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Jonah (Jormungand)'Soap's got jokes you know? Something that will indefinitely make me either die? Or if I am successful I will perish some how.. On the bright side.. New toys woohoo'

So do I squeeze it or hold on to it?


From random biting rains to the city of Cosanatre; Halvar was not one who was up for cloudy ass nights that led to boring ass mornings in the land of Alterion. Apart of him missed getting his back side handed to himself by Soap on the cliff edge. Halvar was here for two things and the first were the toys he wanted to obtain in order to get stronger and add to his own arsenal. What would be given to him he didn't know, after all the Child Soldier life was one of unfamiliar waters and lots of blood shed.

Checking his PDA he looked over the name that had popped up on the water proof screen. Lilium Concordia the Head of Scientific Research and Production. Her location would be the Daius Industries no doubt, one of the few places in which the woman should in fact be working. The confidential data about her assignment made his finger tips tingle with nostalgia. The feeling of cold metal against his skin made his heart stir with ambition. "I wonder if she is a nice woman..? Perhaps this will be enough?" Raising a brow the young lad had several cards laying in his pocket stocked to the max with funds. Slipping the cards through the fingers of his left hand, Halvar wrinkled his nose as he inhaled the damp air. The sound of rain pattered across the gun steel pavement. 

His combat boots gently scratched the ground with their steel bound fashion. Looking left and right the lad was smart enough to keep his Aegis armor suit on stand by beneath his clothing. Keeping the layers compressed into a single body strip of hexagons. Curling his toes lightly the lad sauntered through the drizzling rain slowly pattered off of the black hoodie that he wore. Instead of shorts he wore cargo pants this time, allowing him some protection from the elements. There were no weapons on his person luckily, he would not bother going in armed at all.

Looking up at the large tower he had no doubt it went super far below ground as well. Stepping up to the doors the Poor Sons gazed at the child with a bit skeptical appeal. A plain expression remained on Halvar's face as crimson eyes gazed at the door and blue luminescent light bulbs. Shoving the door open he quickly tapped the bell at the counter. 

"Excuse me.. I would like to speak with Lilium Concordia..?" His only request set the man aback lightly; yet he slowly called the number down slowly.

"Dr. Concordia you have a guest.. Please come up.."

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It's an arduous thing, communicating with the lesser beings of the world. The flash if a light on her handheld device alerts her to a notification. Laboriously slow blinks force it out of her sight for only a few seconds, before she is disrupted into response.

Though she chose to claim Daius Industries as her current ‘home’, it still puzzles her to the fact she has to entertain people. Particular investments toward motivated conversations are not unusual, but the description received by security after the front desk called them with a simple request of presence… What she sees on her screen after awakening the flat rectangular paperweight enlightens a brow. It rises in piqued fashion only to lower with the rest of her perturbed demeanor as she lifts herself away from her desk.

It's not everyday a child asks for her company. Irregularities such as these tend to energize her spontaneity. Originally quelled intentions at environmental disturbance, reawakened to riotous  proportions. It bears life, and featherweight footfall. The length of her strides always measured by purpose and lengthened by a need for completion.

This matter isn't of importance to her, so she moves with graceful slowly floating locomotion. Propelled only by intrigue and nothing more.

Should you be the one to address this?

It could merely be another matter of revenge, you've destroyed many a family.

I wouldn't waste the energy, it's not with the expenditure.

Send Gemi-


For there is no necessity in calling forth multiple consciences to deal with...a snot nose brat. Albeit cruel in nature, she lacks the nurture to support the commonality of humility in regards to the youths of the world. Even when they are of her own creation. Patience is not something she can take the time to harness, for her work is her life, and that life requires her souls to adhere to the strictness of such a refined regiment.

Halls, stairs, secured elevators, and a lot of steps, carry her from the unmarked-on-a-map depths of her fortress. Being able to drop what she is doing at a few moments notice, is no parallel to the ethics placed within her works. Art takes time, no matter the ingenuity driving it.

Lilium arrives in time, probably in enough to make the child shift from foot to foot in boredom. Maybe she should have brought it a lollipop or something...? Oh how far she had traveled from terran care, to barely caring.

