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(Land of Darkness)

Credit for content to @TheWilySpookster

I warn you, any who enter that place never come out. Ha! You thought I was gonna say something else, did ya? No, no they just don’t come back. It’s a shame, but it’s the truth. A truth as cold as the nights in that place. No sun shines there, and any source of heat is likely to be unusable. The denizens of this place are wicked, and they know how to make it uninhabitable for those it doesn’t welcome. If you go there, you’re not risking your life. You’re forfeiting it. So whatever you do, stay out of Vechynacht. There is nothing there for you. Not for the living, at least.

-Lonnie Dufrain, Mayor of The Edge


Every tale told about the forsaken place known as Vechynacht is true, plus more. Many compare it to the land known as Yh’mi, in Terrenus. These comparisons are well grounded, but ultimately, prove false. While Yh’mi is just as nightmarish as Vechynacht, the latter is not as dangerous. At least in the sense, that it doesn’t prove a threat to anyone who doesn’t go inside. Yh’mi expands, while Vechynacht stays where it is. It doesn’t need to move to find its victims. Despite the dangers, many have found their home there. And they rarely, if ever, leave. Either they are preyed upon by its more monstrous denizens, or they become the predators themselves. Much power can be obtained here, but it’s one that warps the mind and body, leaving nothing but the shell of what was once human, with a now ghastly soul using it as housing. At least, that’s what the upstanding folks, who would never consider entering that horrid place want you to believe. Maybe a different testimonial will prove helpful.

Vechynacht? Oh, that place’s great! I fuckin’ love it there, I own a bar at Penumbra, over in The Bewitchin’ Marsh. Don’t trust whatever those self-righteous pricks tell ya, they’re just miffed that there isn’t a place as badass for the goody two-shoes, as there is for all us bandits, madmen, and warlords. I tell ya, as long as you can look past the eternal night, the frankly ridiculous amount of dangerous denizens, and the whole, ‘bartering your soul, and your humanity for power beyond imagine’, then Vechynacht is the place to go, if you’re bad to the bone. They should make that the goddamn motto, I tell ya!”

-Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn

If you ask those who frequent Vechynacht, it’s a completely different story. Despite its dangers, Vechynacht has its perks, if you’re the kind of up and coming overlord who would take advantage of it. It’s true that the Land of Darkness is as friendly to its occupants as the human body is to the common cold, but if you can survive that, you can get to the real fun. All manner of powerful magic and artifacts can be learned and obtained here, but one must beware, for all power comes at a cost, whether that cost proves to be a bane, or just plain badass. Now, let us step inside this malevolent place, and learn a bit more about it.


Frost Weavers

Few would consider spiders, or anything related to them as beautiful. But the creatures known as Frost Weavers create the most beautiful designs for their webs, resembling massive snowflakes frozen in freefall. But alas, like most things in Vechynacht, they cannot be trusted. Their beautiful webs prove hypnotic, even to humans, and to come into contact with the web is to freeze to death, as the silk absorbs your body heat. Pretty much everything will kill you for your sweet, sweet body heat. Get used to it. The Weavers are small, about the size of a garden spider, but seem to resemble moths of all things, having a pair of wings, as well as eight legs. They’re most commonly found in groups of 12.

The Incredibly Strange and Diverse People of The Land of Darkness

We’ve got Revenants, we’ve got Vapours, we’ve got Swamp Things galore! We’ve got Ghost-Eating Necromancers and Life-Sucking Whores! There’s bandits, and madmen, and warlords throughout! If you’re not a fan, well get the fuck out!”

-A common Vechynacht folk song.



Any person with a brain between their ears will tell you that Vechynacht is an odd place, full of all kinds of odd peoples. The following are the most prominent and unique of Vechynacht’s native races.


Listen, I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but I’m no fan of Revenants. I mean, these’re  people I used to know, for fuck’s sake! Before they died, they were just real cool dudes. But as soon as they got fucked over by some Willow Hag, or maybe froze to death on the way to Beacon, hoping they could cure their Witching Ire, they shamble on back, and then all they talk about is the depression and agony of being dead, and how they’ll walk the earth forever, watching as their loved ones either can’t handle havin’ a corpse in their life, or out un-live them. It’s a fuckin’ downer and I hate it. Ah, but don’t get me started on what happens if they’re murdered…”

-Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn

Where do we go when we die? Do we transcend to some heavenly world if we’re good, and get dragged down to some kind of hell if we’re bad? Do we get reincarnated? Well we still don’t have a goddamn clue, and these Revenants are no help whatsoever. When a person dies in Vechynacht, they don’t stay dead for long. No, no, death in Vechynacht is more of a suggestion, one that literally everyone makes sure to disregard. Revenants are no different from the rest of the people of Vechynacht, except for a few minor differences, that being, they’re dead, they’re a lot more depressed because again, they’re dead, and they usually radiate the last emotion they felt before death, making anyone who gets close go through a range of different feelings, from pants-shitting fear, to unbridled anger. And that’s just for the ones who die from natural/unnatural causes. It’s just, so much worse for the ones that are murdered.


