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The King's Feast [SS0]

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[□ □ □ Right-Click : Open in New Tab. OH SHIT SON! NEW FORM!? ■ ■ ■]
3rd FORM: http://www.ffmages.com/ffvii/ost/disc-2/14-jenova.mp3


With a blade through it's core nearly to the hilt, the beast would have looked down—had a body not been planted on it's face before ramming blades into either side of it's makeshift skull. The rolling pieces of debris tried to move to relocated to the front of the body, to block and avoid any additional damage, but the torrential onslaught of combatants seemed to pour upon the beast in waves. It couldn't keep doing this forever. The soul core was nearly depleted, but would condense soon enough. Enough to produce a final form, perhaps...

The blades wedged into the core and chestpiece of the lava beast was something they saw as a threat, when they should have seen it as a shell. A protective barrier, concealing what lay dormant within the core. They tried to take it on and destroy it. Close. They had come close; but the overwhelming surge of energy wasn't yet thinned to produce a raw stone core to strike down, but instead pulsing waves of fiery inertia which forced some of them into extreme combatives. But now ... ha...hahah...hahahHAHAhh....

At proximity, regardless of whether a man was birthed in the flames or not—the necrotic energy was not just white-hot fire, but also corrosive to spells and the sort, so even with James' saving-throw characteristics, surely the beast felt he could take at least one of these pesky nuisances out of the picture. It bore down. Clamped upon the longsword embedded into it's chest, the monster's boiling eyes bled magma across the harsh contrast of concrete that had constructed it's face. A laugh emerged. It was bellowsome and gritty. The baritone shook the world around them, it came from so deep within.

The armor was thick across it's front, but the exposed back was blindingly white. It grew brighter until the shine couldn't be concealed any longer, illuminating it's entire frame and leaned into James, "You... will di—eGRRKKKKWh...haaaaannNOOOOOOOOO!!"

An ebony spear emerged the beast's chest, bursting cleanly through debris and before spearing through the unknown ally, it fanned before James like a concave dome that spread swiftly. A tactician, to be certain.


The spear had broken off in a different direction as well, forcing a spike through the core, but not before the monstocity had gone supernova. The blast from the beast released shrapnel in all directions, except for the allies that had been performing the dangerous acts to whittle the beast down. The explosion followed the shield to perfection and the white-hot blast of fire and molten rock was thrown just beyond the three combatants in a flash that would force them to shield eyes. It would have had an eclipse-like effect, with the black of night as a shield with a flashbang behind it.

Chunks of concrete were thrown from the blast. The ground was literally melted in streaks of liquid asphalt and warped metal in waves around the shield that had protected them, but in turn had blasted Kalenis against a building with a chunk of a building that had been severed and sent spiraling through the air. He'd had a moment to sidestep and keep his face and outstretched arm from being impacted -- true support, to the end. To shield allies to the cause.


* * * * *


When the blast had ended, twin daggers were somehow thrown to stick into the earth nearest Epheren from a black tendril that had managed to salvage them and use the momentum of the blast to return them to their owner. The shield collapsed then, retracting to the focal point and returning back to the owner. The flash of energy left a present for them all.


And a single ghoul friend, who immediately was hungry for death. Spying the group of fleshbags before her very ugly, soulless eyes...

Dragon Specs: ~15' tall -- bone, rotten flesh, debris, necrotic flames
Concept: Demon Flames, Undead, Debris Dragon — first and second forms, combine.



Preparation: □ □ ] |
3rd Form Hits on a 4,5,6
— Roll: 2 - Miss
Spawns a ghoul on a 2,3,4
— Roll: 2 - Spawn 1 Ghoul

Combative Ghoul: Swings every turn. Hits on a 5,6.
On hit: Ghoul does +1 to all rolls. [ This may be used to your advantage : you're the writer. ]
Ghoul dies: on a 4, 5, 6.

Turn Rotation Target: four 3s to be rolled □ □ □ □ to slay ]
+ if only one tick is rolled, one damage will be taken, and then one will be regenerated.
+ if two ticks are rolled, one damage will be regenerated. one remains.
+ players may spend ONLY one prep +1 or -1 to meet requirement. 


— On boss turn: roll a D6. 4/5/6 hits all players with a mark.
1 mark does nothing
2 marks instills chaos. If you roll a 3, roll again.
3 marks gives you a +2 to your die rolls.
4 marks initiates "Shot Through The Heart!"
— Roll a 4 and you're ejected from the event (death, coma, whatever your story deems)
— Non-4, you're safe ... for now. Repeat 4 marks each time marked.

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D6 = 5 hit on Ghoul.

Prep = 2

Mana Circle [1]

Ghoul Eliminated.

His jaded hues widened when his shot missed, however Dazkar was more than happy for the aid at hand. Having now risen from his spot the Nelrosis narrowed his gaze at the combined creation before them all. "I'll be damned.. Damned to oblivion.." The rune circle around his feet throbbed as he watched the Ghoul come to life from a flash of a fallen shield. Dazkar did not wait to take out this undead creature. The fewer distractions on the field the better those up close fought. Thus he took aim once more collecting up the remaining amount of water that he dampened on the ground before him. With a slow exhale he fired off a water bullet at max rotation. When making contact it would rend and tear the creation a giant new hole.

