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The Last Beacon of Light and Hope in the Forsaken Land of Vechynacht

(Beacon for short)

Beacon’s what happens when ya  get people with their morals, and their thinkin’ that they can clean this place up, and you put it all together into a community. It’s a fucking disaster, I tell ya. Gov’ment’s run by wackos, people’re living like peasants, and the funny thing is, despite all that bullshit they spout about bein’ warriors of light, pushing back the darkness, is that that goddamned beacon of theirs is what’s bringing the monsters too them! It’s a miracle they’ve stayed around so long.”

Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn


Beacon is an odd place. Now, Vechynacht is littered with the strangest, and most disturbing locales this side of Elendaron, but none within it have ever been considered just...odd. Except for Beacon. Founded in (INSERT DATE), after people came to realize the place was dangerous, but before anyone but criminals had any reason to know it existed, Beacon is run by a sect of Gaianist priests who believed they could cleanse the land of its taint from the inside out. Currently, they’ve made little progress, though they claim otherwise.


The people who’re in charge at Beacon are the kinda guys who’d start up a crusade, or a witch hunt, or somethin’ similar every chance they got. Luckily for us, though, they're too afraid to leave the confines of their little sanctuary.”

Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn

Due to its religious founders, Beacon has a very strict political hierarchy, one that likes church all up in its state, forming a relationship that would make peanut butter and chocolate weep. As of the time of this recording, the Beacon government is a theocracy, though one that accepts democratic ideals, as long as said ideals do not interfere with their interpretation of Gaianism. At the top of the Beacon hierarchy, is the bishop, who rules in the name of Odin Haze. He is elected by members of the clergy, who choose amongst themselves the priest they consider to be the godliest, as well as the most politically savvy. The bishop’s term usually lasts until their death. Bishops are in charge of all manner of life, and making sure that the way the town is run fits accordingly with their personal commandments(see below). The bishop’s power is absolute, and can only be overridden by a unanimous vote from the clergy, though this rarely has an effect. The clergymen have power, if you count power as the ability to maybe, possibly, most likely not convince the bishop that your suggestion will benefit him, as well as you/anyone. Their official duty is to carry out services, “advise” the bishop, and act as diplomats. The clergymen are appointed their position for life, and can have a maximum of 25 in their ranks. All members of the clergy are given their own personal quarters, complete with comfy beds, sources of entertainment, and even running water. Normal citizens can only join the clergy when one dies, and are usually chosen based on how aware of Beacon’s situation they still manage to be despite all of the propag---services. Citizens technically have a say in the government, but due to the requirements involved for something to be considered, and how often those requirements change, the right to vote is mostly symbolic. In lieu of a constitution, Beacon is run off of a list of commandments, one that despite the shifting motives and decisions of the man who enforces it, usually stays relatively the same.

The 5 Commandments of the Last Beacon of Light and Hope in the Forsaken Land of Vechynacht

(The 5 Commandments for short)

  1. All must ultimately serve the will of the Bishop, which is the will of Gaia

  2. All must strive for godliness, and attend all ceremonies in the name of Gaia

  3. All must work to preserve the Beacon, for if it may ever go dim, we will have failed

  4. All must view any visitors with caution, lest they be black of heart, and mean harm

  5. All must stay within the walls of Beacon, for the world outside harbors great danger


Their crazy, the lot of ‘em. I mean, I get this entire place is morbid, but come the fuck on, is it really necessary to spend your elder years trying to commit the most spectacular suicide ever? Not to mention all the Revenants they’re creating. I honestly hope they all catch a plague.”

Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn

Society within Beacon is based around three things. Fear, Submission, and  A False Sense of Security. Fear of what lurks within Vechynacht, submission to the Bishop, and a false sense of security, because really, they’re not doing themselves any favors. The majority of people within Beacon are peasants, who perform menial labor, and usually accept pay in the form of a job well done, which is rarely ever viable enough currency with which to buy food. Most citizens have been indoctrinated into blind devotion to the church, and harbor strong xenophobic tendencies towards outsiders. The mortality rate within Beacon is laughably high, though most victims never succumb to their wounds, due to the excellent healthcare Beacon boosts. In response to this, Beacon has a thriving funerary business that has created a custom of elegant ceremonies, meant to make up for their dull life prior. Social status within the peasantry is often defined by whichever family can make their relatives go out with the bigger crippling debt filled bang. Few families even wait for the relative in question to die before arranging the funeral. In fact, it’s a common practice to kill the funeral recipient in an exciting way, with plenty of spectacle and bombast. But, as has been the case for the odd little town since its inception, this tradition is undermining their very existence. Due to Vechynacht’s unique problem regarding murder, the people of Beacon are adding to their already awful existence, since we all know what happens when you murder someone in Vechynacht. And it would only reinforce their idiotic need to die like an action hero after living their life as an extra. The only other thing that hold so much attention in their culture besides funerals, is the beacon itself. The Bishop has hammered it into everyone’s head, that the beacon must be defended with one’s life. So, it is not uncommon to see the beacon itself worshipped by these Gaianists more than Gaia herself. The few times that the beacon has ever gone out, has led to the mass hysteria and depression of about 90% of the population, that was only halted by the quick thinking of the clergy in re-lighting the beacon. So like moths to flame, the people of Beacon are drawn to, and love the source of light despite its danger. Unlike moths to flame, when it goes out, they don’t immediately fly off and carry on with their lives. It’s quite sad.


When asked about Beacon’s military force, Quincy Kelsin, Proprietor of The Van Kelsin Inn, provided no comment, and laughed for an estimated three minutes. When asked again, he did so again. Asking about Beacon’s military with Kelsin’s patrons yielded similar responses.

When Beacon was first founded, the clergy was accompanied by the best and brightest veterans of their splinter faction’s Paladinian Order. Twenty years later, their ranks have not been restored, and the veterans are old men. It’s likely that the bishop found no need to train more soldiers, due to the growing isolationist tendencies he was enforcing, though it would have likely been appreciated if they had a basic militia, considering the regular attacks they still suffer.

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