They’re literally sentient clouds of swamp gas, and I want to take a match to ‘em and watch them burn, that’s how much I hate ‘em. But I would never of course, we all know what happens when you murder someone.”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn

Native to the Bewitchin’ Marsh, Vapours are gaseous beings that are most notably known for their flammability, both figuratively, and literally. The Vapours quickly adapted the culture of the Vechy settlers upon their arrival, and have been taking the persona to the extreme ever since, with most Vapours being quick to anger, quick to use violence, and quick to almost get themselves killed. They are not appreciated, but are tolerated.

Sentient Clothing People

Sentient Clothing People is such a stupid name. There’s no getting around it! It’s a stupid fucking name! You know, I expect better than that from the people of Vechynacht. I mean, we’ve got some great names around these parts. We live in a city called Penumbra, in a region called the Bewitchin’ Marsh! Those are cool fucking names! But when it comes to giving a name to the suits that just...flop about, walking and talking, we straight up call them Sentient Clothing People. Fucking stupid.”

-Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

One can easily, and quite correctly assume, that when Vechynacht was first settled, the settlers in question wore clothes. Well, Vechy being Vechy, it wasn’t too long before some of those clothes just, up and started moving on their own, sometimes while still being worn, though that didn’t usually last long.Overall, the SCP’s...no, let’s not use that...Clothies? Eh...Overall, the Sentient Clothing People are just like you and I, except flatter, and lacking the ability to perform most basic functions on their own, though that’s why magic is a thing, now isn’t it?





The Societies and Fraternities of Vechynachtian Culture

We’ve got quite a few organizations located here, though I’m not a member of any. Most of ‘em are run by bandits, mad men, an’---wait…”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn


Yes, Vechynacht is no stranger to the gathering of like-minded people for a stupid fucking cause. Whether it’s the Gaian splinter faction running Beacon, or the magic-denying idiots in Penumbra. There’s always someone crazy enough to attract followers.

The Seekers of Logic

Despite the undeniable presence of magic in the world, and the fact that most everyday technology has some sort of magical component, there are some who deny it, and instead allow science to explain everything. Some of these people came together in Vechynacht, a place known for its dark sorceries, and formed a group that would actively deny that which is right in front of their eyes, as well as sway others into conforming to their opinion. Through violence. Incredibly low-tech violence.

The Vechynacht Tourism Board

Without the admirable effort of The Vechynacht Tourism Board, it is unlikely that anyone would ever want to come visit our wonderful land. No one really seems to be coming still, but hey, at least they’re trying. By advertizing our beautiful wastelands, incredibly violent(but never murderously so, we all know why)people, and possibly, though not likely amazing artifacts ripe for the taking, maybe, the board brings in some great hypothetical revenue that Veshy desperately needs, and can put towards such things as improving weapon stockpiles, investing in questionable businesses, and making The Verdant Lie more dangerous than it is.

Sorcerers  Against Flesh Manipulation

People who practice Flesh Manipulation are a menace, and must be stopped. There are too many irresponsible Flesh-mancy users who are likely to abuse their power and make a goddamn abomination of meat, one that’ll kill a lot of people, and in the end, it’s just not good for the community. So these like-minded magic-users plan to protest the use of Flesh Manipulation throughout Vechynacht, lobbying for its outright ban. Don’t be a mewling chunk of conscious flesh that is just part of a greater beast. Help stop Flesh Manipulation now.

