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The King's Feast [NS0]

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Cosanastre, the Holy City--Riva's pride and joy. It has stood for a thousand years, seen the rise and fall of Kings. Today it just may see something remarkable. 

The streets had been cleared, notices had been posted, every creature on the Alterian continent had been collected, and the Daius R&D lab raided for some new ones. At long last the time arrived to start the Feast. Gamblers, seekers of fortune, Regents and nobility alike, took refuge in the Cathedral overlooking the massive sector. The Lessers and those souls not fortunate enough to compete in the hunt or the games watched from crystal screens across the nation. 

The streets of sector 0 were empty, as were the rooftops. The hunters were afforded full scope of the city in their battle against the beasts. Each Hunter was individually greeted by a representative of the High Mason and afforded a prayer, blessing and any last requests they may have before the bloodshed began. As dawn began to fall over the city, streetlamps and spotlights flared to life—birthing a city of lights that shined brighter in the dawn of the morning than the stars against the midnight sky. Members of the legendary Hunters association stalked the city prepared to keep the peace, if necessary, while the Poor Sons and Justices guarded the elite and more fiscally minded individuals. 

A bare speck on the vast backdrop of the blood red sky moved atop the cathedral. The High Mason, garbed in ceremonial robes of ebon and crimson raised his arms towards the heavens and the Crystal’s light filled the city, projecting not only his voice—but an image of its chosen vessel above the city for all of Cosanastre to see. 

“My children,” Ocelot’s voice intoned. “It is a most auspicious day, for today we celebrate the King’s Feast! That fateful day when our Savior Riva rose up and liberated Alterion from the clutches of a tyrannical despot. Today we Feast and today we hunt in honor, not only of her bravery and sacrifice, but those of her followers and most especially of those innocent viciously murdered by the mad Winter King. 


This is a day where we remember the dead. We wish them well in the afterlife, for we know they are safeguarded by the light of the Crystal—that eternal beacon in the vast darkness of Xaengri-La.  


This is a day where we give thanks. We acknowledge the blessings poured upon by the Crystal and we Feast to remember the first supper celebrated by the Masonress and her burgeoning church. 


This is a day where we celebrate joy. The joy of living, the thrill of the hunt. The promise of gifts, prizes and the merriment of food, drink and togetherness. 


This is a historic day, my children. Today you may die, and the Crystal will guard you through that bleak night. Today you will struggle, you will toil against beast, monster, Demon and machine.  But, above all else, today you will meet your destiny. You will face the darkness and know that the light of the Crystal shines upon you. 


May the light of the Crystal always find you...and let the King’s Feast begin.” 


On cue, carriages and cages opened across the city, flooding the streets with a variety of aberrations and monstrosities. The various waiting areas where the hunters had been corralled opened up, providing them access to the now wild Sector. 


The King’s Feast has officially begun.



Original Art Credit

OOC Notes


Type | adventure; horror; science fantasy
Classification | collaborative; canon event
Combat | PvE—NPC Dice System; PvP—Disallowed


Dramatis Personae




Type | Open
Activity | Active; 1 post a day minimum
Limit | 24 hrs; subject to change pending # of players*
GM | paradigm; subject to change pending conversations



The King's Feast has officially begun. This thread represents the Northern section of Sector 0. Remember that the Sector's of Cosanastre are so massive that they are Mega-Cities unto themselves and walled off from one another. Posting may now begin. Happy Hunting. 



...there's blood on the horizon.

layout credit | paradigm


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Shit Roll | 1+1 Quick Prep - 2
Post Count: 1

The square was full of contestants and the vibe of the crowd was humming with a brutal anticipation. Most of them didn't have a clue what was going to happen and were eager to find out, while some who had done their research—like the Tactician—was expecting the very worst. Sharp hazel eyes turned about the courtyard to spy all of the people whom showed up for this event with a smidgen of curiosity and more mental cataloging on the persons of interest who would be potential rivals during this meet.

Kalenis pulled the cloak a little more firmly about his lithe frame as he watched the cages cautiously rocking and the groans and growls emerging from beyond ebony sheets. Thirty-some years ago, there was a bloodbath. His father had been a witness and bore testimony to the violence and lunacy that the hunt brought upon the minds of those who participated. Something about a pure bloodlust with a dash of greed sent men clawing madly over one another for the chance to prove themselves a better warrior. The young student on the other hand was here to practice his skills and maintain himself while representing the Kageroth Academy as an ambassador of sorts. Both he and Viktus had been requested, due to their knowledge of the royal houses and the city layout.

