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Penumbra’s the best city in Veshy, that’s what I say! Of course, I might be just a bit biased. It’s where I keep my bar, and it’s also the only other actual city in the whole land, other than Beacon. And I don’t know about you, but most people wouldn’t exactly call Beacon...how should I put this...inhabitable? No, it is inhabited...bearable to be in the proximity of? Yes, that. It’s not exactly bearable to be in the proximity of it. So Penumbra for the win.”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

As the only city in Vechynacht(that anyone actually wants to stay at), it isn’t surprising to see it become the cultural hub of the Land of Darkness. With a bustling market, a thriving murder for hire trade, and The Van Kelsin Inn, the best damn inn in Veshy, there’s plenty to do, and all at a medium risk to life and limb. Can’t get much better than that anywhere else in Vechynacht. Except for The Verdant Lie but come on, a real man or woman wouldn’t set foot there.


Government! Ha, that’s funny! What do we look like to you, a democracy? Ha, nope. We’re not a monarchy either. Nor a republic. We’re definitely not a theocracy like those fucks over in the Grey Mountains, I’ll tell ya that. What we are is a...uh...a whatever-goes-acy. We just...kinda do whatever. It’s worked so far, no reason to fix what’s not broke, right?”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

Penumbra is run through a surprisingly complex hierarchy of pseudo-leaders, and kind of authorities, all switching about, with just about every citizen boasting at one point or another to have been the “leader”, for at least a little while. No one wants the responsibility of governing, so power constantly shifts, with rarely any progress being made. The last time a proposed law managed to stay in effect was when people started to figure out what happens when you murder someone. But Penumbra’s yet to burn to the ground, and it’s not like anyone’s unhappy. At least not with the government. They’re in Vechynacht afterall. It’s not exactly much to be doing a merry jig over.


Plot twist. You were the military all along!”

Quincey Kelsin, Proprietor of the Van Kelsin Inn

Though not the organized fighting force that Beacon has, Penumbra’s military makes up for its lack in formality by not being utterly incompetent. Anyone can be drafted into defending the city if need be, and they will more than likely do so effectively. Those who serve honorably, or at least dishonorably in a good way, will be treated to booze and a high-five. It’s a win for everyone. The draftees get beer and friendship, and the city gets to stand another day.

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