The Nomadic State of Whippersnappers

We didn’t come up with that name ourselves, I swear. I mean...really? Whippersnappers? I’m pretty sure we’re all too young to even understand the meaning of that word. No, no, definitely not our idea. Wait, then where did we get it from? Uh…”

Wendell Roberts, Governor of the Nomadic State of Whippersnappers

Children. It’s a nation ran by children. Surprisingly intelligent children, but children nonetheless. Oh the horror. Currently lead by their Governor, Wendell Roberts, The Nomadic State is as its name implies, constantly moving and shifting, settling down for weeks at a time, and then running off to wherever they feel it’s necessary to find more food, and to avoid the poor bastards who have been hired as mercs to take down a bunch of kids, or have been drafted into Civic Duty to do the same. The goal of the State, at least for the moment, is to try and reinstate their rights to live within Vechynacht, rather than be thrown out of it at birth until they turn eighteen. Now it’s time for a bit of background. You see, back in the days when Vechynacht was still in its infancy, you know, a century or two ago, the settlers were slowly learning that, oh shit! Our kids have their innate magical ability magnified as children while living here. So the first thought to rush through their greedy little heads, was of course, “How can I, and only I, benefit from this?”. The answer, as one could easily assume, was child labor, and low wages. So, children became magical laborers, pretty much being the go-to boy or girl when it came to anything that needed just that extra hint of convenient sorcery. But all evil and tragic things have to come to an end. Well...no. Not really. Hell, not even this horrible thing came to an end, so much as it stayed shitty for the kids, just in a different way. It all started when one boy of twelve, Jimmy Hayden, lead a group of 25 fellow children to occupy their places of employment, and destroy anything of value they could find. I mean, what else would they do? They’re kids. They’re not going to kill anyone. Especially not in Veshy. But the point is, people got pretty pissed when the fruit of their loins suddenly started demanding equal rights, and weren’t afraid to show they meant business. So pissed in fact, that the national striking of all these kids was the cause for one of the most important historical events in Vechynacht’s existence. The first ever passing of a law, which was also the first ever action of their government. There have only ever been three laws passed in Veshy’s entire history, and a total of seven times that the government ever took action on...anything. The legislature that fateful day, was Carter Lichfield, who stories say, right after he signed the bill into law, was immediately afterwards struck by a sudden onset case of clinical depression, and died shortly afterwards of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The law he wrote, was as follows:

No children can live in Veshy, they're more trouble than they're worth. Sure, we're losing valuable workers just because we don't want to treat them like adult workers, but honestly, it works out if you think of it as...protecting us. And them, but mostly us. I mean, they're magic! And young! That's a recipe for disaster! So...no kids in Veshy

Immediately afterwards, Carter’s brother, Gabriel Lichfield, took control as Vechynacht’s President, and created the Department of Civic Duty, which to this day, drafts unfortunate citizens to serve for the good of Vechynacht. Gabriel Lichfield died shortly afterwards of a cerebral hemorrhage. And so, ever since, anytime a child is born in Vechynacht, a citizen drafted for Civic Duty will come, and throw them into a daycare outside Vechynacht, until they turn eighteen. But not surprisingly, I mean, what in Veshy is all that surprising anymore, the kids weren't happy being thrown out of their country. So ever since, when they turn twelve, the kids have been running off into Vechynacht, dodging the people on Civic Duty, and joining the Nomadic State. Currently, the State is said to reside somewhere in the Bewitchin’ Marsh.

The Furniture Liberation Front

It's not just clothes that have gained sudden and mysterious sentience by being in Vechynacht, but your favorite chair, too! But unlike the talking trench coat that goes around solving crime, your chair is much more likely to go join a violent revolutionary group, than stick around and become your wacky sidekick. Under the power of their bold ottoman leader, Osman, the FLF have gained a large following, more than 75% of furniture reporting affiliation with the group. Those who haven't swept up in the revolution are valued, often being given incredible social perks and salaries that put your average corporate billionaire's to shame. Currently the "violent" part of the FLF's violent revolution has been nothing more than large groups of chairs, beds, and couches throwing themselves at random passersby, rarely hurting anyone but stopping them from reaching their destination at a reasonable time, until a larger group of people with axes show up to drive them off. The rest of the time the FLF' protests through demonstrations, a popular being the mass recall of sleeper agents at major events, forcing the attendees to sit on the floor.





The Sciences and Technologies of Vechynacht

You should rightly know that there’s hardly such thing as real science in Valucre. Pretty much everything’s magitek, or plain old magic. We’re no different, but I’m not complaining. Who gives a shit if our main power source is the screaming souls of the eternally damned? Or so they say?”

-Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn



Despite being known for its near uninhabitability, and as a sick joke to anyone trying to live there, Vechynacht has also made some strides in the field of Magitek. And these innovations can only be described as incredibly...Vechynachtian.