The shock on the desk clerks face at seeing her walk up is not surprising. She can probably count on one hand the amount of times she entered and exited the building by using the front doors. If anything her name is more known than her face. Having a lot of staff to do your running tends to do that to a person; builds them up into some sort of tall tale. Thankfully she is of a good height.

“What can I do for you….little boy?”



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The Offer...Jonah

Shorty meets Shawty

One... Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Six.. Fuck it..

Halvar looked around the room as the call went down to Lilium about the boy's arrival. Stepping away from the desk he did not hear the man request him to sit down. No doubt it would take her time to arrive and when she did he would be here no doubt. Standing by the door he gazed out there the tinted glass at the crying sky. What a wimp.. 

Damn he wanted some candy to feed the sweet tooth he had kept quiet the entire time on Caelroum. That damned space station was the definition of high security prison, hardly anyone of service got out and hardly anyone or anything got in organic or not. Reaching into his hoodie pockets he found something cold and heavy.. The hell is this? Raising a brow his fingers explored the object till he felt the hilt of his Kbar. Well shit he might as well go to jail now or prep an exit, at least before he goes down or sees the doctor right?! No!!! The world had a whole new plan, as the doors opened the lad turned just in time to see the woman. The stoic expression on her face made him blink twice in pondering; 'Death is that you?!' 

Shaking the thought from mind put on a rather large smile before it swiftly faded into a serious face. "Hi.. For me you can do many things.. However what I can do for you is bring entertainment. I am charged with a task I am told you may help me with. An as bonus I will pay you and well.. We get to adventure.." His words came tumbling out lightly as he looked her up and down slowly. She was not bad looking at all, change the outfit and no doubt she was a foxy mama.. That's it! Butter her up right?!

"Besides~ I am sure a beautiful woman like yourself could use a few smiles besides these deadbeats over here.." His brows quirked as he jerked a thumb up at the man at the desk and the guards at the doors. Their faces visibly tightened as they frowned at his comment. "Please I would like to discuss it all with you in private.." Reaching into his pocket he slowly drew out the cards. Not before one of the guards shouted something and took aim at his head. "Easy there Happy Feet.. Killing a guest and someone who plans to hire a client is rather rude right? Wouldn't your King prefer to see money enter his chests not leave it because you had a stick in your ass..?" Raising a brow he pulled out the two cards full of funds. Offering them to Dr. Concordia he gave her a smile and bow. "Please let us talk in private." 

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Now, if Lilium was to start counting on her fingers how many times a young man such as Halvor had attempted to lavishly butter her like a fresh biscuit from a baker’s oven….

Few instances in life, beyond the past, illicit such a genuine smile. Soft gentle curves bear amusement and shine upon the reverie of curiosity dancing within the twin amber gems higher above. Though he may not know it, the response is garnered by his attitude and not the complimentary tone he conveys towards her.

It takes little effort for her to raise her hand and wave at the desk stools-as that is what they resemble to her-to ward them off. “He is with me.” These few, but pleasant moments in which power rises above the feeble attempts of lesser unfortunates, please her to a small degree. The child’s momentum being far too much an amusement to pass up. “You’re very entertaining for so small and young a person, child.”

Intentional disregard for monetary exchange is expressed merely by the lack of intent she places upon the exposed cards. Halvar’s wish for private entreaty quickly granted by the abrupt turn of her frame. Lilium herself, well aware that the lobby is much too open and aired for any sort of conversation involving her. Slender hands dive into the loose pockets of her sterile white coat as she walks towards a set of elevators apart from the one she had stepped out of.

“And while you are here try to remember it is only that, that earned you this audition.”


A little reward for him just being what she assumes, is no less than himself. Could he only continue to engage her through this type of entertainment, the comment of ‘may help him’ would be turned into a ‘will help him’. Their exchange would determine such.

Of course, when they reach the doors, just as she begins to pull free a hand to press the button on the wall… A familiar vibration erupts from that very pocket. Pulling the small device into the open she takes a glance across its screen before sliding her thumb over it.


“This is Dr. Concordia.”

“Ahh, I see. Yes, well I didn’t deign to ask, I just said it would be done the way it was planned to be.”

“I want them prepared and loaded for the trip to Izral immediately.”




“Yes, all five containers are going. And make sure to have them plugged into the medical bay system, not the main.”