\ There are so many people here. \ Kalenis glanced to Viktus, before looking up to Lot's ending speech. It was bad timing on his part, but enough reflex saved him from death—which couldn't be said for the random stranger that was standing beside him. As the cage doors clanged open and massive tarps pulled back to reveal the beasts within, it was Kalenis' nearest cages that started this hunt off the wrong way. Cliff Manticores snarled and roared gurgling pustules of poison and a spearing tail thrashed out. He avoided the barb, but not the girth as it snapped passed him and knocked Kalenis flat on his back. The man to his left was speared clean through and the blood sprayed across the crowd in a shower. The true signal of the start...



Thread: D
EXP: 1/10

Current Team: Viktus @paradigm & Kalenis
Mob: 4x Cliff Manticores | Class 4

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Aveline had never been on Valucre proper; she'd spent most of her time in this dimension in Taen. Now, she forced Thurgood to run the Mil Dot since she left, having heard about the King's Feast from a couple of guards assigned to the Blue Hills entrance/exit portal, and decided to check it out.

The journey had ben a long one, riding from Lunaris, through the Blue Hills portal to Casper with all the gear she brought, to passenger vessels, all the way to Constantre.

So here all five-feet seven inches of Aveline's medium-large frame is, with a dragon-hide bodysuit covering most of her head, her broad shoulders, wide hips, and all the way down to her combat boots. Over the bodysuit she's wearing an advanced combat helmet, a pair of earmuff headphones, specially made to fit over elf ears, that will let the wearer hear everything until the electronics pick up the report of a firearm, and then blocks the noise. These have a neckband that vits neatly below the helmet, and above her black modular combat vest with XSAPI plates, including a special "female-molded" chest plate. Over this are various pouches and a backpack holding magazines and shells for her Glock 17, Barrett M82, and Mossberg 590. There are also pouches for M67 and thermite grenades. Aveline brought a variety of ammo, anticipating that different creatures have different weaknesses that she might be able to exploit, and those creatures are in a PDF on her brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (in a suitably tough case) along with her ballistic computer app and corresponding sensor attachment, as well as five fully-charged external battery packs.

Aveline chose a staging place that was less populated, and a little further away from everybody else, so she wouldn't be trampled in the opening rush, which is likely being weighed all this equipment. When the hunt stated, everybody else predictably rushed out to kill the just-released beasts. Aveline stayed behind to load her Mossberg 590 with twealve-gauge 00 buckshot shells, pumping after her seventh to slip an eighth into her mag tube.

Aveline puts on her pair of clear Oakley combat glasses and casually strolls out, phone in hand, to see what she'll come across.

There is a fairly small bird perched in a branch of a nearby decorative tree. Aveline thinks it's so cute that she'll take a picture and Google it to find out what it is. Up goes the phone, where Aveline puts it into camera mode. Surprisingly, the bird stays still and lets Aveline take its picture. Now to start the Google app search.

A second later, Google image search has an error, and cannot search.  Aveline is a bit confused since she's getting a clear wi-fi signal, so she opens Chrome to find out why. None of her normal pages load.

After dinking around for a bit, she finds a search engine for this network, uploads the pic she took, initiates the search, touches the picture with a bird that matches what she's seeing, only in profile, and that opens up the Alterion Bestiary with a picture of a Fawny Neeper.

Aveline reads a little, and finds out that it's not a threatening bird at all.

"Awww, that Fawny Neeper is sooooo cuuuute! I don't wanna kill it!" she thinks, not seeing the point in wasting a good shell blasting such a docile bird.

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.oO(You wanna shit roll? I’ll show you a shit roll.)


Ocelot informed more than he warned, in almost all instances. Since his fostering beneath the High Mason’s guiding hand, Viktus learned the ins and outs of Ocelot’s various quirks and eccentricities. If Ocelot told him a task would be ‘a walk-in-the-park’, Viktus found he could expect to be beaten within an inch of his life, stripped naked and left to die in the middle of the Devla sands. Evidently what was a harrowing life changing tribulation for the Everyman was part of Ocelot’s daily fucking agenda. Thus, when Lot informed him that the Feast would be ‘rousing, good fun!’ Viktus prepared himself for the worst. 