The Damnation Dynamo

Most people in Vechynacht are your common thief, crazy person, or aspiring dictator, and are thus ignorant as to whether the Damnation Dynamo is actually a dynamo, or if it’s just called that for the sake of having a cool name. Whatever the case may be, it’s quite obvious that the name is fitting. Powered by the souls of the wicked(or so they claim), the Dynamo is a popular energy source inside and sometimes even outside of Vechynacht, being especially popular with mad scientists, cultists, and Rainbow Bridge’s very own Dominic Frost, who is quoted as saying:

Sometimes I like to go down into the basement of my RB-owned mansion, and scream along with the poor souls that power my television. Oh, sorry. Uh…’inter-dimensional entities’. Screaming and crying, and begging with them is always a mood-brightener for me, cause as I do it, I come to realize, that my personal hell will never be as bad as the real one those souls---I mean, ‘inter-dimensional beings’, are living in to make sure I never miss an episode of my own show. What has my life become?”

The creator of the Damnation Dynamo is unknown, and those who own one, or know how to build one, are very tight-lipped about the device. All that most people know is that the Dynamo is incredibly efficient, magically enriches the environment, making it popular among mages and magitechies, and is definitely not powered by the helpless souls of the wretched, that’s a joke, we swear.

The Deployable Coward’s Shelter

In a place where your life's in danger just from you existing there, it’s not surprising to see that people who are especially protective of their own worthless lives aren’t looked upon too favorably. The Deployable Coward’s Shelter was made by a man who definitely does not belong in Vechynacht. Worn as a sort of backpack, the DCS is a defense for those who aren’t man or woman enough to go out into the world with just the sword on their back, and a 50/50 survival rate on their minds. When the wearer is confronted with danger, he will cower like the little bitch he is, as the DCS envelopes him in its loving embrace, ensuring that his body survives, but not necessarily his reputation.

The Masochist’s Survival Gear

When you’re travelling through Vechynacht and lack the physical capabilities to outrun anything that may deem you food, threat, or too vulnerable for your own good, you’d be surprised how motivating pain itself is in regards to getting those feet moving, and putting as many miles as you can behind your pursuer. The creator of this popular outfit is, like the creator of almost everything of note in Vechynacht, unknown, but his invention has become a staple among scouting types. The concept is simple. By wearing the chafing leather gear, with its many rough edges, and occasional sharp and pokey bits, the user is always in a sense of discomfort, keeping them alert. When forced to run, the discomfort becomes pain, making the need to get the fuck out of there even more important. Despite many swearing by its effectiveness, it’s relatively unknown whether or not the gear is actually what contributes to speed increases, rather than a sort of placebo effect. But if you choose to run around in fetish gear that is literal sandpaper, more power to you.

Sadism Modifications

When murder is wrong based on common sense, rather than morals, one has to be creative in regards to how they show the people they hate just how they feel. Thus, most Vechys modify their weapons to be incredibly painful to those on the receiving end, but more or less non-lethal otherwise. Vechys get very creative in regards to their weapons, so descriptions will certainly vary.

Wakey Wine

No daytime? No problem! Any self-respecting Vechy will tell you to drink your Wakey Wine! It’ll keep you awake and energized for as long as you keep drinking it every 24 hours. Is it wine? Of course not, dumbass! But you better drink it, otherwise you’ll probably sleep for days But narrator you say, won’t my internal clock help me wake up regardless? Nope! Vechynacht fucks with that too! But narrator you complain, isn’t it harmful to my health to go that long without sleep? It’s harmful to your health just to be here! If you’re afraid of losing sleep, get the fuck out! Wakey Wine! For an eternity of productivity!



The Social Traditions of Vechynachtian Culture

We Veshy do a lot of weird shit. It’s just how we are. You don’t come to Vechynacht unless you’ve got the right mindset. You’ll fit right in with how we do things if you’re meant to be here, that’s how I see it. So, am I gonna see you at tonight’s Burning?”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn


Every country has them. Those things that only they do, whether they be holidays, or even daily occurrences. Vechynacht just does ‘em weirder.


There’s no reason to lie. Veshy’s a bad place. So how do you get rid of all that negative energy, and keep everyone happy and sane? Why, you burn the ever living shit out of it of course! A weekly occurrence in Penumbra, Burnings are a very special nightly pastime for the citizens. It’s during these events that the people take things that represent their hardships, and just set them on fire. It’s fun, and productive!

Traditional Vechynacht Funerals

We don’t talk about those.

Traditional Vechynacht Weddings

We don’t talk about those either

Traditional Vechynacht Potlucks

Maybe it’s about time you stopped asking so many questions.