“I’ll be back to check maintenance on them in a little while. I’m otherwise...engaged at the moment.” She looks down at the young man for a moment before continuing with her call.

“Right, once that is completed, get the main body package outfitted and I’ll run the scripts to His Highness after securing the code keys.”

“Mhmm.” And with the press of a button she deposits the device back into her pocket, freeing her finger to press the elevators up arrow button.

Once inside it takes a few short moment before it spits them out onto another floor. One lined with white walls in a long wide corridor. Indifference is taken into stride as she finds a place a little ways down on which to place her palm and press against the cool smoothness of a partition. A hiss of air and the glide of metal rollers depresses a portion of the wall into an open doorway.

Do come in and have a seat, would you like some tea? I grind the leaves myself.”






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Thunder buddies fuck yes!!Jonah and Koko (Jormungand) Artist Unavailable

It is always worth it to have character.

There was a broad smile that danced acrosse Halvar's lips as the woman waved him through with a raise of her hand. As he went to offer the cards she had turned away walking him through the doors to an elevator. She made a comment on his personality and humor which based off of his sheer amusement of the situations at hand. Mind you the Kbar in his hoodie pocket was no joke but he had no intention of using it either.  The smile grew all the wider exposing his purely whites. "Well I'll be damned! I guess I can return these to the old man no?" Raising his brows he stuffed the cards back in his pockets before turning back to look at the trigger happy guard. With a whistle he caught his attention and tossed him a few cards. "By something nice why don't you, like a smile or something to cure that itchy finger bravo." Waving lightly he quickly followed at the Doctor's heels as not to be left behind.

Her assumption to him being himself was spot on. He was not always funny but he found something amusing to just about anything he put his mind to. Chuckling lightly he rubbed the back of his head before offering her a solid thumbs up. "You got it Dr. Concordia." His words were sincere and thus silence followed as he listened to her speak into her phone. The doors to the elevator closed as it remained still. 

A raised brow meet her gaze as she spoke about being engaged for the time being. It was his cue and time to shine no doubt, there was much to be said and done. Shifting from one foot to the other he waited patiently while somewhat nodding his head. Fatigue was a bitch at moments like this, his blood had stopped rushing with the guards around. Now he was in the presence of greatness one who like his quality for being a class act joker. His brow raised once she spoke about delivering something to the King, what a holly jolly coincidence no? What were the odds she be delivering something to someone whom he had an intention to see.. A gentle chuckle left his lips as the elevator spit them out into a hall way wider with walls as white as her coat. There was a tremble in his step as he observed the walls, for a little kid it reminded him of the doctors office. Jesus the damn doctors office, oh how he hated needles.

Shaking it off with a gentle rub on the back of his neck he sauntered out of the elevator into the room behind the woman. His optics flickered with joy at the sound of tea. "Why yes spanking please!!!" Jumping into a rolling chair that was off in the corner he spun around kicking his legs in joy. Yet he soon found himself slipping his boot down to help himself stop on a dime. 

"Wowza!" He said rubbing his head lightly, looking back over at Dr. Concordia he stood up and bowed low once more. "I appreciate you taking me in Dearest Lady!! Those guards looked like they wanted to use me as a damned pin cushion.. What's with the anyways? Are they all so anal and serious?!" Raising a brow his shoulders rose with a shrug with his hands out in the open, yet in his left by habit was the Kbar. Blinking lightly he sheepishly put it down on the floor. "Oops! Sorry training habits Rule 4. Never forget your knife.. Ahaha!" Rubbing the back of his head he turned serious now sliding the sheathed blade to her heel he did not mean to offer a threatening presence. "As for the business I have come to discuss!! I really wanna give the King a slap on the cheek just for the amusement of it. Yet I can't get close enough without causing a struggle. I wanna make it so he is just paralyzed for a bit.. Looks me in the eyes.. An understand how utterly foolish he is to be smacked my a little kid who was once a big fan. Perhaps with some tea no doubt!?" Dancing in his place on the floor he remained on his knees out of sheer training habit. "I appreciate the seat it is really nice, but I would become a tornado of spins if not careful kind of like those shitty fidget spinner things.."


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There is no illusion to the curiosity causing the dip of one brow and the rise of another. The words placed between them, new and intriguing to her palette. Maybe there is more to the outside world than she had originally obliged her imagination to conjure, or not. Either way this little creature would be the cordial invitation for entertainment she had been seeking for quite some time.