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When she turned to face their enemy again, she found it looming over one of her impromptu allies. The swordsman was in danger of being crushed by the monstrosity and swiftly she began crafting a spell to aid him. Before she'd even finished the incantation however she knew she'd be too late. Fortunately, someone else was watching out for him, because before the creature could complete it's attack, an ebony spear erupted through it's midsection. The weapon spread into a dome-like structure, obscuring her view of the creature, but it didn't prevent her from seeing what was happening to the area around the shield. Or hearing it. The roar of the blast must have popped her eardrums, because the battle-mage was wracked with a bout of nausea that forced her to the ground to avoid falling over.

Desperately, the Epheren shook her head in an effort to clear her feeling of malaise. Already she had a ringing in her ears, and she recognized the signs of tinnitus quickly, further reinforcing her belief that her inner ear was damaged. Unfortunately, she didn't have as much time to shake it off as she would have liked. The shield that had protected her and her allies was collapsing. As it did, something slammed into the ground in front of her. The two *thunks* revealed them to be her weapons. She would have expected them to be vaporized, but perhaps the enchantments on them had protected them. She almost reached a hand out to grab one out of habit, but before her limb reached it her thinking cleared. 

Quickly, her hand recoiled from the weapons as her mind took the time to actually analyze them. Both hilts were stained with an ugly darkness, and something primal within her recoiled away from the weapons even as something different observed them eagerly. She almost grabbed them anyway, but the risks didn't outweigh the benefits when  she had extra weapons in reserve. The nausea was wearing off, and Epheren stood again, leaving her erstwhile weapons buried in the pavement. She pulled one dagger from a belt sheathe as she rose. This weapon lacked the wicked triple-edge that her previous armaments had carried, but hopefully it would be good enough for the job at hand. 

She shook her head clear and reevaluated the situation. Their foe had morphed again, this time taking the form of some hideous beast. It resembled a dragon, but the battle-mage was pretty sure that most dragons she knew would bristle at the comparison. Rotten flesh and debris from the battle sloughed off of it and regrew in equal terms, leaving their foe an ever-shifting, horrible mass. Epheren wasn't even sure where she would stick a dagger into the monstrosity, so she figured she'd have to approach the problem from a different angle.

The square itself was mostly annihilated, with the front facades of the facing buildings having caved in completely. Debris was strew everywhere, as were pools of oozing necrotic energy. Things on the ground were stirring as well, and one quickly picked itself up from the pavement and resolved itself into the form of a ghoul. The ghastly creation stared at the combatants with unrepentant hunger, and began shambling forward, but it was quickly struck down by a blast of water which tore through the monster as if it were paper. Other forms were stirring, but Epheren's attention was already elsewhere, back on the main problem of the equation.

The necrotic dragon loomed over them, but something about it seemed different to her, as if the quality of it's magic was different than in it's previous forms. She hadn't been able to influence the magic powering the monstrosity before, but maybe in this form, she had a chance. The stench of death lay heavy in the air, and the aura of pestilence brought back memories of her homeland as she mocked up the counterspell in her mind. She'd encountered necrotic constructs before, and with a few small adjustments, she knew she'd have a spell to try.

When she was ready, the actual spell took only a moment. Epheren faced the beast square, feet planted at shoulder width. She worked her hands around in the air, tracing a half-circle of freezing blue energy with each. As the two arcs connected, a similar circle of blue energy appeared around the dragon, mirroring the one in front of the battle-mage. Epheren kept a firm hand on the magic, letting the power coalesce, and then pulling on each of the strands in either of her hands, yanking the limbs away from each other and pulling the circle taught and shut, like a noose. As she did so, she shouted another word in her dead language, "Abzikan!" and the magic crackled to life, brightening in power and intensity even as it tightened shut and disappeared. The circle of energy around the dragon again mirrored her actions, closing in on it instantly. Right before it hit the monstrosity, the circle of energy shattered apart, and the sound of shattering glass resounded through the square.

The beast looked unaffected, on the surface, to the untrained eye, but Epheren was used to reading the flows of power, and she could tell that her spell had had some effect. Also, and she was less sure of this, it looked as if the light in the creature's chest and face may have been burning just a bit dimmer. Epheren gritted her teeth in a feral smile, and pulled her limbs in close again to begin prepping another spell.

Roll: 2+1=3 (hit)
Preps Stored: 3

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Roll of still not helping (prep: 3)

While Dan stood a ways away, the others attacked. Then, for some reason, the Lich Golem exploded. Dan ran for cover, and found it behind a building. Good thing too, as shrapnel and shit flew all over the place. Dan was just barely faster than it.

When he came back, he had to be careful, as the asphalt was all melted and shit. Then, he saw that the golem had turned into a.... dragon?
This confused Dan immensely. Not only was this a turned based RPG, but with this many forms whose transformations made no sense, this was obviously a turn based RPG. 