Myths, Legends, and Maybe-Facts of Vechynacht

So, I heard from this one guy, who heard from his cousin, who himself heard from his aunt, who I told about this legendary axe that’s said to be hidden somewhere out in the marsh. I don’t know where, nor whether what I’m saying has even the slightest basis in fact, but I’m tellin’ ya, you should totally go look for it.”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn


Everyone’s got their own myths and legends. It’s just par for the course when it comes to countries. Even ones that haven’t been occupied for more than a century. Whether or not some of them could be true, well…


The people of Vechynacht are not very religious, as their animosity towards Beacon would make clear. But just about everyone believes in Caernobog and the other supposed deities of Vechynacht, considering it’s a regular occurrence to actually encounter them. Their origins? Unknown. Their motives? Unknown. But nobody’s really taking the time to learn anything about them. It’s just common knowledge that if a man or woman appears out of nowhere, and has weird looking eyes, you usually listen to whatever the hell it is they have to say. Caernobog is the most violent of the deities that people usually see. When he appears, it’s usually advised that you politely decline whatever it is he asks of you, and hope that he isn’t offended, considering he likes to have people murdered, and we all know what happens when someone’s murdered. You can tell it’s him if you see an old man with bright, black eyes(they’re dark, yet they glow?).


Striving to keep Veshy weird, Morana is always looking for the appropriately unhinged to carry out her will. Though her requests may seem strange and nonsensical at first...they usually stay that way, until something inexplicable happens later on, and she leaves a trinket on your doorstep. Easily spotted, as she’s usually the only person in a crowd wearing bright colors. Keep Veshy weird, Morana. Keep Veshy Weird.


A sane goddess in a truly insane place. No one is as odd a sight as Lelya. Imploring adventurers to bring order to the wild Land of Darkness, Lelya’s pleas usually fall on deaf ears.

Death-Wish Steve

In Vechynacht, no sane man would ever even consider committing murder. Not even an insane man would risk it. But people are being murdered, and rumors are being spread of Death-Wish Steve, who’s likely the most unsavory being one could ever encounter. I mean, who does that?! We all know what happens when you murder someone! Why’s there gotta be some asshole putting that shit on us? We don’t deserve this. We really don’t.

Detective Ty Trenchcoat

There’s talk of a man, well, not a man, but you get what I mean, who does what no other man-like sentient article of clothing is willing to do. Protect the innocent, while being a sweet trenchcoat and fedora. They say he goes wherever justice needs to be served, and pays a very reasonable price for his services. In the name of JUSTICE!


Lyle Robinson's Travelling Haberdashery

There are tales, passed between Sentient Clothing People all across Vechynacht, told only in-between raucous laughs and faux screams of fear by the ignorant, and hushed tones of legitimate terror by those who know the truth. These tales tell of a man, named Lyle Robinson, and his travelling haberdashery, one that sets up shop in the darkest corners of Vechynacht, and sells their kind into slavery. The screams of those who he had captured echo out as they are ironed, folded, and eventually hung. Dark magic robbing them of their ability to move and speak, they are sold to the highest bidder as enchanted clothing, guaranteed to improve any adventurer's abilities. The location is unknown, though some claim he can manifest anywhere Sentient Clothing People roam, snatching up any foolish enough to walk the alleys at night.

Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

Everyone knows Quincy! Quincy's just that kinda guy, you know, the kind everyone knows and loves. Owner of the best(and only) bar in Vechynacht, Quincy's got it made. His inn's one of the most popular destinations in the entire country, to the point that the surrounding neighborhoods actually formed around the inn, rather than it being built into said neighborhood.  It's kind of a funny way of looking at it, but once could almost say that most of Vechynacht...relies on Quincy and the Van Kelsin Inn. But that's just ridiculous, he just has good beer. It uh...it tastes like swill, sure, but hey, when you're the only bar in an entire country, you'll always have customers. Not content with being the most successful business owner in all of Vechynacht solely for his inn and bar, Quincy has his hand in other industries, such as food, medicine, transportation, domestic terrorism, clothing slavery, and entertainment. Overall though, Quincy is just a real nice guy, one out to help the community in any way he can. In fact, we have a quote from him that shows just...just how kind he truly is.

"And I want more of the uh, the "special ingredient" in this week's batch, we didn't have that great of a turn out last week. And while you're at it, tell Mikhail that he needs to murder the f---HEY! ARE YOU REPORTING ON THIS?! Oh you lucky fuck, I'm gonna go get the cleaver, the rusty one with all the serration!"

Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

Wow. What a nice guy.


Links to the areas of Vechynacht:

The Grey Mountains


The Verdant Lie

The Bewitchin' Marsh


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