Viktus stood alongside Kalenis, studying  the wealth of souls offering themselves up to the Feast. No doubt, many were brave and stalwart adventurers, ready for the trials to come. However, before the sun set on the bloody day, more than half these souls would be dead or nearly there. Fate would weigh them, measure them and find them wanting. Still, the eager arrived in droves—bearing sharpened steel, primer powder and ethereal arts.  


Leaning against a wall, Viktus watched from beneath his hood as a large bearded man, bearing a giant high frequency axe, moved towards the front. Shaded by his hood, Viktus’ eyes gleamed with interest and the pair of branded youths followed suit. The doorways opened and the hunters entered the Feast. Like water through the floodgates they poured in, ready and hungry for blood.


Viktus nodded his head at Kalenis’ observation and lowered the hood of his cloak. /They won’t be here too long.../


As though urged by foresight, Viktus’ words proved true. Four cliff manticores charged out of their cages towards the two Guildborn. The large hunter Viktus spied earlier, darted ahead and charged the beasts. He barely had time to scream before chomping maws tore him limb from limb. “Hey! Kale! Heads up!” Viktus cried out in urgency as the creatures approached.  No stranger to battle, Viktus was a seasoned warrior for his age and versed in all the martial knowledge available to him at Kageroth academy. This made his heart beat no less ferociously. Reaching for his blade, Viktus’ hand fumbled at his cloak, but his eyes never left the bestial forms of the advancing creatures. Eyes grew wide as one of the beasts hurled the dead man’s bloody torso at him. 


The fleshy trunk collided with Viktus and instinct took over. Instead of being lifted off his feet, Viktus locked his muscles and slammed into the hurled bulk, using his own brute force in return. The blow knocked the wind out of him, but Viktus kept his footing. Breathing heavily he steadied his hand, found his blade and made ready for battle. 


Post: 1
Prep Saved: 1

Current Team: Viktus & Kalenis @Syncopy
Mob: 4x Cliff Manticores | Class 4


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Aveline does not want to hurt this Fawny Neeper at all. It's not a threat to her, or anybody else, and there's no valor in killing a gentle creature like this.

Aveline takes a seat on a low wall under the tree. "Do I really need to kill that sweet, little bird? It's seneless!"

Sensing Aveline's good will towards it, the Fawny Neeper flies down and lands close to Aveline, looking up and chirping. Putting her right hand on the top of the wall, Aveline grins and looks at the neeper so warmly that it would put a Disney cartoon to shame. Aveline right then and there decides to definitely not kill this Fawny Neeper.

"Fuck the rules," Aveline tells the Fawny Neeper, leaning in closer, "you're just too small and gentle for me to kill."

The lean though, shifts the center-of-gravity of the heavy Barrett slung on her right shoulder enough to generate the torque needed to overcome the static friction of the strap against the dragon hide.

Aveline can clearly see and feel the fifty-caliber rifle fall, but cannot react fast enough to keep the receiver shell from landing on the Fawny neeper.

Aveline gasps as the rifle makes contact, quickly getting it off the neeper and picking up the bird.

"Please be okay, please be okay," Aveline pleads as the Fawny neeper gives off a cry of great pain. Anybody else would be able to plainly see the combined look of shock, horror, and panic in Aveline's face as she quickly realizes the Fawny Neeper that she wanted to cuddle just seconds beore is not okay, and is in fact now dead.

Tears stream down her drow-blue freckled cheeks, and her lips quiver.


Aveline sits on the wall, holding the Fawny Neeper's lifeless body in both hands in front of her.


Aveline is no stranger to killing, but every other time she killed someone or something, there was a reason; whether it was sidhe fighting to keep a bunch of children captive, or a squirrel to teach a little girl the dangers of firearms.


Aveline breaks down sobbing for this Fawny Neeper, the victim of a senseless accident.

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Roll: 4
Roll: 6 Max Poison, sukkah!
Preps Saved: 1


The manticoremoved on Kalenis as it had before, while the other three began to assess the situation and one struck for Viktus. It lingered a moment, reeling the scorpion tail back in and with a shake, flung the body from it's barbed end into the fountain and screams echoed all around from people who thought they were better hunters and maintained more fear than they really could. They scattered. The tail struck again, but found nothing. It smashed into the ground and the beast whined in pain, looking for the speedy youth who was standing to one side of the manticore now, and reached into his cloak.