With the answer bestowed, Lilium graces the room with presence and lighting that automatically illuminates the room as she steps through. Though dim, it is more than enough to create an atmosphere of peace and calm. Though tranquility rarely exists in this place. To the left, she appears at work. Heating a burner set into the counter. A cabinet pulled open to reveal a variety of jars filled with differing levels of dried vegetation.


One at a time jars are lifted and examined. Labels not in her repertoire as she knows each plant by mere sight. Once the herbs are chosen, she reaches higher along the shelf for two blandly-white handled cups. A clear pot follows behind them. The sink runs when she holds it beneath the faucet to fill it, before placing it on the glass burner to heat it. Rather than minutes it takes seconds for it to reach a rolling boil. And then the fun really begins.


All the while she manages the tea, Lilium listens to Halvar speak. Nodding and smiling at his jaunting verbality. Some manages to elicit a line of laughter. Though gentle, it is filled with merriment at such youthful ideas.




Lilium tends the herbs into the glass pot, waiting a few moments for the color of the water to darken before dispensing liquid evenly into the two cups. With one in either hand she turns back to Halvar, gracing him with her full presence if only to sit in the seat beside him to look carefully down upon the young man. Maybe what is folded on the floor before her is the definition of life itself. Energy pure and elastic bombards her aura, all from his singular point. With a lean, she holds out one of the cups to him.

“This should help revive your weary bones. If I may say, you appear a tad...beaten up.” This is nothing unnatural for her to notice, not in her line of work. “As for the object of your desires… I don’t see why Not. Every King can use a good smack or two in their lifetime.”

"And you possibly could use a cup of tea to makes matter of doing so, quite easy."





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Peace and Solutions.

She was a keen observer Halvar had to admit it. She could tell he had just traveled from training, one that honestly had him stumped and set on this assignment. Opening and closing his hands once more the boy watched her make some tea from herds. Her laughter made him chuckle at her glee, it felt like she hadn't laughed in a long time. It was kinda sad no doubt, but his objective now was to purely get her enthralled with his plan. Reaching out slowly the boy cracked a broad smile as crimson optics disappeared behind ebony lids. "Oh snap!! She got the medicine!! Get it get it!!" Laughing he bowed his head gracefully while holding the heat close to himself. 

There was comfort to be found in her very essence. "I am quite happy to see that you are willing to join up with me in seeing this through. I should think we will make to be very good friends. We gotta get you out of this basement you love so much. So more outside time looking at rather crazy happenings." The boy kicked his feet beneath himself and the large chair. As he drank the drink his core warmed up quite a bit. The previous rain from before seemed to evaporate from his pores. "You make very good tea.~ So do tell me what would I use to see to this man becoming subdued...? Does this information come with a price?! Maybe we can make cool modified adaptions to my body. I think I will trade my soul for this chance." The smile grew more intense as he held out his hand lightly. 

"Do you think that might be possible? You find something new you wish to test you give me a call. Plus this means I have more time to hang around. Despite being on assignment and so forth it would be fun!!" Jumping out of his chair he threw his hands up waving them around. The cup was empty as he swallowed the last bit of tea without spilling a drop upon the floor. Setting the cup down he held his hands out kinda like a; "What do you think?" posture. Maybe this would interest her along with a fruitful bond to the outside world. "Plus adventures my Dr. Concordia!!" 

"What do you say?"


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It isn't often that anyone would make inclinations as to her welfare, or have pity on her confined nature. Not that Halvar would know the circumstances, but her deal was a deal. And it will not be complete until she sees it come to fruition.

“Believe it or not, my fine fellow. I get about from time to time. But when you get old and raggedy like myself, there tends to be work to do. And a little bit of sugar (money) on top doesn't hurt a bit.” But, as she said before, the money doesn't matter. But there are far better things...yes.

Halvar’s excitement doesn't ignite her senses in the way one may hope for it to. It requires refined divination to concoct a plan in which to get the expected result. A lot of thought and planning, maybe only a few minutes of her time to be exact.

Ripples form along the surface of the tea she holds in her hand, and with that the means are chosen. It's all in the leaves. “We're going to drug him, yes. But very carefully. This will take tact.” Lilium addresses that question quite easily, but his last statement causes her left eyelid to twitch not once but twice in succession.

