICE system.

Familiar Notice: If you see some of the beasts say they can be taken as a familiar, then how you understand the Class Rating is the first number is the encounter number. A Fae encounter is Class 1, but if they are taken as a familiar, they can be trained to a Class 3. If a Dragon Spriten is encountered, it is a Class 2 and can be trained to a Class 4 familiar. Each of the classes requires that Class # of posts to Level your familiar.
Example: You catch a Dragon Spriten. It's Class 2.
To get it to Class 3, you need a new thread, separate from the first [or the same] with the [an additional] Class 3 posts, 20 or more.
To get it to Class 4, you need to add on or have a new thread with another 30 posts.

Someone who achieves this will earn titles, an award for 
Beastmastery and items for their accomplishments.


Parties and Class V Beasties


There are no rules that state you must fight alone. If you wish to work as a team, feel free to do so. Team points operate exactly as solo points. 


If one person kills a class I The. 10 pts are awarded to that hunter. 


If two hunters kill a Class I then Hunter 1 is awarded 10 pts and Hunter 2 is awarded 10 pts.


This holds true for Class V monsters. There will be at least one of these showing up in the event, so it is recommended that a team up occur—at least, while facing the Class V. 



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Name: the Argent Noble [D1E Kalenis]

Posts — 0
Kill Pts. — 140

  1. 4x CL 4 (30) = 120
  2. 1x CL 2 (20) = 20

DM Pts. — 0

Running Total — 0

Edited by Syncopy
Updated after each finished combat

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Name: the Ebon Prince [D1E Viktus]

Posts — 25
Kill Pts. — 630

210 | 30—CL.4 | 4 Cliff Manticore, 3 Goblin Shaman
340 | 20—CL.3 | 4 Lung Tiger, 1 Canes Evandi, 4 Dimfyre Soldiers, 1 Witwag, 4 Ripper, 3 Ghouls
030 | 15—CL.2 | 2 Goblin Raider
050 | 10—CL.1 | 5 Pumpkin Spice

DM Pts. — 0

Running Total — 0

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Name: Dazkar

Posts: 55

Kill Points: 780

Dm Points: 0

Running total: 0

Edited by Chappu

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