It struck once more, and the boy was ready this time. He sidestepped with ease, feeling the wind crispy woosh past him and then effortlessly, he swung his hidden hand upwards with the Toxic Cane within his grasp and with enough force, separated the end of it at a joint and the barb collapsed to the ground. The howling snarl the beast released was enough to bring goosebumps to Kalenis' flesh, but he remained steadfast, knowing the blow with the poisonous weapon would be the demise of the beast in a few moments. The strike removed half the tail and allowed for the toxins to seep directly into the bloodstream, which pumped vigorously due to the combat and would eventually flush the heart of the beast within a minute with a lethal dose of death.

The manticore staggered and fell backwards, behind another that took it's place. Leaving one to stalk to two of them and Kalenis looked to Viktus with a weary face. / They're definitely stronger than they look. This one is toast. It's practically festering from its wounds already... / Kalenis rubbed his chest slowly, still feeling the initial blow and thinking that karma took what was rightfully its in the contagious of the groaning and frothing manticore. 

It was only a momentary glance to witness a woman drop her weapon and kill a small bird and he couldn't help but wonder what someone who was that weak was doing in a place like this. ... and what in the hell was she carrying, or wearing, or... driving? He corrected himself to refocus on the combat ahead.


Thread: D
EXP: 2/10
Current Team: Viktus @paradigm & Kalenis
Mob: 3x Cliff Manticores | Class 4
Kills: next turn, 1 CL4

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Under the suggestion of the high council of his own kingdom. Under the pretense of further displaying his might to the would be authorities of this land. To establish himself as either the greatest possible asset to a would be friend, or the worst possible obstacle to potential enemies, Proteus Rauz was present. He wore more then just the ceremonial armored-carapace he was accustomed to, as well as the seemingly infinitely expansive cape that was hard pointed to his shoulders. He was ensconced in a runic cloak that hid the entire of his features, and every characteristic he owned. The obelisk, standing a full 12' in height lowered his head and simply played audience to the words of the masons as they introduced all into the festivities to transpire.

He'd close his eyes and drank it all in, his senses hungrily grasping at every stimulant present here. The rattle of the cages, the sounds of many heart beats, some frantic, some calm. The smell of varying musk, beasts and fear. The vibration from the cages that were beat on by eager beasts anxious to be set free and loose upon these dark and devoid streets. Darkness had him. Tucked away in the confines of an alley way, his back to the wall, Proteus waited for it all to begin. The sound of it all, was nothing short of wonderous.

Cages flew open. Tension grew with it. Peaking rapidly, one with senses like his could literally smell the adrenaline surging all over in varying parts of the city and it truly did excite him thoroughly. Some where around him, he could hear warriors failing early and often. Beasts overpowering them, getting the upper-hand. He could hear his task, a grouping, heading his way. The sound of metal being drug against asphalt, some heavy rusted weapon judging from the smell. Some arcane aspects were present, dark,..a taint about them, and maybe it was the sheer intensity of his killing intent that radiated so but these creatures stopped at the end of the alley and simply looked into the darkness at the other end.---AS if they knew something was there.

He'd remove himself off of the wall, and blood red eyes, shimmering, and brimming with anima threw crimson hues on any object in the alley that was in presence. He was a massive silhouette approached slowly, step after step carrying him closer toward the lot of them whom for the most part looked---lethargic.....and confused. Unsure. Uneasy. They could gauge his size simply by looking at how far above the ground those eyes, those jewels from the pits of hell, were when they shone the way they did now. "Let the games begin in earnest...."

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Still very sad, Aveline looks up to see a couple warriors taking on three beasts far more worthy of killing than the gentle Fawny Neeper. The fight is way too close for her comfort, but joining in would rob them of a possible victory.

So Aveline sets the dead Fawny Neeper at the base of the tree, re-slings her Barrett M82, puts her Mossberg 590 in her hands, and walks deeper into the sector to find an actual fight, and not a senseless murder of a gentle creature.

It's out of the corner of her eye that she sees some white ursine creature, so she heads in that direction down an alley, thinking about whether or not she should break out the fifty-cal rounds.