Dan moved to help them fight the dragon, but for some reason, he got the idea that if he attacked the dragon at that moment, it would be literally no help and do more harm than good. Dan couldn't fathom how that worked, but he knew that if he plunged his sword into the Lich's head, for some inexplicable reason, it would not hurt it.
He got the feeling that if he did it later, it might work just fine. But, at this exact moment, he somehow knew that he couldn't damage the Lich Dragon.

This knowledge made him highly irritated. He wanted to help his sudden comrades take this thing down, but by some unknown cunt of a chance, he would have to wait. So, he stepped back enough to where if the Lich Dragon attacked, he would be able to get out of the way before he got roasted or skewered.

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If James was at all rattled at the prospect of death, it would be hard to tell.

If anything, he seemed to relish it. The monster struggled and sought to retaliate, against him in particular, even as the other Hunters in the event piled on their attacks, one even using James as a springboard. 

That was particularly rude, but, hell with it.

The Daemonslayer had just begun moving to defend himself when the creature screeched its hatred for them all and exploded in a cascade of bright light and thunderous roar, throwing the veteran warrior back a fair amount of distance and onto his back, landing roughly. Pure adrenaline and the thrill of the battle kept him going however, getting back on his feet despite the ringing in his ears, and blinking away the spots in his eyes. It was the first real injury he had taken so far, and if anything, James was not only resilient, with an unnatural resistance to being blinded by light, his masterfully-crafted armor also guarded him from the worst of the blast. 

Eyeing the giant necromantic dragon now, James wondered if it had still yet more forms to draw upon. This newest one seemed the largest, and the most dangerous yet. It didn't seem like he'd be able to approach it normally either, with the environment becoming so treacherous. The insane heat being given off was less of an obstacle for him then the treacherous ground, a single misstep and being bogged down in the warped earth could spell disaster.

Then he chuckled, displaying that surfeit of confidence he always possessed, even in the face of death. If the monster thought it had a reprieve from the Daemonslayer, it was very much mistaken.

With his longsword in his right hand, James deftly changed the grip he had on it, fingers around the guard, and brought it up level with his head, pointing outwards whilst leading with his other hand, right at the monster. In one smooth motion, he launched the Rending Blade at it as if it were a javelin. The sword flew towards the dragon with unerring accuracy as a result of a spin imparted upon it on release, and it seemed like it would drill straight through the beast, or at the very least, embed itself deeply inside it.


Combat Roll

Natural 3 on D6 Roll

Preps: 3


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D6= 3 Hit.

Prep = 3

Mana Circle [1]

There was no pause to see how the new creation would react to the others actions. Having exhausted his small puddle of water to assault the creature, Dazkar moved himself further behind his cover. Picking up a few of the stones he observed them thoroughly before smirking. They would surely do the trick for him at this point, imbuing them with mana the Nelrosis rose up once more back into his circle of protection. Drawing his arm back he threw the stone like a fast ball towards the Dragon aiming for the center core. "Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low!" Daz sang to himself the stone hurled through the air, ever sharpening with the mana infused to itself. Before making contact the stone would have worn down into a pointed arrow head shape. 

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Roll of Thread Necromancy +1. Quick Cast. (prep: 3)

Enough was enough. Dan had had it with this muthahfuckin' Lich in this muthafuckin' city. He snickered at the reference. He'd never even seen that movie.
Regardless, Dan took out his shoes and put them on. Immediately wings sprouted from them, and he took off flying at incredible speeds at the Lich. Dan knew this was incredibly stupid, but he was sick of not helping. So, he flew directly at it, intent on plunging his sword directly into the Lich's core. He was fairly sure that would hurt it.
If the attack landed, after it did, Dan would push off with his legs and flit out of immediate range again, like a much more dangerous, and slightly more annoying Peter Pan.

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The onslaught against the necromantic dragon continued. As the group of hunters laid into it with their various attacks and everything James pulled back to gain some higher ground, atop nearby lowrise, badly damaged by the fighting. 

Still, he found stable enough footing there to make a running jump, his collapsible composite spear already in hand and fully extended, intent on leaping onto the monster as it was pummeled by all manner of spell and projectile, and drive the speartip through the monster's eye-socket with his body's weight behind the attack.

An utterly fearless, and mad attack it would seem.


Combat Roll

Natural 3 on D6 Roll

Preps: 4

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And so the mighty beast was felled. With an earth shattering roar, the creature flew backwards and exploded into a cloud of bloody mist. Whilst our heroes attack most certainly laid the beast low, the resulting wave of bloody mist was a direct result of security protocols activating. Regardless of the circumstances, the heroes of the day stood victorious. 


Yet, where the High Mason was intended to stand atop Cathedral and congratulate them another, stooped figure encroached. The elderly Mason raised a wavering hand in the air. "The High Mason is unwell, and thus unable to attend the final ceremony. In light of recent events and in honor of those whose determination brought them here, the Feast is hereby concluded and our champions named." 

Fumbling with a crystal datapad, the priest cleared his throat and gestured towards the streets below. "Our top hunters are: of the fourth ranking, Epheren Tempral; of the third ranking, The Daemonslayer; of the second ranking, Dazkar; and of the first ranking, Dan Palmer. The four Hunters shall make their way to the dais at the city center to receive their prize."


/end Feast.

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