“Be wary of the words you choose, young one. The soul is a precious gift not to be taken for granted. You need to strengthen it, as much as you do your physical body. And eventually you can learn to wield both simultaneously.” They slip out in a tone more nurturing than she had ever felt possible.

Finding herself in immediate need of rectification she clears her throat and allows a gentle smile to alight her features. “I can help with some special modifications, but it will come at the price of immense discomfort and pain… Maybe we'll see how strong your body and soul are sooner than you thought.”

And with the slight raise of her tea glass in the mock of a cheers, “May your training prove useful.”

Too perceptive perhaps, but certain bruises and wounds dictate the actions proceeding them. The cup is brought back to her waiting mouth, the steam of it warming her lips before being casually sipped.

“In all honesty, every person who receives my special attention is a test. Every being is different from one to another. The same augmentation doesn't work the same for two different individuals. It's always trial and error, even when their DNA is mapped, we cannot account for their rate of mutation due to outside influence.”

Lilium's data volume brings about her thoughtfulness. Intricate webs of memory and prediction sewing through her mind, in order to better understand this small creature. “Adventure...You say. I think that sounds rather enjoyable.” It has been so long...since those days.

“Well, go on, drink up! We have work to do. First, I need a drop of your blood. One drop and nothing more, I don't want my white floors soiled.”

With that she stands and sits her glass back on the counter, and the steps behind the curtain. “When you're ready...come have a seat over here.”

Lilium clinks around while she waits for Halvar to make a decision, for once the choice is made there will be no end until she does what she needs to. This is the line that defines and defies life, where dreams become reality and nightmares are realized.



Edited by -Lilium-

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Forward Unto a New Dawn

After the Rain comes the Rainbow, and I want my pot of Gold.

Jormungand. Jonah & KokoHer honesty was pure about her ability to get around and about without people hounding her down. It must have been nice no doubt, to be able to run about while being such a renown character to the King. Halvar was no such piece in his own eyes, the future was much to behold honestly. The content of his cup was gone but the warmth from the creation lived like a wild fire in his veins. Hoping up as she sat down to speak with him; Halvar grabbed himself another cup pouring more tea into his cup. Sitting back down beside her his brow raised slowly. 

"Careful with my soul..?" The boy was taken aback at her comment for the most part. In his line of work he had to be aligned with body and soul, that was how he would become a SoulSeeker in the purist definition. While many others were augmented he was a mere child with nothing special to him besides his lack of pigment in hair and albino eyes. Opening his mouth he blew on the tea while watching her with absolute focus and attention. Stepping forward he smiled gently as she spoke of what she had to offer to make this all work out. He was willing to become a test for her works it did not matter. If it meant more fun in the future then all would pass as it must!

"I.. Willingly accept this offer.. I will do my best.. I am in your care.. From now on I will take better care to the words I speak and the gravity that they hold." Bowing his head humbly he knew he spoke out of turn and did not honestly know much about the combination of body and soul. Yet he would learn that very well in a matter of minutes to come. Taking another drink of the tea the boy quickly finished it then bowed once more. "Thank you for the tea!! It was so amazing I want to have your tea all the time now!" Laughing the boy slowly set the cup in the sink and washed it quickly before sitting it on the rack to dry. Walking in behind Dr. Concordia he did not hesitate with this at all. 

Halvar had come to her knowing there was a give and a take to be done. He had earned her attention and thus far he would not cease to see it all done. Taking off the thick black hoodie he exposed his Aegis armor which swiftly burst into hexagons then compressed into his PDA in his pocket. Beneath the armor was nothing but a muscled torso with scarring here and there upon a bronzed ebony canvas. The boy smiled at her before sliding into the chair, laying his arms out palms up there was no fear. In his crimson pools there was nothing but ambition and desire to see all things done!

"Pick an arm and silly Dr. Concordia.. We have already embarked upon our course for adventures~." Sticking his tongue out at her he chuckled like any little child should when over joyed and happy. It did not match the warrior persona he was forced to become at a young age. The innocence was able to shine through with the beaming smile and infectious laughter Halvar let out. It had been a long time since he had such honest fun and contentment. 