Then the sound of wings flapping and the scratching of talons behind her make her stop moving  and start flailing and spinning to try to get this thing off.

Two more Wisened Birds join in the attack, not knowing how tough the dragonhide armor and modular tactical vest are.

"Aaargh, you motherfucking assholes!" Aveline shouts in her flailing: she'll have no problem blasting these pests.

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Now this was quite a different venture from what he usually thought of hunting. The city made for a splendid, unique hunting ground, a concrete jungle that to James, made him as if he was more in an environment of urban warfare then a game preserve. Already he could taste the death in the air. The hunt had begun in ernest, and the other hunters were already making their first kills as the daemonslayer checked a few items of import. First, a map, given to him of the local city area and layout. Second was his surroundings, ensuring that no creatures, or hunters of ill repute were hiding out in place.

Last, but not least was his wargear.

James came modestly armed, well for him anyway. A golden embroidered and heavily worn cloak lay slung over his form, underneath lay his sturdy "casual" wear, a reinforced jacket, replete with a multitude of pockets, harnesses in which carried a number of small weapons like his combat knife and retracted spear, and a number of other utilities, rope and medical supplies, field rations and a tome, bound in chains. Two swords lay slung at his hip, one a longsword with an ornate handguard, the other in the curved shape of an Eastern tachi.

It would not be long before setting off that James found his first quarry near a city fountain, drinking from the artificial source of water.

Two frost wolves.

They were smaller then he expected to be sure, nowhere the size of the fearsome beasts that stalked the forests and tundra, but James supposed that was the result of their status as game. He pitied them, really.

As if they could detect the Daemonslayer's pity toward them, or (more likely) perhaps he was just unwelcome, the two frost wolves turned from the fountain and bounded toward him in a storm of pearly fangs and snow fur. James dealt with them in the usual way, slipping into his combat stance as they closed.

Engaging the beasts in hand-to-hand combat, James deftly slipped the first pounce, and then the second, delivering a devastating backhand to the second wolf's snout and sending the 200+ pound animal flying off a short distance, before turning back to the first wolf as it turned back, and circled him warily, haunches raised. Even without his signature custom, armored gloves, James was a martial artist whose strikes could break rocks, let alone bone. That second wolf wasn't down yet, but it would have to take a moment to recover.

Too bad for its friend as James stared down the creature, two predators in standoff.


The Daemonslayer: Post 1

Post 1: Mob Roll

Roll 2: Combat Roll

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Aveline sets the body of the Fawny Neeper beneath the tree, and then notices the two guys fighting cliff manticores nearby. Of course, Aveline didn't know they were cliff manticores, but she does see their size and ferocity. But as far as she's concerned, it's those guys' kill, and butting in would be quite rude.

So, still feeling quite sad, Aveline reslings her Barrett M82, puts her Mossberg 590 in her hands, and starts treading deeper into the sector to find something that is actually honorable to kill; something that can fight back. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a white, ursine figure on another street through a fairly dark alleyway, and starts heading in its direction.

About halfway to the street, she hears the sounds of flapping and scratching behind her through the earmuffs' amplification, so flails her arms to try to get the creature to go away.

It doesn't.

That makes Aveline flail her arms faster behind her head and spin in place.

Two more come out, and aveline can see that they're white, antlered owls: three Wisened Birds simultaneously attacking her, trying to find a spot of soft flesh between the modular tactical vest and dragon hide bodysuit.

"Aaaugh! Motherfucking assholes!" Aveline shouts as she slaps one off. Then she takes the safety off of her shotgun, points in its general direction, and fires none lead pellets. One manages to hit the tip of the right wing of the owl in front, pissing it off and hampering its flight a little. The noise scares the other two off.

"Oooh, y'all are so dead!"

So Aveline is standing in a fairly dark alley with three Wisened Birds standing around her in a triangle. One is slightly injured. There will be no tears from her eyes over these three.

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Aveline pumps the handle back on her shotgun, glaring to the antlered owl at the right as the green empty shotshell tumbles out of the chamber, then to the one on her left as she pushes the handle back up, and to the one in front, daring any of them to attack as the brass end of the shell hots the asphalt as their wings stretch outwards, a bit of blood staining the feathers on the right wingtip of the owl in front.

