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Beautiful as Autumn

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Seo planted her hands against her hips whilst admiring the tavern in it's obviously withering age. Here she had planted the seeds of her future, and it's here her memories are woven into the boards of the floor and the sake cups soaking in the sink. Scattered at her bare feet are the remnants of a past that has dripped by her sluggishly; dirt, leaves, the coming of autumn were distinctive in their color and make.

I bet your name is ...

A patron stepping onto the porch of the tavern broke her chain of thought, forcing her back to the realms of reality. The memory found her often, especially when she is caught admiring her little humble beginnings. There hadn't been enough time to thank him and he has never returned since then, leaving her to often thank the memory of the man who could see without seeing. Perhaps one day he will find himself at his table, asking for the Firelord Sake (they haven't served it since that day), asking her to join him for a drink.

“They’re ready.”

The small woman nodded and waved away the waitress, who was more than happy to mold into the shadows. Today is supposed to be auspicious - she will be the judge of that. Gathering her courage, she stepped back into the quiet tavern that is dimly light due to the fading candles stuck in various corners. Tables lined with various colorful pillows are all polished till they nearly gleam in the flickering candle light; only four customers occupied the establishment, along with a small scattering of waitresses and waiters. It was quiet, comfortable, and a perfect day for talks and negotiations.

The dark haired woman sat at the table set further to the back of the tavern, giving them some semblance of privacy that had been asked for. Sitting directly in front of her is a woman wearing a iron mask and next to her is another woman who appeared far too lush to be inside such a dark tavern. Neither of them spoke, not that they had to, Seo is not involved in their business and is just here to ensure all goes smoothly - whatever that all is. Simply providing them a place to discuss things and stuff, she remains on the outside of their dark world.

They remind her of the groups of men and women who often occupy the tables for gambling and drinking. All of them are usually deep into conversation about something or another that involves killing something, someone, or taking something from someone. She assumes these two women are here for something akin to that, and their company will be the one providing the tinder to their needed fire. Hopefully - and one can only hope - she will not be caught between blows.

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As this day draws ever closer to it's end, surely it too was the burning dawn of a bright new day!

Omagatoki. the moment at dusk when the sky grows dark. It has specific meanings for the two ways of writing it: first, "the time of meeting yōkai, yūrei, and dark creatures"; and second, "the time of great calamity". It has also been described as the time when the evil spirits of the mountains and rivers, attempt to materialize in the world. In this case, as the blood orange rays melted across the horizon, a party would be arriving at the nearly relic of a tavern. It wasn't necessarily a ruined space, though it was clearly an image of it's former glory. Approaching on foot, the Heika decided to walk as well, was seemingly a party of five men including the apparent sovereign among them. The remaining four were obviously some sort of guard, and fortunately a better trained one than the former glory presented during the construction of his great nation's Imperial City. Three of the men donned black plated armors complete with bucket helms, the one leading the squad stuck out like a sore thumb considering he was the only one suited completely different than the others were. The Heika himself appeared to be unarmed, his appearance a least threatening as possible despite his personal guard in his company. He even went as far to sport a yukata that held deep enough sleeves top mask the presence of his arms, more directly the draconic one that was his right. 

"Do not let your guard down, be vigilant at all times. That goes for the Onmitsu as well."

Silently his orders were obliged, by those both visible and not. Just how many of the shadows around his vicinity were alive? Hopefully such would not even come to be discovered as he was hoping to maintain the image of travelling light. While he didn't care if he was seen as intimidating or not per se, he simply didn't wish to flex while his budding Empire had barely taken root. It was foolish to flex with the numbers reflected in the presence of the growing Jigoku nation in the heart of Genesaris. Still, one had to promote enough transparency to deliver their worth in the same instant, less they wish to receive unfavorable results. Upon reaching the tavern respectively, the three identical guardsmen would breach the entrance and fan out in a small perimeter as the would thoroughly inspect their new surroundings. Just beyond them, the Heika would enter the establishment, the squad leader bringing up the guarded rear. Without spoken directive, the men would shuffle out of Koji's way to allow him to move as he pleased once the area had been properly assessed and clear as per his standards.

Stepping beyond his guard, he would note the present life forms himself, though he was most fond of the three approximately in front of him. As he stepped through the nearly empty tavern, the dancing flames of candlelight waved across his form, accenting his dark fabrics with the dim environment itself while giving choice and occasionally warped glimpses of his face. Not matter what any of them thought they saw, once he was close enough that all they would notice of his face was that he held an emotionless expression with a pair of half lidded, lackadaisical scarlet eyes that would view the women before himself. The silence in the room grew even more eerily quiet as he would simply observe them, seeking eye contact if even for the briefest of moments. Mask or not. While he would refrain from any immediate displays of power or intentional intimidation, perhaps looking into his chaotic orbs were enough to warrant a certain sense of dread in one's mind about him. As if their subconscious was already well aware of just whom and what he was. Despite being more than ready to show respect and or speak, he would allow his honored guest to have the first of interactions between them. Let the meeting of great minds meet to commence the decisive future of the respective nations he agreed to speak upon.

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2w3z3vs.pngSeo hadn't dressed for the occasion and neither did the woman with the iron mask; she looked like a nomad of some sort, with bland colors for easy camouflage and her chestnut hair was combed but not tied in any way. If it had just been Seo and the other woman, she may have felt a little out of place as this lovely creature wore a dress that looked like it had been dipped in the brightest of reds. Such extravagance smelled like money and felt like deceit - why? What exactly is underneath that tight gown?