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Decisions, Decisions. It always comes down to one thing or another. In the case of Halvar, Lilium places more consideration in her actions than she has in many many years. For anyone. Self, always comes first… Or maybe that's a lie she tells herself to keep from coming unhinged. The seams having already begun ripping a few years ago; too much loss, too much desolation.

These idle hands of hers feel weak and vulnerable now where they had once been so much more powerful. Somehow, someway, this child erases the blight that is she and replaces it with more fervent and dangerous forms of cancer. Like concern, maternal instinct, worry, salvation…

Ultimately, it is the look of acceptance and sheer Will burning in Halvar’s eyes that makes her purpose clear. His commitment to his nature as well as his future, being placed in her capable and experienced hands. Without so much as a second thought. Lilium has to wonder if it is bravery or naivety that lords over this random whim of his.

Further more… the good doctor places faith in her new specimen. His ability to broach subjects long since forgotten, now resurrected in her mind, are illustriously intriguing. To this she inwardly says a prayer, for forgiveness and progression in the field she is so aptly enabled.

With Halvar’s choice made, there is little option outside of taking action. Thus, well trained fingers at the guidance of deadly hands, rustle through the pocket of her coat. Soft clinks of glass on glass are produced when she pulls two small vials from their cloth enveloped confinement.

One might enamor the viewer with it's glittery copper surface, the second may do so more boringly and can be viewed as dark blue oil or ink trapped in bubbles while floating in a thick clear liquid. Both have similar properties, though one exceeds the other in a specific category of applications and vice versa. One is an aberration, the other a justification.

Like musical metal balls, they are rolled one over the other against the turbulent rippling flesh of her palm. Yet suddenly, there is a flash of movement. The time of formative thought recedes in the face of chosen calculation. One is placed into the chamber of an injection gun, it's needle already pressed against his shoulder. It's more a bang than a stick.  The sound of the tool tends to be more frightening than the actual penetration.

To say which one she chose to inoculate him with, would be unwise, though the color tends to remind one of autumn.

“All done…” And on to the condemnable. “There is one favor I must ask of you. Consider it an acceptable form of payment…”

The second, more questionable vial, is deposited into its place of holding in exchange for her communications device. A few taps here and there along the screen, the vibrant tone of connection, and then an receptive voice. “Prepare X3765...D. That should be an acceptable choice. Transfer will be in...about. Hm.” Lashes flutter while citrine gems flicker in Halvar's direction. “Give me five minutes.”

She doesn't hang up the call, just removes the phone from her face in order to lean in his direction. “I need you to slit my throat.”

Her empty hand, index finger indicating an invisible dotted line from one ear to the next as it trails across her pale throat. “Right here will do the trick. One good slice should do it. Clean and concise, meaningfully.”

Although she is watching him, she does not entirely see him. Any expression of confusion or hesitation would be immediately reflected but not absorbed by her gaze. As if she is preparing for or expecting something unusual to happen. And it does, going unwitnessed at the base of her left heel deep within the cup of her shoe. The padded flesh glitters to life after a few silent utterances form from the movement of her lips.

"Now is as good a time as any, dear child."




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‘BAM!’ Halvar held is cool as the needle pinch was felt in his arm. The sound did not startled him in the least bit and his mind turned and slowed till it synchronized with his breathing. The first step to focus was breathing then came the task at hand which Dr. Concordia requested of him upon completeion of her task. 

“Rest in Peace.” Was all Halvar said as he got up after she had traced out the line at the neck for him to follow. Grabbing his Kbar the work would be done efficiently by his hand. 

“I’m very curious to know what you intend to do, reminds me of some Alterd Carbon shit, all uploads and downloads into new things.” The blade was whipped free of its armored case before Halvar moved like a phantom! His little body darted towards her seated figure before he pulled up to eye level. From the looks she was long gone at this point. Grabbing the top of her head with the right hand he traced the line backwards with the knife in his left hand. Opening her neck and exposing her wind pipe.

Crimson painted his clothes and her coat as he cleaned the blade off on the white material of her jacket. With a panic he sprinted around looking for a mop bucket and water. “Shit shit shit shit!! I done fucked up!!” Eyes wide with fear of the unknown made for a funny look on Halvar. When he found it all he quickly began cleaning up the floors keeping his eyes out for another body maybe even security.

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