When the empty shell stops bouncing, all three lunge towards her head, Aveline then raises her left hand, putting the muzzle right  in the middle of the left owl, and firing.

All nine pellets slam into the owl's skull, breaking the antlers like they're nothing, and turning its cranium, brains and top of its spinal cord into a red paste that splatters against the nearby wall. The front owl, though injured, latches on to Aveline's combat Oakleys and manages to lift them off while the right owl pulls the muff cup out and releases it, causing that ear to ring and hurt.

Aveline instinctively steps back and to her left to put the other two owls in front, pumping her shotgun as they land. One owl is well and truly dead, but her eyes are exposed and half of her hearing is temporarily gone.

((Wisened Birds have one prep, giving Aveline a -1 to her next combat roll))

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Dan stepped out, looking around. This place was a lot different than what he thought it would be. Pretty bright, lots of people. Apparently they were all hunters, like him.
According to the flyer, this was a BIG event. People all over the place came to fight monsters and get stuff. Dan grinned. Hunting and killing monsters was something he did regularly. He had no small amount of confidence in himself, but made sure not to get cocky. Cocky fighters were always the first to die.

Dan decided to stop gawking at the awesomeness of the city and get busy already. This wasn't likely to last forever. He walked around, feeling very much like a main character in an RPG, looking for a random encounter.

After walking a short ways, he saw something. Several somethings. Judging by their movement toward him, it seemed to hi like they had noticed him as well.
However, these were... not what he thought they would be. They looked like.... Well they looked like big slugs. 
Dan sighed. This was hardly a glamorous start. But, he supposed he had to start somewhere.
But I am SO not level 1, why am I getting TUTORIAL enemies?
Dan dispelled the thought, knowing that if he kept this up he might start to pout. He didn't want to pout on camera.
Dan took out his dagger. He was not likely to need his sword for this.


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Dan walked toward the slugs. There was really no hurry, the things were nearly harmless looking.
As he got close, he saw teeth on their fronts. So leeches, not slugs.
It hardly made a difference to Dan. A tutorial enemy is a tutorial enemy.

As he neared one, it leapt up at him. That, he did not expect. All he had to do was sidestep to avoid it, but it was still a bit of a surprise.
Not to be deterred, it leapt again. This time, Dan brought his dagger around and sliced it cleanly in half.

Dan looked at the rest of them. "This is what happened to your friend when he tried to take me on. You guys want some too?"

Come on. He had to at least try to make it look cool. He couldn't while fighting, since his enemy didn't even have arms. So cool dialogue was the best he had to work with.
However, these things did not seem to care much for their fallen comrade, and kept advancing.

(prep: 1)

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That earmuff clap disorients Aveline, as it mixes up the liquid in her left inner ear, and her eyes are exposed. Enrages, both owls lunge for Aveline's face. Instinctively, she covers her eyes with her hands, still holding the Mossberg. and both sink their sharp talons into Aveline's right index and middle fingers, leaving deep gashes and rendering them inoperable. As soon as they pull away, Aveline reaches to the right side of her body with her left hand to get her Glock 17, then brings her left boot up, hooks the rear sight on the heel, and pushes to chamber a round, and dropping the shotgun from her right.

Aveline has to spin around to see both owls taking elevated positions, and points her pistol with her left hand.

((Owls used their prep, but inflicted a circumstance penalty on Aveline. Until she gets her right hand fixed, she can only shoot her Glock 17 with her left, at -1 to the combat roll.))

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The remaining 3 of the leeches seemed to learn, and grouped up so Dan would not be able to face them one at a time. As they advanced, they came in a row, evenly spaced. They all leapt at once, and Dan got out of the way.
"Wow. You guys really wanna eat me, huh? Well get in line. I got PLENTY of monsters back home that wanna eat me that'v been waiting a LOT longer than you guys."

The leeches stopped as they landed, and sprung backwards not even having to turn, instead flipping up at the height of their jump to bare their teeth at Dan.

Dan stepped out of the way and sliced another one down the middle.
"Come on now, guys. This is pointless. Just go away, and I won't kill you. Probably."

The leeches proved to be very poor listeners, and turned around to face Dan again.
Dan rolled his eyes. He was attempting to reason with leeches. At some point you had to ask yourself why.

(Prep: 2)

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