Navy hues shifted underneath the candlelight, causing the little fleck of gold to rudely shine with curiosity. Soon enough she will be drawn into this tumultuous sea, left to sink or swim or both; not the first time she’s been given more than she can hold, making her an excellent juggler.

The door opened, causing her to draw in a deep, shaky breath. Gathering her wits, she turned in her seat to take in the sight of a man sharply dressed with even sharper looks. He looked at him as if he were board, a sign that he was prepared for whatever the other two woman have to offer and will refrain from showing his excitement - or lack of. Looking at him she knew that he has much on his shoulders and even more on his tongue. This is going to be long, she thinks enthusiastically to herself while standing up in greeting.

“Please, sit. You do none of us any good standing there.”

The first to speak was the iron masked woman, who did not stand up but waved a single hand towards an open seat next to Seo, before speaking again.

“If you’d like, I can call for drinks.”

Seo had bowed, which caused her hair to form a curtain of black-blue around her pale face. She figured the other two would follow suit, but when she looked up she noticed the iron woman had just spoken and the woman in red remained silent, her sight fixed precariously on the far wall. It left the tavern owner feeling strange just standing there in all her simplistic glory; her yukata had a beautiful design of grassy wildflowers pressed against a milky-white canvas, and the obi around her too small waist is colored yellow.101

Because this is her establishment and because she is playing her part, Seo remains standing while waiting for the man to take his offered seat first. The gold flecks in her large eyes glowed brighter with her awkwardness, making it fairly difficult for her to hide her current feelings.

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It is oft said, that first impressions were everything. Such a case would be no different here, that much was certain. Before him sat three women, first to catch Koji's eye was the crown jewel beside the masked woman. For one of the round eye variety, her beauty was something that could not be argued. Then he would properly note the masked woman, obviously a warrior of some sort. It would be noted that having much more obvious security than his guest would possible give a wrong impression, though if these women were smart, they would understand the need for extra hands when one had done nothing but scorn those in the path he walked. The one's that failed to follow anyway. As such, it was only a matter of time before outsiders of Jigoku figured out his involvement in many things he had been doing that seemed to go unnoticed for the most part thus far. The entertaining part being that he had barely done a thing to cover his tracks. He had nothing to hide. He was a proud man with a just cause. Any that would oppose his indomitable Will deserved to be cut down where the stood or sat respectively. And then there was the woman he was offered a seat by. A respectful Lady Seo, being the only one to bow with honor at his presence. Perhaps she was the smartest of the bunch. Without hesitation or a spoken word thus far, his men remained out of the way, though they stood ready. The Heika himself made his way next to Seo, pulling his own chair out, he would have a seat. Back straight, chin up, and chest out, he place one leg over the other, only to fold his hands together with interlocking fingers. The pair of hands coming to rest upon his highest knee. Casting his gaze across the table to the jewel and the iron mask, Koji would let his face remain unchanged. However, he would finally grace them with his voice.

"It seems to be the perfect season, as well as the perfect occasion for warm saké."

Those that knew his father would know that this nature came from said parent. For he had delivered advice, but had directly failed to mention whether he in fact wanted a drink or not. This was a very minute and petty test, though a test all the same. He was well aware of what he brought to the table, which at face value wasn't much, but with the proper investments his potential was limitless. How desperate were these women? What did they have to offer him of value? How could they serve him, his Empire, his cause? His scarlet eyes would shift upon the blue eyed jewel once more. Here he would silently, and awkwardly stare until his attention was otherwise broken, or until negotiations had began. Though his face would fail to change in any manner, Koji was busy examining the woman's features in full. Her smooth fair skin, her big blue eyes, those full soft lips...He couldn't help but wonder how the woman looked naked, dare he wonder how she would look beneath him? He might have felt shame over not having her rare beauty included in his harem, though admittedly he was quite satisfied with each and every one of his women. Still, he wondered.


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'As the Blossoms fall free from the trees, I find myself lost in the cold embrace of home.

Sweet scents and subtle breezes that usher forth warm sensations..

My heart should leap for joy and yet; terror shrouds my world.

A storm is brewing.'

Welcome home

Among many of the shadows there was one who worked in the silence. She was one who was brought along to take part in the workings of the Empire and further more to gaze a little bit at home. Surely she should be enjoying the fresh air of Oo'xora right? Wrong.. Mina was far too focused on the task at hand; the returning gifts of a family that knew of her return. On their first night there was a small package of oils and scented sticks a offering of peace. Her worst fear had come true and the death of the good father brought about the rule of a tyrant sibling. Yet she could not let such tracks become a burden to the Emperor. Already he was in a meeting with the three women below, keeping her place in the darkness the iris less optics gazed at the world around through ley lines.

As she observed the group with Koji she also continued to sharpen her freshly given daggers from the Tyrant who now ran the family instead of her. Thoughts of what might be happening tried to crush her focus but she would not allow it to break. Sheathing the daggers back respectively at her hips the woman rose to her feet from the upstairs room. Grabbing the remainder of her attire she wrapped it around herself in a tight bind. Next she grabbed the large roped obi tying it tightly around her waist before grabbing the mask and prayer beads to wear them. The Whispernight energy crackled about her very presence as she reached out to any form of modern technology to hack and subdue it all. 

Upon the outside of the building there was piece and quiet as Mina vanished into the shadows of the room and out onto the occupied room. There was a cell of shinobi who all knelt before her ready to obtain orders. As she approached their heads lowered to the floor before she gestured her left hand. Within an instant they flickered from sight leaving her alone on the roof to keep gaze watchful Thankfully her horns and scales blended well with her dark olive skin, just not her hair. Yet that was completely alright in her own opinion, she was home and thus they were perfectly set to be displayed to let people know who she was. Now she had to wait.

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